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excusetodrink 2 points

If you have a Saturday morning go to Alliance at 10:30. It’s all rolling, lots of higher belts. 10:30-12:00. It’s about 10 minutes away from you.

ApiaryJJ 1 point

Perfect! Thanks!!

chokingmn 2 points

Other than that, like you said, you're probably closest to The Cellar, Alliance and M-Theory. I can only personally speak for M-theory in that group, but it's hard to go wrong with those choices.

ApiaryJJ 1 point

I appreciate all the help. I'll definitely hit one or two of those during our visit.

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ApiaryJJ commented on a post in r/homegym
ApiaryJJ 1 point

I have the Rep AB3000 as my only bench. If I could do it all over again, I'd get a flat bench. We don't incline enough to justify the trade-offs of less stability, a larger gap at the split, and being a bit of a pain to move around. It has rollers, but sometimes you just want to grab it and move it.

It isn't a bad bench if you'll be doing more incline work than we do.

ApiaryJJ commented on a post in r/funny
ApiaryJJ 19 points

I'm equally impressed how they avoided colliding with any others in those waves with such ease. It looked like he threaded the needle a few times squeezing through the gaps as it was quite crowded.

ApiaryJJ commented on a post in r/woodworking
IndiaCompany 24 points

What? The tree was damaged and dying from a lightening strike, and if the top of the canopy is dying back, it's terminal.

ApiaryJJ 3 points

Spoiler alert! Don't read any further if you plan on watching Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 for the first time...

I took u/rapscallionx 's reply as a reference to GOG2 where Starlord's true father (Kurt Russell) was basically sucking the life out of planets across the universe. Had to give his post an upvote to oppose all the downvotes over the missed reference.

Edit: Guardians of the Galaxy "2".

IndiaCompany 1 point

But Starlord wasn't sucking creation dry, it was his father.

It could be a reference. If so, u/rapscallionx let us know! Otherwise it sounds like a negative post because a dying tree was cut down and being re-purposed for something else.

ApiaryJJ 1 point

Yes, but u/rapscallionx reply was directly to this post: "He’s taking after his true father."

I also had to give that an upvote because I assume others missed the reference. If there's some kind of salacious backstory about C. Pratt's real father IRL, I don't know about it. So, I assumed these two posts were shitposts for laughs. I love pop cultural references and found them amusing.

ApiaryJJ commented on a post in r/bjj
Kintanon 3 points

The earliest Jones can apply to come back is August. Even if he comes back and is offered an immediate title fight it would be December. There's no reason for DC to entertain that possibility when he has money fights available right now. When Jones actually shows he can pass a drug test then DC can address it.

ApiaryJJ 1 point

It was weird to me he'd consider Lesnar after saying the fights w Jones don't count due to the PED use/ cheating. I stand corrected though. Looks like Cormier still does want a piece of Jones. I personally don't count the last fight either and I'd love to see them run it again. Unless he loses to a clean Jones, he is the GOAT in my opinion. As far as a rematch w Miocic, I hate immediate rematches unless the fight was controversial. And Lesnar doesn't interest me. I think he'll use PEDs, fight and collect the check, and then get suspended all over again just like his last fight w Hunt. But he takes an L by KO w DC.

Kintanon 2 points

I only care about the Lesnar v DC fight so I can watch Lesnar get completely destroyed while waiting for Jones to come back for the LHW GOAT match.

ApiaryJJ 1 point

That's a good way to look at it. OK, I'm on board for the Lesnar match. I wonder if DC Jones 3 is at heavy though.

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ApiaryJJ commented on a post in r/bjj
ApiaryJJ 2 points

Belt tests are no problem for me unless they are used as another revenue stream for the business. Charge me for the cost of the belt? No problem! Try to lump in a premium just as a formality? Nope-- I'm already paying monthly dues and putting in work on the mats to improve my game and help others improve theirs!! And it seems like adding stripes and tying on belts of new colors would be a pleasure for the instructor and a benefit to the academy.

I chose not to join a large local academy several years ago because I was put off by their practice of charging for belt promotions. Aside from that, I loved the place. It worked out in the long run as I ended up at the right place.

Back to the original post-- it seems that a belt test just serves to demonstrate one focused on learning techniques from the academy's curriculum rather than just showing up and winning rolls.

Disclaimer: I haven't had to do any belt tests.

ApiaryJJ commented on a post in r/bjj
ApiaryJJ 2 points

Everybody is different and only you know how bad that injury is ruining your training. If you feel you can't train on the mats with the injury, I don't think it is an unreasonable request. Requiring a doctor's written note seems a bit over the top. You asked for a pause, not a cancellation. As others have suggested, maybe try taping it up well and see if you can get through a class though.

Also, have you tried having a face to face discussion with the business manager or owner? Sometimes, the receptionists are very inflexible as they are just doing their jobs. A conversation with someone higher up may prove more fruitful.

I once had a minor disagreement over a contract renewal with the girl at the front desk where I train. I signed the contract, but spent the entire weekend pissed about it. When I approached her boss (the owner) with the issue, it was worked out-- no problem.

Give that a shot if you haven't already.

Good luck!

ApiaryJJ commented on a post in r/bjj
ApiaryJJ 1 point

Sounds like you still have the love. If you have the means, see a sports medicine doctor and a physical therapist who specializes in treating athletes. They understand their job is to get you back to functioning normally pain-free on the mats. This has allowed me to get back to training after missing time due to low back problems. The back problems also seem to be attributed to my life as a desk jockey more than my extracurricular activities like BJJ.

Do you sit all day for your job?

ApiaryJJ commented on a post in r/bjj
[deleted] -4 points


ApiaryJJ 6 points

The guy sounds like a creep, but this is a horrible idea. The OP sounds more level-headed than that. Wanna smash the guy in the next roll? Sure, go for it!! Not respecting the tap or berating and swearing at other people on the mats? Nah, keep that shit out of the academy. Let the head instructor handle it his way. It's his business. Perhaps he is allowing the guy to stick around so all the guys can run him off by turning it up on him.

ApiaryJJ commented on a post in r/homegym
ApiaryJJ 2 points

I have another brand's 3x3. If I could do it all over again, I'd get Rogue's R3. I've seen the Rogue 2x3 rigs in person and they are very strong/rigid bolted down. The only things you lose that I can think if are the ability to mount accessories on all 4 faces of each upright; 3x3 may be a bit more aesthetically appealing; RML has a paint color option.

My experience is that my 3x3 rack is Rock solid in the front-rear direction of the uprights but gas some slight sway side to side, so I prefer to mount my Matador dip accessory exclusively on the front. The 3x3 has literally no practical advantage for me personally.

The pros of going 2x3 v 3x3: Lower cost; Cheaper accessories; More spacing on the outsides of the uprights makes reracking the barbells easier.

Good luck!

ApiaryJJ commented on a post in r/homegym
ApiaryJJ 1 point

I was shopping for a rack able curl bar last week. Besides the one you own and those mentioned by others, this one also seemed to get a lot of praise.

There are also those Swiss bars and football bars.

I ended up getting a standard unrackable curl bar.

Good luck!

ApiaryJJ commented on a post in r/essentialoils
ApiaryJJ 1 point

Came here to learn more about essential oils. More specifically, it's time to buy more tea tree oil and I am looking for a safe brand that is not unreasonably expensive that others are confident that the contents are as advertised.

I digress, but the first post I see is this one which looks like spam.

eric_twinge 2 points

They're a great movement to use some bands for assistance on. Otherwise they turn into a kind of plyo-pushup.

ApiaryJJ 1 point

Great point. My Nordic curls certainly require plyo-pushups😀.

Barkadion 3 points

This is my GHR from Orlando Barbell. Very compact and robust.

ApiaryJJ 1 point

Do you feel like you're missing anything w the limited ROM? That definitely meets the space saving goal. Thanks for the suggestion!

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ApiaryJJ commented on a post in r/homegym
victrhugochavez 2 points

You kinda need the box or it slips away. Even the box rocks out of position without the stabilizer arm, and as far as I know Titan did not clone that.

I have one, but I DIY-modified mine so I doubt it’d be helpful

ApiaryJJ 1 point

I'm trying to figure out whether I want to purchase or diy a GHD, so I'd like to see what you did w yours if you don't mind sharing.

ApiaryJJ commented on a post in r/bjj
Ngo_Knows 1 point

I think the system would improve more with a weighing system due to difficulty


Blue 1x

Purple 2x

Brown 5x

Black 10x

A blue belt champion = 1 x 9 = 9 pts

A black belt silver medalist - 3 x 10 = 30 pts

ApiaryJJ 2 points

This might help with what some of us consider sandbagging.

erangalp 3 points

Both male and female categories matter, but the male category has more athletes, so winning it basically guarantees you winning the team victory.

You get team points for medalling as follows:

  • Champion – 9 points
  • Runner-up – 3 points
  • Third place – 1 point
ApiaryJJ 1 point

Does rank not also factor into it, eg, does a good at blue belt earn same number of points toward team trophy as a gold at black belt?

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