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ApiaryJJ commented on a post in r/crossfit
chirpies33 -27 points

People are such fucking heroes on the internet. How many of these people would say shit like that to her in real life. Yeah, she did a shitty thing - but fuck me it’s exercise for time.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t agree with what she did, but I hate how people get so fucking nasty online. Just try not to be a cunt, good words to live by.

ApiaryJJ 1 point

^ stands up against internet heroes by calling others internet heroes and cunts... on the internet.

I agree with your point, but the irony-- intended or not-- made me giggle.

I am a fan of Brooke's, but pulling against her in these games. This debacle was a reminder of how young and immature many of these professional athletes are. Brooke literally just graduated from college. She's still making lots of mistakes out of youthful hubris (which I don't think is a bad thing in young women especially) and hopefully growing as a person and role model from them.

But I hope she gets crushed this year, owns it, and comes back strong!

Edit: pulling against her for this year's games.

chirpies33 1 point

I didn’t actually call anyone a cunt, I just said don’t be a cunt. Plus I’m Australian so cunt isn’t really a terrible word here.

Been downvoted to hell, but I will just never understand the need people have to harass others online so much.

ApiaryJJ 1 point

It's all good. Just busting chops, man!

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ApiaryJJ commented on a post in r/homegym
drx604 1 point

i just have a small hatch back, do you guys think i can fit 4 of these if i pop down the rear seats? will the mats kind of bend enough ? especially if stacking 4?

ApiaryJJ 3 points

Have an employee help you and you will be able to roll them much more tightly and fit into your car better. I used a single ratchet strap for each roll which also served as a handle. My hatchback carried 5 rolled up no problem. If I tried and had enough straps, probably could have fit another or two. Get them on a good day because you'll need to drive home w the windows down. Those things wreak for the first few days.

Also, they wouldn't fit laid flat, but they are very flexible for rolling. It is much better with two people rolling from each side together. The pattern on one side makes them difficult to slide into your car after the first one, so another person's help loading up is invaluable.

Edit: added laying flat part

ApiaryJJ commented on a post in r/bjj
ApiaryJJ 6 points

Volleyball knee pads like Mizuno or Asics. Or, I really like my McDavid Hex knee pads. The material is very thin and I forget I'm wearing them. No troubles yet, but I expect there's a durability trade-off that will eventually reveal itself.

I got the knee pads because I had bruises right in the center of my knee caps that just would not heal up.

If my McDavids ever fall apart, I may just give some 7mm compression sleeves a try. Those would probably provide enough padding protection while being more durable (I think).

Let us know what you go with and how they work out.

ApiaryJJ commented on a post in r/GooglePixel
irishchug 3 points

I love the Apple watch, I am totally stuck with iPhones until Google makes a watch as good as apple's. Here's hoping...

ApiaryJJ 1 point

Same here...kinda! My wife has an Apple Watch and I'm considering going back to iPhone from my Pixel2 so I can have a decent smartwatch (by my own standards). I know many Android watch owners may find that statement ludicrous. My neighbor switched from Pixel phone to iPhone for the same reason. I've resisted because I am happy on Project Fi and haven't felt smartwatches were worth the cost. Seeing my wife's usage of hers has me rethinking smartwatches. Really hoping a Pixel watch is released that is comparable to the Apple Watch. Fingers crossed!

ApiaryJJ commented on a post in r/homegym
ApiaryJJ 12 points

That bike is like "I don't feel so good".

deddriff 1 point

Yeah wtf is this photoshopped?

ApiaryJJ 1 point

It's all part of the Mad Titan, Thanos', plan to randomly wipe out 50% of the Universe and restore order.

ApiaryJJ commented on a post in r/bjj
TheLoooseCannon 5 points

couldn't skip through the 30 second add on youtube to get to it...she had no intentions of making weight weeks ago. Her body looked great for the beach but hardly fight shape. I'm not saying every fighter needs to be ripped but 8 pounds is a disgrace

ApiaryJJ 1 point

After laughing about her huge miss all weekend, this is kinda pissing me off as abith a fan of Mackenzie and MMA in general. Seems like after missing weight 3 out of 7 total MMA matches in her career, any further misses are on the UFC and fight commission. I saw a report yesterday that UFC fighters who missed weight in 2018 have a record of 6-0.

If I understand correctly, their opponents either accept the fight or don't get paid. They are paying for their training camp and the trip (room/board, meals, etc) for their team to and from the fight out of their own pockets. Then, they get thrown under the bus for not being "fighters".

Force promotions to guarantee full payment to fighters who show up on weight when their opponent does not. Or outlaw fights when both fighters don't make weight. Then let's see how quickly these habitual cheaters either show up on weight, move up, or wash out.

I'm starting to view fighting overweight tantamount to getting popped for PED's. 6-0...sheesh!!

ApiaryJJ commented on a post in r/homegym
evw1991 5 points

Jujimufu is a YouTube sensation and uses a bunch of their shit look him up

ApiaryJJ 2 points

Never heard of him before, but had to sub his channel. Entertaining and strong as hell.

ApiaryJJ 2 points

I considered the Strencor stuff, but the online pricing didn't seem competitive for a relatively unknown brand. It might be good quality, but I wasn't willing to take the risk at their advertised prices. Vulcan is also in Charlotte if you want to support a local business and save on shipping. I purchased a couple bars, a set of bumper plates, and a power rack from Vulcan. The bars and plates are good, but that Slim Fit Rack is not manufactured as advertised. The hardware is smaller and the hole spacing is wider. I let them know, but they have not updated the website or otherwise acknowledged my complaint. However, they did immediately overnight a couple items missing from my order soon as I let them know and hassle-free. I don't think they claim their stuff is made in USA, but I'm not 100% sure on that.

I got smaller items like bench, rubber bands, and medicine balls from Rep.

If I could do it all over again though, I'd get the heavy stuff like rack and bars from Rogue. Maybe get the bumpers from Fringe.

Good luck!

ApiaryJJ commented on a post in r/strength_training
ApiaryJJ 1 point

You might consider seeing a physical therapist. Low back pain is commonly caused by tightness or weakness in other areas such as hip flexors, hamstrings, and glutes. A physical therapist may quickly pinpoint the cause and help eliminate that backpain.

I've suffered low back pain over 20 years. When it gets too bad, I see my PT rather than medical doctor. Working out keeps it feeling good.

ApiaryJJ commented on a post in r/bjj
BasicsOnly 3 points

Yes - it even has core curriculum material for each position and facet of BJJ (i.e. guard, guard passing, half guard, mount, etc.) and like 20 guest instructors with sections ranging from Sambo experts (e.g. Reilly Bodycomb) to Travis Stevens (Olympic Silver Medalist Judoka and Blackbelt under Renzo at Renzo Gracie HQ). Every question you have has extremely in-depth explanations, solutions, and videos. Easily the best money I've ever put into Jiu Jitsu - it has paid for itself many times over in my mind.

Also - it seems that it has over a $100 discount right now, which is a better deal than when I signed up a year ago. Divide the cost by 12, and it costs less for a lifetime membership for grappler's guide than it does for a monthly membership to any of the other sites for even a year.

ApiaryJJ 2 points

I was going to suggest GrapplersGuide as well. Positional concepts, drills, game plans, grapple flows. Jason is also very responsive to questions and suggestions for content. He's constantly adding to the site. Man, it's awesome. I have a pretty big library of DVD's by my favorite BJJ champions, but Jason is best at teaching in my opinion.

[deleted] -24 points


ApiaryJJ 18 points

Thanks for the comment. Your heart is in the right place, but it only reinforces the false notion that weight is the fair indicator of beauty and health. Even BMI is widely used, but also widely known to inaccurately reflect one's health.

The other "girl" (Amanda Bobby Cooper) faces those same social pressures. She's also going into a fight having suffered through a weight cut that Mackenzie chose not to.

There was no fat joke here so don't spin it into something it's not. Mackenzie is heavily hyped because of her beauty more than her fighting skills. She doesn't get to be let off the hook under the guise that it's fat shaming for missing weight by 7+ pounds just because she's female. It was literally her job to cut her water and show up 7.4 pounds lighter. You do know she said she was asked to leave her team recently because she was spending days at the beach when she was supposed to be in the gym training, right? I have cheered Mackenzie for years, hence me seeing her hilarious IG post. She decided to not suffer the weight cut because she was lackadaisical in her training camp and needs an advantage in the fight. She blew it off to bring extra cardio into the cage.

I still stand by my giggles at her plugging the scale as a "game changer" and then missing weight by approximately a full weight class.

ApiaryJJ 227 points

Seeing down votes, so a bit of context. Dern has a history of missing weight. Yesterday, she missed weight by 7.4# for tonight's UFC fight. That's a lot for any weight class; it's worse when you consider she fights in the 115 class. She has been heavily hyped by the UFC and then recently stated she spends time on the beach when her coaches wanted her in the gym training.

She endorses a scale on her IG 2 days before missing weight by a mile.

Irony = funny

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ApiaryJJ commented on a post in r/bjj
ApiaryJJ 4 points

No, this does not seem disrespectful. Maybe the brown belt was having a bad day? Perhaps he was having a hard time with you in that position, got frustrated, and thought you were clowning. Regardless, seems like poor behavior from a brown belt. I can't imagine any browns that I know having a problem with that.

ApiaryJJ commented on a post in r/bjj
ApiaryJJ 1 point

I'd suggest doing a free trial at every gym that you can realistically see yourself attending after considering location and class times. Don't make a decision based on grappling credentials alone. The best competitors don't make the best teachers. Some gyms cater better to competitors than hobbyists with families and full-time jobs and vice versa.

As a whole, BJJ gyms are filled with nice welcoming people. It's easy to feel at home at the very first academy you walk into. Then, when you first train, you may feel you're amongst the greatest fighters in the world. BJJ is supposed to be a lifelong journey, so visit each class within your radius and then let your gut tell you which one is home.

Consider the contract fine print as well.

ApiaryJJ commented on a post in r/crossfit
ApiaryJJ 1 point

It is not free, but I'm using this and really like it.

It comes with a Wodify account where you can see the workouts, post results, and see how others performed on the whiteboard. In addition to the daily WOD, on Sundays they post workouts specific to powerlifting, Olympic, endurance, gymnastics,and something they call Suns out Guns Out (or something silly like that). MWF they post a lighter conditioning workout for those new to training, coming back from injury, etc.

With free WODs like Computrain and Misfit available, I struggled to justify paying for it. But, gave it a try and found it worthwhile. The programming feels more familiar...and challenging.

qsdls 4 points

The added crossmembers would definitely help with keeping it stiff. Even with the anchors, you'll probably get more flex that you would without the added supports. You'll put unnecessary stress on the anchors/welds/feet than you need to.

In the end, it'll probably be fine, but I would still call them up and have them send out the extra cross members. You may have to cut or shim them to get them to fit snug, but I think it would be worth the effort. In the mean time, I wouldn't slam the weights any harder than necessary while racking.

ApiaryJJ 2 points

Thanks for your advice. I ended up sending them an email Friday afternoon asking for them. In that same email, I also complained about the hole spacing of the rack being 3" instead of the 2" as advertised. They never replied to my email, so I figured they were just writing me off. The following Tuesday, those crossmembers were waiting for me in front of the garage. Pretty cool!

Aside from not replying about my comments on the hole spacing, Vulcan's customer service has been extraordinary.

BeautyPagentDiarrhea 2 points

Lol @ the tv placement!

ApiaryJJ 1 point

Yeah, that's probably going to come down. I was using it to cast a workout timer to the screen. The tv was just sitting in a closet unused, so it was a free workout timer. But, I crushed the Chromecast when I pushed the tv against the wall, so I'll probably just get a timer anyways. Those things are unbelievably expensive.

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ApiaryJJ 5 points

According to some people's posts on FB and a few forums, they are getting duped and PayPal is denying some of their claims.

And the point of this post was to hopefully prevent some from having to go through the fraudulent claim process. It can take several months for resolution and is generally a pain in the arse.

Edit: second paragraph

simio 5 points

I had a scam with a C2 over Amazon, good think their guarantee works very good and had my money back in a month or so. Never thought it would happen on Amazon

ApiaryJJ 3 points

Wow! I don't know if I'd think twice about safety on Amazon. Thanks for the heads up!

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