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AppleBetas commented on a post in r/jailbreak
mleroy15 3 points

Hope it isn’t > $5 :/

AppleBetas 0 points

It won’t be. That’d be a bit extreme

oguzhanvarsak 16 points

Will it work on iOS 10 too?

AppleBetas 6 points

While it won’t be at release, this is planned for a future update.

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AppleBetas commented on a post in r/jailbreak
oFlippo [score hidden]

Just my 2¢, Trial 3 is utter BS. I don’t pirate, but that is censorship. You have no right what so ever to know or ASSUME what any 2 users would be PM’ing one another about. The power you have within your rights is explicitly the content on this subreddit. Even if you have an idea that it’s about piracy, and nothing was explicitly said or linked IN THIS SUB, then you have no right no censor it. Take a step down off your high horse and learn that fine line.

AppleBetas [score hidden]

You must have misread it. If a user clearly requests piracy via PM using the subreddit, it breaks the rules.

Such as:

“I have [paid tweak] free”

PM me a copy, please

“Anyone want to send me [paid tweak]?


It’s not a community to arrange for the distribution of piracy either.

AppleBetas commented on a post in r/jailbreak
jailbreakmods 0 points

I just struggled to see how you wouldn’t notice it.

Considering it was a Sunday, most of us were free and doing things to prepare for the new week. In cases like this, we rely on modqueue to approve/remove posts and we (sometimes) don't have the time to see the posts that aren't in the modqueue.

It’s just factually untrue, and it’s massively hypocritical for a start. It attacks coolstar for bringing up andy’s past, yet the poster brings up coolstar’s past. It makes factually incorrect assumptions, such as with coolstar and sauriks relationship — it’s purely summised based on opinion, yet it’s presented as fact. It also advertises itself as a fact.

Taking a look at that post again, it didn't violate rule #9 (toxic and incivility rule). I get where you are coming from as this post directly involves you. The OP even admitted to not like you, so I now see how the post was biased. However, CS wasn't attacked (i.e. called names, doxxed, and etc). If the OP was wrong, then people would vote and let them know. I do see that you commented there, and some others too, but this post wasn't breaking a rule.

Because they don’t expect anything anymore.

We don't want this to be the case. For anyone reading this, we are here if you need to do changes around the sub. If you give us feedback, we will discuss it internally to implement these changes. Always expect something (at least a response) if you message us.

But I feel like you could and should do more to guide the community; more visibility, and actually post about controversial topics. The subreddit needs people that are trustworthy, and aren’t going to side on stuff easily.

I see what you mean. We will take this into consideration. We can do some changes in the sub to control situations. But again, if we don't get feedbacks, like yours, we don't know what the community wants/needs.

AppleBetas 1 point

However, CS wasn't attacked (i.e. called names, doxxed, and etc).

Hm, I consider posting false and inflammatory statements about someone to be an ‘attack’.

If the OP was wrong, then people would vote and let them know.

No, just no. This is like the first rule of informing people in general. People rarely dig into what they read. They take it as fact. Because of how that post was presented, the claims were all taken as true. This is such a ridiculous response that I wouldn’t even believe you if you told me that this didn’t pop into your head for even a second as you posted it.

AppleBetas commented on a post in r/iOSBeta
AppleBetas [M] [score hidden]

Your post was removed because it was determined that you were not following the rules of the subreddit.

We expect posts on r/iOSBeta to be relevant. This sub is dedicated to iOS Betas, and all discussion should pertain to these betas. We have separate subreddits for watchOS Betas, macOS Betas, and tvOS Betas.

Please keep this in mind the next time you participate in discussion at r/iOSBeta.

AppleBetas commented on a post in r/jailbreak
Sniper_GER 5 points

Developer here

It's not working yet on iOS 10. I only had a Health database from iOS 11 and it seems the structure has changed between versions. Once I get a complete database (exported data unfortunately isn't enough) from iOS 10, I will update it

AppleBetas 1 point

Out of curiosity, wouldn’t using HealthKit fix this? (Not sure, haven’t looked into it)

AppleBetas commented on a post in r/jailbreak
Sunsteal 1 point

' tweaks is worth something'. Well if your getting something for these 'free' tweaks your developing then they're no longer free.

And I have nothing against developers getting paid, just about the way they're doing it now and pretending they're not.

AppleBetas 0 points

Donation-supported development isn’t a new concept. The tweaks are free for everyone to use. As a perk for people who choose to support us, we give early access to beta copies of our tweaks (usually we would just test them internally). Nothing’s being pretended, except we’ve given donors gifts now.

Sunsteal 1 point

But why come onto a public forum and tell everyone who isn't a doner as they're not getting access anyway? Surely those who donate allready know what they can access, you tell them?

If it was a simple request for donations through patreon I'd not have a single problem, really, but when beta/early access/perks are mentioned it's always linked in the same conversation to patreon/donations so surely you see why people think the way they do.

AppleBetas 0 points

People are getting access, just not yet. The post is titled [Upcoming] for a reason. We’ve been pre-announcing our tweaks before Patreon existed, and continue to intend doing so, although I can see what you’re getting at.

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AppleBetas commented on a post in r/jailbreak
ericrabil 8 points

Just a heads up that distributing Animoji files would be a copyright violation and you could receive a DMCA.

AppleBetas 2 points

Welp, downvoted for saying the (annoying) truth, trying to help people. Good job r/jailbreak.

UnknownLostUser -1 points

Yea their not gonna sue or etc on small fish tho it would be a waste of money and time for Apple.

AppleBetas -1 points

This is Apple; of course they will.

Source: did it to me

AppleBetas commented on a post in r/iOSBeta
GalSa 0 points

As you probably know, updates are first tested internally. Sometimes these updates don’t make it out to the public simply because the next iteration contains even more fixes, enough for the version number to be incremented. So why doesn’t Apple just add the fixes to the same version number? Version tracking is extremely important, especially in such complex systems. Say a certain fix was introduced in iOS 11.2.3, tested internally, committed to the Source Control. And now a different team managed to fix another significant issue and it’s iOS 11.2.4. Why not add it to 11.2.3, you ask. Say another team works on iOS 11.2.5 now, and something they changed breaks something in the OS. Now you need to figure out what changed. So you go back to 11.2.4 - does the problem exist? Yes - go back to 11.2.3 - how about now?

Whilst if you combined both fixes into a single version, say 11.2.3, and you go back to it and realize the problem is already there. How do you know which one of the fixes caused the issue? That’s why the separation is necessary, and that’s why the public don’t get every single version.

AppleBetas 0 points

Build numbers.

AppleBetas commented on a post in r/jailbreak
Medicated_Dedicated 1 point

Is the framework really different that melody can’t be updated to iOS 11?

AppleBetas 3 points

Without an exponentially more amount of work, yes. We'd love to do it, I still want the iOS 9 Music app. It's just not realistic to ask of anyone at this point. I will say though, it's not completely off the table. Just for now.

Medicated_Dedicated 1 point

I’ll take that as a no.

AppleBetas 1 point

Melody works by recreating a ton of the UI of iOS 9, as well as piggybacking off of some of what's leftover. iOS 11 removes a ton more of what's leftover, making it completely different to finish.

(you should have taken it as a yes)

It's open source though, so nothing's stopping you from doing it if you'd like.

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AppleBetas commented on a post in r/news
MaggooMaggee -1 points

Don’t you need an Apple Watch or similar device for the health app to record anything more than basic estimated steps taken?

For them to say he had 2 peaks of more strenuous activity I am guessing they have heart rate data, the way they tested their theory doesn’t seem very accurate.

AppleBetas 3 points

I think 6 and up now record flights climbed, in addition to the steps that the 5s introduced recording for. Pretty sure that’s all the phone itself records.

AppleBetas commented on a post in r/apple
leonardoty 12 points

It’s actually because night shift was coded for 64 but, meaning chips older than A7 can’t take advantage. They COULD code the 32 bit version, but they likely won’t.

AppleBetas 3 points

Completely untrue. It’s not that low level that it’s coded for only a specific architecture. It’s just purposefully disabled, likely for performance concerns.

bellowingbullfinches 1 point

How could there be a noticeable performance hit? There are accessibility options on all devices that have similar full screen effects (reduce white point, invert colors, etc.) with no performance hit. Why is night shift different?

Also, there are patches that enable it for unsupported Macs. As far as I can tell from Google, there are zero issues.

I know you’re not arguing that it was disabled for performance reasons, but I’d love to see any evidence supporting same.

AppleBetas 1 point

Honestly I’d love to have the answer to this, but all we really have is Apple’s word, and that on some supported devices (like my 6, but not my X) setting the temperature to the warmest makes iOS warn about potential performance loss.

AppleBetas commented on a post in r/apple
er-day 210 points

People who actually understand tech don't work retail at an Apple store...

AppleBetas 3 points

Some do. In fact, it’s great experience and rewarding work if you’re a student, and can even open up further opportunities for you inside Apple.

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