Pope Francis tells gay man: 'God made you like this' by urgukvn in worldnews

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You mean an entire assembly of bishops offer their resignation while the Pope meets with the victims over the course of a days and talks with them deeply about the issues and how to solve them institutionally?

N. Korea says ceremony for nuclear test site dismantling will be between May 23-25 by r721 in worldnews

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Why do I have a feeling beyond all good logic... Trump will totally attend right?

Just by how forcefully the left would advise him not to legitimize the N. K. leaders

One of my favorite Cesaro moments by aliesterblackmark in SquaredCircle

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This should have won the match and set Cesaro into the cloud of singles.

Judge rejects Mueller's request for delay in Russian troll farm case by Imperial_Forces in worldnews

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How long did you wait for the Benghazi investigation?

What about the "Her emails" investigation?

Serious undertones... by wanderers_respite in stevenuniverse

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Sounds like she doesn't care at all about others feels as much as doing what she wants...

Like the whole point of Steven is to fix this flaw she sees in herself... that she can't "truly" feel.

She is just absolutely STUNNING. by Jakashi_Sensei in stevenuniverse

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There is also the thing that when Steven impresses people... they tend to get Diamonds in their eyes...

But when Steven is impressed by something of the human world, he gets stars...

I think it is kinda a theme anyway

She is just absolutely STUNNING. by Jakashi_Sensei in stevenuniverse

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I'm not sure I can find an exact example off the top of my head but if I remember correctly it was a general theme that when Steven get's hype'd he gets diamonds in his eyes, but the other hems tend to get stars... or vice versa...

Why Pearl Never Let Rose Get Poofed by soliterica in stevenuniverse

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Pretty sure Rose reformed as well... Rose after pearl poofed her.

We will protect your earth by emp919 in stevenuniverse

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If you only knew, what we really are...

Pink and her Pearl

She is just absolutely STUNNING. by Jakashi_Sensei in stevenuniverse

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welp... now we know why steven gets diamonds in his eyes when he is excited...

WOR: Alvarez: “Hey, since people have asked, could Okada have a good match with Big Cass?” Meltzer: “I’m gonna bet no.” by flae_blazer in SquaredCircle

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Well thing is while D-bry can have a good match with a broom...

In the broom's defense it isn't doing anything to fuck up the match...

[Backlash Spoilers] That's how you shut him up by upo_kalabasa in SquaredCircle

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You're a wrestling fan fam... hopefully your shame left you long ago.

Only about 35 hours left before the episodes - put your final thoughts/theories here. by freebismuth2k17 in stevenuniverse

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Holy shit what if it resulted in PD having Rose clash with her and both poofed...

But the RQ shattered and PD reformed as Rose...

There is your shattered diamond and there is your PD still alive and well theory

Tried Obvious Last Minute Theory... Single "Pale" Rose. by ArkAngelHFB in stevenuniverse

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Yeah that is the tired part in the title...

Honestly I just notice the trial is being held in a geode... like the exact same type of black geode the storm geode was...

What if PD is just trapped and bubbled in there...