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That's a bummer. But at least, based on her I Was There Too interviews, Yeardley Smith is awesome.

*University of Texas clocktower shooter

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Shit. You're right

yes, I need some sleep

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It's alright bud. If you're like most people here, you just spent 4 hours on 495/66/7/whatever.

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What city if you don't mind me asking? And I get it, everyone is different and I'm not trying to tell you how to deal with stuff :) I just know what people in your position are going through and I hope you can get the help you need!

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In the DC area.

Honestly, Kratom has been helping me keep clean. Whenever I get the insatiable urge to go cop a bundle, I just take a little bit and it puts it back in check.

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Truth. I used to be excited when I heard a familiar voice. Now? So annoying. It's like hearing Homer Simpson's voice for every overweight dad...

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There's a lot more variety with Japanese VAs, so you still get that feeling of "Oh, it's what-her-face! Awesome!"

And I've found that a lot more of them have range and can sound different, while a good amount of Funi VAs pretty much only play one type of character

Exactly this. A lot of that has to do with the fact that seiyuu are trained specifically for this, in actual voice acting schools. A lot of dub actors are just failed (rude way to say it) stage or tv/film actors that turned to voice acting as a last resort.

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I fucking knew it! I saw him hanging out with Heinrich Hornytoad and Joseph Gecko.

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And that bootlicker von Ribbittrop lurking near them.

God damnit I knew there was an obvious one that I was missing.

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I was really proud of myself for it.

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5 points · 9 hours ago


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You got that flipped. Nixon started the "War on Drugs" as an excuse to crack down on minorities and hippies. The racism came first.

2 points · 8 hours ago


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Fine. I'll rephrase. The police in the US are the militarized arm of institutional racism and class divide in the US, where the legal system then serves to exacerbates it. Drug laws are a symptom, not a cause here in the US.

Your thing is also probably correct. I'm sure that other countries don't have jackbooted thugs that have "You're Fucked" engraved on their service weapon while they execute a terrified and confused man or immediately assume a man is a "threat" for the color of their skin and then are exonerated time after time for murdering in cold bold. Most first world nations manage not to have two legal systems for the poor and the rich.

This place is so fucking broken and I'm so tired. Sorry to dump that on you; I needed to vent.

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-10 points · 9 hours ago · edited 5 hours ago

That’s not why Putin is popular. He made disappear like a few dozen people out of a country of 140 million.

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Oh, ok, that's fine then.

Just like a parent with a kid that refuses to grow up and mooches off of them, sometimes the solution is to stop enabling the behavior.

“But my baby is 25 and hasn’t ever gotten a job what will he do???” He’ll figure it out.

There are steps society can take. Financial literacy is actually way more important than a lot of other subjects. Taking steps to teach people how to delay gratification is also big.

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Do you think that the families barely getting by with help are suddenly going to be able to succeed if you "stop enabling that behavior"? That sounds like some social Darwinism garbage.

There are a range of solutions that could help. My favorites are:

  1. Charter schools, provide flat out bribes to parents for positive behavior and strong grades of their kids. Being educated is important.

  2. Get tough on real crime (theft, rape, robbery, murder, assault) and stop wasting resources on things that shouldn’t even be crimes (drug use, prostitution). It can be pretty fucking defeating to save up only to get robbed or assaulted and then get stuck with a hospital bill or have to replace things.

  3. Set a hard time limits on being on government assistance.

  4. As a last resort take children away from parents who can’t provide for them even after years of government help. The last one is the most jarring and should be last resort.

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We have the largest prison population in the world; how much tougher on crime can we get?

I've spent nearly 4 years locked up and if I wasn't given a helping hand by a government program, I probably never would have turned my life around. A program, I might add, continues to get its budget slashed again and again because who cares about giving under privileged young adults trade school when you can get a couple dollars back on your taxes?

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77 points · 14 hours ago

How are your arms?

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How's this for original comedy, /u/InbredDucks?

I still don't know how I missed that a new Bubsy game was released last year

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Wait, there was a new Bubsy game?

Claws Encounters was my fucking jam.

If this was a /r/JUSTNOMIL story, Harry would be the enabler of his dad's narcissism. Not having Mary Jane's back shows he normalizes this behavior because growing up under his dad's abusiveness has skewed his baseline for 'normal'. Mary Jane is pissed because Harry can't set boundaries with his dad.

Harry is the one who needs to see a therapist not Mary Jane.

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They both do. They both have father issues that they need to work on.

Spider best girl.

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Bird best girl.

I think if we're all honest with ourselves we can agree that snek is best girl.

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Real answer is Zombina.

Guts was never my friend.

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Yeah, I guess Dana is Griffith.

Ronda is Casca?

Does that make Schaub Guts? Oh god what have I done

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That's sort of a horrific thought, considering what Femto does to her.

Does that make Sage Rickert?

Well there goes my lunch hour!


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If you kind of want context as to why Dick is in the Batman costume, check out Battle for the Cowl and then Grant Morrison's run of Batman & Robin.

186 points · 17 hours ago

We do know Batman shitposts on the internet, though. "Batman is Bruce Wayne"-type stuff.

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Is that from Morrison's run? Because I've only ever liked Damien in the context of Dickbats & Robin.

Guy should have died

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He would have but fortunately, Naruto had learned Deus Ex Machina no Jutsu.

You rotate the character's legs and the bike moves. They had this in Arma II and IIRC Arma Flashpoint 15 years ago.

Hell if they used the basic flight model from Arma II and gave the source to a high school modder, they'd have Hueys in a week.

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Operation Flashpoint was a different game series. ArmA is just the spiritual successor. I'm pretty sure they did rerelease Operation Flashpoint built in the ArmA engine a couple years back, though.

Source: played so very much Operation Flashpoint.

As a long time Assassins Creed fan, I learned that I'm a masochist. They're not great games, the stories are not that interesting, and the controls are barely useable. But I'm gonna keep on playing them if they keep releasing them.

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The last one I really, really enjoyed was Black Flag and that was barely an AC game. I just lost interest in both Unity and Syndicate and I haven't played Origin (although, I've heard it's pretty good).

True, but saying living here is absolutely unbearable isn't exactly fair either. There are a lot of benefits to living in this country that we just take for granted.

USA is pretty bad when it comes to other first world countries, but it's nowhere near the nightmare some people here make it out to be, and that's coming from someone who had to live on minimum wag for 2 years cleaning up a restaurant.

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I'm sure that thought will keep the people starving to death on the streets tonight happy.

290 points · 1 day ago

I've been working since I was 16 and am 25 now, so this is only 9 years to work with, but in that time I've made only 1 work friend I would have considered to truly be a friend of mine... I thought, at least. He quit his job and moved to California to live closer to family and unfriended me and all of his coworkers on Facebook and never responded to another text after that day. His time here (Wisconsin) was not the best. He had a bad breakup and no other particularly good memories other than that relationship, so I understand the desire to start fresh and leave it all behind, but it absolutely bummed me out to realize I meant so little to him when I thought so highly of him myself.

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As somebody who flaked on everyone, sometimes even good people remind you of bad times.

Nope, why?

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I know somebody with the same name as your username who I had completely forgotten about, so I was just checking because I was kind of stoked. Thanks for answering!

Oh really? That's pretty cool! I love meeting people with the same name as me. Sorry I'm not your friend!

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Well, either way, have a nice day!

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-5 points · 1 day ago

r/mongoloidCJ is probably a good sub for you then

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I like how the rules say "Strongly condemn ... hate speech" despite it pretty much being a supremacy sub that describes an other race with slurs.

Crayons are for the marines.

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Nah, they just only have the budget for RoseArt ones. 11Bs get Crayola.

2 points · 1 day ago

I never worked on a M249. They were introduced in 1984, three years after I got out. I just know what I've read about them, but from what I read, yes, it was feed problems with the magazine well.

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Damn. You got out of the Marines the year after my dad joined the Army. How long were you in for?

15 points · 1 day ago

I'm now going to randomly end sentences with "I miss the Cold War"

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Putin, is that you?

24 points · 1 day ago

“Just let me put this huge ass bar code on the back of your head, I’m sure no one will notice “

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10 points · 1 day ago · edited 1 day ago

Also, as a giant, bald, white guy, I'm going to take this Chinese cook's clothes and blend in in Chinatown.

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-4 points · 1 day ago

I can appreciate mental gymnastics, so I respect your opinion.

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Are you being intentionally ironic?

Nixon was arguably better than Bush, however. Nixon created the EPA, and introduced the Clean Air Act. Bush meanwhile, started a legally questionable law, squandering trillions, and whose tax cuts saw American debt rise considerably during his tenure. Add in the fact he ended his presidency with the worst recession in seven decades, along with the Patriot Act.

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Nixon also may have fucked with the peace talks in Vietnam in 1968 to sabotage LBJ's reelection and started the War on Drugs to target black people and hippies.

If Trump were impeached, Pence would have absolutely no chance of reelection. He would be in Gerald Ford's shoes, except worse

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You really think that the crowd that voted in Trump and continue to support him would have any qualms with voting in Pence?

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