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nstav13 7 points

No, fuck Reda. I set his camel on fire too after I spent 60,000 drachma at once and didn't get one legendary item.

Arbitrarul 1 point


qwert1225 11 points

Fuck that little shit for giving me the pharaohs outfit for the 100th time

Arbitrarul 3 points

Now, now, he tries his best. Remember that his parents were boiled in a bronze bull.

O-NoItsNick 1 point

hi i need fg and white deil. Anything from my last post interest you?

Arbitrarul 1 point

I'm not interested in Toppers, do u have anything else?

O-NoItsNick 1 point

a few boosts and decals if any of that sort of stuff interest you.

Arbitrarul 1 point

Hmm, what Decals?

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MarfellRS 1 point

Would anyone here like a friendly?

Arbitrarul 1 point

I can play u if u want. Send me a game code and I'll join

R0wan97 1 point

Can you dm me a friendly match code thanks

Arbitrarul 1 point

Are you still available for a game?

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Servski 1 point

One thing I usually did when dealing with these kinds of trades, was to ask the people to put in a trust item, which I knew I could sell for around the same price of the crates that I'm putting in, so that if the person ever does run off with my crates, I don't lose anything. This 'trick' actually saved me with dealing with a scammer that ran off with my crates, and I actually profited on his trust items. But yeah generally if a trade is too good to be true, then it probably isn't a valid one.

Arbitrarul 1 point

Tried to do that too but they were saying things like "just give those Crates, they're worth nothing anyway"

Itsalongwaydown 3 points

On a real question, I have 10 nitro, 10 overdrive, a player's choice, and a turbo, is that enough for heatwave or bubbly?

Arbitrarul 3 points

No M8, that's about 2-3 keys, heat and bubbly are way past 10 keys.

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