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Wait, is it STILL not free to play?

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Well bosskey no longer exists so the game doesn't either

When i lived in North Carolina I went to a very shady party with a guy from the construction crew I worked on. These folks were off the grid hillbillies. There were several absurd events at this party: (1) right off the bat three older black fellows smoking crack in the front room, while some much younger kids were playing video games on the floor, (2) there was a man in his 40s with a drunk girl about 17 sitting on his lap, (3) the entire house was filthy, (4) a guy who had been in jail said that I was clearly "a bitch" and would have definitely been referred to as "a bitch" if I were in prison. Please keep in mind I did absolutely nothing to instigate this I barely spoke all night. Then the crescendo this big fat hillbilly named "Bird" (who also wanted to beat me up) ended up having sex with the best looking girl at the party (still only about a 5 on the 10 point scale) IN EXCHANGE FOR KENNY CHESNEY tickets. All true: Wilmington, NC summer of 2007.

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Somehow I knew this would be wilmy. I can't wait to move....


I'm starting work as a network cable tech in a few weeks and will need to bring my own hand tools. I have the following

A punch down

Socket screwdriver

Needle nose plyers

Cable sheers

Cable stripper


A hammer

So what other tools would you guys suggest?

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Thank you, I have most of these but this gives me some peace of mind.

Toner and wand!

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Original Poster2 points · 2 months ago

I'm not familiar with a wand. What is that?

That sounds fucked up, rolling an update that does some important balance changes to cards in the middle of an eSports tournament without even letting the players chance to change the cards submitted, thats terrible.

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according to article they were able to resubmit

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GDQs main contribution isn’t increasing the popularity of speed running, it’s how much it’s done to spread acceptance awareness within the community. Early on speed running was largely a neckbeard/incel community that vilified the trans community. GDQ has brought those brave trans runners to the forefront of the scene and really made it not only acceptable but desirable to be associated with a trans runner. It has been an unbelievably positive cultural shift in what was a very intolerant and insular community.

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So made it mainstream?

That's a human with a bird head not a bird with arms

Original Poster-1 points · 4 months ago

Are you swole shaming my ducks bro?

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From the rules for you

Make sure it's a bird with arms, and not a person with a bird head! If it has a humanoid body, it needs to have some other visible birdlike features to be allowed. People with bird heads belong at: /r/peoplewithbirdheads

I only heard about Halo online a few days ago. Some videos of games like sniping people trying to drive around a halo ring sound so much fun.

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its so good tbh I played for 8 hours over the weekend with my old custom games crew

For reviews: ACG, SkillUP, BunnyHop (or if neither covers some niche game I search for review on YT)

For H/W news, benchmarks: HardwareUnboxed and GamersNexus

For gaming news, discussion, coverage: Jim Sterling, Total Biscuit (now only podcast), ACG podcasts, YongYea.

Rest is what I catch up on various subreddits (tho rarely read the source, if linked, just topic and comments, where people say more relevant things than article itself)

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what about

Within their legal rights, sure, but not within their moral rights

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The thing with copyrights is if you give one person some wiggle room everyone is going to use that as legal precident for anything they want in the future. So Microsoft has to come down hard on everything regardless of morals.

Those are like $20.

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My apartment had one when I moved in, they really aren't that nice. The times I need more outlets is more often then I want to charge a phone

Why would you have less outlets? All the USB power outlets I've seen have had 2 normal outlets in addition to 2 USB outlets

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The ones in my apartment are in my kitchen so I can only plug in one thing at a time

This may be me being dumb but when I use the map and start a slayer game I end up on the ground. What am I doing wrong?

Original Poster2 points · 5 months ago

The map built isn't designed/set up for matches. It's a empty room for people to make maps with based on foundry

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yeah I realized the slayer spawns were still in. I got it working now

It's working now

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not for me

Oh good! Now we’re just back to Ubisoft’s uh.... mildly questionable business practices!

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I enjoy Ubisoft because they at least try. I mean look what they have done with the division

What ‘the authorities’ say: Mick Jagger is simply an iconic rock and roll star and nothing more.

Theory from /u/RamsesThePigeon:

The song "Tik Tok," as performed by Ke$ha, was written by a guy named Benny Blanco. Its lyrics include the line "We kick them to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger."

That's a little bit strange, right? Mick Jagger wasn't exactly at the height of his attractiveness when the piece in question came out. Stranger still, it wasn't the only popular song to paint the man in a pleasant light: "Moves Like Jagger," performed by Maroon 5, was released at around the same time, and Benny Blanco also had a hand in writing that one. This is where things start to get creepy.

The song "The Time (Dirty Bit)," as performed by the Black Eyed Peas, features the following phrase: "All these girls, they like my swagger, they calling me Mick Jagger, I be rolling like a Stone." It was written by John DeNicola, who used to produce the music for a band called Kara's Flowers... although you might know them better by their current name of Maroon 5. The song "Heart and Soul," as performed by The Jonas Brothers, contains a verse that ends with "Making mistakes, but that won’t matter, if you can swag like old Mick Jagger." Antonina Armato wrote the piece, and she is managed by Downtown Music Publishing. Care to guess who else they manage? (Here's a hint: It rhymes with "balloon hive.")

This web of connections extends all throughout the recording industry, but one thing remains unclear: What's the link back to Mick Jagger himself? There must be something, because if you have a look at Google Trends, you'll see that his popularity spiked with the release of each song. The only time in recent memory when it has been higher is during a period in March of 2014, when his girlfriend died. Some people have suggested that the man's name is just easy to rhyme with "swagger," but popular usage of the word (in reference to something other than a walking gait) came about after the aforementioned songs had hit the airwaves.

In other words, "Jagger" prompted "swagger," not the other way around.

Why does there seem to be a cabal of artists trying to artificially inflate the performer's appeal and popularity? What benefit is there in promoting an aging rock star? Who is actually behind this odd trend?

In order to answer those questions, we need to turn to Vivendi. This is a company which owns a lot of stuff. Their subsidiaries include DailyMotion, UbiSoft, GameLoft... and the Universal Music Group. The Rolling Stones signed to Universal Music in 2008. In 2010, all of the songs listed above were released. Look at those Google trends again. 2008 marked Mick Jagger's lowest ever dip in popularity, and the slump continued until February of 2010 (right after "Tik Tok" became the most popular song on the radio). In September of that same year, The Rolling Stones re-released their rare concert movie, securing the number one spot on four different countries' charts - the US and the UK being two of them - second place on four more, and a Double Platinum certification in Canada.

Strangely enough, though, the only other place (besides the United States) where Platinum status was achieved was in France... which is where Vivendi is located.

What if all of this was carefully planned and executed?

What if there's a shadowy organization that's intent on promoting Mick Jagger for their own profit? What if I made all of this up on a whim, and just found whatever tenuous evidence I could to support it?

TL;DR: Mick Jagger is a puppet of the recording industry.

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Just a quick note vivindi is no longer vested in Ubisoft

Pizza dough is hella simple:

One thing he forgets to mention: When you get to the point of using your hands, keep sprinkling the top of the dough with flour as you knead it, so it doesn't swallow up your hands like some kind of quicksand monster.

Once the dough is risen, squash it flat in your pizza pan. Top and bake it right away -- don't wait for it to rise again.

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Its better is you flour your hands rather then the dough

you know your photos don't always need to be overwarm and HDR?

Overly edited images like this should be removed from the sub

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I mean I reported it for not being lit

this phone's battery is at 9% and needs charging!

I am a bot. I use OCR to detect battery levels. Sometimes I make mistakes. sorry. info

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