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MolecularEXE 2 points

I usually do 100mg with a 100mg re dose when it's been about 2+ hours. I have never had a come down I don't know why.

Acidhouseking111 1 point

The Rave I'm going to is 9 hours long I have 2 180 bombs and 2 50mg just in case I need them, probably over doing it but it's my 18th so it's a one off, just worried about how pure the mdma is don't want to 180 to be to much

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Acidhouseking111 1 point

What does do both of these supplements do, are they related to reducing damage on your serotine transmitters or are they more of a phycial aspect?


In animal studies they managed to stop serotonin damage. While rats where under the influence of a high dose.

Acidhouseking111 1 point

Do you take these supplements after you have started rolling or before and is there a certain time frame your supposed to take it at before you roll?

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Acidhouseking111 1 point

Purity ?

drugthrowaway255 5 points

I haven't had this batch tested and it wasn't distilled so probably high 80s. Other batch I have was phase distilled and is probably close to 99%. Though I did not crystallize that, it's basically a floury powder.

Acidhouseking111 2 points

I'f only you were my plug loooool

gintonicisntwater 2 points

Instead of wildly assuming the pharmacological action of a drug from a stupid nickname you should just do some basic research.

Unlike most psychedelics, 2C-B has been shown to be a low efficacy serotonin 5-HT2A receptor partial agonist[12] or even full antagonist.[13] This suggests that the 5-HT2C receptor is primarily responsible for mediating the effects experienced by users of 2C-B.

It's serotogenic, just like LSD or magic mushrooms, but it's not a serotonin releaser like MDMA. If you don't understand the difference, do some research.

2cb is serotinc

No such thing as serotinc exists.

Acidhouseking111 1 point

You were right, after checking it seems like a common misconception, my apologies

throwawaytrees6 5 points

2cb, ketamine, coke, speed

Acidhouseking111 1 point

Not keen on ketamine at An edm gigg, coke to expensive, 2cb sounds interesting but I know it's serotonic and the reason I can't do mdma is because of the 3 month rule so because 2cb is serotonic would that be a problem ?

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chappersrctilbo 1 point

You'll be fine. I used to take MDMA on a weekly basis for years and never had a bad experience.

Acidhouseking111 6 points

Don't listen to this, your supposed to take a 3 month gap inbetween each time you take mdma so your serotine can rebuild if you take it weekly you will start burning out your receptors and your normal state of happiness will keep being lowered, mdma ist like drinking you can't do it every week, although iv taken mdma before without leaving a gap if you do , do this make sure it's not a regular occurrence and it's just a one off, happy rolling :-)

AntiauthoritarianGuy 7 points

Everyone just circle jerks either acid or molly. Psychtards are super elitist about their drugs and oftentimes don’t even consider non-psych’s to be recreational at all(LOL).

Acidhouseking111 2 points

Well what drug do you think is the best then

AntiauthoritarianGuy 0 points

That’s too subjective of a question to give you an answer to. Be more specific and I’ll be able to give you an answer.

Acidhouseking111 2 points

Most people have 1 specific drug they enjoy the most

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UnhopefulRomantic 1 point

You won't necessarily feel any effects that would inhibit you the next day, except you'll likely be exhausted from being up and that active for ~12 hrs. Would not recommend, unless you work at a job that requires little to no actual work. Lol.

Acidhouseking111 1 point

it's only a 5 hour shift and it's at a butcher's ? no proper computer work though

DankMink12 3 points

You've never done it before and you have to get up and work the next day. But hey, don't listen to me ya know. It's not like I've done a lot of acid or anything

Acidhouseking111 3 points

I wast being rude I was just generally asking 😂

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Rhianael 4 points

Alcohol is worse for me because there's so much fluid in my body. I throw up for hours and shit the foulest liquid for hours. Coke, I feel horrible, but at least I can stay horizontal and don't have to plan my life around the loo.

Worst alcohol hangover: shat myself with horrendous diahorrea in a new bf's car just before making it to my front door. This was after I'd puked a bunch and shat a bunch.

Worst coke hangover: slept all day.

I'd always choose the one with less stuff in my GI tract. Lol.

Acidhouseking111 1 point

very wise words

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h4zzalele -7 points

At a party jumped on top of next door neighbors land rover and climbed up the scaffolding of his house, he came out tried to grab me and I head butted him and he was out cold

Acidhouseking111 11 points

If it was really md you wouldn't want to hurt anyone doest sound like md to me

Acidhouseking111 commented on a post in r/MDMA
FacilitateEcstasy 2 points

How many times have you taken mdma? Also, pills can be more pure than "crystal" mdma. Dunno where this false assumption comes from that a power/crystal is purer than a pill. Only answer is a test kit, and I have heard more people receiving bunk crystals than pills. Plus you can Google a pill as a last resort.

Acidhouseking111 -2 points

Pressed pills are always cut with shit like speed and caffine or pma, if you get given rocks it's very hard to cut it with stuff because your literally receiving rocks, less then 40 percent of ecstasy pills in the UK even contain ecstasy that's not the same for crystals

FacilitateEcstasy 2 points

Source for that claim please. Every pill I have ever taken has contained MDMA, I have tested over 50 pills. It's not difficult to have PMA crystals (a byproduct of faulty mdma manufacturering) and throw it in the same baggy as mdma

Acidhouseking111 0 points That's 2 sources and there's plenty more if you want more, just because you may have a reliable dealer doest mean that the majority of people get fake pills, it's more common sense then anything, a pressed pill with bonding agent in it, how easy is it going to be to cut stuff with it, you don't get pma crystals, sometimes people add bath salts crystals or sometimes meth but if your given 2 proper rocks and u test a tiny bit of each one then that's a lot cleaner, your more likely to get cut pills then anything else and anyone else who says otherwise is delusional

Acidhouseking111 commented on a post in r/Drugs
Acidhouseking111 1 point

Buy a testing kit online, it costs like 15 quid, and i personally would happily pay 15 pound then risk taking something that may kill me, new stats came out claiming that only 40% of mdma actually contains mdma so thats a 6 out of 10 chance that whatever you get is an imposter substance, if you'd like a link to a good site to buy them iv got one, and i have never personally heard of blue rocks. But make sure you test anything you have anyway stay safe!

santaswe9 3 points

you mean 40% of ecstasy contains mdma, right?

i highly doubt people who sell pure rocks give away fake product 60% of the time

Acidhouseking111 2 points

yeh, but I was just giving you an idea of how much bunk stuff there is out there, don't ever trust your dealer with your life always test your substances.

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