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The most frustrating thing about Corbin is how he's really good at two specific moves (maybe three depending on what you define as a "move"), but just so unapologetically mediocre at everything else.

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Its like he is 2 and a half good moves away from being a passable classic big man.

It would be 3... but he closed the door on the hair flip... unless he wants to do it as a taunt.

Does he still do that thing where he slides out of the ring then back in with a clothesline ?

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Its at the "move that might hit move that is often countered for a high spot." stage of over use...

Yea, that’s the point. Flying a military aircraft over a military base is a provocative act. China’s choice not to defend its base is indicative of the base’s illegitimacy.

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Funny I though China said a whole bunch of times that these man made islands were not being militarized.

So are the island being used for military purposes or not?

Russian GDP is half of France’s. I’m so scared.

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Is that a lot?

I feel like that was supposed to sound like a lot...

Anybody want that art on a guitar pedal hit me up.

Potential adversary sure, but the use of the term active enemy is terrifying. We don't need nor want another war, especially with a nuclear power. This war mongering needs to stop

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I would define the level of interference they exerted on our election near an act of war.

but they both cheated.. are we currently at war with Russia? and who decides that they are legally deemed an enemy? again they both used foreign nations.. my problem is that neither side can admit fault when they are both in the wrong on this issue

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Not equivalent

One used the disclosed services of a private citizen of a foreign nation.

The Other hid as they aided and were aided by a foreign nation's military operations against our people.

These two things are not equivalent or even close to being so... and that is true even before you realize the investigations didn't spawn from that Steele report.

two things are not equivalent or even close to being so... and that is true even before you realize the investigations didn't spawn from that Steele report.

The dossier which was formed by the steele report went to the fisa court which resulted in a warrant to survey trumps administration...

if you read the court documents it specifically states that they used evidence from steele and the end result was the warrant in that case.

There needs to be equal justice under the law; if not you are no better than the people you claim to be fighting against... you seem to only care about your political views, and what you feel is right.. you aren't looking at this from the middle.

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1 point · 12 days ago · edited 12 days ago

I'm not a Democrat...

Hillary isn't in office, Trump is...

More recent reports have shown that Stone was suspected as far back as 2014 and that the Steele report was the genesis of the investigation is a dead talking point only the uninformed are still parroting.

A British citizen openly working for both the RNC and DNC to compile a single report, and turning that into the relevant police force for farther investigation which has yielded truth several times over.

And secretly meeting with lawyers/spies for the Kremlin during an election where you shifted pro Russian, and Russian hacked both sides of the election but then only drip leaked the Democrats side stuff for months just before the vote....

Well those two just are not equivalent. Also, it sure does seem like you guys are working together.

Have a good day comrade... the goal post are still firmly that if he took help from the Russians he has committed treason against the core of his own people's democracy...

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For fucks sake.

The type of wrestler Lincoln was is very very different from the type of wrestler The Rock was and holy shit I need to explain this.

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His fishing move was a choke slam dude...

He beat a guy in 10 seconds with it then cut a promo on the crowd...

The fuck are you talking about it was different?


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After he beat the dude... this ways his recorded promo to the cword.

“I’m the big buck of this lick. If any of you want to try it, come on and whet your horns.”

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9 points · 17 days ago

Hate to break it to you, but Google is already neck deep into censorship, here in the USA. Just do a search on youtube - countless videos on the subject.

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Youtube is private censorship for the sake of sponsorship money reasons.

It is ignorant to equate that to state enforced totalitarian censorship.

1 point · 17 days ago

A couple responses to that:

  1. The reason is irrelevant, censorship is censorship.

  2. The target of the censorship is overwhelmingly conservatives. I see no difference between state sponsored and party sponsored censorship. The end result is the same.

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Your logic is highly flawed but since you seem to lean to the right due to your second point, I can assume you ether willfully don't care to explore the false equivalency you are trying to push...

Or are simply too uneducated to notice it on your own.

You are trying to put forward that the reasons an action are taken can never justify the action.

murder is wrong... ending someone in war is not. (Both are killing)

State censorship is wrong... banning someone falsely screaming fire in a theater is not. (Both are censorship.)

In both cases the same action is carried out... but the reason for the action justifies the action.

Basically for you to make the argument that context doesn't matter is the most asinine thing you could have done... and you went and did it.

-13 points · 17 days ago

Americans would not like this. More dead Mexicans brighten their day.

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stfu with that bs.

But he would potato the shit out of people. Nice downvote btw

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You are taking an L just like Kid did in the manga.

There's still enough old-school fans or just old enough to realize this was common back in the day.

Just wait for another 10-20 years when younger fans have taken over as the norm. There is no way anyone (sane that is) will defend this in any way. Rightfully so mind you.

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Defend what...

She hit him as hard as she could...

He hit her her back...

1 for 1...

Move on.

Russo swerve - Joe is actually a psycho and people just think he's a good worker.

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He shot himself into a work brother.

I've been wondering if in fact you could enter and then exit the event horizon of a black whole if it was traveling near the speed of light away from you...

If you were traveling near C in one direction and it in another, could it be possible that its gravitational pull was not enough to slow your speed below the point that the combined effect of your speed and its speed was not greater than the speed of light away from it.

Um, everything does.

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Thing is... they tend to like the type of soil that is made mineral rich from blood.

The iron in blood turns out to be the perfect fertilizer for them and throughout history Strawberries tend to pop up and grow well on the sight of past battles.

Lovely echo chamber you dolts have going here.. shame if someone was to say something like ' Bill clinton is a rapist

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I mean it is a shame that he might be...

But it has nothing to do with the sitting president forming a conspiracy with an hostile nation to help him win an election.

But you can suck on that what-about-ism supplement pop from infowars you are trying to push all you want... you gotta push it somewhere since they aren't on facebook right now.

Well technically Jared is Jewish. But I don’t think that’s what he meant.

fascist got to fascist.

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Something something blind drunk squirrel... I guess.

-7 points · 18 days ago

One word of Jews in a negative context and you are throwing in Hitler and holocaust cards? Too early man, too early.

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He is also killing and impressionism gay people...

Has completely killed any kind of free press they have...

Is invading neighboring countries and trying to annex land...

Is on record as hating minorities and saying that his country does not need them...

Has used the court system to impression political opposition and murdered and killed many of the same as well...

Is pressing Europe that if they do anything about it or try to make allies with those he is threatening it will mean war...

And is now commonly blaming Jews...

Are we starting to see a pattern yet?

I thought you meant USA Georgia. It’ll be last in the world.

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Naw MS... for sure.

Comment deleted18 days ago

He has a medical condition that is worsened by red meat that isn't cooked through...

Granted I'm sure they are using this for heel heat.

But he almost died a few years back from it.

Human garbage.

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He has a medical condition that is made worst by red meats that are not cook through...

He nearly died of it a few years back.

The fans chanting for Roman and him not being there is fucking hilarious

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they were chanting for Strowman... not Roman.

They were definitely chanting for Roman. There was a counter roman sucks chant.

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I'mma ignore your response so I can sleep better tonight.

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you are an idiot.

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Coming from someone who is jealous of a racist I'll take that as a compliment.

Why isn't it amazing?

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1 point · 20 days ago · edited 20 days ago

Because we have no independent confirmation that the remains are even human.

The last time they sent back remains... They tried to pass off pig bones as human remains.

And before you say the WH has confirmed them, weight that option against the WH stating there were no children detention camps about a week before we found out there were in fact many camps and over 3,000 children being held in them.

Literally no one cares. You're like a broken record. This is how politics work, or did you not know that?

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6 points · 19 days ago · edited 19 days ago

Considering your bigoted and racist comments in other threads I'mma say you probably have a horridly sad life that you hate but lack the power to change.

Two examples in of many below...

I'm better than you and that's a fact

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At being a failure of a human, I must admit, you are.

Obviously not since you ignored everything I wrote. Moron.

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He ignored you because you fail to make an argument that warrants a response outside of laughing at your foolishness.

-1 points · 19 days ago


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No one knows why gravitational waves occur.

when a 3 minute you-tube video makes you look like a moron.

Comment deleted20 days ago

Or it could trigger your body to slow its metabolism...

Or simple spike insulin levels causing more fat cells to store more fat...

Or it could effect some other liver functions that deal with how and when your body chooses to breakdown stored fat cells for energy...

They did every move to each other that has ever been done, tornado DDTs on the floor, table bumps, piledrivers, but once in a while "WAIT BUT MY FRIEND!!" "NO NO GO AHEAD AND GIVE IT TO ME!!!!" They wanted to have their cake and eat it too and it resulted in a stupid match.

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So Ric asking Shawn to kick him and bring it was bad then in your opinion?

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