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Anthill8 commented on a post in r/electricdaisycarnival
Cakey44 1 point

gotcha gotcha, got into the genre through WP so just curious OP’s thoughts

Anthill8 1 point

Yeah I feel that. They definitely were one that got me started on hardstyle. Honestly though I mostly listen to like hard hard stuff now lol. I grew up on metal and rock so it kinda just works for me. If you like wasted penguinz though and we're looking for more like that I'd still recommend sub zero project because they are amazing but definitely harder than WP. But you could try code black or atmozfears or Brennan Hart. They are both super good.

Cakey44 1 point

Definitely! been listening to some defqon and resistance sets, Code Black / Tweekaz / Brennan Heart jumped out first as close parallels. that song Imaginary... so good hah!

Anthill8 1 point

Nice! If you do want to check out Sub Zero Project check out this set from qlimax

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Anthill8 commented on a post in r/electricdaisycarnival
mynt0 2 points

From New Hampshire. Def wont be cold for me 60-65 would prob be ideal for me honestly how much I am moving around. I think a lot of people bringing this topic up are from areas that it doesn't snow much. That being said I don't get cold easily if I have a few drinks in me I can be outside in a t-shirt in 40 degrees.

Anthill8 2 points

I feel that my friend. Coming from Minnesota here. I'm looking at all these posts like damn 60-65 sounds amazing. Of course we just got almost 2 feet of snow last weekend. I'm ready for these warm temps!

Anthill8 commented on a post in r/ShouldIbuythisgame
Anthill8 4 points

No body knows the story or if it's worth it yet friend. Like you said. It's not out yet. So how would anyone know about things like replayability?

thenotsofrenchtoast 1 point

Yeah my bad. I'm just really on the fence about buying it because I may finish it quickly and have nothing to play after that. On the other hand I really want to buy it :/

Anthill8 1 point

I would just wait till it's out for a couple weeks and see what the reaction is. Can't never trust any new games these days. It does look cool though. If you really want it get it but if your worried about that stuff wait.

Anthill8 commented on a post in r/hardstyle
Anthill8 1 point

I love the album so much too! Warface for sure if you haven't as a suggestion. Another suggestion is act of God by Unresolved. The only song I didn't like was the one that samples bane from Batman. I just cant get into it lol.

silver18781 2 points

Love "Speakers" and the album version of "Diablo" (check out the single version (not from the singles) they sound different)

Anthill8 1 point

Yeah I like the one on the album better. The single that starts with the Psy part I like less cuz that's like what it builds to for me.

Anthill8 commented on a post in r/Overwatch
Anthill8 1 point

Really the only buff I want is to be able to cancel my charge after I started it. It would make for more utility and for some fun plays taking people to the edge and throwing them off.

Anthill8 commented on a post in r/ShouldIbuythisgame
Anthill8 1 point

Bungie doesnt deserve any more money no matter how little. What they tried to do with destiny 2 is just tried to make a game to make money. So much sketchy stuff they did. Like put so much stuff in the loot boxes you get for leveling up/ can buy and then made it so the amount of exp you got was less than the number it actually was to make people think they level slow so people would buy more boxes. Along with putting way to much content on the boxes. I don't mind grinding for a gun where I can get what I want. But loot boxes are random bs and you end up just getting color shaders or stuff you don't want or already have.

Anthill8 commented on a post in r/MonsterHunterWorld
Anthill8 1 point

To capture just follow these simple steps. Fight the monster until it goes to take a nap when it's close to dying. When you see the monster sleeping go by it's head and throw two tranq bombs. Then lay down a shock trap. That's it! Doing the sleep bomb before the trap makes it 100% easier!

Anthill8 commented on a post in r/Overwatch
Anthill8 1 point

I'm a rein main. I like the ideas. The numbers may have to be worked but in general is good. Only thing I would say is that shield up while charging would be hella OP. I would love it. But by no means do I think that we should get that. Also it would ruin the part of charging if your flanking at all to get an angle because everyone in the world would notice a giant blue rectangle flying at them.

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