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In Duolingo, it says that ちゆう is 中 when I'm in the "tap the pairs" section. This doesn't sound right at all, is it an error on their part?

Only asking because when i tap it, it says "なか", which is what it sounds like.

Gums is definitely the most horrifying Monster in the series

"I shall wipe out half the sperm in my system with a single thrust"

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Underrated comment

Not sure why I always assumed Nami and Robin were the same height. Nice post

Can the fighters pull up program be applied to dips?

Yeah, it's just near-daily submaximal training with # of reps that go down per set to make it both physically and psychologically doable and makes it easy to rack up volume and time under tension. You can apply that concept to any exercise, not just pullups.

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Nice. And while i have your attention Antranik, do you have any opinions on the "vertical jump Bible"? Have you ever used or experimented with the program yourself?

I had an interest in increasing my vertical and jump and was going to start looking into this program

It means doing 20 reps with a weight you can do 25 reps with. In most cases this weight will be just naked bodyweight with no added weight. You have to be able to consistently, any day, do 25 pullups for this to work.

Once you're that good at pullups however, any improvements in numbers is just an improvement in endurance and skill rather than an improvement in strength or general ability that would possibly carryover into fighting.

I have reservations about Pavel's philosophy in general. He is very skewed toward one side of the spectrum and there are elements and concepts missing or ignored in his approach to training (i.e. high-frequency practice-type training isn't always best and doesn't always work)

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Can this same program be applied to dips as well?

Legitimately can't tell if this is an elaborate shit post

Next magmar-nu (magmar + akainu)

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One wide boi


I can't tell if I'm incompetent at my internship or simply not learning fast enough.

Without boring anyone about the details, I'm almost a month into my 6 month internship and I have no idea if I'm doing a good job or a bad job.

I'm sure there's other people like me who have felt like the before and would love to know how you managed to get past this feeling.

EDIT: If there is a need for details i will most definitely fill in the blanks later, it's just that as of right now I'm on mobile and not really feeling like typing a lot.


Need more details. What kind of stack are you working with? What are your normal responsibilities?

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I'm doing full stack development. My responsibilities are the same as full timers, I'm responsible for getting as much done as they are everyday.

Any work my mentor assigns me i have to fix. All engineers are required to fix two bugs a week, but depending on which bugs you get assigned you might be fucked.

I feel incompetent because end up having to ask a lot of questions about the codebase and application flow. I don't really know if experiences were similar for everyone else but my mentor really knows his shit and I think he expects me to know it too. I feel like I'm trying to catch up to someone in a marathon who's already got a 10 mile headstart.

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Imagemagick is great, but this gif is obviously a joke so it can’t do this (or at least not with good results).

It’s good if you have 1000 images you want to transform the same way.

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Exactly, just take a folder of images like this and run it through ImageMagick. Now you have a sprite pack of your own to use.

This process could be automated using ImageMagick. It's like Photoshop for your terminal.

Straight off the lot, 300 cash

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And the car came with a blunt in it

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What's a bag in this case?

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In rap, particularly rappers who used to deal, they keep their money and drugs in big duffel bags. To secure the bag is to make sure you have secured your money and what not

Erhu, probably enchanted. Do you have any soul gems?

He should put giant foam bowling pins up and turn this into a form of bowling.

Anakin also lost a lot more than that to Obi-Wan

If you follow someone who uses this many emoji's you need to get off the internet

It astounds me how Ted Cruise can look like a total dunce in any picture taken of him

Luffy beats Mihawk ina sword fight and Zoro finds the one piece

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Wrong. Usopp becomes both at the same time

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My wife has one leg and I have moderate hearing loss.

It made parenting an infant interesting. We'd be sleeping, the boy would cry, she'd hear him, and wake me up to go get him so she wouldn't have to put in her leg.

I get to pull out my hearing aids when I don't want to hear anything

She gets to take off her leg when she doesn't want to doa anything. It's great!

**edit: please don't feel badly about asking learning questions :)

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This sounds like a great idea for a sitcom

Isn't this the explanation they're giving right before you see Pig God getting chewed on by Gums?

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when did he actually go against tornado ?
all he ever did was treat her like a child.

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They "fight" in the webcomic. That's all I'm gonna say about that

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