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My current build is parallel 26ga 5wrap on 3.0mm. There's flavour but kinda slightly muted. I thought it might be my vape tongue but nahh.

Or the placement of my coil.. Its bout 1mm abive the post. Idk man.. Just want the best out of this newly bought rda rather than spending on a new 1.

Don't tell me to use rta as I got tons of good ones with me. To name a few,

Goblin mini Serpent mini Griffin mini 25 Kayfun Five pawn Kayfun prime...

They're damn good.

Original Poster1 point · 24 days ago

It was a good roll tested 1 last fr like gd 5hrs but the peak Wasn't that wow.. Butbyea it is what it is.. Lpwer mg on mdma.

This is fucking strong man... I took half of it n. Last fr good 4hours

I hope you'll pull through this phase as I can't nor even put myself in your shoe...chins up make better of the days that is going to come, god bless you

Let's take a shower together and....

Loll it comes with prolong usage and practice of mind control. Once you're at that stage, it's too late coz you're non functional without it and welcome to thee dark side. Mwah

I took a smaller dosage of it which is. 5mg and iy works for me. Not that it will knock u off but you'll feel the drowsiness.

Gosh.. It was a sleep over at my plc my bestfriend gf slept in between us. As soon as he knocked out. Everythjng happen without sense of guilt.. I fucked her sideways while she jz tryna control herr moaning n pretending to b asleep.. N yes im a fucked up friend

just hitching along your thread... I just popped 1/2 pill of mdma & about to go for a bowl..wish me luck.

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Me tooo...shall we


Should I use the whatever asus range extender that is available or get a new router n plug it through the built in AP.

I don't know if connecting my android tv box wirelessly wld cause latency and also the wifi at 1st floor isnt that strong here in my room.


android tv box wirelessly wld cause latency

Why would you care about latency to your Android TV?

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Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

Because I'm a caring guy.

I hope you stick to your plan and pulled through thos rough period.. Can't say that i understand how u feel, but hey! YOU CAN DO IT BUDDY

Heyy my wedding just got called off supposedly end if april. Maybe we can use 1 another just fr revenge. Idk. Maybe

Stop making your boobs looking at my eyes 😶

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Original Poster1 point · 6 months ago

Why didnt my smartass spun self didn’t think of that!!! Thank u stranger. Foam earpkugs I’ve many from my shooting practice. Yay.

It felt wow as she was married and I’m...yea it started off with her switching to doggy style and i just told her im switching hole. Before she could say anything, my tip was already in and she jolted BUT continued pushing her ass towards me. Shit even now im getting hard thinking bout it

The Holy Christian bible, for those who have accomplished Quran

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Original Poster1 point · 6 months ago

At least that’s enticing lol than this

do you keep it in a dark and a relatively cold place? then it should, yeah. also decrease in mass

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Original Poster1 point · 6 months ago

Fr me, i put it in with silica gel in a box n store it in my cupboard..dark n dry. We don’t hv cold weather here.

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Skkrrrrtttt bzzzzz blrp

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