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throwaway12341342453 213 points

It was ok. I thought this was just gonna be another pointless AskReddit question that would pass by without much attention, but apparently a lot of people are on reddit are now aware of the fact that I masturbated earlier.

ArgentinoPromedio01 3 points

Saved til the eternity

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RustyPWN 1 point

Tengo el mismo problema, puedo pensar en una conversación compleja sin problemas, pero a la hora de intentar pronunciar algo las palabras simplemente no me salen y me tildo

ArgentinoPromedio01 3 points

A mi me pasaba lo mismo, lo que hice fue empezar a forzarme a hablar en ingles con nativos de habla inglesa.

Cuando vicias es otro buen momento, por ejemplo, yo en destiny armaba squads con gringos y pasaba 4 o 5 horas hablando constantemente, al principio daba asco hablando y pronunciando pero después de 1 semana ya ni se daban cuenta.

Otra cosa que vi que se hace es entrar a algún discord de discusión, cualquier cosa, te metes en el lobby y ahí, al ya ser un ambiente mas calmo, hablas e interactúas con la gente.

Eso si, cuando ya veas que lo estas manejando tranqui, no dejes de hacerlo porque yo, por la secundaria, deje de interactuar con nativos y mi pronunciación decayó abismalmente.

EDIT" Typos y formato

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Simonsini 1 point

Ahora mismo anda bien, el problema es que cuando juego me mete a jugar con Brasileños y puf magicamente me agarra +300 de ping. Capaz en ese caso no es el internet sino el servidor del juego, pero igual no puede ser que a todos en mi hogar les ande mejor que a mí.

ArgentinoPromedio01 1 point

A mi me pasa lo mismo, fíjate en otros juegos, proba servidores brasileños y estadounidenses, si tenés el mismo ping (o mejor en estados unidos) vas a tener que llamar y pedir que te re-ruteen el módem.

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LegendaryMuffins 391 points

Pinch and roll my dude, save yourself the suffering

ArgentinoPromedio01 8 points

ELI5 of the famous "pinch and roll" technique?

Forkrul 1 point

Take two fingers, pinch the skin (alternatively get multiple folds), and roll it between your fingers. You can test it on the back of your hand if you lack the proper equipment.

ArgentinoPromedio01 1 point

Oh boy, you gave me the entrance to heaven right now!

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White___Velvet 1,335 points

The Middle East.

The Arab Spring began as a reaction against autocratic regimes and, at the beginning, was a popular demand (revolution?) calling for liberal reforms. By "liberal" I of course don't mean anything like the American Democratic party or w/e. I mean something like classical liberalism, stuff like freedom of the press, freedom of speech, greater religious liberty, and popular sovereignty with a strong participatory role for the population in government.

But this liberalism has almost uniformly given way to religious fundamentalism and autocratic reactionaries. Egypt is a good example of both, but you can see this is many countries touched by the Arab Spring. Liberal ideals have fallen to the wayside in favor of military coups (Egypt), fundamentalist groups (ISIS), and reactionary regimes (Syria). This is bad. While the dangers of the second group are obvious, the military and reactionary regimes legitimacy comes largely from the ability to use force to bring about stability, peace, and defeat extremists. With legitimacy tied so closely to order, force, and stability, one can expect such regimes to embrace increasingly autocratic, militaristic, and repressive policies.

Why is this a timebomb imo? Because the initial liberal impetus for the Arab Spring hasn't gone away. People still want greater freedoms and participation in government. The regimes they currently labor under, however, are now more than ever committed to restrictions of freedom to enforce stability and order, which is their claim to power. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. If they revolted against the old boss, they will eventually revolt against the new boss as well. Maybe in a decade, maybe in a generation, but it will happen eventually unless the regimes find the political strength and wisdom to head it off by adopting (against type) some sort of limited liberal reforms.

And since two of the great powers (Russia and USA) have a vested interest in the region, we could get a repeat of the escalating violence and conflict that we saw this time around, with each side supporting (with money, weapons, and political cover) whatever side promotes their interest.

Europe went through something similar in the late 18th and 19th centuries, with large liberal revolutions like the American, French, and 1848 being obvious examples. The middle east seems to be on a similar path in many respects right now. War, revolt, and political instability in the region seem all but guaranteed until the rebels enforce a more liberal system or the autocrats give some ground in order to forestall further conflict.

ArgentinoPromedio01 1 point


ArgentinoPromedio01 commented on a post in r/argentina
pibedelcobre 10 points

Si, pero a lo que me refiero es que "Se salí un eje del último vagón del riel"

"uh ,que paja, pará. Clack"

Listooo, seguimos.

De eso a

"se fue todo el tren por este barranco"

Hay mucha distancia.

No debería pasar ninguna de las dos pero una es menos trágica que la otra.

ArgentinoPromedio01 3 points

Claro, cuando me dicen que se descarrilo un tren me imagino la escena de cuando ven una vía rota, pánico total mientras saltan de la maquina a ultimo momento e instantes después el tren vuela por los aires y explota todo a la mierda.
Todo esto mientras los persiguen helicópteros de todo tipo, la policía y una misteriosa camioneta que va a la misma velocidad que en tren en camino de tierra esperando salvar al conductor.

ArgentinoPromedio01 commented on a post in r/Rainbow6
NeuroticMelancholia 54 points

The game is 20% twitch-reflexes, 30% tactics and 50% map knowledge.

Get enough experience and it doesn't matter if your aim and reflexes are so bad that you might as well be hip-firing with 250 ping and 30 fps, you'll still be able to put up performances worthy of Gold rank.

ArgentinoPromedio01 10 points

THIS is what I can't understand, everyone is saying if you only have map knowledge you can be in gold.

I have nearly 100% map (only need to learn the name of the rooms in english), I have a strat in almost every single obj (bomb) on every single map (except tower).

I play on high graphics, 1080p at 50-60 fps, its not the best resolution but I don't miss the details.

And with all of that I can't get pass silver II. A lot of people complain new people get placed on gold but the higher o have been placed is silver III.

My reflexes are not the best but I have seen worse, a big downside I have is my connection, usually is +150ms but usually and I don't know why is +200.

I'm lvl 120 and it's pretty lame because I can't get pass silver II.

I don't really know what to do to improve.

Sorry for possible typos. I think I should make a post about this, I really need help to improve.

ArgentinoPromedio01 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
brickmaster32000 -3 points

Of all the common mistakes that people get criticized for this one bugs me the most when people call it out. The human brain works by half-assing everything and autocompleting gaps with the first thing to pop into mind. Even your own memories aren't proper recollections but just a couple things remembered with your mind making up plausible filler for the rest. There, their and they're are all homophones so of course, when you write something your brain isn't going to stop and sort out which version to use, it is just going to grab whichever comes to mind first and tell you that you are good. It is a mistake you are literally hardwired to make and ignore. You might as well make fun of someone for only having two legs.

ArgentinoPromedio01 4 points

Man, i don't know, I'm not a native speaker but it's very easy to know each one of the words and it's very easy to avoid yet I see it all the time.

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Yoni_nombres 11 points

me esta costando encontrar el thread original, pero aca te dejo un follow up, si encuentro el original lo agrego

GoodDaySunset 16 points

Lo encontré:


Texto del post antes de que fuera eliminado

paging u/ArgentinoPromedio01 para no tener que comentar dos veces

ArgentinoPromedio01 5 points

Sos un groso!!!

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ArgentinoPromedio01 commented on a post in r/argentina
ArgentinoPromedio01 13 points

Al final me compre una placa de vídeo, no era la que quería pero estoy contento.

Maambuu 7 points

Que se compró señor?

ArgentinoPromedio01 1 point

Una 1050, cada vez que me acuerdo que hace unos meses la 1050ti estaba a menos de lo que compré esta me quiero cortar las bolas pero es lo que hay.

ArgentinoPromedio01 commented on a post in r/argentina
ArgentinoPromedio01 14 points

Una vez hace tiempo en un thread estaban hablando sobre independizarse y los porqué.

Alguien habia tirado que se habia independizado porque no lo dejaban en paz cuando viciaba y abajo pusieron ALTO comentario que me motivo un montón pero no lo encuentro ni se como buscarlo, no se si alguien lo tiene guardado y me lo pueda pasar.

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