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I actually didn’t see it I just wanted to let you guys know Black Panther is overrated, but I’m not racist

And also Crazy Rich Asians was overrated too


Wtf I love Aquaman now

I have to work in 20min someone make a banger ending winner already!!!

Is Splatoon 2 really a must own for Switch owners? I'm debating about picking it up today, I'm usually a solo player so will it still be fun playing by myself online or will it get boring and repetitive? Or will the competition keep me motivated lol

I enjoy it solo and I rarely played ranked. Its too much effort to stay afloat.

Mostly I just play turf war and Salmon Run.

The single player and the Octo expansion levels also offer a variety of challenges if you wanted to test or hone your skills outside of the multiplayer.

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Good to know thanks! Overall would you still recommend the game?

I got a 25% off coupon for Google Express and was wondering what game should I get next? I already have BOTW, Mario Odyssey, Gunvolt, Xeno2, and Mario Kart 8. I usually play by myself and on rare occasions I play Mario Kart with my brothers or friends. So is Splatoon 2 and Mario Tennis worth getting if I mainly play solo or is online matches worth it or will it get boring? I'm considering getting either Bayonetta 2, Mega Man legacy Collection, or DK Trop Frz. Any suggestions?

I absolutely loved that this movie didn't rely on cheap jump scare tactics and focused on freighting scenery with minimal musical score with those creepy images. Some definitely planted in my mind forever... Also if I recall correctly there was probably only one jump scare in the whole movie? When Annie emerges from the shadow and chases Peter? Loved this film.


Imagine this, Doctor Strange and Iron Man are on planet Titan. The two titans stare at each other on the planet Titan as rain assaults the ground. Lightning erupts the darkened sky and Iron Man utilizes his x-ray vision on his suit and sees through Doctor Strange's identity. "Doctor Stephen Strange? I'm actually impressed" Tony quips.

Doctor Strange seems uncomfortable, to which Tony notices and says "what? You thought a kino cape can deceive the world's greatest detective?" To which meta Doctors Stranger notices something familiar, he was a detective too. A Holmes detective. Like Tony! And then Dr. Strangest goes "will no shit Elementary! Its Holmes my dear Sherlock!"

The sad thing is I wrote this in 20 minutes


Xenoblade won't go below $50.

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I got my brand new copy from Google Express for $42.70. Download the Google express app, add Xenoblade Chronicles 2 to your cart (the $51.99 copy from Target) and at the checkout apply APPSPECIAL promo code for 25% off your first app purchase! Plus it'll be free shipping since its a product over $35, mine arrived in 2 days.


So I went to go see Avengers: Infinity War over the weekend and I saw it in regular digital cinema in one of the biggest auditoriums they had. Before the movie started, one of the previews was to promote the "cinemark XD experience" and it utilized the current sound system to show how loud it could be. And I thought to myself "dang this theatre can get pretty loud with just that preview" but then when the actual movie started it was pretty quiet and I thought it would get louder with the action sequences but it never did. I was so confused because even the XD preview was louder than the actual movie. I never remembered standard movies being this quiet, I remember I saw The Avengers (2012) in the SAME auditorium and it was LOUD. So now it leaves me with the question, are movie theaters purposely making movies quieter so more people can be influenced in paying extra to see it in XD, or am I just crazy?

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Old people complain about movies being too loud so the theater will turn it down, but the management is either too busy or too lazy to turn it back up for the next show. In addition to that the studios have been steadily increasing the volume of their trailers despite an agreement made several years ago with theater owners to quiet them down some.

Getting the EQ right in an auditorium is as much an art as a science. It takes hours of work and usually a few passes between EQing and listening to known content to get it just right. Most of the major chains have dumped their internal techs and outsourced to third party companies who won’t give their employees time to do anything besides “get it in spec”, which is fairly loose and can sound good from one seat and terrible in others.

A properly tuned auditorium will allow you to hear the slightest whisper or the loudest explosion without straining or discomfort. The sound will immerse you and draw you in without subtle surround effects being too apparent.

Edit: removed an “omg” that made it in there somehow.

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Original Poster5 points · 4 months ago

Wow, this is great information! I knew I felt naive about posting this because I know nothing about theatre mixing, EQ, and the process of getting the right sound. This explains a lot, thank you!

Theaters are just generally poorly mixed as far as sound goes... if it's not too quiet then it's generally too loud.

What you're describing would likely cause people to just stop going to the theaters rather than upgrade their ticket.

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Original Poster6 points · 4 months ago

Oh yeah I never thought about that. But for me I wasn't expecting for my ears to blow out I just wanted it to be loud enough so it can tune out all the people eating and opening plastic bags

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And then Deadpool walks in and says the fword to the audience 😂😂👌🏽👌🏽


Some of the best scenes in movies is having two or more characters rip each other apart verbally in an argument. If these scenes are done right, it can cause a suspenseful atmosphere with great tension. A few of my favorite argument scenes are

The argument between Tenoch and Julio in Y Tu Mamá También

The scene from Reservoir Dogs when Nice Guy, Mr. Pink, and Mr. White are arguing if there is a setup or not

Steve Jobs and John Sculley arguing about how Steve got fired from the movie Steve Jobs

La La Land, when Sebastian and Mia have that heated argument

Birdman, Riggan and Mike getting coffee

These are just some of my personal favorites and I know there are tons more, please share some of your favorites arguments! Old or new!


The scene in pulp fiction where Vincent’s drug dealer and his girlfriend are arguing while Mia is overdosing is one of my faves.

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Original Poster7 points · 5 months ago

Omg yes! It made it even more intense knowing they're racing against time and it always makes me laugh when Vincent yells "GET THE SHOT" and then Lance goes "I will if you let me" "AINT NOBODY STOPPING YOU" its all great haha

Also Fassbender vs. Rogen.

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Original Poster4 points · 5 months ago

Rogen was surprisingly really good in that film, loved every scene he was in

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Hello so I'm having trouble finding a place to set my dock. If I put it in front of my tv on my dresser it cuts off my tv display because the Switch dock is so tall and wide. I've had people tell me to put the dock behind my tv but I'm scared that the switch won't get much ventilation and overheat. Is this true? I live in a small apartment in a tiny room and I don't have enough room to buy a small stand to put it in next to the tv. Any advice will help thank you!!


It won't overheat behind your TV.

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Original Poster1 point · 5 months ago

That's reassuring!! Thanks so much I will place it there (:

It won't overheat anywhere unless you are trying to make it overheat, dw just put it anywhere lol, that is the point of the system

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Original Poster1 point · 5 months ago

Thanks! Yeah I just worry to much, I'm going to put it behind my tv

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Score hidden · 6 months ago

Here is to hoping I'll win the copy!! Fingers crossed!!!

Score hidden · 7 months ago

I would love the $50 US card please! There are so many games that I would love to get because I just got my switch and don't have many games, I would definitely get Xenoblade Chronicles 2 with card! Thanks and good luck to everyone (:

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