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Aerophage1771 commented on a post in r/ApplyingToCollege
NoHopeOnlyRope 28 points

No. I do not deserve a spot. I do not deserve any form of acceptance. I do not in any way deserve the joy of opening that letter.

My spot should be given to someone worthy of it.

Aerophage1771 12 points

Name checks out

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Drdontlittle 34 points

No that's pronation. Prostitution is when you are arrested but they let you go and keep an eye on you.

Aerophage1771 1 point

Nah dude. That's probation. Prostitution is a person walking across the road without a car.

TyrionCauthom 86 points

Afraid not, thats a prognosis, prostitution is when two objects are approximately the same size.

Aerophage1771 82 points

Sorry bud that's proportional, prostitution is when bees helps plants reproduce with each other.

Aerophage1771 commented on a post in r/ApplyingToCollege

Scholarships. If my scholarship interviews and everything at all the OOS school I got into don't work out, then I'll most likely end up in-State at SC Honors. Hell, I'll probably end up there anyways cause I fucking love it lol. I received the Palmetto Fellows scholarship (given out by the state of South Carolina ) which is worth $10k a year if you chose a STEM major. Also, USC gives an automatic, stackable $10k a year scholarship for national Merit kids (I qualify for that). Since the total cost of attendance is around $28k a year as an instate kid, I'm already only going to be paying at max $8k a year. But the school also offers additional merit scholarships (starting around ~$3k a year) and everyone in the honors college is guaranteed one of those. So in the worst case scenario, I'll be paying ~$5k a year to attend the fantastic honors college at a university I love. Pretty good "worst case" scenario to have lol

Aerophage1771 1 point

I think we might literally be the same beings.

Aerophage1771 commented on a post in r/ApplyingToCollege
chumer_ranion 1 point

Hah. And the third amendment was created to keep soldiers from burdening American families during peace time.

Both are examples of dated amendments that no longer are relevant to our state of affairs.

Oh and btw, I'd like to see you and the weekend warriors try to overthrow the government. Even with guns.

Aerophage1771 1 point

Aside from the fact that the 3rd Amendment is still cited as a supporting statute for the defense of American domestic privacy in times of war and peace, there is no point in a democracy when the ability of civilians to protect themselves from the growth of tyranny is "no longer relevant to our state of affairs." That kind of myopia is what permits the unregulated decay of democratic principles in a nation.

And as a note, no one is stating that a bunch of unorganized rebels will be able to stop internal tyranny. The ability of Americans to legitimately attempt this disappeared when militias became an antique and we decided to start trusting central authority. The best we can hope for is a guerilla system in the event that we must violently protest the government. But an AR-15 will during natural disasters or the coming oil crisis still sounds pretty nice.

chumer_ranion 1 point

Yikes, I see the issue here now. You'll need to take off your tinfoil hat to hear me lol.

Aerophage1771 1 point

LOL. Good luck with your transfer mate.

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Aerophage1771 commented on a post in r/ApplyingToCollege
[deleted] 6 points

Who are you to say it doesn't though? No offense, but you're talking as if you are the one who decides who was discriminated against and to what extent. Do you actually think the world is bright and happy for all asians? Again no offense, but then you would be delusional.

My friends have been discriminated against by others simply because they are asians, a friend of mine in florida was even called "chink" and told to "get back to mainland China". He is a US citizen who moved there due to family's lack of economic ability to go to private american schools in asia, but has to cope with that kind of bullshh*t. In fact, asians are discriminated against in conservative areas probably even more so than Blacks.

Aerophage1771 -1 points

Are you serious? Wait until you go to school in SC and hear n***** at least twice a day directed at you or other blacks. Or apply for jobs and see the assumption that you're a thug on the face of your interviewer. Sorry bro, but let's not pretends asians get a worst rep than blacks anywhere in the south. No one is say things are bright and happy for all asians, but comparatively they're in a far better racial situation than blacks or hispanics.

And btw you can't say this:

No offense, but you're talking as if you are the one who decides who was discriminated against and to what extent.

Then promptly say this:

In fact, asians are discriminated against in conservative areas probably even more so than Blacks.

[deleted] 3 points

I'm saying that you got nothing to back your claim that comparatively they're in a far better racial situation than blacks or hispanics. You just never witnessed discrimination against asians, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Unless we can measure discrimination quantitatively, there is no reason to believe that asians get discriminated less than blacks.

Sure, I don't know to what extent asians are discriminated, but it goes both ways for blacks. Blacks at our schools are treated with respect from what I witnessed. Just because you saw people getting called names doesn't mean it applied generally. Have you seriously never heard of the word chinks?

Aerophage1771 -1 points

I have never, in my entire life, heard someone called a chink in real life. I have however, read "I'm gonna kill all these n****** written on the walls of my high school. I've seen a Bolivian dude get "Make America Great Again" carved into his car. I can only go by what I see, and what I see is a preponderance of racism against blacks and hispanics not as common against asians.

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Aerophage1771 commented on a post in r/ApplyingToCollege
A_bad_insult 2 points

Hijacking a little here, which colleges give the best money to finalists?

Aerophage1771 1 point

UCF is a full ride and their app is still open.

Aerophage1771 5 points

Yeah I got it too.

Aerophage1771 commented on a post in r/Futurology
Bam_Lahiri 1 point

And what's so bad about that?

Aerophage1771 2 points

The issue is that all these people go right onto welfare (or abject poverty in the third world) since the new jobs in automation aren't hiring career fast food workers. Do you really want to see what happens to society when half of the world's population is told that their services are no longer required and there are no longer any jobs for them to apply to since unskilled and low-skilled labor is now automated?

Forget the outsourcing crisis.

  • Manufacturing workers? Gone.
  • Truck Drivers? Laid Off.
  • Farmers? Obsolete.

Do I need someone to work in 7/11 if I can just self-checkout and leave? ffs What are we gonna do with tens of millions of people with nothing to do but think about how automation has ruined their lives, how the rich have benefitted from their suffering, and how their government allowed it all to happen. I sense the birth of neo-Luddites rebelling against these institutions at the very least. And at the worst, French Revolution style social upheaval.

Bam_Lahiri 1 point

Hopefully, autonomous weapon systems would keep them under control.

Aerophage1771 1 point

lol Autonomous NSA literally watching at all moments. Big Brother on a new frontier.

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Aerophage1771 commented on a post in r/dataisbeautiful
daveinpublic 13 points

Metacritic needs wide spread popularity?

Aerophage1771 23 points

Metacritic's list is a combination of high scorers and the movies with the most scores. That means that more niche movies that have high ratings but not many people have seen don't make the list while more popular movies that don't have quite as high ratings do.

Srtviper 334 points

How did Toy Story Three end up as the only movie of the last 40 years to get on all three lists. Like it's not bad, but it's definitely not notably good.

Aerophage1771 216 points

It has the mixture of cultural value important to IMDB (my and other kids' childhood had Toy Story as a vital element), the quality of story and visuals need for Rotten Tomatoes, and the widespread popularity needed by Metacritic.

Aerophage1771 commented on a post in r/ApplyingToCollege
[deleted] 3 points


Aerophage1771 1 point

Then it's not your dream school...?

kingwillie71 247 points

This is the easiest yes of my life

Aerophage1771 1 point

For real

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