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I went to the gym one day and decided to go as heavy as possible, in the process of this, I noticed this girl ogling me. I finished lifting and decided to leave. I met her outside and started a conversation with her, she was touching my arms and giving me deep eye contact, I took her number and we started flirty texting for a few days. She invited me to her place "to move heavy furniture", I said yes, went to her place and tried to kiss her while moving the furniture, she pushed me off and said "I don't like you like that". It turns out all she really wanted was for someone to help her mom move really heavy furniture.

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I think it would lead to greater contact as people would have the confidence to tacks harder.

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Probably more injuries too. Too much padding would create a false sense of security and probably lead to a more dangerous game. Just take the NFL as an example. Too many of their players suffer from sever physical injuries and brain damage.

What was that one movie where they awkwardly try to slip in the advertisement for Bing, but it sounds so out-of-script and cringy?

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I think spiderman with andrew garfield had a lot of cringy bing usage


Hey Good people, I reached the part of the personal portfolio project in May and I have been stuck for the past month (in part do to complacency). I am however extremely determined to finish this part of the challenge.

I am curious though, did you people use templates or did you build your pages from scratch?
How long did you take?

Any responses to this would be highly appreciated!


I just picked up a chipped ps3 with 500 gb harddisk. I'm 12 years late to the party. But I understand that I can play games straight from the hard disk. Kindly suggest a some awesome games and a site I can download from.


I see this term thrown around a lot these days 😏


is that a Puma 125 or 150cc?

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This must be in Africa. Most motorcyclists here buy these sick leather tank covers. I'm not a fan of them, but I love the idea of customization.


I'm a newbie. But yesterday a friend of mine lent me his 2011 gsxr 600 (rode in b-mode), and it was pretty smooth... Better than any bike i've ridden so far. I'm honestly considering it, but people really hate on them, is there anything wrong with them?


I hoped on my friends 750, and I had a boner the rest of the evening, definitely getting one in the future I'm on an SV650 right now

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I swear! Yesterday was such a different experience for me especially since I've only ever ridden 150s before the gixxer

Antiperspirant is unhealthy?

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I'm also curios. This guy needs to explain this.

Peed while riding me

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This has also happened to me. Also once when I was going down town. Needless to say; I do not talk to this lady anymore.

I have a notebook where I write my goals for the year (general life goals). As soon as I have finished reading a book, I write down its title... It builds a list and by the end of the year I have a sense of accomplishment. Last year I read about 5 books. This year I'm pushing for not less than 10.

Be content alone before you try to be happy with someone else

I'm stuck in a horrible relationship

Send help

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Help is on the way

I don't remember leaving this comment...

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😂😂😂😂. Neither do I

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Right?! lol. My first time I was feeling all around trying to find the hole and finally found it. Later that night she was like “it was so hot how you didn’t go inside me at first and teased me”. I was like “Yeah that’s totally what happened”

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This was me at 19😂😂

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6’3” with a 6’5” wingspan... I feel ya dude

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5'10" with a 6'4" wingspan. Am I a mutant?


Hey, I'm an engineering student, learning python as my first solid programming language. What is a good resource that teaches python in such a way that exercises are given? I personally find it easier to retain what I have learned if I can apply it. Kindly reccomend for me books/websites etc...

I'm also open to online mentorship.


Have you checked the Frequently Asked Questions? They have an entire section dedicated to curated learning resources.

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Thanks man!

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