NPD: Red Lacquer Parker Sonnet, gold trim F nib by ChristyOTwisty in fountainpens

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Ever since Newell-Rubbemaid took over their QC has suffered. I have a 90's Sonnet in the mail!

Warframe dev: Industry must get better at "giving players a choice and a voice" by jameschriss in Warframe

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It'll be interesting to see how easy it is for enemies to walk through the holes. I don't think this Nerf was needed, it is duration based so it's not like it lasts infinitely with one cast.

Thank you DE for restoring the Riven I accidentally dissolved right after paying 100p for it! by letsgoiowa in Warframe

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Same thing happened to me with my Amprex riven. [DE]Ryan also gave me mine back too, after 18 rolls I was very very glad to have it back..

My sister getting to experience the love of a doggo for the first time! by Hazz1193 in aww

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Since many of you cannot be civil and choose to be rude, thread locked.

Showerthought: The Corpus are just a cult worshipping money. by CorruptedSIime in Warframe

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TIL the corpus are EA.

Edit: Thank you to the kind redditor for my first gold!

PREVIEW: Next Week [PC] Operation: Plague Star! by boobenprime in Warframe

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Pretty much. They can check your profile and see you've never made it, that's how I got mine back.

I was pleasantly surprised by how expensive these Jinhao X450 looked. by Ydnew in fountainpens

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Mine runs dry every time I go to use it. I'm 95% sure it's because of the Blackstone Uluru Red I have in it.

Once Upon a Newbie - Friday Thinker Thread by liltrixxy in ModSupport

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Warframe as well. 1000 hours down the drain in that game..

Dear DE, making all foundry builds that take a multiple of 24 hours (24, 48, 72 hours) take 3 less hours (21, 45, 69 hours) would be a massive quality of life update. Please hear me out by GThomps in Warframe

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Spent a bunch of plat getting Sicarus Prime and a riven earlier. I was still hesitant to rush it, even though I had just spent like 267 plat. Ended up doing it anyway.

NID: Diamine Earl Grey! by Christian_Bennett in fountainpens

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Pretty much why I will probably never order from Goulet. Shipping is insanely high.

NID: Diamine Earl Grey! by Christian_Bennett in fountainpens

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Sadly our dollar is a bit shit. I was looking at cult pens and saw the Platinum 3776 century for £99. When I converted it, it came to $140 AUD. Sigh.

http://i.imgur.com/vAg581l by Hazel_Brumbelow in aww

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I feel that assassinations should really have selectable rewards instead of mindless RNG. by Guapscotch in Warframe

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As frustrating as it can be farming frames, getting every piece easily, at least for me; it would ruin the sense of accomplishment in spending time to get something.

Example of this, I needed to farm Nova. Got every bit but her systems. I got a Panthera riven from the sortie, so I needed to farm the miter to make it. I farmed the miter for ages, blueprint wouldn't drop. It finally did, then after that I went back to Nova. First run I got the systems after trying for hours.

There's something satisfying about getting something after not getting it for a while.

Vanishing Point Matte Black vs Black/Rhodium durability? by TryhardasaurusRex in fountainpens

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I've had my matte black Capless for 8 months and there's not a mark on it.

Can we PLEASE have Favourites on the Foundry? [suggestion] by RobleViejo in Warframe

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How about a search bar on our profile? Or an icon for stuff we've mastered in the market?

Any stoners who like to listen to metal? [7} by Djvova in trees

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Check out The Contortionist. Even sober they're fantastic!

[Request] what’s a cheaper divers watch? I just want about 300m water resistance and rotating bezel. (anywhere around or below $200USD) by [deleted] in Watches

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I also plan to get a Ray II. I won't be diving with it, so I can save a bit money. I like all my watches to have a decent ATM rating.