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Nice. I like the overall aesthetic that it provides. My one criticism though would be that you can obviously tell what is part of "Cooking for Block Heads". That being said I don't see why you couldn't just re-use a few CoBH blocks with that center island to give it some additional functionality. And personally, I would center the CoBH sink, on the back wall, if possible.

If you have Biblio craft maybe make some benches for you bar to the left.

What mod has the diagonal blocks you used for the roof?

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Carpenter's blocks. Those pics are from my 1.7.10 world.

Here's some pics of my home/base

Check out the above link. Pretty much my house/base is both functional and aesthetic. I try to have dedicated rooms for certain functions. For instance the ground floor is my lobby. One the left wall I have my inventory storage. Along the right is my smeltry which doubles as the chimney of my house. In the back is my "kitchen"/crafting area.

What I find helps is coming up with a design first, or finding a design you like. Then your task is to get what you need to fit within that build. This forces you to make some hard choices about what all you can have within your home, but the upside to this method is that automation that is "too large to fit" should force you onto the next build.

In general my base is really spread out. There's the main house, I have a barn for animal products, I have a completely separate building to Thaumcraft, and a completely separate factory for the automate production of oil and its refinement into fuel.

Hopefully that gallery gives you some ideas and inspiration.

Good luck.

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That's a thought! Thanks!

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Install EnderZoo. Find an Ender-mini. Kill it. They are one of the smallest mobs in the game and can travel though single block spaces that contain other items, like 1 or 2 enderIO conduits.

If you don't like some of the mobs from this mod then you can use the configs to disable them individually.

Baring that, chickens and bats make good, small mobs you can morph into to accomplish this task, but they are big enough that if you put anything into the space they won't be able to move around it.

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Bigger question:

  • Have you killed the Chaos Guardian WITHOUT Draconic armor or weapons yet?

I would confirm that you're able to do that first, before you attempt this. While I have no doubts as to your skill within Modded MC, I think you're under estimating the sheer stupidity involved with this grossly OP mod. Make no mistake, this boss is BY DESIGN programed to "INSTA-KILL" anything that's not using Draconic's gear. Its not a fair fight like Thaumcraft or Botania. And I'm sure the last thing you want to discover after summoning this beast to your base is that you can't easily kill it, and that it kills you whenever you approach.

Just saying, I think you should confirm that you can kill it first without the equipment, before attempting to catch it.

TL;DR: Don't put the cart before the horse.

Edit: I'm betting this thing is programed to despawn if you take it outside the range of its original spawn area.

@Ninjaneerings: So are morons on servers...

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I'm still using magmatic dynamos as power, ain't no way in hell I've got enough juice for a beryllium agitator

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There's nothing wrong with Magmatic Dynamos as power. Its how you manage to feed them with lava. Too often people just use a pump in the nether with an ender tank. There are a few ways to make lava, if you're creative enough ;)

Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

I am indeed using a nether setup, it's a very useful early to midgame power supply

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Depending on what you have in the pack there are a couple of cost efficient ways to generate lava.

  • Personally I have an RFtools Builder/quarry in the Nether that mines up netherrack, which is then fed into a Magma crucible (since the RF cost to turn Netherrack into lava is significantly less than that of cobblestone). I have it set so that if I drop below X amount in the system then it turns on the quarry. The quarry also replaces all mined blocks with dirt so I'm not turning the Nether into a lag machine with all the flowing lava. I don't know how many magmatic dynamos you have, but I've found 5 with maxed out with a fuel efficiency augment and cooling specialization seems to be the right balance.

  • Another useful method would be using Blood Magic's "Serenade of the Nether". All you need is a pump to pull up the lava and a way emitting a RS based on fluid levels in a tank to turn the ritual off when its not needed. Although I do recommend with any Blood Magic build that you get a Tier 4 altar first so that you can automate the production of LP.

There are probably more but I don't have the time to write something more in-depth up. Hopefully this helps.

If you do decide to stick with the Magmatic Dynamos though I would highly recommend figuring out how to automate the production of Blazing Pyrotheum at some point. Its a better fuel that lasts longer ;)

Is there any packs that utilize it? Granted, I've only played a handful (mostly kitchen sink) packs but I haven't seen it implemented in any way. Just curious

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Who wants to use super plentiful iridium when you can make a totally balanced modpack that gates all the progression behind clay, nether stars and RF? [/END SARCASM HERE]

  • Bring back Drawbridges from Tinker's Mechworks.
  • Bring back and expand upon the "Traveller's Gear" from TiCon 1. Bring back the goggles, and fix the zoom feature. Make adding invisibility to the vest actually work. Fix the boots so that the "high jump" feature works. Expand upon the "gloves" so that you can add Nether Quartz for extra punching damage, or Cob Webs for wall climbing.
  • Take the old TiCon Tool belt and turn it into a standalone "Utility Belt Mod". You start with a basic utility belt that gives you an extra "hot bar" by pressing B. That belt can be upgraded.
  • Make a standalone Tesseract Mod.
  • Make a mod focused on Capes. (Flight, Speed, Invisibility, ect.)

Here's my thoughts from purely a visual design perspective:

  • 1.) It feels a bit cluttered and disjointed, with many different things going on, but none of them are bringing this visually together as a whole.
  • 2.) I would try to decide on one texture, either arcane blocks or obsidian. (Honestly I'd choose arcane blocks over vanilla obsidian). But if you can make a good "polished obsidian" texture that may be interesting.
  • 3.) Cut down on the number of arcane pylons. 8 is too many in such a small space. Especially with the "arcane fire" tips. 4 in the corners is plenty.
  • 4.) Decide on either an Enchanting Table or Enchanting Altar pedestal. What you have in the center really isn't working. Maybe you can make a modified arcane pedestal with the top part of it looking like the enchanter (with the red layout and purple corners).

Overall you have the start of some really cool visual ideas but it needs editing and fine tuning to work as an aesthetically pleasing multiblock structure.

Hope this helps.

Original Poster2 points · 2 months ago how does this look? imagine the middle block more arcane stoney with some obsidian on top

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This is much better. Personally I like image 6.

I think you've been watching too much Neil Degrasse Tyson. Black holes aren't wormholes or magical portals. They are the next stage after neutron stars where only the exclusion principle gives volume to an immense mass. AKA a really big star in a really small area.

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I think you're being a little too realistic, this is, after all, minecraft we're talking about. And I for one think a quest based modpack centered around automation with the end goal of producing enough matter to create a singularity would be a welcome change to the usual routine of acquire mass amounts of resources, store massive amounts of RF in a Draconic Orb, make an uber god suit and a few creative upgrades.

Heck if you really wanted to get creative you could start off on a frozen wasteland of a planet, with a very dim sun. Your goal is to create a enough "mass" and transport it (probably using galacticraft and/or advanced rocketry )to the star to cause it to ignite. Sounds like a cool premise. Yeah its the movie Sunshine in a nutshell.

TL;DR: Acquiring and using this much compressed cobblestone would be a great, creative, and fun change for an endgame goal if used properly.

First of all, one of my all time favorite movies. Top five probably.

Second, be careful about calling gathering cobblestone as a creative and fun endgame goal as that is exactly the last and most difficult thing you must do in the modpack SevTech Ages and from what I can tell people HATE IT.

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I haven't played SevTech [gasp] but I will say this.

I think when it comes to quest based or progression based modpacks, its really on the pack dev(s) to take ideas and come up with interesting goals for the end game.

And for me its less about the gathering of cobblestone, and more WHAT YOU DO with that resource. What crafting mechanics can you come up with for that much octuple compressed cobblestone.

As a pack dev, if octuple compressed cobble were to be an endgame resource I would hope they would have come up with some unique custom crafting recipe or method to take that resources and turn it into something. And then that item crafted from all that compressed cobble would then have to be loaded onto the craft, shipped to the sun, and then using another GUI-less based method, used to restart the star.

So for me its less about the gathering of said resource that's the payoff and more... what I am suppose to do with it. Because if the end goal is just produce 9xOctuple compressed cobble, hand in quest reward and congrats you're done. Well yeah, that's a shitty end goal. If the goal is, take 9xOctuple Compressed Cobble, make "stellar mass" with it using some unique crafting method, and then ignite a star, that would be a far more fulfilling end game.

And yes, Sunshine, despite its flaws is an incredible movie. I just wished they had focused a little more on the psychology of "why" Pinbacker went crazy, and how it could happen to them, rather then just use a generic monster villain for the 3rd act.

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Yes, but sadly completly overpowered and not balanced in any way.

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You're saying its overpowered and not balanced in anyway. So here are some questions:

  • On a scale of Quark to Draconic Evolution how unbalanced is it?
  • Can a level 20 Monk "One Punch" a Chaos Guardian. (because if so that is totally balanced)? /sarcasm
  • Can a level 20 Monk Punch through someones Draconic Tier Armor? Tear their Uber God Suit Off? And give them a Buce Lee style ass kicking? (because if so that, again, makes it totally balanced) /sarcasm
  • Does it require me to eat clay to advance in levels? Once again for balance reasons? (more sarcasm here)
  • Can I leave an opponent or mob "stunned" at half a heart, and if so, when that happens, does a deep voice suddenly say "FINISH HIM!!"

Answers to these questions will help me, and the rest of the community determine just how OP this mod really is.

To make it short: no clay required anywhere in the progression.

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[Start Sarcasm here]Well clearly this is totally OP if it doesn't even require clay to progress.

Pack makers need to hit this mod with very large NERF-BAT [/sarcasm here]

Okay. Now I want to see this same animation on a Thaumcraft Greatwood Tree.

Psh. You're thinking small. I forgot which sapling it was, not the sacred oak but there was one more that was like 32 chunks wide or something stupid like that? God I wish I could remember it. Someone chopped it down and got like 1.1k stacks of wood from it.

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Lol, no, I'm trying to be a responsible player and NOT CRASH THE SERVER :P

Here's a thought:

  • I wonder if Phantom Faces (AA) and Transvector Interfaces (Thaumic Tinkerer) would work. If they did they would give you more block sides to connect to, thus potentially increasing the number of P2P lines you could run.

This seems like a cool idea for an addon mod. I wouldn’t be able to make such a mod but it’d be cool.

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There already is. Its a mod called Technomancy.

If you have rf tools you can create a dimension where they spawn two or three at a time. Get a draconic bow with all the upgrades and go to town on them. The only hard part is finding the specific piece to make the dragon dimension.

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And this is why the End Dragon should be BLACK LISTED from mobs that you can make a custom dimension to exclusively spawn.

  • Draconic Evolution is suppose to be "balanced" because of all the Nether Stars, Dragon Hearts and RF you need to craft these high tier "God Items". Part of that challenge is respawning the End Dragon.

Creating a custom spawning dimension for End Dragons completely cheeses that challenge.

And before anyone says that I just want to see people suffer by manually respawning and killing the End Dragon. Please note:

  • RFtools Spawner offers a way to make an End Dragon Spawner. The challenge is designing a containment system to keep that beast from getting loose since it passes throught and destroys any blocks that are no Bedrock or Endstone. Killing it isn't even a problem if you have DE in the pack since it has the INSTA-KILL MOB-GRINDER

Seeing as how your question has been answered: YES IT'S SAFE

I would like to pose a different question. Who thinks it would be awesome for a mod that adds Volcanoes to world gen, that chunkload themselves, and will eventually erupt? The frequency of eruption would have to be made extremely low, but it would still be there.

Anyone else think this would be an interesting mod?

Steps for defeating the Chaos Guardian:

  • 1.) Unlock Direwolf20 1.12.2 pack in upper right hand corner of Twitch/Curse Launcher.
  • 2.) Scroll through mod list and find Draconic Evolution
  • 3.) Click X on right to uninstall Draconic Evolution. Note this will also uninstall Brandoncore
  • 4.) Restart Direwolf20 1.12.2 to verify change to modpack isn't causing issues.
  • 5.) Continue playing/enjoying Direwolf20 1.12.2

Optional step 6

  • 6.) Find better End Game content and install into Direwolf20 1.12.2 modpack. (Like Galacticraft or something...)
Anthony_Kane commented on
  • Pam's Harvest Craft: It's a food mod.
  • Actually Additions: Last I checked had cheese.
  • Quantum Quarry from ExU2
  • Ender Quarry from Extra Utilities (note only available 1.7.10 and prior).
  • Buildcraft Quarry
  • Immersive Engineering's Excavator.
  • Thaumcraft's Arcane Bore
  • Blood Magic: Combo the Ritual of Magnetism and the Ritual of the Crusher (which will interlock) to form a "quarry" of sorts.
  • Botania's Orechid (a flower that produces ores).

Hopefully that helps.

  • There's always bee's but who has time for that ;)

when are we gonna be able to make a Latex Suit?

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+1 Request for Latex Bondage Fetish Armor, complete with Gagball Mask that gives you blindness and armor that allows other players to attach a "Lead" to your character while disabling your ability to hold items in hand.

You gave us Latex... what did you expect >.<

Original Poster2 points · 2 months ago

I'm still finding random withers several hundred blocks away from my base.

How do you even farm the enderdragon?

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Very. Carefully.

I've never done it. But I have watched some "how to" videos. Once you have a way to either spawn or "re-spawn" the End Dragon you have to find someone method of trapping it in an area that it can't just blow through.

The End Dragon is a special case because minecraft gives it the ability to pass through any blocks, and it destroys any blocks that are not End Stone or Bedrock.

The best method I've seen is using an RFTools Security station that prevents blocks from being destroyed or interacted with except by the authorized user of the security station.

This allows you to build a room to trap and contain the Dragon, that it can't just escape from. Because the security station detects that an entity is trying to either 1.) destroy a block in the protected area and/or 2.) interact with a block in the protected area.

And if you can trap it, you can kill it.

Mind you THIS IS ALL THEORY and I'm working off a video I remember and that I can't find at the moment. So before you go off and build this contraption because Anthony_Kane said.... [insert words I never said here] Build a test world to verify that this still works.

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