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I was told by the test proctor the 401 is harder since they are close to retiring it. Not sure how true that is, but I scraped by with a 759 with 750 being passing. If you're having issues with time, *flag what you cant immediately answer and go back to it*. Dont spend time deliberating, just answer what you can and keep going. I mentioned this in my "I Passed!" post, try to explain why a selection is **not** the answer to a question. If you can eliminate answers it makes it easier to get the right answer. Good luck!


Trifecta what?

Got all three base CompTIA certs, unsure where to go from here. I want to get into sys admin stuff (currently helpdesk for an MSP) and make some more money. I'm setting up a very basic Homelab (dual boot laptop) to learn Ubuntu.

I've heard CCNA would be the best step for me, though I'm unsure if I want to get that right now. Are Microsoft certs worth it? I work with O365 almost everyday, but I dknt want to spend time/money on something that may not catch an employer's eye.

Blood vials: check

Bold Hunters Mark: check

Weapon infused with bloodstone gems: check

Trashed by Martyr Logarius in under 5 hits

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Knew an otaku girl that went to Otakon every year and the hotel parties are like eyes wide shut level crazy

I'm not confident in my Camrys handling to rally turn an exit going 60

One Man Army is my go to "get pumped" track when I'm at the gym, such a great album

Being good (as in no worries).

Money is good. Family is good. Job is good. Life is good.

Do you already do pentest work? If not I highly doubt a company would hire you to do so, especially with no work experience.

There are always "recommendations" for success as far as exam objectives go, and if you're not already working in the industry I'd say spend more time studying and try some homelab stuff.

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hands you flame shield

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We get Czarface/DOOM and Czarface/Ghostface Killah, but no DOOM and Ghostface project yet? Okay 😢😪

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Its vaporware at this point. Like HL3 and Jay Elec

WMATA employees be like

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But let you be 50 ft. away walking to the DC Circulator and they flip you off as they pull away from Union Station

She said when she was in high school she used to download/install codecs for VLC so she could watch anime

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At the end of his life, MLK seemed to regret pushing for inclusion and integration

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There is the controversial opinion that integration actually set us back and made us yearn for acceptance when we should have been building our own society

When I was in middle school extra big/long white tees were super in. Enter me, the resident nerdy black kid that would bring a strategy guide to school and sit on the bleachers during gym.

I decided to buy a 4XL t shirt that literally went down to under my knees. I'm probably 5'7" or so at this point.

I got pulled out of lunch for it (my middle school was not the best and they were cracking down hard on baggy clothing, could hide weapons and stuff) and was reprimanded. It was embarrassing and since then I've been happy to wear clothes that fit...come to think of it I mildly lose my mind when I see guys walking around not wearing belts. Thanks mom.

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They wanted them think pieces

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Then you read said pieces and think "wow niggas are really in their feelings about something very arbitrary"

I love my girlfriend and shes an enemy of progress. I do well with IF and eating right during the week. The weekend comes and she just gets possessed by this spirit that wants to make and watch me wat baked goods and other slutty food, and now I'm fucking pear shaped

Girls with deeper voices for their gender. Current gf has a deeper voice and while many men may see it as a turn off I love it.

How long will it take for him to wash the taste of Putin's dick out of his mouth?

I'm curious how they'll approach this. Such a strange and enchanting story.


Passed SYO-401 with a 757. Trifecta complete!

I switched careers in 2017 and in a little over a year I've obtained my A+ Net+ and as of today Sec+! Its been a long journey and I'd like to thank this sub for all the help.

Sec+ was a little harder for me because I was working full time but with a year of experience some things I knew through everyday work. Theres a lot of stuff related to risk and obviously security concepts.

The PBQs seemed easy but I guess I got one wrong. The other one was insanely easy though. I finished with around 30 minutes left. If you dont know a question within a few seconds flag it and move on. My advice for answering questions, instead of thinking about why a certain selection is the right answer, think about why it isnt another answer. If you can explain why then you have a good handle on a concept.

Memorize ports, protocols and RISK CONCEPTS.

Taking a break from certs then doing a subnetting course. Next cert will be CCNA.


Career: certifications and having to perpetually study for them

Hobby: you can grind out for 5 years and make $0 from it. A celebrity does the same thing and brand recognition alone makes them automatically successful.

Someone took my CC info and ordered skin care stuff to my house. I felt personally attacked.

I'm happy for GoldLink, guy is on that upward trajectory

Complains about lack of OC

Contributes to lack of OC

Maaan if someone said that to me I took it as an invitation to fucking slaughter them in voice chat.

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