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This isn't really an answer, but your question reminded of the absolute bullshit Square pulled with Final Fantasy XII: in order to get the most powerful weapon in the game, you had to not open certain chests until late in the game. Some of these chests were impossible to miss, you would walk past them very early in the game. That was a "puzzle" designed solely to sell strategy guides. You could easily beat the game without that weapon, but still, it was fucked up. Especially since by the time you feel the need to look up a strategy guide you've almost certainly already failed the conditions needed to get the Zodiac Spear.

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I think I got super lucky getting that spear. If I remember correctly even if you opened one of the chests you weren't supposed to, there was some random chest that had like a 2% chance to drop it? Think I got it from that chest my first time around before I found out the 'legitimate' way to get it.

You cannot gain progress on the Lux (HW relic) doing ARR content.

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I solo'd my Lux via Brayflox HM, not sure when it was updated but it is doable.

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Thanks! I'm pretty stoked about it - it's been my goal for the past 6-8 weeks and feels good to finally hit it.

The FanFest ticketing issue today is, I believe, just another predictable event in a long line of poor management of the NA region of FFXIV, both in-game and out-of-game.

If we just consider the NA Fanfest (not including the ticketing fiasco), we have:

  • World-firsters and many popular personalities/content creators not getting personal invites, but team PvP'ers do, in a drive to I guess try to advertise FFXIV as a potential e-sport. This, in a game where not only does the PvP take a very significant backseat to PvE and casual content, but the PvP is plagued by hackers and win-traders (granted, this is more of an issue with FanFest planning as a whole than it is with the NA region, but the point stands).

  • Previously, only the Live Letter was free to watch from the FanFests, and you had to purchase the stream to watch the event in its entirety (including concerts). This year, the stream is free, but the concerts are not included in the free stream, and there's no option to purchase the ability to watch it (again, this is more of an issue with FanFest planning as a whole than it is with the NA region, but the point stands).

  • Since there is no option to purchase the stream, this means you can only get the exclusives from actually attending, since you can't get them through a stream purchase now. And just to throw gas on the fire, instead of just a minion this year, you also get a mount that gives a not-insignificant in-game bonus by giving you +1 ground speed, even in areas where you haven't unlocked it. This in and of itself can technically be construed as a case of 'pay-to-win,' because come the next expansion, everyone with the bike gets ahead of everyone else in the new content because they can move around the new zones (before they get flight) faster, which is basically a must for hardcore players and crafters/gatherers trying to get ahead of the competition (once more, this is more of an issue with FanFest planning as a whole than it is with the NA region, but the point stands).

  • Partnering with the Rio hotel for room deals before actually selling the tickets, leaving many people who didn't get tickets with non-refundable reservations and airfare.

  • Issues with previous FanFests, not least of which was the 2016 Merch Line From Hell, where not only did the externally-hired help (they abolished the Retainer program) take bribes for merch and line cuts, but the fire marshal threatened to shut the whole event down due to the large congestion of people in one area against the far wall. That's not an exaggeration, that actually happened.

  • Insisting on putting all NA FanFests in Las Vegas, a significantly southwestern location, instead of either centralizing the location or moving around year-to-year. EU and JP FanFests do this, NA should as well.

But there are other many other issues as well, including but not limited to:

  • Putting a 'North American' datacenter in one of the most southwestern areas of California. Many Northeastern US and Canada residents get better connectivity to the EU datacenter than the NA datacenter. If it's an issue of Oceanic accessibility, then make an Oceania server. NA also has a large South American playerbase, arguably on-par with Oceania, and their NA connectivity was absolutely devastated by the server move from Montreal to San Jose, and if anything it's only gotten worse. To play on NA from South America, a VPN is absolutely required. EU and JP get centralized datacenters, NA should as well.

  • The NA GM team is arguably one of the least efficient of any MMO in recent memory. They had a major game-breaking exploit (Ungarmax) reported to them multiple times and it never made it up the chain of command because 'it didn't utilize third-party programs/tools,' and was left in the game for months until Reddit and the Official Forums brought significant attention to it. Enforcement of policies often differ depending on the GM, i.e. house flipping before an official dev response specifically banned house flipping (link). Telling one or more players in no uncertain terms that action will be taken against them if they do not move from the area they are currently in, because said area had a vacant housing lot that was on a timer for purchase (link).

I know this must seem like I'm just venting, but I can only foresee issues like these continuing in the future if something doesn't change. I'd post this on the Official Forum, but knowing how it is over there, it would get deleted instantly and I'd be banned. I post this here in hopes of someone of importance notices, then maybe something will happen.

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Working my way through your post, but to your third point - the exclusives (minion and mount) are purchasable iirc, and not exclusive to attendees.

You were able to do that at first, but not anymore, it's disabled now.

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Yep, someone else mentioned that they disabled it below and I went to check. Can edit Character name and server but not IRL name. Rip scalpers XD

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Somehow people managed to bypass the access code requirement and mass purchase tickets. Look for scalpers on ebay in a few days.

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I challenge everyone on my team and anyone else who wants to to post a before picture today or tomorrow!

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MB for not texting back - I'd really like to but at this point it'd probably just be awkward.

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matt is a fucking saint, if anyone on youtube deserves views its this guy.

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Didn't a lot of his vet ranch videos get demonetized though because he also has a gun channel? I think I remember there was a lot of drama surrounding said demonetization during the adpocolypse thing.

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You did.

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Apologies for being a bother - but was curious if mine went through as well. First time doing this, and I didn't get an email confirmation.

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Gotchu fam.

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Huzzah! Many thanks!

I like Bumble because as a guy it's a lot more low effort than the other apps - the fact that no one uses it affords me the opportunity to try even less.

Long time lurker, signed up as an excuse to get involved in all of the shenanigans I read about here.

Everything that's high protein is usually even higher in fats.

it really isn't. i struggle to get any fats because i can easily rack up 100g+ protein and still be at like 15g fats. if anything fats are what i find hardest to hit my macros for.

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Agreed - I'm too lazy to cook food daily, so I just cook a shit ton of lentils and chicken breast for the week, which results in me being super low on fat. I'm not proud to say that I've resorted to taking shots of olive oil just to hit my fat goal.

I always look at $ per gram of protein in the whole thing. Doesn't matter the scoop size!

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For sure. Not sure how dated it is, but I was a good $/g resource a while back for powder. The site also does the same for food if you dig a bit.

Is World a dead game already? It isn't even out yet (PC)

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I'm worried about this as well. I've been holding out on MHW for the PC release, but now I'm worried that it won't be as big had it released concurrently. I'm assuming there wouldn't be cross platform matchmaking anyways, but did everyone that had the option for both platforms already get their fix?

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Hopefully that mindset is ubiquitous. That said, I have no regrets on waiting it out for the two reasons you've listed regardless of if people double dip or not.

in a game where hard hits are long and far between hots become increasingly powerful and spot heals increasingly less so.

take wow encounter design for example, tank damage is hard and fast, and hots on the tank usually means jackshit, unless you're a drunk tank.

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Hmm, might have to rethink how I play WHM then. O5S-O7S it seems like a waste of a GCD to pop a regen when a tetra/bension can be weaved in between DPS. Counter to that it also seems useless in O8S when there's so much AoE damage. Granted that might explain why I parse purple on O5-7 but parse 5% on O8S, I'll try weaving in regen more :D

spot heals meaning hardcast heals in this case dear, ogcd's are free shit, and nobody hates free shit, unless it's your uncles free shit

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Can't tell by the 'dear' if you're being condescending or not - I was being genuine in my comment though. In regards to spot heals, I'd rather just cast a cure II or two to top off the tank and get back to spamming stone, probably not the most mana efficient but seems to work (outside of O8S in my case anyways). Also, my uncle gave me an ocarina, that shit was dope.

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Here's my WHM Battle Cleric glamour from a while ago. Legacy warrior mail, Augmented Lost Allagan Gloves of Healing and Aurum Regis Sollerets of Healing are the key components of the look. Now that I think about it, might be worth glamouring on again - curious what it would look like with the anemos pothelm...

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At least in sports, the reasoning is that an underdog needs to prove that they truly deserve to advance to the next round. Furthermore, it generally ensures higher quality of matches as the tournament progresses towards later rounds

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Back when I fenced, I was told another reason was to keep the tournament from taking too long. Matches between pros/newbies would be quick, whereas matches between newbies could be long and drawn out making the tournament take too long. Probably makes more sense in a tournament that's restricted to a single day.


Just a rant post. Self harm, suicidal thoughts, etc been there yada yada. Tonight was a bad night. I usually try to keep my emotions to myself and not bother anyone, but given how bad I felt I tried to reach out. "That sucks" "get over it" "man up". Even that shitty online therapist that reddit ads are pushing out told me they couldn't help. I just don't get the point of leaning on people when they don't even offer a stable foundation.


I dunno, sometimes I feel better just talking about things with another human. It gets it out of my head and that helps me look at my thoughts more objectively. Of course sometimes you reach out and find a douche canoe on the other end. That's always infuriating. I feel you fren. You bring up a good point though... you can't lean on anyone who doesn't have enough of a foundation for it, and then you can never lean on the same person as often as you need to reach out. Funny how other people snap so easily under the weight we carry all the time. Building a support system is a balancing act in itself.

(Also, there's ads on this sub for therapists?)

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Original Poster1 point · 4 months ago

Thanks for the comment. Can't fault them though - reverse situation and I don't think I could offer appropriate support.

To your question, it's not sub specific. I see the add wherever I go - guess google thinks I'm special levels of depressed. It was from betterhelp. I signed up and they told me they couldn't help, assuming it was b/c I answered a self harm question honestly.


Divorce was official ~2 months ago, physically separated and process started ~3 months before that - her decision not mine. I still cannot get a good nights sleep because I keep having dreams about her coming back into my life. Meeting at the store and her wanting to get back together. Her showing up at my door and telling me it was a mistake and she wants me back. Last night was probably one of the worst. We were sitting together for some odd reason, and she told me she had to tell me a secret. I turned to look at her, and she turned to look at me, and our lips accidentally grazed. Instead of jumping back in embarrassment I kissed her and she kissed me back. I can't explain it, but in my dream I could feel her warmth and the moistness of her lips. Maybe that's something I should have told her, how much I loved how her lips got moist whenever we were truly intimate. Anyways, woke up after less than three hours of sleep feeling hollow and unwanted just like every other night the past 5 months. Can't say I'm looking forward to it tonight.

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I like the design, but I still agree. Armoured mage is an under-explored archetype in FF. (It's been touched on a few times — the Deltascape gear for example, but that was... not stellar.)

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I actually put together a battle cleric glamour a few months ago - I submitted it to ffxivglamours but it didn't pick up a lot of traction there. It does used the Deltascape arms, but I think it came out decent enough.

Link if you're interested:

Almost exactly something like that is what I want. More gear like that in game. Tanks and other DPS have so much variety in gear choices, such as full-plate armor to basic robes and sashes. But casters? Robes. Robes. Belly dancer attire. More robes. Lol

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Haha yeah, until the last tier I could never put together something for my WHM that looked like plate. Luckily the legacy warrior and augmented allagan WHM piece fit pretty well once dyed silver.

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The trick is to mix it in a small amount of water and down it in one. Literally treat it like a shot.

Some brands aren't too bad but some are foul

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I got the Mr Hyde Sour Apple and it's actually pretty tasty, actually enjoy sipping on it waiting for my dogs to do their business.

wait... I just want to confirm I'm understanding this correctly. We're upset because we have to grind for things in our game in which we grind for things? from content released in a small patch?

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To be fair it's been in development for 17 months.

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