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Acidhouseking111 commented on a post in r/MDMA
DrunkGermanGuy 1 point

Pressed pills can only be cut once: before pressing. Loose substances can be cut at any point down the supply chain.

Acidhouseking111 1 point

This logic makes no sense as the pills are pressed with 'crystal' and bonding agent, and you dont know how far the chain the crystal has been used to press the pill. not only is there a risk of fake stamped pills but its harder to dose with pills as somtimes there ist the ammount you think is in them.

DrunkGermanGuy 1 point

The dosing issue is very true. However, your initial premise was that "presses would generally be easier to cut stuff with", which I don't consider to be true. Yes, they can of course also contain adulterants or no MDMA at all, but that would happen in early production stages already, all the middlesmen can't do shit to pills, but they can with loose substances, that was my point.

Acidhouseking111 1 point

With mdma you are literally given crystals , like 2 big rocks, unless some of crystals are very fine and dusty. its hard to cut stuff with a rock the size of your thumb 😂 The fact with pills is anything can be cut with it because its been pressed, and like i said before loads of pills out there are fake stamps, crystals are the way to go.

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Acidhouseking111 commented on a post in r/MDMA
pills_and_weed 0 points

Yeah that'll be sound mate. Looks good enough for me. Even if it is meth or bath salts it'll give you a good night and doing it once can't hurt...surely.

Acidhouseking111 -3 points

Meth actually causes permentant brain changes the first time you do it ...

Acidhouseking111 commented on a post in r/MDMA
dylwaybake 5 points

Been debating plugging MDMA for my next roll because of how horrible my nausea is. You talked me into it. Happy rolling!

Acidhouseking111 0 points

Psyched Substance the most famous harm reduction channel on youtube, said that plugging mdma was the most dangerous way to consume it.

dylwaybake 3 points

Why? Can you give me scientific reasons or do you just think it's "gay" or "dirty" to plug stuff?

Acidhouseking111 0 points

No it is generally a more dangerous way to intake the drug, research it mate.

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Acidhouseking111 commented on a post in r/MDMA
Acidhouseking111 2 points

Id take about 150 , thats what i took my first time and thats considered a really intense roll, Remember you can always take more but you cant take less! 😂 You will have lots of fun just make sure your being safe and stick with your friends, I suggest buying lucozade sport bottles because there filled with salts and minerals and you drink that when your on your roll. If dont want to gurn (Swinging Jaw) you can take magnesium glyicnate pills to reduce it, If you want to redose, after initial dose of 150mg about 3 hours later take like 60mg, you will sort of be able to tell when you want your booster dose, have fun and please be safe !

Acidhouseking111 commented on a post in r/MDMA
Acidhouseking111 7 points

Not sure you have expierenced real mdma, as they are a completely different box of frogs

DankMink12 4 points

Drugs affect people differently my guy. Just because he doesnt describe the feeling the way you would doesnt mean he isnt taking the same drugs

Acidhouseking111 -1 points

The reason I say that is because there is so much fake mdma around, although people react differently to drugs differently you need to remember mdma literally realises all the serotine in your brain, which leads to a completely different happiness thats felt on psycerdelics, let alone the head space and the body high, I think the op was given bath salts that were sold to him as mdma.

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