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Andrewkira96 commented on a post in r/NintendoSwitch
Andrewkira96 [score hidden]

I would love the $50 US card please! There are so many games that I would love to get because I just got my switch and don't have many games, I would definitely get Xenoblade Chronicles 2 with card! Thanks and good luck to everyone (:

Andrewkira96 commented on a post in r/movies
Andrewkira96 3 points

LaKeith Stanfield, seriously this guy is in more movies than you think and he gives amazing performances. He even made his "L" performance decent in that forsaken Death Note Netflix movie. Also he is an amazing rapper, just listen to some of his songs. This guy has serious talent, all he needs is a lead actor role and he can grab those oscar nominations.

serotonin_flood 8 points

I personally think you're better off with a Grip Case than a Hybrid Cover like this one. A Grip Case makes the Switch about 10 times more comfortable to play in handheld mode.

Andrewkira96 1 point

I actually bought the hybrid cover before I posted this and I can honestly say for me that it is completely playable handheld mode. I thought the flap would be a nuisance to me while playing handheld but after 20min of folding it over and playing 2 hours later, I didn't even notice I was holding it. It works perfect and love it, then again I wouldn't buy this at retail for $25, I think $15 is a fair deal to get a case and a stand for your Switch imo

sudevsen 23 points

<insert movies popular on and constantly circlejerked by /r/movies here>

But seriously speaking I would say Moonlight (cause of being a unique film amongst Oscar winners)/

Also Tangerine cause trans-inclusivity will beocme a popular issue in years to come and this movie will be seen as one of the popelar examples from the 10s.

Another film that seems to have potential of being an influential "classic" in its genre is John Wick

Andrewkira96 1 point

Tangerine is a perfect example of an unnoticed film. I remember I was hyped just by the promotional poster and I never watched any trailers or saw any stills of the movie. So when I ended up watching it blind I had no idea they were trans so I was blown away how different this film was. Needless to say I loved it, but nobody I know has seen it! Definitely can see it as a classic as well.

jdb888 121 points

Paul Bart: Mall Cop

Andrewkira96 1 point

I saw this film in theaters when it came out and the whole crowd had an absolute blast with it. I walked out the theatre mad that I enjoyed it too

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Birdinhandandbush 2 points

You're on the right sub. Plenty of love for it here. I was speaking to a friend about it last night. Not sure if you're seen Dark, the German stranger things with added time travel. Basically I felt that Dark had elements of Place Beyond the Pines, in that events from one generation strongly effect the following generation. I think PBTP should be up there as an all time American classic.

Andrewkira96 1 point

I have not seen Dark, but I'm willing to checkout any thing that resembles PBTP, I'll watch it soon thanks! Good to know I saw that show is on Netflix too

Naydawwwg 3 points

I love that movie! I have “ride like lighting” “crash like thunder” tattooed on my ankles.

Andrewkira96 2 points

Interesting enough I want a tattoo of this movie too!!! I plan on getting the pine tree from the title logo on my wrist or somewhere I can cover up easily for my job

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