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Abcdefgofvckoff commented on a post in r/dirtyr4r
Abcdefgofvckoff 1 point

It felt wow as she was married and I’m...yea it started off with her switching to doggy style and i just told her im switching hole. Before she could say anything, my tip was already in and she jolted BUT continued pushing her ass towards me. Shit even now im getting hard thinking bout it

Tpatton665 1 point

Fruit rollup?

Abcdefgofvckoff 1 point

At least that’s enticing lol than this


do you keep it in a dark and a relatively cold place? then it should, yeah. also decrease in mass

Abcdefgofvckoff 1 point

Fr me, i put it in with silica gel in a box n store it in my cupboard..dark n dry. We don’t hv cold weather here.

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Nightthemeboss244 4 points

I wonder what your families perspective of you keeping it together is. Are you really fooling anyone?

Abcdefgofvckoff 4 points

Nah i came clean with them what I’ve been up to. But lately, circumstances change sigh. Now to avoid me from indulging more , i decided to head down to the nearest pub and vent my emotion on a beer. CHEERS!

fightinginertia 6 points

First off, I want to tell you how sorry I am and that I truly do empathize with your position. My dad was first diagnosed with prostate cancer (stage 2) 10 years ago. Since then, he's undergone numerous treatments, the removal of his prostate, and is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

While this sounds horrible, I want to echo what /u/the_real_grinningdog said: there are so many treatments for prostate cancer -- believe me, we are on the 7th different treatment regiment so far -- and, even more importantly, many of these treatments are not that hard on the patient. Of course, everyone responds to treatment differently, but my family and I have been so encouraged by the fact that there were so many options for treatment and, despite dealing with this for 10 years, there are more options available! My dad often says how much he's enjoyed his life in the past 10 years despite having prostate cancer -- he's able to do just about everything he wants to do, live a normal life and be pain-free. He'll be turning 80 this year, so it's all the more impressive to me.

I don't know what's going to help you and your family, but I do know what helped me. I did research: I learned about the disease. Cancer is often seen as one disease but the type of cancer vs others may as well be as different as you can imagine. They all behave very differently, so it's important to understand the specific type of disease first, rather than just refer to it as just "cancer." Understanding the disease, treatment options, how the person will react to treatments and what other factors exist all helped to educate me, all to try to get ahead of this disease and feel more in control. For me and my friends who are dealing with this with their families, it's the fear & panic which handicaps the most -- education reduces the fear & panic and I feel more in control.

That being said, prostate cancer and disease in general sucks. It sucks watching your parents get older. And overall, it sucks to feel helpless. But I can tell you that, as I got educated about it, and accompanied my dad to his appointments, talked to his doctors, learned more and more, it sucked less. My dad and I also built in a reward system for every appointment: a coffee and a snack at some luxury coffeehouse (i.e. Starbucks) -- my dad would never, ever do this alone because he considers it wasteful, but loves the fact that we enjoy the small things together. I don't know how old you are, but I'm in my 40s now, and if you're lucky, you realize that life is really all about the small things. Share your pain with people, hear their stories too and celebrate everything! My dad and I are still celebrating 10 years in from the initial diagnosis, and never of us expected for him to be here so long after. The time doesn't matter though; it's what you do with it.

Good luck my friend, to you and your family.

PS - I don't work in the medical field; my own knowledge started with a Wikipedia page.

Abcdefgofvckoff 2 points

I can’t thank you enough for such an encouraging words. Well, maybe this is going to be my homework fr now to know and understand cancer itself.

Old age cathing up with disease is inevitable but i guess it’s what we make do with the time we have tmr onwards.

Wish you and your family a good health in years to come, Amen.

God bless you folks here in reddit. Much love 😘👍🏽

Ps; my dad is turning 80 this year too in August.

the_real_grinningdog 2 points

Treatment for prostate cancer has developed enormously in the past few years but I understand that it's still a shock.

It would help if you asked some questions, either of him or his doctor. Ideally you need to know his "Gleeson Score" and his PSA number. How old is he? You need to ask if it has spread (metastasised) and where to.

FWIW many men have undiagnosed PC, it's often a really slow growing cancer and men die with it, rather than from it. I'm afraid your answers will have to come from someone with more info than strangers on the Net though.

PS Also, give up smoking.

Abcdefgofvckoff 3 points

Thank you sir! Appreciate it very much.

Abcdefgofvckoff commented on a post in r/Stims
Abcdefgofvckoff 3 points

I’m off from it for 2 months now. The night i told myself, enough.. I wrapped my pipe in toilet roll and smash it to pieces. Never been happier, contacts stil calls me fr supplies and i just told em nope, this boy ain’t the same no more.

crystal_pistol__ 2 points

Good effort, the feeling when you smash the pipe is amazing for all of 5 seconds, then reality sets in

Abcdefgofvckoff 1 point

Yes,it cost me 2 jobs. As the crash really affected me. My body clock all haywired but it’s my anger that really set me back and almost brokeme apart with my fiancée. But now, all is goodceot that I’m still unemployed.

Civinsko 2 points

No idea how that specific mod works, but whenever the Pico starts acting funny i just flash the old version, then update it again and it's good to go.

Abcdefgofvckoff 1 point

how do u do that?

Cloudburgerwut 12 points

I thought this was going to be something completely different.

Abcdefgofvckoff 4 points

Surprise me sir with your wild thought.

whupjr22 1 point

Have fun! I have a monkey e pill, gonna take it on New Years

Abcdefgofvckoff 1 point

Monkey pill thats stronggg i had it recently..I kinda fucked my session last night. I think i had a heavy pre-meal and it’s fucking up my peak. It’s like i just wont go over the ledge and let it all go boooom. Im stuck and got annoyed.

NorthBayPsychonaut 23 points

smoke a fat ass crack rock.

Abcdefgofvckoff 1 point

I gave that up. Infact i just smashed my pipe as commitment to put a stop to crack.

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Abcdefgofvckoff 6 points

Well guys thanks fr the harsh comments, but its ok realleh. This part of the earth where I come from , we don’t have the luxury to be pampered with laws consigning to marijuana made legal fr medical purposes. Or at least have a neiighbouring state that legalised of marijuana use.

Whatever we have , mostly used to come from the golden triangle but as the era of knowledge & technology, many small time farmers manage to thrive through farming this beautiful plant. We don’t have the leniency to have it fresh off from the ground. We had to smuggle, import export & many other sneaky ways to avoid authority in respective country.

What we got, serves it purpose regardless of its physical look. So be thanksful. If you’re so disgusted by this, Think again, what those people go through to bring it to the people in the part of the world. Respect. You guys are just pampered by your laws.


chinorelli 3 points

Wtf is this actually rosemary ???

Abcdefgofvckoff 1 point

Damn right sir

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SnoopaD 3 points

Yes. Know the battery you are using and you want to go off of the continuous discharge amp. Not the max pulse. Max pulse would be 35amps and continuous would be way lower. Another note, batteries say 3.7 volts. But that is the minimum. Fully charged battery is 4.2v.

Abcdefgofvckoff 3 points

Wow like finally u gave me a straight on the point answer which every1 else fails to do and instead digress into specs of batteries n comparison 🤩👍🏽

SnoopaD 3 points

Knowledge is power. But if you decide to go with an unregulated mod a few tips/advice to go on.

  • I said know your battery. When you find out the continuous discharge amp, use that and your fully charged volts to figure out what resistance you need to make your coil. In the example here, I will say the CDA is 20 since majority of batteries are that. Though it's 20amps, it would be safer to use a lower number. 16amps is what I prefer. The reason for this is your battery drains. 4.2 and one pull off the mod later, it'll be 4.1v. Lowering your amperage calculations will factor in the voltage drop to not put too much strain on your batteries to try and force the power needed.

So using Ohms Law(R=E/I): Amps (I)= 16 Volts (E)=4.2
E/I=R 4.2/16=.26ohms(R) Is the safe area to build coils for. Whether it is single or dual.

But the mod is dual series. So that means it's doubled. But basic of it is above.

  • Pay attention to the voltage drop. If you have a tester of some kind you will need it. How I said, 3.7 is the minimum. This means that when it gets to this area, it could become dangerous because, again, it's trying to power up something it doesn't have the juice for. My suggestion, load up the fully charged batteries. Take 5 hits off the mod. Take batteries out and check where your voltage is now. So you know, every 5 draws will drop voltage down this amount.
Abcdefgofvckoff 2 points

U know what THANKS ALOT. ANOW AFTER 20yrs, i can finally put my electrical eng to a good use!!! Dudeeee 🍻 cheers 🍻 man!!

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