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-81 points · 2 days ago

You say "I'm a republican" and all i hear is "I support treason against our country, i support pedophiles, i support sexual assault, i support throwing money down the drain but most of all i really hate minorities"

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Ah yes. Because every Republican on earth happens to be your caricature of the worst parts of our party.

Scrap the veto power China has.

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China and Russia would just leave the UN

1 point · 9 hours ago · edited 8 hours ago

Germany and italy would just leave the LON

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I get that that’s a reference to WWII but I’m not sure what your argument is

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40 points · 1 day ago

If an acquittal on all counts comes down

No fucking way dude. Almost as likely as a huge asteroid hitting the earth and ending mankind as we know tonight.

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a.k.a The approximate chance that someone in 2012 would believe you if you said the current president was Donald Trump, suspected of being in the pocket of the Russian government.

-16 points · 1 day ago

Well you'd be wrong, Obama was President in 2012

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136 points · 1 day ago

I think that’s part of the unspoken pro-life code. Abortions are murder unless I or someone on my own family needs one.

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Like we already look bad. I’d rather you just come out and say you support X cause if you’re just going to do it anyway.

80 points · 2 days ago · edited 2 days ago

I think killing one parental figure to save another is not something one should face ever, much less to “gain” adulthood. My uncle had to do this at 12 and it deeply affected him and all of his siblings. They had to undergo a lot of things causing them to grow up early and handle what life threw at them. I don’t think they or really any of the other generations were healthier for it. Keep in mind how normalized beating your wife was back in eras where people “grew up” quicker. That’s not a sign of an era who handles their anger properly.

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This guy wasn’t their parental figure though...It was what sounds like a short term boyfriend.

I didn’t see in the story any timeline on how long they had been together, or the living situation. A boyfriend of a parent can be a parental figure. A shitty one in this case to be sure, but still possible.

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It says that he had two active domestic violence protection orders in different states which is why I assumed he hadn’t been there long.

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3 years ago: “There’s 0 chance Donald Tump ever wins a fair national election.”

8 points · 3 days ago

And he still hasn't.

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Regardless of Russian interference, Americans still voted for him. I wouldn’t put anything past the American populace.

Comment deleted4 days ago

The fuck?

Just, what’s the point?

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“You should be glad you’re older. You can finally get this grown-ass dick.”

This is his LtR of course he should have said something.

Enforce boundaries and if it don’t stop leave

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The problem wasn’t the boundaries. The problem was breaking frame by snooping then complaining

Isn’t there always a beta test.....

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*Break it Early Test Application

Not really, Blackwater committed warcrimes, and honestly if you make something you know that is illegal under international law and you do it anyway. The issue is they made chemical weapons. That itself is illegal under international law. Weather they had known or hadn't, that they were used on civilian tatrgets is besides the point. Like if I make crack and someone uses my crack to beat someone to death. It doesn't matter if I had know they would beat someone to death. I still made crack.

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I mean Agent Orange is just a defoliant. The fact that it was used indiscriminately on civilians as a chemical weapon doesn't change what it is. Defoliants are routinely used in non-military applications and Monsanto/Bayer would argue that they had no idea that it would be used on people.

Except they did, what they argue isn't compatible with the facts. Playing devil's advocate doesn't change the fact you are arguing for war criminals.

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The truth doesn't matter in law. What you can prove does. It's myopic to not consider the arguments that corporations would make in their defense when considering how to prosecute them.

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-14 points · 10 days ago


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There are 765 thousand cops in the US. There are 325 million citizens in the US. The likelihood that a cop is shot vs. the average citizens is much higher.

we don’t assassinate presidents and congressmen we don’t like, even if they get off for crimes like political collusion.

What about treason? Selling top secret information to the president of a country that has opnely said he want to deestabilize america and take it out of the top of the political stage? What about mass illegal imprisonment of people to further its political goals? These are all things that already happened and would be enough ground to a death sentence. What about when the whole corruption/collusion scheme is unveiled and the republican party inevitably decides to ignore all due process and the word of law to keep themselves in power? Then it'll be enough of criminal treason to warrant a death sentence?

When does it start being enough of a crime of treason against america for you to accept it? Trump and his republican base will simply not accept a democratic transition that ousts them, they are willingly to put a bullet on anyone's head to keep themselves in power, are you willing to stop them?

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Giving (not selling) state secrets to another president isn’t treason if you’re the head of the executive branch as you have the power to declassify secrets and give security clearances. Imprisoning illegal immigrants isn’t a crime in and of itself and wouldn’t fit the definition of treason even if he did it in violation of the judicial branch. It might warrant impeachment but it definitely isn’t treason.

If you think it’s “inevitable” that the Republican Party rises up and takes power if collusion is proven then your living in a fantasy. When Trump is outed, Congress will probably impeach him. Pence will likely take over and a few congressmen might take some flak and/or resign. No massive power shuffle is coming and no Republicans are gonna risk a goddamn revolution to save Donald Trump.

Trump and his base aren’t the fucking mafia. If they lose in November they’re gonna bluster and move on. If they lose in 2020 they’re gonna bluster and move on. The idea that Trump is some unprecedented level of executive tyrant is simply false. No one is getting a bullet.

I think people are afraid to upvote this sentiment but if this dude escapes this term and faces no repercussions to what appear to be obvious crimes then something needs to happen up to and including assassination to remind people no one is above the law. Seems that right now if you're rich and/or connected you can get away with anything meanwhile regular people have to follow all the rules or face crushing consequences

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What the fuck is wrong with you people. Trump is suspected of being a cheating asshole not a fucking war criminal. I don’t know what kind of dystopian state you think the United States of America is, but we don’t assassinate presidents and congressmen we don’t like, even if they get off for crimes like political collusion.

This is exactly the kind of extremism that gets a president like Trump elected. The “we’re gonna get those guys by any means necessary” is literally the rhetoric that Trump used when discussing Hillary and her email scandal.

Edit: And before someone says it. There is a stark difference between encouraging domestic revolution against tyranny, and encouraging domestic terrorism like you just did.

I think the US is the big overindulgenced baddy and Canada has been his little scientist/general that decides to stick the knife in his back when the hero can't quite kill the beast...

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I mean D&D is in the fantasy genre

the candidates.

I disagree. To any rational human being, Clinton was still a far better choice. The problem was that we had a severe lack of rational human beings voting that day.

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Perception of rationality changes based on values and hindsight is 20/20.

1 point · 11 days ago · edited 11 days ago

I would say that eroding the First Amendment is a symptom of a freedom hater.

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By saying “for money” you literally state that the freedom is irrelevant to him. They’re just there for the money, indifferent to your freedom.

Got any examples from this decade/millennia/century? Basically any example that isn't 200 years old and is actually relevant to the geopolitical landscape?

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I mean Yugoslav wars but I doubt that dissolution is what Bangladesh is looking for...

161 points · 14 days ago · edited 13 days ago

How is it being spun to them? I just dont get how they reconcile, "attack the reporters so they can't show what we're doing," with being in the right.

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“These people are trying to unravel our democracy through their anti-Patriotic protests. Take to the streets and protect your nation from these domestic terrorists.”

Some people are are hurt and angry for whatever reason, some let nationalism blind them, and some are just vicious animals. You have all 3 in every country. The Bangladeshi government just happened to give them an outlet for their emotion.

Edit: Edited for clarity

-11 points · 14 days ago

This is the joke I always tell Christians who say the Earth is only 6000 years old... I explain to them their own religion.

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I’m mean that kinda doesn’t apply since biblical dating is lifespan based not deity recorded but I still understand how it would be funny. +1

Our government is putting children in concentration camps. An HIV positive ICE agent was found to have molested several. Another has died due to neglect. Many more will never get over the trauma. The government is destroying the environment, have failed Puerto Rico ( with a death toll of 1000+). The POTUS encourages white supremacists and Nazis, which has resulted in deaths. They're basically hurtling us towards another recession or depression.

Remember that the next time you have a feckless call for people to "just calm down, it's not that bad". People should be angry and you're not more enlightened for being timid.

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I’m not sure why you’re so angry but I wish you the best. I think it’s possible to fight for the change you want while still being happy about the progress we’ve made and continue to make :)

Children are being separated from their parents, thrown in cages, abused, raped, beaten, injected with chemicals and some have died due to neglect.

If you can't get angry about that stuff then you're an empty headed twat. Take your smilies and stuff them.

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I hope you find the peace you need friend. Best of luck :)

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197 points · 16 days ago

republicans in congress refused to fund more protections/defence for a consulate/embassy in a fairly active area in a war and they decided to pin the deaths of those in the embassy on Clinton. Then theres the email thing as well.

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Ah yes. Because when a consulate asks for funding they don’t ask the State Department, they go right to congress. This wasn’t Hillary’s fault but let’s not lie about the situation eh?

That's an interesting spelling for 'TimeSplitters'

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Writing Modern Warfare 2 phonetically is a bit odd.

This one is different. I think you're really underestimating the depth and proof of his crimes.

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I think you underestimate the effect of money and power.

Its not dozens its hundreds if not thousands of generations. Animals that have been bred for slaughter were taken out of the wild food chain long ago. We have no control over the past and its not reasonable to expect the meat industry to just go away.

It is reasonable to expect these 35 or so trophy hunters to find a new outlet for their violent urges other than hunting down endangered species.

If they were so concerned with conservation they would just donate the money to the conservation organization to take care of the animal. They have ZERO moral high ground.

A suggestion... hunt down invasive species like wild hog. Its a real problem in states like Texas.

Or maybe they can fight each other in a barenuckle fight to the death battle royale style. I really could not care less about these people with such a backwards moral compass.

In terms of shooting animals with guns? its just not fair. This animal should be given the chance to fight for its life and if the person gets eaten then so be it. They signed up to fight with an overaggressive lion.

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It’s definitely reasonable to try to change the future of large industries. From encouraging people to change their diet to incentive more humane industries that don’t harm animals, to spreading awareness about the health benefits associated with consuming less meat as a percentage of diet, it is possible to reduce the number of animals being routinely slaughtered by the meat industry; it’s just not as easy or emotionally compelling as arguing that hunters are bad people that hurt precious animals.

Also, why is it any better morally to hunt wild hogs than an endangered species? If your hunting doesn’t hurt the population of that species (being that the proceeds more than outweigh the singular death caused from a numerical standpoint) why is one better than the other?

Further, the concept of fairness hardly matters to a wild animal. Are you telling me that setting up hunters to fight wolves gladiator style in violent combat is better for the animal than shooting it with a high powered rifle quickly?

The issue isn’t really any of these points however. It’s the orientation we’re arguing from. I don’t believe that the lives of animals have an intrinsic value and I bet that you do.

So you don't think killing a human is necessarily morally wrong? If so, fair enough. If not, why not? Keep in mind that humans are nothing more than animals.

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I disagree that humans are nothing more than animals which qualifies my argument. I think that the taking of a life is an important thing to be considered but in many cases it’s justified. If I kill someone trying to kill me or my family then I don’t believe that is morally wrong. But if I kill someone because I dislike the car they drive then I’d argue that that’s morally wrong.

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