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Hardy with a conveniently placed martini in front of his face at all times.

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He's been gradually obscuring more of Hardy's face. I'd expect nothing less than his entire head out of frame for the whole movie.

That would be an incredibly dumb move to distract (of course that wouldn't stop him. But I literally can't imagine a move that would energize Democratic voters more than that for the midterms.

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Did you mean to put that parenthesis there or did you forget to close it?

The possibility to transport multiple clothes. I get very frustrated when my little dude collapse due to exhaustion because they spend the night loading the transport pod one cowboy hat at the time.

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At the very least I'd expect them to be able to carry two items. One hat in each hand.

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The ability to chose what pawns eat.

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Adding to this: A way of preventing them taking a meal to inventory if the colony is low on food.

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esteemed and beloved character actress Margo Martindale

edit: capitalized her name, with respect

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You better capitalise the first letters of esteemed and beloved character actress Margo Martindale's name or there will be hell to pay, mister.

This is why I have mixed feelings about the nanosuit.

Sure, it was cool, and they did a great job with it. But I'll always prefer the heavier, more grounded feel of the early suits.

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Seems like they wanted all their heroes to be able to suit up at the snap of their fingers. I guess Tony is the only one that's totally useless without his suit so he needs to be able to summon it from hammerspace like the rest do.

Ok thanks, I was always wondering but wasn’t sure. While you’re here can you tell me why I’m getting so many downvotes?

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Because reddit can be a jerk someti.. a lot of the time.

I think this was posted on shower thoughts the other day

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Because supervision prevents batteries from exploding.

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It's just like that old expression, "A watched pot never explodes."

This is actually some pretty inspiring life advice.

"When it’s the only weapon you’ve got, you use it." ~ kbean826

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What if all you have is a hammer and everything looks like a nail?

Does it have a larger backyard for that dog?

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I managed to find it on Google Maps/streetview and it looks like there's a nice garden in the back. Apparently the dog's name is Ash.

Original Poster12 points · 19 hours ago

You ripped that straight out of the YT comment section - nice work.

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He is absolutely self-confident of what he's doing.

6 points · 1 day ago

I think this is the most likely option, along with Sandpiper.

If, to paraphrase another show, you think Jimmy isn't going to contest Chuck's will that only leaves him $5,000, you haven't been paying attention.

I think Howard "wins" the first of those two to come to resolution and Jimmy will spend an inordinate amount of time making sure he screws Howard out of the second.

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He did sign the thing, though. Maybe he'll change his mind and tear it up but he didn't even hesitate.

-7 points · 1 day ago

It's a fair point though. The TV show hasn't addressed it and the TV show isn't the books. Is it unrealistic? Absolutely. So are dragons, wargs, giants, Red God, Faceless Men, and the 3 eyed raven though.

We could speculate why the ravens fly so fast. Maybe it's their connection to the magic with the 3 eyed raven. Same for the dragons. How do they fly so fast? Magic. It's fantasy. Is it an easy cop-out explanation? Sure. Point is, the show never addressed it.

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The show also never addresses whether Tywin actually does shit gold since we never see it. Maybe he was constipated and that's why the Lannisters were broke.

You can suspend your disbelief for magical things because those are the elements of the story that require it, but it's unreasonable to ask viewers to do it for mundane parts because then the whole thing feels like an episode of Family Guy where the content of the cutaway gags has no bearing on anything.

Oh fuck.. i havent watched 10 episodes in so long.. i didnt realize that the 4 knocks were wilfred.

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Hi I came here from all. What are the four knocks?

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Hey, you can’t load that in here.


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I wonder how many times one of his characters has responded to a question with just "Wrong" prior to shooting the other guy. I know of Terminator and Commando at least.

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why are all the houses copy paste?

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Let me answer that in the form of song.

I had a Sickly guy get Gut Worms, then Fibrous Mechanites and Muscle Parasites at the same time, then Malaria and then more Gut Worms. He's spent so much time in bed being treated that I'm not even sure he's worth the food he's eating.

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I just found the first two episodes a bit boring. Does it get better ?

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Depends on which parts you found boring, but I'm going to say yes.

  1. Jurassic Park

  2. The Lost World

  3. Jurassic Park 3

  4. Jurassic World

  5. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

I know, but I'm going to judge them by how much I liked them at the time I first saw them. I didn't care enough about them when I was younger to see the flaws.

I liked Jurassic World, I guess, but I felt like it's too much of a generic monster movie. I haven't seen JWFK yet, though..

You think that's bad? The Tok'ra somehow are able to synthesize enough tratonin for a vast majority of Jaffa. Bear in mind that tratonin can be used to increase health and vitality in anyone who uses it. Sure, it replaces the user's immune system but as long as there's steady stream of it, and thanks to Asgard tech there is, then why isn't everyone benefiting from it? Bet it might have helped someone with a compromised immune system like... I dunno... Eli's mom, for instance. That would've been nice...

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I'd imagine Earth is also synthesizing quite a bit of it and by the end of the series they probably showed the Jaffa how to make it themselves.

I don't believe it was ever explained why the majority of mature Goa'uld don't get hosts other than when they occasionally get ritualistically eaten by the system lords, but my impression was that the ruling Goa'uld don't allow them to take hosts because it'd threaten their rule. We have seem a number of minor Goa'uld, though, so some do make it out of the pouch.

I think it's safe to assume that most mature Goa'uld get killed and replaced with larval Goa'uld before they have the opportunity to take the Jaffa as a host.

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