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AppleBetas commented on a post in r/news
MaggooMaggee -1 points

Don’t you need an Apple Watch or similar device for the health app to record anything more than basic estimated steps taken?

For them to say he had 2 peaks of more strenuous activity I am guessing they have heart rate data, the way they tested their theory doesn’t seem very accurate.

AppleBetas 3 points

I think 6 and up now record flights climbed, in addition to the steps that the 5s introduced recording for. Pretty sure that’s all the phone itself records.

AppleBetas commented on a post in r/apple
leonardoty 12 points

It’s actually because night shift was coded for 64 but, meaning chips older than A7 can’t take advantage. They COULD code the 32 bit version, but they likely won’t.

AppleBetas 3 points

Completely untrue. It’s not that low level that it’s coded for only a specific architecture. It’s just purposefully disabled, likely for performance concerns.

bellowingbullfinches 1 point

How could there be a noticeable performance hit? There are accessibility options on all devices that have similar full screen effects (reduce white point, invert colors, etc.) with no performance hit. Why is night shift different?

Also, there are patches that enable it for unsupported Macs. As far as I can tell from Google, there are zero issues.

I know you’re not arguing that it was disabled for performance reasons, but I’d love to see any evidence supporting same.

AppleBetas 0 points

Honestly I’d love to have the answer to this, but all we really have is Apple’s word, and that on some supported devices (like my 6, but not my X) setting the temperature to the warmest makes iOS warn about potential performance loss.

AppleBetas commented on a post in r/jailbreak
AppleBetas 28 points

Added to my list ;)

German8835 7 points

Can you also make this work with Touch ID? Just like in good old iOS 6 days :)

AppleBetas 3 points

Check out LockGlyphX. It kinda implements what you're looking for, alongside a really cool animation.

AppleBetas commented on a post in r/jailbreak
AppleBetas 2 points

That wouldn't be a realistic solution. It would increase the power draw from the battery, meaning it would shut down faster under any load in the cold. You'd be increasing the thing causing the device to shut down for a small potential gain, all whilst wasting battery (and also shortening its life).

AppleBetas commented on a post in r/technology
Mr-Mister -9 points

Also by having that behaviour nonresettable upon battery change.

EDIT: Seems I was misinformed, and thusly wrong. Replacing the battery does reset that behaviour, according to some redditors.

AppleBetas 13 points


If you mean the behaviour doesn’t reset when you exchange the battery, you’re wrong. I’m not a fan of this behaviour either, but I know that as soon as you swap out the battery for a new one, the phone is no longer throttled. In fact, the only way this became a controversy is because someone swapped out the battery, noticed their phone got way faster, and posted Geekbench results to compare.

AppleBetas commented on a post in r/jailbreak
TKO_Cuber 217 points

The last 32-Bit jailbreak... forever.

Way to go Tihmstar!

Giving all 32-bit devices freedom forever!

EDIT- iPhone 5 on 10.3.1 kernel panics when hitting jailbreak (tried 10+ times)... after updating to 10.3.3 it works perfectly though!

AppleBetas 0 points

Inb4 watchOS jailbreak

Royorbs3 2 points

Is this bad?

*Edit cannot type anything into it

AppleBetas 0 points

The first error happens to everyone for now, it can be safely ignored.

As for not being able to type, that isn’t normal. Try force quitting and re-opening the terminal.

DavidQT69 1 point

Ok it seems to work now but I’m still getting an error at the top, and it appears I can’t login as Root and change my password. Is it a stripped down version that isn’t capable of doing that yet?

MTerminal update


AppleBetas 1 point

It actually defaults to root, and the error hasn't been fixed yet. It still directly starts zsh rather than logging in with mobile.

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AppleBetas commented on a post in r/jailbreak
AppleBetas 19 points


Sorry about this. I was asleep and it turns out that the IPA I released had a broken bootstrap file. I'm going to be releasing a new build soon that fixes the issue.

EDIT: Get the fixed IPA here.


tachos1 3 points

Thank you for your time and replying. I’m looking forward to download your IPA. If you have time make a post after updating the IPA. Thank you

AppleBetas 5 points

The fixed version can now be downloaded here

AppleBetas commented on a post in r/jailbreak
krisadamstv 6 points

December 2nd can be the data lent day. You have to switch off your data after midday 😂

AppleBetas 4 points

But it wouldn’t help because it’s recurring local notifications (sent and scheduled offline)

AppleBetas commented on a post in r/jailbreak
WoodsGold 1 point

Hey /u/AppleBetas I have no idea how possible this is but how hard would it be to connect the PS4 controller to the iPhone via Bluetooth through a tweak modifying the original Bluetooth (cause currently the controller doesn’t work on iPhone)

AppleBetas 3 points

Not really sure, haven't experimented much with Bluetooth stuff (for lack of hardware)

Idennis7G 2 points

Glad to see you back here. Are you considering the option to complete melody?

AppleBetas 5 points

Not at the moment.

It would take a lot of work and it gets even harder with iOS 11.

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AppleBetas commented on a post in r/jailbreak
j626w 2 points

Where you been? We missed you :3

AppleBetas 9 points

Focusing on some other things in my life. Might come back to release some iOS 11 tweaks and update existing depending on how this goes, though.

j626w 3 points

If you don’t mind me asking, would that happen to be college (etc) or App Store projects? I just recently got the X and I’m still looking for some good apps to get. I’m glad you could follow your own path, but I’m more than happy to have you back on the scene if this jb drops!

AppleBetas 6 points

I’m still in high school so it’s a combination of that, some App Store apps, and some paid work. Sadly, I can’t name any of these here.

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AppleBetas commented on a post in r/jailbreak
toniqyteza 4 points

On every post on r/jailbreak you have to say something negative. Come on

AppleBetas 3 points

Sorry about that, null's one of those people who likes to be realistic. Yuck. But if you insist, I'll try to be positive every time I post from now on, to lessen the blow from good ol' null.

It's snowing here and I love it and a jailbreak is happening I love my life so much school kinda sucks right now but its okay because its over in a week and that's pretty cool! Anyways thanks for giving me the chance to post I always appreciate getting to share my opinion! 🤗

AppleBetas commented on a post in r/jailbreak
FNCxPro 0 points

Nah, and I wouldn't want to play with tweaks that have to do with real money that can be used for real purposes. The feature was added sometime in the 11.2 betas, around 11.2b4 I think. You'd have to port all of Apple's code for Apple Pay Cash and spoof everything so it looks like the device is on 11.2. Seems like a lot of work, but it has a very small possibility of happening, but a large possibility of it NOT happening

AppleBetas 1 point

Or if you have the internal Apple Pay Cash beta profile, that works too, because the code is there, just the server URL is different.

AppleBetas commented on a post in r/announcements
MageFood 5 points

I'm the real timecook /u/applebetas i would rater have gold then an iphone X

AppleBetas 1 point

An iPhone 8 in gold will have to do

Oafus 54 points

Hi, Tim Cook here. PM me and I’ll give you my address for the phone (8 please) and Ipad.

AppleBetas 23 points

Tim, you aren't going for an X? I assumed a guy like you would go for the more expensive one.

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