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Mr Carder, a conservationist, said: “All rhinos out in the wild are easy pickings. Six were killed in the last week and often it is done in a horrific way.

“They try not to use guns so they don’t alert anti-poaching units and instead they use a machete and paralyse them before cutting the eyes so the rhino can’t see.

“After that they use a chainsaw to remove the horn. Many times the rhino is left alive.”

This is game reserve manager Lynne MacTavish sitting by white rhinoceros Winnie who was senselessly slaughtered for her horns in South Africa.


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Read that and tell me everyone who in some way benefits from this doesn't deserve pain.

Use the workouts. Don't workout just to workout (which is still great), if you have trouble with the motivation then use the workouts to build your body to get into a new active hobby that you like. AKA, workout so that it's easier to rock climb or do some other physical activity that you enjoy.

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I am cycling now because I want to look good in cosplays.

I can never hear it over my spurs

Maybe this is why we haven't been contacted by other civilizations, they kill themselves off before they develop the technology for interstellar communication and travel, just like we will.

This is my favorite negative answer to the Fermi paradox. However I much prefer the notion that life is so common that they just don't care about us.

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Part of me thinks we're a science experiment.

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It's gonna be a very classy affaaiiir

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My ex girlfriend

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Jeeeeez she still isn't getting the message?

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A girl at school asked me if Wisconsin was the capital of Texas.... she was confused 'cause she moved to Tx from Wi..... I said "no it's Austin and Wisconsin is a state not a city".... she said "Oooohhhh, thanks!"

We were highschool freshmen, how? Just how? You lived there girl

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"You're from earth?"

"No, I'm from Missouri!"

"That's on earth, dipshit."

Rattit will remember, and we'll be here when you need us. Grieve as long and hard as you need to. Big or small, grief has no schedule. And be there for your other little guy, he'll need you now more than ever.

Sending love!

Highlight the mistake, not the person.

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Exactly! In all my job training of new employees I always pleased it "[blank] is done this way" instead of "you did [blank] wrong."

My mother has no problem pointing out my failures, so I know how that talk feels. How it destroys your willingness to learn.

Here I am, an only child of two only children...

Obama was literally the worst president and least Murica person of my generation. He's a bad fart that won't go away.

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Surprisingly good syntax for a Russian.

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lol go back to sucking Jim Acosta's dick

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Ooh and there it went

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Honest question for US citizens, what the fuck are you doing?

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Our system is slow. Those of us who aren't poisoned by trump are trying to fight a wall of money.

You're seeing the death of a nation.

Definitely not proud to be an American. It's a sad state of affairs.

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Yeah, I'm ashamed to be an American.

It's terrifying how much is edited out of the photos.

More motivating than 90% of the posts on there.

The only, only reason I have a house in my name that is completely paid for is that my grandmother has bought it in the 80s, rented it out, and then left it to me.

It has creaky stairs. It's tiny. Grass driveway (for now). Weird color choices from previous tenants. But it's mine.

I have bipolar and complex PTSD, and thus go in and out of employment. I could not be under a roof at all if it weren't for her.

I don't understand how some people make it work.

That's a Great Dane and that's what they do. They think they are the tiniest lapdogs ever. My friend has one and when I would go over to her house to watch a movie, he would lay on the couch between us with his ass in one of our laps and his head on the other's lap. If you are sitting in a chair, he gets pissed because he can't sit on your lap.He's a good boy.

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When my girl would want something, she'd drink water but keep some in her mouth/jowls, then lay her head on your lap and let the water go.

They don't live long enough.

Fucking pieces of shit.

One of our rescues was abandoned in an industrial area. When the humane society called the people listed on the microchip, they said they didn't want him. Their loss, he's one of the best cats ever.

i really dont get the love for my favourite murder.

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The amount of love I feel for lpotl is equal to the amount of hate I feel for mfm.

He reminds me of Governor Sloan from Halo 5.

You're a really good person to help like that. CPR is rough, and rarely successful without IV drugs.

My head hurts, my face hurts from crying. My heart hurts. :(

Tomorrow, your arms and lower back will hurt! Get some muscle rub, some chamomile tea, some tasty biscotti, and binge your favorite comfort show. Sending much love.

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