My friend invited me to church, how do I get him out of the cult? by --Solus in columbuscirclejerk

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My friend in passing asked me if I’d like to go to church with them because we had a long casual conversation about it. Said it was fine if I didn’t. It’s called the “Catholic” church. Never heard of it. Why is my friend forcing me to join a cult?

Does anyone hear sirens everywhere? My WOW internet is out. Why is everyone running to the nearest Burger King on 5th? by VinTheHater in columbuscirclejerk

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I’m just glad everyone posted links to the weather alerts and warnings. I always come to the r/columbus subreddit for emergency information. I just can’t depend on radio, tv, or actual news and weather websites.

It’s comforting to get onto the subreddit and read hour old emergency alerts.

Winter Driving Reminder / Complaining Thread thread by EcoBuckeye in columbuscirclejerk

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There are only two driving options for tomorrow. 80 mph while tailgating or 15 mph with your emergency blinkers on. Pick your team now.

Which local businesses have the most cringe worthy TV spots? by reeve11 in Columbus

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We’ll never know why Mark hung up and then called right back. It’s left to the imagination.

Just Moved Here from Cleveland! by petraman in Columbus

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Welcome! I was born in the Dayton area, but came to Columbus for school and just moved back after a 6 year hiatus. All kidding aside, Columbus is a great place to live, work, and have a family. If you don’t agree, I’ll meet you at the BK on 5th.

Was anyone able to buy floor tickets to Radiohead? by pg2011 in Columbus

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Radiohead is pretty big. I’ve had similar issues with moderately big groups too. This one pisses me off more because I’ve been a fan since The Bends/OK Computer. Should have joined the fan club (assuming they have priority tickets).

Was anyone able to buy floor tickets to Radiohead? by pg2011 in Columbus

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Briefly it said no tickets available. I think the tickets were temporarily held and were released.

Was anyone able to buy floor tickets to Radiohead? by pg2011 in Columbus

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Looks like its sold out now. Ugh these resellers and their bots have destroyed the process of seeing an even moderately big name group.

Was anyone able to buy floor tickets to Radiohead? by pg2011 in Columbus

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I couldn’t get any ticket below 300 level. I’ve been trying since 10 exactly. It either times out or says the tickets are taken. Of course there are already multiple tickets on stubhub asking for $700+. This system sucks.

Thrombectomy for Stroke at 6 to 16 Hours with Selection by Perfusion Imaging by pipsdontsqueak in science

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I do agree this is huge. I’m an interventional radiologist and my group does the thrombotic stroke work at three hospitals, one a comprehensive stroke center. Our stroke volumes have already increased quite dramatically. In selected patients outside the old thrombectomy window, we’ve gotten some good results. If there’s a way I can promote this without abusing moderator privileges, I will.

City parkland could vanish from soccer stadium consideration by TOONUSA in MLS

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The interesting thing is a big reason for PSV wanting to leave Columbus is the desire for a downtown stadium. From what I can tell, the McKalla area is about 10 miles from downtown Austin. Mapfre stadium is about 4 miles from downtown Columbus. He's going to move the team to another city for a stadium that is even farther away from downtown?

Height difference between two hard floors? by Aniridia in HomeImprovement

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Do you think a 1/4” difference would be overly noticeable or a hazard? Thanks!

[Destiny 2] Where is the next raid gonna be? by The_King_Drew in DestinyTheGame

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A raid on half destroyed Mercury would be interesting.

What actually pushes our feces through our large intestines? by gillman378 in askscience

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There is reverse peristalsis within the small bowel in the first phase of vomiting. After that, it's all about ab muscles and changes in abdominal and chest pressure to expel what's in the stomach.

What jobs existed 500 years ago, today, and will most likely still exist in 500 years? by 139Lenox in AskReddit

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I'm a doctor, so I'm biased, but I think this is the key. Just entering symptoms A, B and C into a computer, followed by lab values and imaging findings does not necessarily lead to a diagnosis or treatment. People with the same diseases present different ways, even if the "objective" side of their process is the same. Patient personalities can also dictate how treatment will proceed. The personal side of medicine, such as calming fears and feeling cared for, is something that I don't believe can be replicated by a computer.

Algorithmic detection of recurrent brain tumors in MRI scans nearly twice as accurate as neuroradiologists by shiruken in science

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I was trying to think of an analogy, but I was having a difficult time. I guess something along the lines would be asking a detective to solve a crime but not letting them use fingerprints or DNA evidence. They could do so some of the time, but why wouldn't you let them use some of the strongest tools they have if they're commonly used and widely available?

Going back to my post, you could argue the perfusion sequences (rCBV) are still not mainstream, but the diffusion/susceptibility sequences are used in virtually every brain protocol I can think of (sure, there are a few niche protocols - stealth, etc.) and I don't know why they wouldn't be included in the study. In my opinion, only allowing the radiologist to use the sequences they did meant they were forcing them to make a decision based on an incomplete and unrealistic study.