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Suche schon ziemlich lange danach und wollte mal naachfrgaen aus welcher Episode die Figur bei 0:59

eigentlich stammt?


Wait is that the real James Carter falling for the fake poster made by 4chan?

I dont believe the whole thing, but watching him is entertaining as hell.

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Wir brauchen ein Österreich in den Grenzen von Deutschland 1939

Btw.: Was müßte man machen um als 51ster US-Staat eingegliedrt zu werden?

Raus aus der EU schon mal sicher.

Möglich dass wir unseren eigenen Flugzeugtäger im Bodensee bekommen, am Besten nach Kreisky benannt ;-D

That would be the Indians (Dot not Feather).

I guess this would be the whole "Stepmom shows stepdaughter how to blow her boyfriend"-thing.

btw.:While we are talking about porn, does anyon know if it is true that most of the ejaculations are actually some suggary white fluid pushed out of the urethra and put there beforehand by a nurse or another medical professional?


It looks like the Forum on KurzweilAI was removed, and new content is posted far less often.

Are they trying to reduce the whole thing?


When I saw the thumbnail i thought the right part was the WTC, and the rock up there was smoke and fire, and someone was jumping out of the window.

So the title confused me a lot.

They look like they are stoned beyond their own understanding.

Judging by the face tattoos, that's a pretty low threshold.

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I dont think these are tattoos.

These might have been made with a marker.


Iam searching for an animated movie about enviromental destruction form the 80s.

It was about something like an animal uprising against some sort of empire which destroyed the environment.

One of the most memorable characters was an executioner who wore a massive armor and the visor of his armor was shaped like a guilotines blade. Later we see that, after his superior shouts at him, his armour falls appart and it is revealed that he is just a tiny man just fitting inside one of the legs of the armor.

Any Ideas?


American? Are the animals the main characters? Do the animals speak? Are the villains animals or humans? Are the animals anthropomorphic?

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Original Poster1 point · 2 days ago

I dont know where the movie was made, but I know that it was translated into german and serbo-croatian. The Animals are the main characters, as far as i remember. The Animals speak. The Villains are humans. The animals are at lest not shaped like humans.

Whenever I as is it american Basically does it look like anime, does it look like looney tunes, or does it look like early disney.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 days ago

I remember that it was not very well animated, or it looked a lot like the russian cut-out cartoons.

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Lots of guys can self fellate. You don’t need a rib removed, you just need to be flexible. Being skinny would, logically, help too.

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Or you just have a very large Johnson.

World War II

A medicore painters rise to power, accompanied by a morbidly obese Warhero, a clubfooted loudmouth, a complete nutjob (Hess), and an armchair murderer (Himmler), who then fight a former priest (Stalin), and a hopeless alcoholic (Churchill).


Are units like the Seals, SAS or Speznas sent into important real life operations directly after their training or do they have to go into less important battles first to make sure they do well?

I mean would they send people who "only" finished the training, to kill Osama Bin Laden, or would they have to go through something less important first?


Are you optimistic about the future?

Do you think we will be amongst those who will be able to see the singularity and witness a never before seen change, finaly becoming non biological, or without aging and similar degenerative problems?

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I'm supremely optimistic. If I had to put numbers on it, I'd speculate that we're approaching the 80% thresh hold for a more optimal future.

I'm not really buying into the concept of the Singularity anymore. Moore's Law has been sporadic enough (both ways) to no longer be considered a law even in the casual sense we apply to it.

That's not to say I dismiss the idea of agi, or asi. I think those are inevitable. It's also not to say that I think it's generations away. I think it'll happen sooner than most predict.

I just don't see the runaway overnight/blink of an eye, scenario in which we go to sleep one day and wake up in an entirely different reality the next.

I'm 41. I treat my body with absolute reckless abandon. My legitimate lifespan is late 50's early 60's.

So 20 years. Even as early as 2 or 3 years ago I was almost positive I'd not live to see meaningful life-extension. I was all but certain my children would, but not me.

Today, I'm more optimistic. Far from certain, but there's a meaningful chance. I don't worry about it too much.

Let's get back to defining optimal future though, because my optimism isn't like most. I hold very little hope for humanity. I see no scenario in which an independent ASI would regard us as anything other than potential energy. It would do everything better, that includes the human traits we think we're special at. Art, philosophy, morality (hahaha). Meanwhile it'd have none of our destructive tendencies. So why? Why would it leave us to our own accord? We've destroyed this planet, we're on a trajectory to leave this planet and do it to others. We've shown no ability to transcend our destructive behaviors (as a whole).

The only chance I see for us, was a proposal in which AI is integrated into us before it evolves, so that it's not just the AI gaining agi or asi, but us as well. Is it viable? I don't know. Would it work if it was viable? I don't know. Is it going to happen, probably not.

That's okay though. Humanity is not the ends, it's the means. We're dinosaurs and they had to get out of the way so that mammals could thrive. We will more than likely as well.

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Original Poster3 points · 2 days ago

Hm, I think we have don a ton of damage but we are also getting better at preventing and repairing damage. I also dont think that our creation would abandone us that quickly. I think that it would have empathy with us.

btw.:How reckless are you that you do believe you woont last more than 10 more years? Smoking, alcohol, Mary Jane and her extended Family, street fights?

Do we have a picture of jones fighting gay frogs and lizard people?

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Only if you love them both

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So in this case I wonder if this poster could be illegal in many parts of the US, and I also wonder if the police will ccall them to find out.

Original Poster1 point · 2 days ago

What is illegal about love?

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Since you have to pay for it, it could be seen as bro-stitution.

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Help her out, pedes:

Spez: Please share this on your various social media accounts! I am so proud of this DOMreddit! Over a thousand dollars so far! Keep it going!

Spez 2: We are up over $2k now! Keep it going! Share the crap out of it where ever you can. And make sure you post it on social media!

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btw.:What does "pede" stand for?

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Why are followers of trump called centipedes?


What do you think about quantum Archeology?


AI was rarely mentioned in the early 90ies, maybe in Sci-Fi on TV, but otherwise you would have to search for articles about it, it got better coverage later on.

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