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Aerophage1771 commented on a post in r/pics
HoliHandGrenades 17 points

However Palestine never agrees to that because they want it all...

The PA has consistently offered to a peace agreement with the 1967 Green Line as the border, and for the past decade and a half publicly agreed to swap territory across that border for territory of equal size and quality.

If you intend to present bald-faced lies to justify the murder of civilians, at least make it less obvious.

Aerophage1771 -2 points

The Green Line borders are unacceptable. You can’t expect Israel to fight 4 wars against enemies that would like to destroy them and their people, then cede the land they took back to those same enemies. This is utter foolishness. No country in modern times would voluntarily do that nor should they be expected to.

HoliHandGrenades 18 points

The Green Line borders are unacceptable.

Despite the fact that the only territory to which Israel has any claim is on its side of the Green Line (and you are advocating a war crime), it's a good thing that

for the past decade and a half publicly agreed to swap territory across that border for territory of equal size and quality.

You also seem to have no basis for your claim that

No country in modern times would voluntarily do that nor should they be expected to.

In fact, it was codification of the Nuremberg Principles after WWII that found that the acquisition of territory by military conquest is illegitimate, so what you are suggesting is the exact OPPOSITE of what how countries "in modern times" are expected to act.

You might recall the "Coalition of the Willing" invading Iraq in 1990 based on exactly that principle.

So, obviously, states are expected to comply with that principle. It is only the United States enabling Israel's pattern of ongoing crimes against humanity through the use of its veto in the UNSC that allows Israel to act with impunity.

Aerophage1771 1 point

Regardless of the Nuremberg Principles, if a country is invaded three times with the explicit goal of taking their land, and at the end of those wars said country decides to take land from the nations who invaded them, i have no problem with it and I think anyone who does is delusional. Additionally, I’m not sure what universe you’re living in that invading a country, deposing its leader, establishing a government you’d prefer, then fighting the forces in a nation that resist (Iraq) doesn’t practically amount to the “acquisition of territory by military conquest.”

United States enabling Israel’s pattern of ongoing crimes against humanity.

Look at the image above. No. Don’t skip if that’s what you were going to do. *Really look at that image. Imagine living with your family on a border that looks like that, regardless of how you got there. Does that look like a safe state under which the moralistic principles of perfectly carried out relations with a violent neighbor can occur? A good portion of the West Bank is insistent on making sure Israel *no longer exists**. Israel is fighting a dedicated enemy that looks and sounds like every other citizen of the state of Israel. Difficult times require difficult decisions.

PS: The US seeks and has sought to protect its more rogue ally just as China does with North Korea and Russia does with Syria. Strong nations support their allies.

Aerophage1771 commented on a post in r/worldnews
Revoran -35 points

Well, they are morally equivalent. Both are killing in cold blood. Guilty or innocent it's not morally right to kill people in cold blood.

But if you care about killing only guilty people, then yes it's true that just allowing murder will result in far more deaths of innocent people than going through a trial process (of course even with a full trial you can still execute innocent people - it happens).

Of course this whole point is moot because Duterte didn't just enable capital punishment with a trial/due process (as penor implied), he sent out death squads to murder people in the streets without a trial.

Aerophage1771 30 points

Well, they are morally equivalent. Both are killing in cold blood. Guilty or innocent it's not morally right to kill people in cold blood.

Maybe that’s your interpretation. But plenty of people disagree with you whether an execution for a crime is morally wrong or not.

GavriloPrincipsHand -12 points

Not really. Murder is murder. Whether it is state sanctioned or not holds no relevance to its morality.

Aerophage1771 1 point

You view execution as murder. I and plenty of other people don’t. Just because you kill someone doesn’t make it murder. Execution in my view is justifiable killing.

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forgetful_storytellr 1 point

Sure, I agree.

But that actually lends to my point; that the archetypical character experiences atypical results, either despite or unrelated to the fact that it is his archetype that experiences it.

A clearer example would be the archetypical friend zone guy that ends up with the girl at the end of every chick flick.

This just dawned on me,too . Didn’t the honorable Ned Stark get offed in season 1 to a tyrant boy king?

Aerophage1771 0 points

As sometimes happens to honorable men. Just because an environment is constructed doesn’t mean that it can’t be usefully representative of a topic. If you don’t like the representation, then fuck off and mind your own business.

Aerophage1771 commented on a post in r/funny
wllmsaccnt 1 point

The point is that the people are voluntarily giving up their possessions.

I don't see it that way. If I were to ask Bob to give up his possessions, and he didn't, then I killed him, and then told everyone about it...that is a message to everyone who hasn't 'donated' yet.

Aerophage1771 1 point

More like you told Bob and his friends that they should join a club. The club consists of people that live together and support each other. Bob (who you never force to sell his possessions) then lies to you and God himself about selling his possessions and giving the club the money. God then strikes Bob down for conspiring to sin against the club and God.

wllmsaccnt 1 point

Except God doesn't kill people on the spot for telling lies like that. If it even infrequently occurred with any statistical regularity then the effect would be well know. Either the story is a lie, or Peter killed those two people and made the story known so that other people wouldn't lie to him.

Aerophage1771 1 point

Except God doesn't kill people on the spot for telling lies like that. If it even infrequently occurred with any statistical regularity then the effect would be well know.

Then it just doesn’t occur with statistical regularity. The failure to observe something doesn’t disprove the past occurence of a thing. Or as it is more commonly posited, “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

Either the story is a lie, or Peter killed those two people and made the story known so that other people wouldn't lie to him.

That conclusion is based upon the fact that there should be further evidence of God killing people for lying if he did it regularly. The issue is that it is a false assumption that something should occur again (God killing more liars) just because it occured at least once. Thus, by predicating your conclusion on the lack of evidence for more lying based deaths, you run into a logical fallacy of stating that the absence of evidence for an event that doesn’t directly correspond to the topic at hand (whether God killed people once) proves your conclusion. Which it does not.

TLDR: Just because God doesn’t do something several times doesn’t mean he didn’t do it once.

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Aerophage1771 commented on a post in r/funny
macgart 1 point

Doesn’t that sentiment still hold water tho? Obviously the construct of the sounds to produce “fuck” doesn’t matter but the concept falls into the “cursing the Holy Spirit” no?

Aerophage1771 2 points

The use of blaspheme implies rejection of the Holy Spirit in context. So not just using an expletive but actively rejecting and literally combatting forgiveness. Which would lead to you being unable to be forgiven (as the Holy Spirit is an integral part of forgiveness) unless you give up blasphemy. At least that how I interpreted it.

notanothercirclejerk -7 points

It’s the unforgivable sin because god has a huge ego and is desperate to be praised and loved.

Aerophage1771 3 points

Username doesn’t check out?

Aerophage1771 commented on a post in r/books
uniqueusernamex112 0 points

You should read the last part of the book again. I undetstand what u are saying, but i think u missed the point of the book my friend. Maybe someone else here can give u an explanation on why your interpretation IS wrong, or just look up the internet.

Aerophage1771 1 point

Orwell’s intention is irrelevant at this point though. If OP sees the book as proof that action has meaning even if in the grand scheme of things the action achieves nothing, that’s a fine interpretation.

Aerophage1771 commented on a post in r/movies
GetAGripDud3 0 points

Fuck Marky Mark. He's a racist douchebag of hollywood proportions. He sucks, his music sucks, his acting sucks, his movies suck. If you're offended by this then you suck too. I would rather pay to get roundhoused by Ronda Rousey than pay a second watching anything involving that monumental piece of human garbage. Fuck him and everything he stands for.

Aerophage1771 4 points

Username checks out

Aerophage1771 commented on a post in r/news
MeateaW 17 points

Well written; but ... killing half the population to solve scarcity?

  • Population of earth 1900: 1.6 billion people.
  • Population of earth 1965: 3.3 billion people.

His plan reduced earth to its state ~50 years ago. And infant mortality, lifespan and medicine is significantly better than it was in 1965.

Thanos is so unrelentingly dumb he will need to keep killing half the population of the universe at least every 50-100 years to maintain his balance.

His motivation is so unbelievably short-sited and silly I honestly can't accept it at face value.

I would have preferred if he had some kind of motivation that was distinct from the "balance" and eco-warrior motivation. Maybe if he had actual symptoms of some kind of insanity caused by the death of his home planet.

Aerophage1771 2 points

He expects that the halved populations will take greater efforts to conserve their populations, making the recurring culling unnecessary.

MeateaW 1 point

What has he done for these people that would give them that impression?

He hasn't visited all the populations in the universe that he just halved. In fact I would suggest that a very large proportion of the people he just murdered wouldn't even know he was out and about doing anything - They would just look over and click, half their populations are gone.

He wasn't teaching anyone anything; wasn't explaining anything to anyone (except those he was forcibly taking infinity stones off). He was just killing people.

Aerophage1771 0 points

Well we don’t know that just yet. The movie just stops right after the culling. For all we know Thanos sends a message to everyone saying “you all need to chill with the reproduction thing” right after the credits. Trust the process man.

Aerophage1771 commented on a post in r/college
KamonHunt 16 points

You are the exception not the rule look it up. Also let's not act like economic disparity isn't a factor for how much one HAS to take out in loans. Some are born with platinum, gold, silver, bronze, iron, spoons but some get no spoon at all.

[deleted] 2 points


Aerophage1771 1 point

I'm literally in the same situation. There are chances for people. They just fail to grasp them.

Aerophage1771 1 point

Sure it's a factor but definitely not an end all be all. I'm a guy from a poor family going to a great university with no debt. There are definitely opportunities for poor individuals to go to school with little or no debt.

Aerophage1771 commented on a post in r/todayilearned
youlovejoeDesign -90 points

It's not like quality is coming out of America. Every star or director is from Canada or another country..

Drake's not from the hood. He's a white boy from Canada.

Aerophage1771 16 points

Drake is hardly a picture of quality. He throws catchy lyrics over beats and serves it.

The majority of American hip hop is dominated by Americans (Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Eminem, Kanye, Logic, Joey Badass)

wefearchange -29 points

Kanye's been cancelled- don't even try, Eminem hasn't done shit that's really been great in ages, you sound like a mid 30's white boy trying hard to name hip hop artists- it happens, man.

Try Cardi B, Migos, Post Malone, Khalid's been doing some great R&B, but tbh the US Hip Hop charts are being topped rn by Canadians- Drizzy and The Weeknd are all over it. J Cole's new album's dope but Drake's got 3 of the top 5, and nothing from that album even shows up in the top 10.

Edit- HAHAHA y'all act like I like any of these people. Cardi B is obnoxious, Post Malone is one goofy looking motherfucker, I just know they won't go away, and that they're dominating the charts right now. Drake's all over it, The Weeknd's album where he was Draking hard is doing well, then the ones I mentioned. I'm acutely aware they're dominating the charts because I'm not happy about it, J Cole should be bc that album is great but I guess it isn't some danceable club bangers or whatever, and with Kanye having his goddamn MAGA meltdown it doesn't even look like anything's good on the horizon.

Aerophage1771 1 point

Not sure what 30 year old white dudes listen to Joey but sure man. Post is nice but his lyrics aren’t anything substantial. Migos and Cardi B are club rap...The Weeknd isn’t even a rapper regardless of what the charts say. Drake is the only example I can think of a foreigner really releasing really popular rap music right now.

Aerophage1771 commented on a post in r/news
viriconium_days -7 points

Why? What do guns have to do with driving?

Aerophage1771 4 points

Just in case you weren’t joking. Gun license.

viriconium_days -14 points

That's not a thing and shouldn't be a thing. It would be like having a religious licence, or a journalism license.

Aerophage1771 3 points

Concealed weapon permits are totally a thing dumbass.

Aerophage1771 commented on a post in r/worldnews
Auszi 1 point

1 woman = 1 baby. 1 man = infinite babies. Do the math. Why do you think women might be more valuable inherently than men? Could it be biology? I'm not saying men are worthless, just worth less than women. Society must treat men as disposable to work.

Aerophage1771 -1 points

There are 3 and a half billion women on earth. Do you really mean to argue that small population reproduction needs are still applicable to humans.

Aerophage1771 commented on a post in r/ApplyingToCollege
Homo3rectus 1 point

Were you doing it for finance? Nope, compsci

I don't know much about econ/business majors, but to me it just seems weird to pay that much for a school. I see where you're coming from, though. Those two majors might be a more hit or miss situation.

And your situation was Macaulay Honours College, which is again, a very different situation.

What makes it different?

Aerophage1771 2 points

I don't know much about econ/business majors, but to me it just seems weird to pay that much for a school. I see where you're coming from, though. Those two majors might be a more hit or miss situation.

The issue is that it's practically impossible to get into Investment Banking unless you come from a target of at least a semi-target. So if OP goes to Idaho that hope is pretty dead.

What makes it different?

The difference between Macaulay and NYU for your major is much less than Idaho and Brown for Finance. And OP can outright afford Brown.

card860 1 point

What about a less prestigious undergrad, would I need the impressive work experience to be able to get into a top mba program (not necessarily top 10/15)?

Aerophage1771 2 points

You'll need decent work experience no matter what undergrad school you come from.

Aerophage1771 commented on a post in r/ApplyingToCollege
vicvee101 3 points

Well there is some food for thought. Thank you for this insight.

Aerophage1771 2 points

Happy to help!

vicvee101 2 points

That is a good point. But do you think my chances of getting into a place like NASA for my career would be extremely harder going to Boston U vs. Carnegie? This is my main concern between the two, since networking and internships differ from one to the other, effecting my resume.

Aerophage1771 3 points

I highly doubt it. BU has one of the strongest alumni networks in the country and competes very well in all industries. Additionally, if your goal is to do engineering at a place like NASA you're probably going to grad school anyway bro so undergrad hardly matters.

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Aerophage1771 commented on a post in r/ApplyingToCollege
hedera__helix 0 points

That was borderline racist, don't pretend it wasn't

Aerophage1771 2 points

Could you point out the racism in his statement?

parametricspics 3 points

We know what you're trying to imply. But that's not too important. We can stick to the main point.

It's very easy to criticize anecdata but when there's no better source contradicting it, it's the best we have and what we should believe. URM phonies do much better than non-URM phonies. The other data we have (average SAT scores and med and law schools scores) also point in the same direction.

Aerophage1771 3 points

it's the best we have and what we should believe.

No. We don't accept self-reported, unsubstantiated data as evidence for this narrative just because there isn't anything else readily available.

Aerophage1771 commented on a post in r/ApplyingToCollege
_KingCharles 1 point

African Americans have the highest acceptance rates among top universities. At the same time, they also have the highest dropout rates. Graduation rates are high overall but when separated according to race, trends are revealed.

Aerophage1771 1 point

I'm not saying I don't believe you. I'd just like a source as I can't find one.

_KingCharles 1 point

Oh, sorry. I forgot to add this to my last comment:

African Americans are admitted at a substantially higher rate than others:

African Americans also have the highest dropout rates:

Aerophage1771 1 point

Those were very informative, especially the Princeton paper detailing the myriad of factors in college admissions. My only issue is that the paper at the bottom fails to stratify based on quality of school. A college like Williams or Brown would likely be much better in terms of making sure students have the support needed to ensure graduation as well as being the ones most likely to pursue affirmative action. As a result, I'm curious to whether the discrepancies in graduation would be so pronounced or even exist at top schools such as the ones I mentioned with 96% graduation rates.

Regardless, thanks for the help!

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