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Your dad is trying to prove to you that you can’t do it, by making you fail via removing all possibility of success. If you start pretending to walk home, he’ll insist that you can’t walk home any more as it’s not safe. If you get a bike, it’ll be “stolen”, every solution, he’ll find a new problem.

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Original Poster330 points · 4 months ago

:( I hope you’re wrong, but it seems like you might be right. Thank you.

Thing're not an adult. Does your state have curfew laws that affect 16 year olds? Casually mention to your dad that you're going to buy a gun (you aren't really) so you feel safer on the way home. That might change his opinion.

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Original Poster29 points · 4 months ago

Honestly, idk about curfew laws. I’ve been out late before and cops never gave any trouble, so I just assume there are none. Lol, I might use the gun idea though, thanks!

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