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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Do you regret not waiting longer or was it worth it? I'm 17

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Im only 18 now so I hav'nt had to much time to reflect on it per say, but I did'nt regret it at all. As long as you stick to the 3 month rule and your sensible with it. That being said i don't want to encourage any use, do it when you feel its right.

I'm not saying there is a danger but sobriety is the best course of action for when you need to recover. Fruit, juice, water, sleep and some good food. Not more drugs.

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Vitamins and Minerals are the go to when recovering from a come down

i always wondered why this is such a huge thing? i cant imagine a pill having more than 300mg, and that amount is not even a bad initial dose tbh. ok i mean ‚if‘ it occurs that the pill has 300... yea happens, not that you should do 300 everytime by will. most pills are all the same.. 170 or 250 whats the difference? and the initial dose is important. doing just a half pill first kills the whole night. i mean you should be glad that your pills contain more mdma, so you got to buy less pills haha.

what i rather would find dangerous is the pills containing totally different substances than mdma

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If somone took 2 pills that contained 300mg each then there at risk of dying ?? thats more then half a gram


So my first ping was last year in auguast my secound Ping was in november and third Ping was a week after the one in november, i realise the 1 - 3 month rule which is why after that i didt ping for 5 months, I pinged last night and felt really pinged but i didt have those waves of euroira and the usual happiness i Get on the drug, this mdma was tested and was posative for mdma any reasond to why this happened, is it possibly because i took ala s before and during the ping.


Spelling 🤦🏾‍♂️, maybe drugs aren’t for you...

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Based on what because i made a few spelling mistakes 😂

How could this happen man 😂

Dark Molly is what some of the best Molly looks like ....

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Not true...

Pressed pills can only be cut once: before pressing. Loose substances can be cut at any point down the supply chain.

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1 point · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

This logic makes no sense as the pills are pressed with 'crystal' and bonding agent, and you dont know how far the chain the crystal has been used to press the pill. not only is there a risk of fake stamped pills but its harder to dose with pills as somtimes there ist the ammount you think is in them.

The dosing issue is very true. However, your initial premise was that "presses would generally be easier to cut stuff with", which I don't consider to be true. Yes, they can of course also contain adulterants or no MDMA at all, but that would happen in early production stages already, all the middlesmen can't do shit to pills, but they can with loose substances, that was my point.

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With mdma you are literally given crystals , like 2 big rocks, unless some of crystals are very fine and dusty. its hard to cut stuff with a rock the size of your thumb 😂 The fact with pills is anything can be cut with it because its been pressed, and like i said before loads of pills out there are fake stamps, crystals are the way to go.

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That looks beatiful espically the luke warm brown one on the left 😍😍😍😍

Yeah that'll be sound mate. Looks good enough for me. Even if it is meth or bath salts it'll give you a good night and doing it once can't hurt...surely.

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Meth actually causes permentant brain changes the first time you do it ...

Its not normal to have a bad high on mdma because it literally realises all the happiness in your brain, what was in your pills may not have been mdma make sure you test them !

Listen to drum and bass Jump Up, Or drum and bass basline

That is the grimest looking md iv seen in a while 😂

Been debating plugging MDMA for my next roll because of how horrible my nausea is. You talked me into it. Happy rolling!

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Psyched Substance the most famous harm reduction channel on youtube, said that plugging mdma was the most dangerous way to consume it.

Why? Can you give me scientific reasons or do you just think it's "gay" or "dirty" to plug stuff?

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No it is generally a more dangerous way to intake the drug, research it mate.

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' A Guy Called Gerald '

The whole thing is his name, hes a late 80s early 90s rave scene dj, one of the best acid house ones around 👀

they look like 120mg to 100mg to me

Maybe what your having ist mdma make sure you have a testing kit !

Sow a little pocket in your boxers and stash your stuff in there, thats what i do


So in the past iv had 200mg to 180 as my first dose and then like 60 as a booster, I have pinged at festivals and giggs but never at a 7 hour long rave, what sort of doses and booster doses do you recomend for a 7 hour rave where I will be going all night, may i might add this is for my 18th so I may go a bit more far out then i would usually but this is a one off.


lol don't do this

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Original Poster2 points · 3 months ago

Unless i wanted to die, some people arnt as informed as i am about mdma so thats a potentially dangerous comment to post.

sounds intense loool


Ok so I haven't pinged now for 4 months, it was my birthday in march so iv saved this ping for a special one, i was wondering if any of you ravers out there could recomend a big rave thats happening in april or may in london, any suggestions would be highly appreciated. :edit: looking for drum and bass type raves ie. basline jump up, liquid

6 comments Just check fabrics facebook page, loads of raves coming up all huge headliners

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Original Poster1 point · 4 months ago

you have to be 19 for fabric im 18

I rolled 4x by now and don't feel an urge to do it for a while because of the shitty comedown I had last week.. I'd rather buy myself some weed and chill at home

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A comedown lasts a week but stories that it put you in last a life time 🤣

Not sure you have expierenced real mdma, as they are a completely different box of frogs

Drugs affect people differently my guy. Just because he doesnt describe the feeling the way you would doesnt mean he isnt taking the same drugs

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The reason I say that is because there is so much fake mdma around, although people react differently to drugs differently you need to remember mdma literally realises all the serotine in your brain, which leads to a completely different happiness thats felt on psycerdelics, let alone the head space and the body high, I think the op was given bath salts that were sold to him as mdma.

I'm always amazed people don't crush their rocks into powder before capping them.

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exactly then it takes about 500x longer for the rock to dislove it makes no sense

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