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heyhaveyoumettay 9 points

i’m so sorry this is happening to you and wish i could help, but i would just like to say your english is anything but poor. especially for not being your first language it’s truly impeccable, there are many native english speakers who cannot write anything close to that, so i just felt that needed to be said.

ArrestedSon 10 points

Thank you! I started learning shortly before Ryan was born so we sort of learned the language together!

soayherder 30 points

I hope that you will NOT have your husband with you when you pick him up. And that you will encourage him to tell you what really happened, and that you will have his back when he tells you - that he'll know from your own lips that he is more important to you than anything else and your long-term happiness rests in knowing the truth.

ArrestedSon 61 points

I most definitely will not. I will be keeping them out of contact from each other until we can figure out what happened and if it has to become a permanent separation I will be going with my children every time.

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