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PolkaDotAscot 90 points

At my wedding, there was some snafu with the limo company. They were supposed to send two limos, but only sent one.

No big deal. We figured it out.

We get to the reception, the limo driver starts trying to get my dad to sign a contract or receipt of some sort (he had already paid in full)...but keeps trying to tell him it’s fine. No problem. They are going to refund his money, they just need him to sign the paper now. All sorts of random shit like that. Eventually escalates to him telling my dad he has to sign, it’s the law, and if he doesn’t sign, the police will be called.

My dad just listened thru the whole thing, obviously just saying no on occasion. Finally get to the part about the police, and he says, “would you like to call the police or should I?” ...silence... “I practiced law for 25 years. You need to leave immediately.” (He is also currently a judge, and had been for about 10 years at that point).

AdamJMorley5 12 points

Whybdid he want him to sign something? Good for your Dad though.

InternetStarbanger2 89 points

Wait .... He had actually slept with her and wasn't just lying?

AdamJMorley5 18 points

Asking the right questions sir!

AdamJMorley5 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Eexoduis 2 points

It’s because you’re accustomed to your mirror image, whereas your “selfie” image is flipped and therefore your brain is unfamiliar with its asymmetry.

AdamJMorley5 1 point

I STILL dont get it, if i look in the mirror is rhat what I genuinely look like OR if i take a selfie is that what others see.....I have bo idea :p!

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dijon_snow 31 points

Two simple changes would revolutionize my game experience:

The ability to switch which wrestler I'm controlling against the cpu mid match so I can play as the person I want to be in control then switch for a comeback.

The option to manually add and select cut scenes in a match from the available options. If it wasn't so random and I could choose a brutal beat down cutscene in a blood feud instead of randomly getting a handshake of respect, we wouldn't even need story editor.

AdamJMorley5 7 points

The last point I love, Hopefully they have some old 2K Showcase cutscenes we could reskin and activate on our own rules e.g. Hit 3 finishers to activate cutscene?

AdamJMorley5 commented on a post in r/marvelheroes
Scaniatex 5 points

It's such a shame how I remember being in awe with all the movie based marvel games just a console generation ago. Now all we have are two cheap apps to download on our phones. Marvel really has dropped the ball when it comes to video games, especially letting this one go. There is even a real old DC mmo still releasing content but DC doesn't interest me like Marvel does.... I hate this so much...

AdamJMorley5 2 points

Good time to download Marvel Future Fight on Ios/Play store, their having their three year event so crazy giveaways like free characters :)

Imhullu 1 point

After age of Ultron I got the vision set. He's definitely been a favorite character of mine for a long time and his costume for the movie was great.

I put so much time into that character. I'm sad this game is over.

After seeing the movie I too am really hyped up about playing a game. But I don't know any game to play that will give me the satisfaction I would have gotten from playing marvel heroes.

AdamJMorley5 1 point

Good time to download Marvel Future Fight on Ios/Play store, their having their three year event so crazy giveaways like free characters :)

AdamJMorley5 commented on a post in r/future_fight
AdamJMorley5 [score hidden]

Worried that nobody else is donating in my alliance, people dont join my dimension rifts or chat so would entertain a new scene :)

FabiFabiX [score hidden]

Alliance "Cannonball" could be the right place for you.

We are a very friendly lv. 30/10 alliance. What we ask is to be active at least one phase per day in AC. Let me know if you are interested.

Discord ID: Fabi#0116 Telegram: fabifabix

Bye :-)

AdamJMorley5 [score hidden]

Hi is there room for me and my brother? My ign is adamjm1990 and his is RSOUL4EVA

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4VENG32 3 points

It should have come through yesterday, today is 300 energy.

AdamJMorley5 1 point

Thanks, i dont think i got it and ibwas logged in all day :/ did i miss much?

[deleted] 2 points


AdamJMorley5 1 point


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AdamJMorley5 commented on a post in r/MarvelStrikeForce
Mr_VCellos -2 points

How about post Here instead of linking to some random website k thanks

AdamJMorley5 2 points

Cause he wants traffic! Ungrateful ass clown k thanks.

Mr_VCellos 0 points

Not like we can't see the same shit in the beginners guide pinned to the top of the forums, nobody wants to go to his shit ass website

AdamJMorley5 3 points

Are you feeling lonely pal?

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