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My gf and I got into an argument about something and eventually I just put my shoes on and said I was leaving (we dont live together) to go back to my apt. She powered down from super saiyan 3 reeaaaal quick.

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Imo pull overs are better for when you're doing active stuff, zip ups for fashion/more casual stuff.

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If we want more Black Heroes why not just create new ones instead of making a black actor Superman? Can't wait for the drama if that really ends up happening .

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Movie studios arent dropping $50 million+ on a movie budget for a hero no one knows about. They want name/brand recognition so they can take in the dough.

Can we have a black Superman? Sure. But should we?

I had never heard of guardians of the galaxy. Not even remotely. Now they're my favorite marvel movies. Idk about that

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Right but GotG was a comic book series first. Not sure how old you are but for every "who are they?" are 10 fans going "finally!!!" Case in point, Watchmen.


Ex lifeguard, used to swim 3-4 times a week. Im on Week 3 of the "0 to 1mi." program listed in the sidebar. I was feeling a little sluggish today and wondered if deloading was a thing for swimming. I'm making good progress but may just do a week of easy swimming to give myself a rest.

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There are times that swimmers will lighten their training before major competition. They definitely would not 3 weeks into a training program. Swimming ~3x a week should not be wearing you out unless you are worn out by something outside of swimming.

As an aside, I'm not sure how man Yuy years you are out of being a lifeguard or what shape you are in now but the 0 to a mile program is generally designed for almost complete swimming beginners. Not someone who used to swim quite a bit (although I know life guards don't have to be good swimmers). It isn't a bad starting point but you should be able to progress faster.

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I'm in IT so I'm at a desk all day. Lifeguarded about 5 years ago and as far as fitness level I'd say moderate. I'm trying to get more sleep and nap during my lunch break and that helps a lot, so maybe I just need more sleep!

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Fixing your computer almost never causes other things to break a week later.

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My girlfriend is convinced computer updates take forever because it's making the computer run slower.

It's taking forever because you havent updated since 2017 and we're approaching 2019.

My gf and I went to a happy hour after seeing Bodega Boys live. We get to the restaurant and the hostesses tried to tell her the happy hour was over. What they didnt anticipate was 1) the website saying happy hour went until midnight and 2) my girlfriend is a 5'2" Nigerian nightmare and has no problem bossing up on ppl when stuff is incorrect. I excused myself to go to the bathroom because after being on the receiving end of her pressure it wasnt worth watching her break down these two ladies.

I came back from the bathroom and she ordered me some sushi and a Moscow mule. Love her to pieces!

This is a very vague request. Do you want more bass in your voice? Less nasal sounding? Too much vocal fry? Be specific.

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reduce a bit my vocal fry would be good

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This isnt something that's fixed with editing; you have to work on your voice itself. I'm not saying your voice is bad per se. My advice, listen to podcasts you like and pay attention to how the host speaks and their cadence etc.

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How damaged are you as an adult to perform oral sex on a child multiple times and not think anything of it. Shes scarred this boy and has severely distorted any attempt for him to grow into a sexually healthy adult.

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Saved for after my swim, FW rubbin off the paint heavy. The Oddwin remix is tight as well.

Just listened...didnt really feel it. I feel like his production is lacking and his bars were your average braggadocio. Rubbin Off the Paint was as well but imo at least that track slapped...hoping Nahmir isnt a one hit wonder.


I'm remembering this story now. I was a freshman in college back in 2007. As an introverted latchkey kid and child of divorce I was a people pleaser. Make them happy and they wont leave right? Well in the immortal words of MF DOOM, "be too nice some people take you for a dummy."

I fell in with a group of friends and one guy in particular Max, was not my friend.

I had a car on campus and hed just use me for rides and not pay gas money (back when gas was 5 bucks a gallon). Max didnt have his car on campus, which is important for later in the story...

Hed smoke my weed and never throw in. Drink alcohol and never pay up. His parents were loaded, I was middle class so every time this happened it would hurt my wallet. Max would just phone Dad for more cash then blow it on coke and get his nipples pierced to impress women (didnt work).

Throughout the year Max kept being a dick to me and as I had no real self respect I just ate it. One day though another friend in the group told me Max said to him "Yeah whenever AndroWanda drives me places I just back out and dont pay him gas money. I smoke his shit and he doesnt do shit hes a pussy etc."

I chose morning classes because I'm a morning person and liked to sleep in when I was done. Over the course of a few days Max had been complaining about itching and burning on his side/ribcage. One morning after class Im sleeping and I get a phone call. It was Max, and he sounded terrible.

Max: "Hey man...can you take me to Urgent Care I think I have shingles man, I'm in pain."

Remembering what my friend told me about what Max said about me, I replied:

"Sorry man no can do."

Max: "Please man I'm fuckin in agony, please take me. I'll give you gas money I sw-

"Nah man I'm good."

I hung up and went back to sleep. No idea why he didnt go to the health clinic on campus, dont really care.

Later that year I heard he got fucked up by a lacrosse team member for trashing our common room (my half of the floor shared the other half with some of the lacrosse team), and during a Halloween party Max got knocked out for talking shit. Fuck you Max.


I was the one who stole your iPod. Eat shit.


Has there ever been a situation where more "diversity" was necessary for good production?

And by diversity, I mean purely race.

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When productions are being called out for lack of diversity which detracts from the final product, I'd say yes.

FX diversified with Atlanta. It went on to win numerous awards and gave FX a new demographic. Same with HBO and Insecure. Am I saying black people didnt watch the channels before? Nope. But representation doesnt matter to those who are always represented and it becomes an afterthought.

Even before Atlanta with FX, Bokeem Woodbine was cast as Mike Milligan in S2 of Fargo, against type might I add. He killed that role and though he didnt get an Emmy, the role is memorable and is consistently mentioned as a highlight of the series.

I dont think diversity for diversity's sake will help; shoehorning in a(n) (insert minority) friend is easy to spot and is as lazy as not having a diverse cast because you don't want to do the work.

When productions are being called out for lack of diversity which detracts from the final product

Should everyone fold to the loud and few SJWs?

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Does diversity bother you?

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The only time someone checks my certifications is when they look at my resumé. 9 times out of 10 my email signature has work stuff in it and the certs arent necessary.

I started out interviewing people and just editing the conversation. I switched to a narrative, longform format where I write a script around quotes and anecdotes to tell a story of my interviewee. I get a lot of praise for my storytelling so I'd say it's a success.

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Why are we acting like people getting upset because someone chatted shit about their kid isn't going to set them off?

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Because people on social media always act like they have the moral high ground because they have a brain and a keyboard. Same thing Tax said about niggas congratulating Bobby Shmurda for taking the longer sentence, like they'd do the same...FOH

Dont like someone that doesnt like you back. Said in regards to romance but applies to friendship as well.

Can we just take a moment and realize how badass Levi is

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If you asked Armin hed take the whole damn first segment, then you miss the public disclosure slide.


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Short answer: yes

Long answer: Sec+ has questions that imo build off stuff from Net+. Combined with studying your work exp should help out.

Speaking from experience here; he's probably just into some esoteric stuff and can't foresee a way that you guys would understand it without just thinking he's gone crazy. He knows he isn't crazy, and if his friends were into Jungian psychology and other similar subjects there'd be no issue, but to you guys it just sounds like a legit mental illness so you're gonna be on his back about changing his thinking.

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I dont know...I consider myself pretty open minded. I can talk about sacred geometry and lost continents and whatnot, but I dont think if I "try" hard enough I can fly. Again I dont think the guy is mentally ill per se, but hes changed so much since high school and I dont want to wake up and he's on the news leading a congregation into Shenendoah to await transcendence into the next life.

What, did he try and tell you that he could fly? Like actually literally fly?

I'm just saying, it's obvious you guys are wary about the direction his thinking is going in, but that doesn't necessarily mean there's anything wrong with him. Sounds to me like he's just expressing the wrong interests with the wrong people, and he's realized now that there's a potential outcome where you guys start believing he's seriously mentally ill and needs help, so he's gonna distance himself.

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He didnt say he himself could but tried to argue that its possible with enough willpower, and he may possess such willpower. When he talked to me about being possessed by spirits and vampires he said he could see it when he looked at himself in the mirror, and hed catch himself gnashing his teeth and "grinning like a demon".

He doesnt like going out to bars because he would have to "do battle with evil energy". I'll give the bar comment a pass, as someone who rarely drinks having to be around dozens of drunk ppl can be draining. But the other stuff...I dont know.

Maybe you're right and its inevitable that we'd grow apart. My personal take, we all graduated college (except him but that's another story) and had our quarter life crises and new age mysticism and such is how he processed his crisis.

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Have this in a folder with other motivational/self-improvement stuff, which is the source for my computer background slideshow. Good stuff.

I've consistently gone swimming since I got my gym membership about two weeks ago. Started MFP again to track calories and I'm taking my fitness goals seriously.

Pretty good, week 4 if the new job and I really like it. Had a small breakfast and weather is warm.

My gf does this and in the past I'd just let stuff go because it was easier. You have no idea how good it felt to start pushing back/calling her out when she was building up steam to go on a "I'm right" ride.

I dont enjoy doing it but you wont know how good it feels to stand up for yourself until you start.

If your gf is never wrong and any attempt to show a different point of view results in an argument/picking you apart, understand that's not a good relationship.

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