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AfricanAgent47 1 point

I have a notebook where I write my goals for the year (general life goals). As soon as I have finished reading a book, I write down its title... It builds a list and by the end of the year I have a sense of accomplishment. Last year I read about 5 books. This year I'm pushing for not less than 10.

TheNotSoWanted 1 point

Be content alone before you try to be happy with someone else

I'm stuck in a horrible relationship

Send help

AfricanAgent47 1 point

Help is on the way

SpikeStarkey 4 points

I don't remember leaving this comment...

AfricanAgent47 2 points

😂😂😂😂. Neither do I

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Buckman117 8,274 points

Right?! lol. My first time I was feeling all around trying to find the hole and finally found it. Later that night she was like “it was so hot how you didn’t go inside me at first and teased me”. I was like “Yeah that’s totally what happened”

AfricanAgent47 1 point

This was me at 19😂😂

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hideous_coffee 9 points

Look at how small he makes the bike look.

My dad saw him on a flight once. Said he was one of the biggest people he ever saw.

AfricanAgent47 1 point

I don't think he can ride bikes other than large cruisers. He's just too big! I'm sure he can make a busa look like a grom

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ertioderbigote 2,788 points

¿Plaintive? Don’t think if it’s the correct word in English.

People, normally women, who get paid for crying at a someone else burial. Ancient Egypt, European Gothic period and a tradition at the end of 20th century in a few countries.

Edit: Professional mourner. Thanks everybody.

AfricanAgent47 1 point

This profession still exists in Kenya and many parts of Africa. Especially for high profile/wealthy families.

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I'm happy to hear you two still keep in touch. We keep telling ourselves we'll stay friends, but I'm truly unsure if that'll stay the case. She wants to go no-contact for a month, just to make sure I'm out of the woods and not holding on, but I can't help but feel like I'll be completely replaced, as a friend, by then, and no years of history will make up for the awkwardness of getting divorced, the angst between us, etc.

AfricanAgent47 1 point

Can't really put a timeline on no contact, it should be as long as it needs to be to get over each other.

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nativehoneybaby 4,689 points

I am Native American so... my choices are limited.

edit I can’t even with some of these comments and I refuse to read all of them. I actually screenshot a few of them to post to a Native American writers group I belong to.

I am a female by the way.

AfricanAgent47 2 points

I'm black so we all know how that would probably end up.

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NotanAfricanWarlord 4 points

Assuming you are young (20's or 30's) and with no family then know that you have the advantage of time. You have time on your side and therefore can take risks without any regrets. Try new things. Start today. Start now.

And please don't fuck up and burden yourself with children. It will only make your struggle so much harder

AfricanAgent47 3 points

Yes. Always use a condom. Solid advice man. Solid advice.

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AfricanAgent47 7 points

I don't really have much to say regarding the oath. I have more to say regarding the ceremony itself.

  1. The ever present media blackout was (pardon my french) a bitch move on the part of the government. We have the right to information, and such actions say a lot about the current regime; I might as well be living in soviet Russia or China in the 70s.

  2. From the pictures I've seen, the turn out appeared to be extremely high, perhaps somebody can confirm this for me? If the turn out was higher than Uhuru's well... That still says a lot.

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