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Anthony_Kane 2 points

This is minecraft RNG being stupid so in cases like this, you should follow these easy steps:

  • Press T to enter chat

  • Type in chat: /gamemode 1

  • Press E.

  • Click on tab in upper right-hand corner

  • Type "Logic Press" in search window

  • Click on the "Logic Press" and drag 1 into your inventory.

  • Click Treasure Chest Icon at bottom of screen to return to character inventory.

  • Select 1 inscriber press that you have multiples of and drag to pink box marked X to delete item.

  • Exit inventory

  • Press T to enter Chat

  • Type: /gamemode 0


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Anthony_Kane 19 points

You know... I was expecting to open this thread and find a picture of a Carpenter's Block Trap Door, camouflaged with a piece of Cobble Stone (Mossy Cobble Stone if you're trying to be fancy) that reveals a ladder leading down a hole into your underground base.

And to that I was going to quote the GEICO commercial about the guy living under a rock: "NO WAY!!! DUDE! Check this out."

But yeah, 1.12 is looking better and better everyday.

Some pack suggestions:

  • Direwolf20 1.12.2 pack. I would wait for them to add EnderIO, Thaumcraft and Blood Magic to it though.
  • ALL THE MODS 3. Bigger kitchen sink pack, but comes with two modes. 1 makes it more balanced with some slight recipe tweeking, the other is a Kitchen sink vanilla mod version (aka easy mode)
  • SevTech If you want a totally new experience in how to play minecraft with mods.
  • Modern Sky Block 3
  • FTB Pyramid reborn (new version of FTB Pyramid)
KubosKube 2 points

Don't remind me that Carpenter's Blocks hasn't updated yet... I miss the bed... And the levers... And.... Really just about all of it. Is there a port yet?

Anthony_Kane 2 points

Um... Blockcraftery (I think that's its name) replicates a good bit of Carpenter's Blocks, but no one mod outright ports or fills in for it.

Personally I've found myself using a bunch of different mods to accomplish the same things I could with carpenter's.

  • Architechturecraft (can give you slopes plus more)
  • Malasis Doors and Big Doors give you decorative door options
  • There's always Chisel & Bits if you want to get really fancy.
  • Blockcraftery
  • Quark (lets you die beds I believe)

As for some of the Red Stone trickery with stuff like the levers, pressure plates, and daylight sensor, most of that can be replicated through Red Stone trickery.

  • Using a NOT gate will invert the signal from a sensor. Not quite as elegant as a carpenter's sensor but it will get the job done. Same goes for the pressure plate.
  • Ender IO has the Dark Steel Pressure Plate that you can "paint" to look like any block or make invisible and/or silent.
  • Ender IO now also has levers with various timing mechanisms built in.

I know Mineshopper has been working on it, so its not dead, but it is taking forever to get updated.


The latest "work in progress built" was released 05/05/2018 so... fingers crossed. BEWARE these really are work in progress builds and they can be buggy and/or break worlds so use at your own risk.

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Anthony_Kane 0 points

Question: Did they fix Comparators. In 1.10.2 (last I checked) supposedly MINECRAFT changed the way that it checks for redstone updates and this borked some mods. In particular the RS comparator from project red REQUIRED something like a timer, or something that would trigger a block update next to the comparator if you wanted it to continue to update its signal strength.

Just wondering if this issue was ever addressed or if I'm going to have to hook up Timers to EVER. SINGLE. COMPARATOR. I decide to use in 1.12.2 from Project Red.

For those who are about to comment: "Just use a vanilla comparator, duh..."

  • 1: I did not install Project Red with all its awesome gates just to use the less versatile "vanilla" version.
  • 2: Sometimes you need to get that comparator onto a wall, you know, something Project Red Gates let you do, that vanilla ones don't.
  • 3: Telling someone to "just use vanilla" doesn't give the mod a pass to ignore an issue that essentially a bug.
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Anthony_Kane 2 points

Really the only thing you can do is load them up with Red Stone. That gives you a "slight" boost in your mining speed (and I do mean "slight")."

Originally I think they planned to have other glove upgrades like: adding Nether Quartz would increase your punching damage. Adding cobwebs would allow you to climb walls like Spider-man.

Other items also have "borked" features that the TiCon team have zero interest in fixing.

  • Traveller's Goggles: Zoom feature does not work.
  • Traveller's Boots: Jump Boost, also does not work.

That much being said, it is still a good set of "Not OP" armor. You can enchant it, its better than leather, Perfect Dodge works and quite nice for when dealing with Skeletons. It gives you access to early game night vision.

Finally, it looks Steam Punkish cool as hell as its an armor set that doesn't complete cover your character.

Enjoy it for what it is, because its one of those few 1.7.10 features of TiCon that we'll probably never see again... Along with Drawbridges.

Anthony_Kane commented on a post in r/feedthebeast
Anthony_Kane -13 points

The build is a good concept, but I think you need to greatly increase the scale of the track. Right now it feels too small. Things are too close together. You never really get the "M@r!0 Kart" feeling of going stupid fast on the track because its so small that you can never really get up to speed.

I would say enlarge and extend your track by a factor of 4 to 8 times and then try it again.

It still looks great as a model build though.

Anthony_Kane commented on a post in r/feedthebeast
Anthony_Kane 5 points


  • Is [Insert Blank Mod Name Here] compatible with IC2.

At first I thought this was an April Fools Day joke... and then I realized you were asking a legitimate question. And I just thought IC2... Compatible... And I started laughing.

No IC2 is compatible with just about JACK SHIT. I mean, it will let you get away with Item and Fluid Transport for the most part, sometimes its okay with other mods "plates"

For everything else, pretty much, when it comes to compatibility you should default assume that IC2 won't play nice with it. That's kind of its schtick.

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Anthony_Kane 1 point

You know, I was thinking to myself the other day that a multiblock mana pool would be nice (rather than having 4 or 9 of them sitting next to each other). I mean, the amount of mana 1 multiblock mana pool would store would be the same having 4 or 9 seperate mana pools, so I don't really see an issue.

That being said... I was thrilled to see this, and then I realized something.


It will be a great addon mod someday, but today, is not that day.

EDIT: To whomever downvoted my "opinion" GO. FUCK. YOURSELF.

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Anthony_Kane 2 points

I have some hard questions for you:

  • Kirk or Picard?

  • Optimus Prime or Megtron?

  • PBJ or Ham & Cheese?

  • Cats or Dogs?

  • Sushi or Fish Fry?

  • What's your favorite edition of Dungeons & Dragons?

  • Final Fantasy VII (most awesome RPG game ever or OVER-RATED)?

awoocent 9 points
  • Never watched much Star Trek but Picard seems like the best choice.

  • No opinion.

  • PB&J, Ham & Cheese is kinda bland on its own and I have a sweet tooth.

  • Cats, but both are very good.

  • Sushi.

EDIT: Didn't answer the last two.

  • D&D 5e is the only one I've played. Not a huge D&D guy in the first place though.

  • Never played it. But I'm not a fan of turn-based RPGs generally. So probably overrated.

Anthony_Kane 3 points

You... I like you.

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VT-14 8 points

Fair point, but IIRC each level of Runic Shielding is approximately half a heart of Absorption (that recharges slowly using Vis). In 1.12, there are 4 armor slots and 7 bauble slots, so 11 possible slots. Runic Shielding +2 would be 11 Absorption Hearts; 3 more than a Notch Apple or Botania's Brew of Shielding (8 hearts each). I don't have the TC6 numbers available, but I don't think +3 is terribly expensive, but it grows somewhat exponentially and I personally have a hard time rationalizing the investment for even +5.

Sure, +10 on everything would be 55 Absorption Hearts, but it kind of seems like overkill for some extra protection you will hardly ever notice. Modded bosses seem to jump from something like the Gaia Guardian II (one of the few bosses where I think the extra Shielding would be noticeable) to Draconic's Chaos Guardian (which will use special damage and tear through them so fast that the extra hearts are irrelevant).

Anthony_Kane 7 points

Sure, +10 on everything would be 55 Absorption Hearts, but it kind of seems like overkill for some extra protection you will hardly ever notice. Modded bosses seem to jump from something like the Gaia Guardian II (one of the few bosses where I think the extra Shielding would be noticeable) to Draconic's Chaos Guardian (which will use special damage and tear through them so fast that the extra hearts are irrelevant).

This, explanation, right here. Totally sums up just how stupidly OP (and poorly designed) the DE Chaos Guardian is.

kurokuno 1 point

you can say that but the point in and of its self is Draconic boss is Only supposed to be killed once you have fully upgraded Draconic Gear

Anthony_Kane -1 points

THE POINT IS that +10 Runic Shielding is ABSURDLY HARD to get, and would require far more automation to produce enough essentia just to make the infusion process successful, than the automation required to "infuse" Draconic Armor, AND YET the stupidly OP, badly designed, Chaos Guardian has to resort to CHEAP programing hacks to deal SPECIAL STUPID OP DAMAGE and RAILROAD YOU INTO "USE DRACONIC EVOLUTION ARMOR & WEAPONS OR DIE" HA! HA! in order to make its stupid armor/tools relevant.

TL;DR: The DE dev can't design a good boss battle, so they program the "Chaos Guardian" deal special damage and pretty much resort to: "Use my mod's OP Tools and Armor or I'll have my boss cheap-shop-insta-kill-you. Because FUCK YOUR EFFORT in other mods"

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Anthony_Kane 7 points

Azanor rewrote the mod from the ground up and decided to go with "Casting Gauntlets" instead. Which essentially function as wands.

That being said, Thaumcraft 6 is still in the beta stages, but people are already looking to update existing addon mods, or create new content for it, so don't surprised if someone makes an addon mod that adds similar functioning "Wands" back into the mod.

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Ajreil 8 points

A bunch of people make a mod from the ground up in 48 hours, then the community votes on a winner.

Refraction, Sync, and Morph all started as Modjam projects.

Anthony_Kane 2 points

Wasn't Translocators also a Modjam entry that won?

Anthony_Kane commented on a post in r/feedthebeast
Anthony_Kane 3 points

There's a lot that's not "there" any longer. The weapons you mentioned, drawbridges (okay that's Tinker's Mechworks but still...), Traveller's gear, Alumite.

The default answer I've seen is: Well the code is open so if someone wants to make an addon for these items then feel free.

Which Alumite was readded through a materials addon to the base mod.

But if you're waiting for the TiCon2 team to add these items back in, don't hold your breath. I know that people have been asking for Drawbridges for a while (since 1.10.2) and still nothing.

Don't get me wrong I understand their motivation to rebalance and clean up the mod, which is why the eliminated half of what they did, and overall TiCon2 is "better" than TiCon (until you break it with the mods that add extra modifiers and super materials back). But these are features people have been asking for, for a while now and there's little to no motivation to add them back in.

And I haven't seen any modders to eager to produce an addon the mod either... Unless that addon BREAKS TiCon2.

Believe me I'd love to have Taveller's Vest, Goggles, Boots, Gloves, and Belt back. They were awesome. It could be a tack on mod on its own.

Right now I'd be happy if they would just add Drawbridges back in. (AND YES I KNOW THERE'S MODULAR ROUTERS) For anyone about to suggest modular routers here's my opinion. The amount of tedium and microcrafting involved to make a modular router that can act like a drawbridge is absurd. Compare everything you have to do to make it, and then look at the recipe to make a drawbridge and then ask yourself: "Is it really worth it?" I guess if you need 1 drawbridge router for a critical function then yeah, maybe. But not if you just want to make a retractable bridge or sliding door. (Hell, its easier to craft an RFtools builder or even Shield Generator now that the camouflage options work)

Anyway sorry if this posts shatters you hopes & dreams. Just hope it at least answers your question.


bonusboni 5 points

They aren't there because TiCon2 was a complete rewrite, and nobody has gone through the work of reimplementing them. Nothing speaks against implementing them, but.. nobody has done it so far. ;P So yeah you're pretty spot on.

Anthony_Kane 0 points

Yeah I get that TiCon2 was a complete rewrite, and IMO it needed to happen because the original Tinkers was pretty much the defacto tool mod in 1.7.10 and below. TiCon2 is a far superior mod.

That being said, since 1.10.2 there have been players asking to have certain "removed features" implemented in addon mods, and those requests have largely fallen on deaf ears. (Sorry to be blunt but that's how it feels).

I don't know why other modders haven't stepped in to fill the requests. As you have said, the code is not closed, and anyone wishing to produce an addon is free to do so.

I guess the point I'm trying to get at is that people love this mod, and are making a request to the devs to look into adding back certain features, if not in the main mod, then in a separate addon, and it just seems like those requests just get ignored.

Its kind of puzzling.

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Spelly 83 points

This mod looked really promising. Once again, it's a shame that Emoniph vanished, though I assume he (?) had his reasons.

Anthony_Kane 6 points

I really wish this mod was finished. I remember watching the ForgeCraft series when this mod was being developed and thinking to myself: "I can make a BLOOD GOD for Blood Magic 2" Then I can sacrifice villagers, creatures, mobs.


That and one of the crafting items in this mod doubles as an awesome looking "Waffle Iron"

Oh well... one can dream.

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furitiem 1 point

Gaia Guardian is an infinitely better boss battle

>run directly towards him

>hit him once

>teleports away

>run directly towards him again

>eat gold apples/tinkers hearts/whatever if your armor isn't OP enough to completely tank the constant, unavoidable damage

>repeat for 5 minutes

GoG is just tedious, especially when the pack makes you grind them for spirits. If you die, it despawns and you lose nothing since you probably spawned it ten feet from your base. OTOH chaos dragons are a constant threat to one-shot you even in drac armor, and if you die it's going to be a real pain to get your stuff back.

Anthony_Kane 2 points

No, you're failing to understand what I mean here.

  • The Gaia Guardian fight DOES NOT RAILROAD YOU into using Botania's armor and weapons in order to win. You can approach this fight any number of ways. You could do this with Terra Steal armor and Botania Potions, you could do it with Dark Steel Armor and Actually Additions Coffee Brews. You could do it wearing Thaumcraft Robes, with various Foci and vanilla potions and Ars Magica 2 spells.

  • The point is that You Choose how YOU WANT to fight the Gaia Guardian. You select your equipment.

  • The Chaos Guardian literally FORCES YOU TO USE DRACONIC EVOLUTION ARMOR OR DIE!!! You are forced to fight that thing 1 way. Fuck creativity: USE DE OR DIE Fuck Individual playstyle or mod preference: USE DE OR DIE That is a bullshit, poorly designed fight, with a super OP Boss, that's in the game just to justify the existence of the mod's Stupidly OP armor.

  • You want to talk about tedious, and repeating something for 5 minutes. How about flying around the End for 5 minutes, for another 1000 blocks just encounter another Chaos Guardian (which doesn't require any summoning) just to grind out another 15 minute fight. The only reason the Chaos Guardian is a threat is because its just as stupidly over powered as the armor designed to combat it.

  • As for the threat of losing your equipment in the end, if you're smart, you Soul Bound most of your equipment so its not lost on Death like a dumbass.

So while I understand your reasoning that the Gaia Guardian can be just as tedious with an attack pattern that just needs to be repeated in order to attain victory, I still see it as a more enjoyable Boss fight BECAUSE IT LETS ME FIGHT THE BOSS MY WAY

Because last I checked Minecraft (and even Modded MC) is ultimately a Sandbox game. You should be able to play however you want. Well if that's true then Draconic Evolution breaks this one, somewhat fundamental and generally acknowledged rule, by FORCING YOU TO USE ITS OP ARMOR TO BEAT ITS OP BOSS OR DIE!!

furitiem 1 point

You don't need to use DE armor, there's always Avaritia...

Anthony_Kane 1 point

1.) Avaritia is not in nearly as many packs as Draconic Evolution

2.) Over Powered to beat Over Powered isn't better.

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