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Any tips on sucker drags? I keep getting stuck in turtle /u/Aesopian

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Anything in particular about it? Nelson shot video on it a while back. I'll link it later when I'm at a keyboard.

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Tag me, /u/invertedgearnelson, or /u/invertedgearwitty in your posts if you'd like us to shoot a video for you! We've got 221 videos up in this playlist so far:

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Unless you wanna watch "Slender Man" or "The Spy Who Dumped Me", MoviePass is useless this weekend...

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That's all it's offering me too. This service keeps getting worse and worse.

Holy shit I thought being in nyc it would be better. I checked FOURTEEN theaters and they all have only those two

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I'm in PA and every theater for 30 miles is just those two movies.

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Today is a filming day for /u/aesopian (that's me), /u/invertedgearnelson, and /u/invertedgearwitty so tag us in your posts if you have a question you hope we can answer in a video. Here are the 200+ WBW videos we've shot so far.

Hey, 10 month white belt here. How the hell do I avoid getting stacked when going for a triangle? I finally figuered out how to push back on the hips when I’m in full gaurd to avoid getting stacked there but it seems so much harder when your in the set up for the triangle (before your foot is under your knee)

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Reminds me of the Candy Sweep from 3D Jiu Jitsu from our very own /u/aesopian.

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Thanks for the shout out but credit goes to /u/zenphobia for that one. My crucifix instructional is also an Artechoke instructional in the same digital format so it's easy to mix them up.

I have a problem of getting to omoplata from my guard and I'd like to focus on this sub. My idea is to do it this way: Trap shoulder of my oponnent using gable grip. Then I can put an elbow in his face if I wish. Move into position for rubber guard. Go for omoplata or use it as a sort of sweep. Unforutnately I either can't hold my opponent long enough during the first step, or I can't reach for my leg. I'm not overly flexible, but not pathologically unflexible either, at least not in that plane. I'm rather short, so maybe I have to kinda work around my shorter legs? I generally seem to be unable to get into position with good base for sweeps or subs, and the moment when I'm fixing it is taking way too long giving my opponent time to react. I probably need a thousand more hours to get tot he level where they know it's coming but can't do shit.

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I shot this for you because omoplatas are my jam but I made the mistake of destroying my hips yanking on my ankles too long before learning the magic of proper angles:

What are some options if you have your opponent in half guard, and they have completed a back step but haven't got a cross face on you? If they do have a cross face it seems like you're pretty much going to get passed, but if there is anything to try from there too that'd be handy!

So far all I really try is elevating their trapped leg with a butterfly hook and trying to come up on top, or if they are going for my legs, figure-fouring my legs to buy some time and trying to get a d'arce choke on them.

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No one would joke about raping a rape victim. That is like joking about a retarded person being retarded. Clearly poor taste. But look at something South Park, or Borat. So many comedians have poked fun at minorities, domestic violence, sexual assault, etc... and these things are mainstream shows/movies. Do you really think that enjoying South Park humor is going to make you an awful person?

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Since you're still going on about this, I'll clarify my point further. I get that you don't see how making offensive jokes makes a person more likely to commit abuse. Since that's not what I said in the article, we're not entirely in disagreement on that.

You are allowed to make whatever jokes you want with your buddies on your own time. From the sound of it, you are also free to do that at your BJJ gym too because your instructor doesn't care or maybe join in too. To be honest, that's not uncommon in BJJ or really any casual clubs with a bunch of dudes.

But if I went to a school and people were openly joking about women being raped, children being molested, wives being beaten, girl's getting roofied, gays getting assaulted, etc. I would see that as a bad sign. I would not want to train there, and I would not recommend it to my wife or my sister or anyone else for that matter, even if the instruction was good. I have trained at gyms like that before and I found it worsens the toxicity of the already macho BJJ culture. I see it as sign of immaturity that tends to signal that serious issues are not handled well if that kind of casual sexism is normal.

You will probably object to that, but that has been my experience, and the experience of the black belts and school owners I talked to while writing this article, which is why it went on the list of red flags.

I get the arguments for free speech and not feeling like it's your job to censor yourself so no one is ever offended. I know there is a certain kind of bonding people get through making edgy jokes, and people can use dark humor to laugh at the absurdity and cruelty of life.

As an instructor, and as the author of the article, I think there are better ways we can spend our time training or bonding as a team than using shock humor to trivialize abuses, especially ones that many people who are drawn to martial arts have endured.

  • Surprises you with favors and gifts to ingratiate themselves to you
  • Flatters and compliments you excessively

Those are super bad "red flags" that are a sign of a toxic gym culture?

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Gift giving and compliments are not in themselves bad. It's when they are used with the goal of gaining leverage over someone or getting them to feel pressured to allow something they would not normally allow. You may feel like you can't refuse the gift without being rude but you do not actually like the person and you feel like there are strings attached.

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38 points · 2 months ago

I agree, in that the subreddit has become more toxic & polarized over time, but that's true of pretty much everything online. Personally, I would rather see the ugly comments and downvote them into oblivion than censor them (ie: having the mods ban them) - we've seen time and time again (especially on reddit!) that it just forces them to create their own community, and then their shitty attitudes grow because they feed each other in a social bubble.

It's a complicated issue, I know not everyone will agree, but I fear social bubbles far more than random assholes we can just vote down, ignore, or better yet: educate.

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8 points · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

As mods we are aware of the shitty posters and remove the worst posts but our general policy is light moderation and let downvotes take care of most of it. Trolls (or whatever you want to call them) make up a small percentage of the active users, but they are often the quickest to comment and the most argumentative so they get a disproportionate amount of attention.

I am working on a long, serious article about the problem with sexual coercion in martial arts and BJJ, and I fully expect a bunch of hateful comments full of cuck, soyboy, libtard, fag, etc. because those guys always show up for these discussions. I'm not in the mood to argue with them any more, but bless those that are willing.


I noticed this today while looking over an old thread about Lloyd Irvin's gang rape trial that came to light after the rape allegations against two of his "medal chasers."

Back when the NYE rape news broke, someone created after Lloyd was caught using SEO tactics to cover up his past. The contents of original site were copy/pasted into this discussion by u/slideyfoot in case it was taken down:

The URL now redirects to Irvin's site that is mainly a counter-attack on Ryan Hall for writing his "wake up call" letter to the martial arts community about hero worship leading to cults of personality and abuse that called out Irvin without saying his name.


You ever see that long FB post Marcos Avellan made on Keenan's FB when Keenan's family wanted him to leave? It's long since deleted but maybe screenshots are still floating somewhere.

It was the most Scientology thing ever. Marcos was attacking Keenan's siblings and parents telling them that they weren't his family anymore. He said that Lloyd was now more of a dad to Keenan than his stepdad who raised him since he was a kid.

Most cult thing I've ever seen in BJJ across two decades. I've seen some other bad shit but not that bad.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

I would be interested in seeing a screen cap of that.

If you go to other BJJ sites, TLI has his lackies talking to each other and agreeing while ganging up on people who even question them or anything LI has done in the past. It can be seen in this thread now, but the difference is that Reddit has upvoting and downvoting. Those other sites only sees post counts. So what does it mean? Reddit can down those brain washed bitches out. TLI is scum of the earth. Limp dick SOB. Hope true karma hits him hard guys like him will burn in hell.

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Original Poster7 points · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

Yes, I am aware of the LI shill accounts. Do the medal chasers still do that for him when they aren’t stuffing envelopes? I remember them arguing with me a long time ago when I said the marketing system Irvin sells is the same as many others, including claiming it’s an original system of his own creation (which every marketer with this style claims). Information control and online propaganda are PR tactics that cults use too.

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We are filming WBW videos today! Tag me (u/aesopian) or u/invertedgearnelson and u/invertedgearwitty to notify us of your question and we'll see if we can shoot something useful for you.

Here is the playlist for the 207 WBW Q&A videos we've filmed so far:

Cool move.


I'm catching a very early flight on Sat morning and could use a place to hang out until I go to the FLL airport around 3-4am. If you have a guest room or even a nice couch for my wife and I to hang out at on Friday, I would be happy to teach a class at your gym or give you a private lesson in exchange and/or pay for dinner. Thanks!

4 points · 4 months ago

Probably because the title/post implies he is looking to trade services in exchange for room/board. If he was looking to spend cash I highly doubt hotels are a new concept to him.

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Original Poster2 points · 4 months ago

Yes, I was hoping I could trade BJJ knowledge for a place to hang out before catching an early flight instead of paying a website. I would rather hang out with a BJJ buddy than sit in a hotel.

Original Poster1 point · 4 months ago

Thanks, but no one is listed in my area.

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Tag me, /u/invertedgearnelson or /u/invertedgearwitty with your questions and we will film some answers and upload them later today!

Here is a link to 200 videos we have already shot for WBW threads:

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Wait, is this a video response to my question? I feel super honored. Thanks a bunch! That was really helpful, and I haven't encountered the jumping to other side escape yet. I am going to give these details a try today in class.

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Yes, I filmed that for you specifically. We've been filming WBW videos for about 2 years now. We actually just hit 200 videos! Here's the playlist:

I can't believe I didn't know about this until now. Thanks a bunch!

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On WBW threads you can tag me or /u/invertedgearnelson or /u/invertedgearwitty and we'll see about answering your question with a video.

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You are right to be creeped out because what he is doing is inappropriate, especially the touching. Your best bet is to leave the school. It is unfortunate that it's the only BJJ school around but it doesn't seem worth it.

You could also be blunt and tell the instructor how he is making you uncomfortable and that you just want to train group classes and hope he handles that well and stops imposing on you. That may be the only way to keep training BJJ but then you have to risk him continuing to bother you or creating a toxic environment for you.

Yes, definitely she can tell him but most likely he will turn on her. Someone who finds a way to grope you under the guise of a martial art will be angry when confronted. It's unfortunate that he is the instructor.

It sucks but even if you dont leave now, you will end up leaving eventually because it's only going to get worse with this kind of person.

Even if he says, "oh I'm so sorry, it was never my intention, I had no idea you felt uncomfortable!" he will still be seething with resentment secretly and take it out on you in various ways.

Because he's the boss and he can.

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Yes, I think you're right.

I could give a fuck how my belt it tied to be honest. It stays tied and that's all that matters, it's just cloth

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I'm not sold on the knee breaker pass argument. If your guard defense relies on getting into a position where your health and safety is up to the other guy you should probably rather just let him pass.

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I see this happen more between two white belts when the bottom guy doesn't know what to do or is doing a sloppy scissors sweep. You should learn to not get stuck like that though as you develop a real guard.

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I noticed that he doesn't really get his top knee deep before spinning

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That's just how I was taught but I train it both ways now. In my crucifix instructional I teach both.

I got it maybe ten years or twelve years ago. By far my favorite bjj book just because of how he breaks everything down in the last sections of the book (the phases of combat stuff, theory of bjj, etc...). The technical parts are ok, but not the real gold imo

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That's how I feel about it too. I got a copy when I was a white belt and it had the best explanation of ranges of combat, positional dominance/hierarchy, and sport vs self defense but not the most detailed techniques. I believe it's still in print and I see copies on Amazon and in stores for $20 so it's not hard to get whereas most BJJ books from 10+ years ago are out of print.

Maybe Edgy is right about the reptilians...


A lot of people have been looking for more information on this so I wanted to share it here too.

Taken from Sherdog thread and

hey guys, from what we can gather it was medically related, either a stroke or a seizure. Dave had experienced both in the past year. ...

The family of David “Rock” Jacobs cordially invites you to join in celebrating his life on Sunday, January 14th at 2PM. It will be held at Fairfax Memorial Funeral Home, 9902 Braddock Rd, Fairfax, VA 22032. We request you bring your thoughts, prayers and fondest memories of Dave. In lieu of flowers we ask that you donate to Katherine Hanley Family Shelter in Fairfax, Virginia in his name.

Link to Katherine Hanley Family Shelter donation page:

there will be a community celebration of Dave's love for Jiu Jitsu and friends on the 13th of Jan at our academy. All are welcome to come, and hope to see some of you there. Address is: 8501 Tyco Rd, Vienna, Virginia 22182

Original Poster8 points · 8 months ago

Facebook event for the BJJ celebration:

Whoever this is I am awarding you a stripe promotion.

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We will be filming today so if you'd like a video reply for your question, tag /u/aesopian/, /u/invertedgearnelson and /u/invertedgearwitty to get our attention!

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We will be filming tomorrow so if you'd like a video reply for your question, tag /u/aesopian/, /u/invertedgearnelson and /u/invertedgearwitty to get our attention!

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Tag /u/aesopian, /u/invertedgearnelson and /u/invertedgearwitty if you're hoping for a video reply today! Here are the 150+ videos we have shot for WBW so far:

If you want positional breakdowns, critiques of competition video, or other advice, feel free to tag /u/rand486 as well.

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