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7 points · 6 days ago

Yes, but sadly completly overpowered and not balanced in any way.

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You're saying its overpowered and not balanced in anyway. So here are some questions:

  • On a scale of Quark to Draconic Evolution how unbalanced is it?
  • Can a level 20 Monk "One Punch" a Chaos Guardian. (because if so that is totally balanced)? /sarcasm
  • Can a level 20 Monk Punch through someones Draconic Tier Armor? Tear their Uber God Suit Off? And give them a Buce Lee style ass kicking? (because if so that, again, makes it totally balanced) /sarcasm
  • Does it require me to eat clay to advance in levels? Once again for balance reasons? (more sarcasm here)
  • Can I leave an opponent or mob "stunned" at half a heart, and if so, when that happens, does a deep voice suddenly say "FINISH HIM!!"

Answers to these questions will help me, and the rest of the community determine just how OP this mod really is.

5 points · 6 days ago

To make it short: no clay required anywhere in the progression.

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[Start Sarcasm here]Well clearly this is totally OP if it doesn't even require clay to progress.

Pack makers need to hit this mod with very large NERF-BAT [/sarcasm here]

Okay. Now I want to see this same animation on a Thaumcraft Greatwood Tree.

Psh. You're thinking small. I forgot which sapling it was, not the sacred oak but there was one more that was like 32 chunks wide or something stupid like that? God I wish I could remember it. Someone chopped it down and got like 1.1k stacks of wood from it.

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Lol, no, I'm trying to be a responsible player and NOT CRASH THE SERVER :P

Here's a thought:

  • I wonder if Phantom Faces (AA) and Transvector Interfaces (Thaumic Tinkerer) would work. If they did they would give you more block sides to connect to, thus potentially increasing the number of P2P lines you could run.
2 points · 8 days ago

This seems like a cool idea for an addon mod. I wouldn’t be able to make such a mod but it’d be cool.

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There already is. Its a mod called Technomancy.

If you have rf tools you can create a dimension where they spawn two or three at a time. Get a draconic bow with all the upgrades and go to town on them. The only hard part is finding the specific piece to make the dragon dimension.

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And this is why the End Dragon should be BLACK LISTED from mobs that you can make a custom dimension to exclusively spawn.

  • Draconic Evolution is suppose to be "balanced" because of all the Nether Stars, Dragon Hearts and RF you need to craft these high tier "God Items". Part of that challenge is respawning the End Dragon.

Creating a custom spawning dimension for End Dragons completely cheeses that challenge.

And before anyone says that I just want to see people suffer by manually respawning and killing the End Dragon. Please note:

  • RFtools Spawner offers a way to make an End Dragon Spawner. The challenge is designing a containment system to keep that beast from getting loose since it passes throught and destroys any blocks that are no Bedrock or Endstone. Killing it isn't even a problem if you have DE in the pack since it has the INSTA-KILL MOB-GRINDER

Seeing as how your question has been answered: YES IT'S SAFE

I would like to pose a different question. Who thinks it would be awesome for a mod that adds Volcanoes to world gen, that chunkload themselves, and will eventually erupt? The frequency of eruption would have to be made extremely low, but it would still be there.

Anyone else think this would be an interesting mod?

Steps for defeating the Chaos Guardian:

  • 1.) Unlock Direwolf20 1.12.2 pack in upper right hand corner of Twitch/Curse Launcher.
  • 2.) Scroll through mod list and find Draconic Evolution
  • 3.) Click X on right to uninstall Draconic Evolution. Note this will also uninstall Brandoncore
  • 4.) Restart Direwolf20 1.12.2 to verify change to modpack isn't causing issues.
  • 5.) Continue playing/enjoying Direwolf20 1.12.2

Optional step 6

  • 6.) Find better End Game content and install into Direwolf20 1.12.2 modpack. (Like Galacticraft or something...)
Anthony_Kane commented on
  • Pam's Harvest Craft: It's a food mod.
  • Actually Additions: Last I checked had cheese.
  • Quantum Quarry from ExU2
  • Ender Quarry from Extra Utilities (note only available 1.7.10 and prior).
  • Buildcraft Quarry
  • Immersive Engineering's Excavator.
  • Thaumcraft's Arcane Bore
  • Blood Magic: Combo the Ritual of Magnetism and the Ritual of the Crusher (which will interlock) to form a "quarry" of sorts.
  • Botania's Orechid (a flower that produces ores).

Hopefully that helps.

  • There's always bee's but who has time for that ;)

when are we gonna be able to make a Latex Suit?

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+1 Request for Latex Bondage Fetish Armor, complete with Gagball Mask that gives you blindness and armor that allows other players to attach a "Lead" to your character while disabling your ability to hold items in hand.

You gave us Latex... what did you expect >.<

Original Poster3 points · 14 days ago

That is enough paranoia right there.

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When I'm working with mobs that can destroy blocks, yeah, my paranoia triggers. Mobs like the wither, creepers, End Dragon, get extra attention if I'm going to be farming them. Pretty much I try to design my systems with these mobs so that their escape chance is nearly impossible, but also so that if I hit the Minecraft RNG lottery, I can simply contain and eliminate the dimension without causing catastrophic damage to the overworld.

TL;DR: Remember kids, building responsibly means taking precautions so that you don't NUKE the over world.

Original Poster2 points · 13 days ago

I'm still finding random withers several hundred blocks away from my base.

How do you even farm the enderdragon?

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Very. Carefully.

I've never done it. But I have watched some "how to" videos. Once you have a way to either spawn or "re-spawn" the End Dragon you have to find someone method of trapping it in an area that it can't just blow through.

The End Dragon is a special case because minecraft gives it the ability to pass through any blocks, and it destroys any blocks that are not End Stone or Bedrock.

The best method I've seen is using an RFTools Security station that prevents blocks from being destroyed or interacted with except by the authorized user of the security station.

This allows you to build a room to trap and contain the Dragon, that it can't just escape from. Because the security station detects that an entity is trying to either 1.) destroy a block in the protected area and/or 2.) interact with a block in the protected area.

And if you can trap it, you can kill it.

Mind you THIS IS ALL THEORY and I'm working off a video I remember and that I can't find at the moment. So before you go off and build this contraption because Anthony_Kane said.... [insert words I never said here] Build a test world to verify that this still works.

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Try Computercraft (if its updated), Open Computers, RFTools Control, or Integrated Dynamics. The first two will require you to know how to code. RFTools control is a visual programing language (but the learning curve is high). Still once you understand it, its a very powerful mod. Integrated Dynamics may be able to pull it off as well but I have very little experience with the mod.

The long and the short of it is that you need a mod, that can examine an inventory, and that you can tell it exactly what slot in the inventory it should manipulate.

How did you make a grass path? Isn't this a 1.9 MC addition

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Original Poster1 point · 13 days ago

Which path are you referring to:

  • If you're asking about the little stone path blocks on the grass then those are "paths" that come from Open Blocks.
  • If you mean the yellowish paths then those are "Trodden Dirt" which is from Botania.
  • If you're referring to the grass half slabs, that's forge multipart, or you can even use Carpenter's slabs (which are carpenter's blocks smacked with a hammer into slab mode).

Also please note: This is a 1.7.10 world so if you're playing above that version some of these blocks may not be available to you.

Posts like this remind me of how awfully bad I am at building. Also it's amazing how much stuff you were able to fit into a single build, and it all still looking awesome.

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Original Poster1 point · 14 days ago

EnderIO conduits facades hide a lot of the crimes and one of the reasons I build with two sides of the house buried facing into the mountain is so that I can use the terrain to both make the house look great and hide a few spots where the wiring or machinery may have been visible.

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Fast Leaf Decay

It has one job. Applies to all trees in the game. Once you play with it, you never want to play again without it, and you realize just how much time you wasted before you installed this mod.

Is the airship mobile?

Original Poster4 points · 14 days ago

No sadly. :(

TBH I didn't even think to check if Archimedes is in Project Ozone 2. I just love building skyships as my base in skyblock packs. Recently started Modern Skyblock 3 and I'm thinking of building a blimp when I have the resources.

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+1 for NOT just building a platform/w shit on it, on a skyblock map. I like your airship-base idea and I think it fits the skyblock theme quite well.


[Opinions Wanted] How stable is DaVinci's Vessel's for 1.7.10?

Yes, people of reddit, I want YOUR OPINION of this mod as I'm thinking of adding it to a custom mod pack. Specifically I'm looking for the following:

  • How stable is the mod?
  • Has anyone encountered any game breaking/world breaking issues? If so what are they.
  • How is the Mod FPS wise. Is it coded optimally or am I looking at a mod that great on its own or in a light pack but gets messy in a larger mod pack?
  • Any other thoughts or opinions.

I just want to know what I'm getting into before I add this to my custom pack. Been working on this world on and off for over a year, and while I have backed it up, I'm still being cautious.

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  • Step One: Craft Bullets
  • Step Two: Load Gun
  • Step Three: Shoot Something

Did it do damage: YES/NO

  • Yes: Keep Shooting

  • Step Four: Repeat Step 3 until target is dead or you need to reload. In the case of the latter return to Step One.

  • Use [insert pump from mod X here] and pipe the water into a fluid trashcan.
-5 points · 17 days ago · edited 17 days ago

First you have to find the Megacondenser.

I'm saying that too fast...

To those of you hitting the "downvote" button, maybe you should try google searching MegaCondenser and THUNDERCATS first.

Okay, well, back in 1.7.10 (long ago, I know) I used them to power pumps, and they did the job just fine and never reached an idle state. Perhaps that was a bit op, and they changed it since then.

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back in 1.7.10

  • There's your problem. Buildcraft got a total rewrite from 1.7.10. A LOT of the things that people used before or got use to using from Buildcraft's early days changed. Some of those changes are subtle, and some are glaring (like how BC is no longer RF compatible).

I would strongly suggest that before you assume ANYTHING with BC, go into a test world and set it up, because odds are its going to work/behave differently.

Hopefully with the release of Thaumcraft 6, some of the Addons for Thaumcraft 4 will now update. I've got my fingers crossed on Automagy simply because its a great mod that does offer Sorting, Autocrafting and a centralized "brain" (The Inventarium) from which to see all that's stored in your system.

In addition it also offers some great augments to redstone (in the form of red crystal) and just a TON of generally useful blocks.

I never really thought that I needed the ability to kick a spider in minecraft .... but having seen it I dont think I can live in a world without these boots anymore. You punting it away felt so cathartic...

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It's not the armor you thought you deserved. Its the armor you never knew that you needed.

Original Poster3 points · 20 days ago

I agree, but my modeling skills are pretty much nonexistent. But if any skilled modelers are reading this.. :)

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hit up the different discord channels. I'm sure someone is out there that would love to help.

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I mostly play a highly augmented version of the DW20 1.7.10 pack. One of the mods I added was "Actually Additions" after seeing it become a mainstream mod in 1.10.2. (Yes there are differences but mostly its still the same great mod).

Anyway, my disappointing experience came from trying to build an automated "punch button, spawn/kill wither".

I had seen how DW20 did it in his 1.7.10 Lets Play and always felt that version was a bit "clunky" and he never really setup a way to kill the wither after he had spawned it.

So I went back to his 1.6.4 Lets Play and refreshed my memories of his build there using MFFS (Modular Force Field System). Well the 1.7.10 version has A-LOT of issues but more importantly it doesn't have the custom shape card. So that was a big old disappointment.

This is when we get to Actually Additions. As most of you know, AA has a ranged placement block. And I'd seen plenty of 1.10.2 wither spawning builds that use these blocks as a way to "safely build the wither" outside of its explosive spawn radius.


But don't worry kids, this story actually has a happy ending.

So after two disappointing attempts to build this contraption, and not wanting to design a frame pusher/pulling mechanism like Dire's 1.7.10 machine I finally found my solution.

RFTools Spawner block.

Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with the issues of designing a Wither Spawner let me enlighten you with this one fact. THE WITHER EXPLODES WHEN IT SPAWNS and this can mess with a number of builds, especially when you have complex mechanics in place to spawn, contain and kill this beast.

But the awesome thing about the RFTools spawner in 1.7.10 is that is spawns The Wither WITHOUT EXPLOSIONS. Yes you heard me right, its a Non-Explosive Wither spawner.

On the flip side though you do have to give it a Nether Star every so often, some soul sand and some "living matter" in order for the spawner to operate.

So there's my Most disappointing Modded MC experience, followed up by what I consider to be one of the most successful and rewarding builds I've done recently.

Keeping on the subject of the railgun, it's still wildly strong with basic iron rod ammo. I've been one-shotting all vanilla non-boss mobs with it.

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If I recall, didn't Blue up the damage on the Railgun at some point? That much being said, why not just adjust the configs if it seems lackluster?

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