So why is the 2nd Amendment considered enshrined in stone, but the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th "flexible"? by drunkmonkey176 in AskReddit

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You’d think they’d learn from google. If you ask nicely and in tiny print as a prerequisite to access something people want, they’ll happy give you permission to learn more about them than they know themselves.

TIL the Catholic Church has accepted Darwinian evolution as compatible with Christianity since 1950. by LinkFrost in todayilearned

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I agree it’s unlikely that anyone would read it all if anyone even tried to put every detail on a page, however other major denominations address the issue specifically because it is a common question and to some, a major issue.

United Methodist church: http://www.umc.org/what-we-believe/what-is-the-united-methodist-churchs-position-on-evolution

Associate reformed Presbyterian Church (apparently there’s a few Presbyterian Church denominations): http://arpchurch.org/position-statements/

Lutheran Church: http://els.org/beliefs/we-believe-teach-and-confess/

And to clarify, I’m not disagreeing that there are definitely sizable groups that reject evolution, but I’d argue that the majority of Christians either don’t care enough about this issue to have a strong opinion or don’t see it as an issue where by accepting science, you’re rejecting Christianity.

TIL the Catholic Church has accepted Darwinian evolution as compatible with Christianity since 1950. by LinkFrost in todayilearned

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Apologies, I’d missed the southern portion. You are correct they have a form of governance.

However unless I’m just missing it (I just did a quick search) they don’t comment on evolution or creation in their core beliefs.


TIL the Catholic Church has accepted Darwinian evolution as compatible with Christianity since 1950. by LinkFrost in todayilearned

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There is no central governing body for the baptist church, and while there are some common beliefs shared by all baptist churches, evolution vs. Creation isn’t one of them.

As a result, as the previous poster mentioned, you’re likely just seeing a vocal few (even if it is an entire church congregation) that doesn’t necessarily represent the hundreds or thousands of congregations that have come to their own conclusions either as a whole, or on a person by person basis.

What do you wish was more socially acceptable? by CrowWithARose in AskReddit

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This is the norm in the public sector in the USA at least.

Marvel or DC? Why? by in_need_of_therapy in AskReddit

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Marvel. I don’t read the comics and their movies are more entertaining. I watch super hero movies to be entertained, not for deep plots or outstanding acting. While those are appreciated, if the entertainment value isn’t there, the quality of the writing or the acting can’t save it.

Why Don't Some Major Roads In Charlotte Have Streetlights? by achangeoftune in Charlotte

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Somehow the paint they use on the roads here is significantly less reflective than paint used in most other areas. Not being able to tell if you’re in your lane or not is a great way to make our roads more dangerous. You’d think the DOT would have a standard the paint must meet and would enforce it.

How has the recent heightened awareness of sexual harassment in your workplace affected the way coworkers interact with one another? by milesdavisperhour in AskReddit

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Men won’t spend time with women one on one. Group settings are okay, but as others have mentioned it’s what the other person decides you meant that matters, not your intention.

If a joke goes over poorly, it could be considered harassment. Previous moves towards equality in treating men and women as equals and being yourself have been replaced with more calculated conversations as people are having to decide ‘could this be taken the wrong way’.

In all it has had had a chilling effect on the social component of work friendships in general, especially when it’s between men and women as the movement has primarily been driven by women reporting claims of harassment perpetrated by men. There’s plenty of people who have decided it isn’t worth the risk.

[Request] Living In Cape Town, The First City In The World Thats About To Run Out Of Water. How Much Rain Would It Take To Fill Our Dams? by JustABattery in theydidthemath

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I believe you are overlooking the total area draining to the reservoir. Your calculation assumes the 200mm diameter rain gauge must accumulate all of the regions water.

I it would take about 1.5 months of the record monthly rainfall over the metro cape town area to fill their reservoirs, provided all of the water makes its way to the reservoirs.

I’m on my phone so I can’t provide any fancy calculations or links but...

Math: area of metro cape town in m2 divided by volume of all major reservoirs in m3, divided by the rainfall rate (m3/chosen unit of Time) equals time to fill them all assuming the water only enters the reservoirs.

Run better than government by luckyLE0 in pics

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So we enjoy lower taxes and higher wages for thousands of Americans for the next 10 years and when the tax cuts expire tell congress to renew them and if they don’t we vote for someone else who will.

Even if the tax cuts don’t get renewed, I’d rather have a 10 year tax break over nothing at all.

Complaining the companies get a permanent break is irrelevant. First off the Democrats said they wouldn’t support the tax reform efforts, so the republicans had to work with what they could pass on their own. But more importantly who cares about the companies.

You have two options, pay less in taxes or pay more taxes. You were given a tax break but if you are upset by that, you can still pay more money by donating to the US treasury to pay down the national debt or donate directly to a charity or state run agency you support with your extra money. Or if those options don’t sound good, you could use your extra money to mail thousands upon thousands of angry letters to congress to express your anger at lower taxes because they aren’t guaranteed to be permanent.

Turn your lights on by mtbguy74 in Charlotte

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You could try turning them on for a couple seconds to say there is a hazard right here, but other drivers probably wouldn’t figure it out what you’re trying to tell them. Keeping them on however isn’t achieving the goal of saying “there’s black ice right here”.

For black ice/normal ice, the best answer is don’t drive if you can avoid it. If you have to drive don’t follow the car ahead of you closely so that if you see a car ahead of you hit black ice and lose control you might have time to prepare or stop. Y

PSA: CLEAN OFF YOUR FUCKING CAR by i_smoke_php in Charlotte

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Hopefully with the rise in prevalence of dash cams it will get easier. It’d be hard to consider a witness reliable when video evidence proves otherwise. It would at least show if the tail lights were working and as I said, if it’s important enough and you’re confident enough in what you saw, a materials engineer could prove it in court.

PSA: CLEAN OFF YOUR FUCKING CAR by i_smoke_php in Charlotte

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Like at tremont and South Blvd in the evenings. I feel bad for those poor souls trying to turn there thinking they might get a turn signal in the next 2 light cycles.

Charlotte really needs to hire someone better to design new/expanded roads and improve intersections.

PSA: CLEAN OFF YOUR FUCKING CAR by i_smoke_php in Charlotte

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Likely video or sworn witness testimony.

But if it’s important an engineer could test the filament of a broken headlight to see if it was on at the time the bulb broke by seeing how it oxidized. The engineer would need to be a PE to testify in court as an expert witness however and hiring one could be expensive.

Charlotte out of running for Amazon's second headquarters by rbevans in Charlotte

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I’m shocked putting a hashtag on the busses didn’t work!

Turn your lights on by mtbguy74 in Charlotte

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Indeed! Headlights/taillights let the other cars know you’re there and moving.

Hazards mean you’re now a ‘hazard’ to other drivers. They shouldn’t be used unless you’re vehicle is disabled or traveling significantly slower than other vehicles around you.

By using them incorrectly, you’re increasing the likelihood of other drivers will think they need to suddenly change lanes, which can be dangerous in bad weather.

Construction jobs/head hunters by [deleted] in Charlotte

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Barringer construction wins ‘best place to work’ awards year after year and has an excellent reputation in the industry.

Choate, Rodgers, Balfour Betty, Turner, Harkerdoerre and a few more are firms of varying sizes that also do a lot of work in Charlotte and are worth considering.

Should I purchase the Skyrim DLC's from sites like G2A or should I just suck it up and buy the special edition? by doh60 in skyrim

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Most active mods will work with the special edition in steam, but if you have an old abandoned mod you’d like to install, you might have trouble getting it to work.

Still, buy the special edition and download what you need from steam or nexus.

U.S cops of reddit, what are some things every person SHOULD NOT DO in order to avoid being shot at? [serious] by AmatureProgrammer in AskReddit

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This entire thread is about the exception to the rule: when everything goes wrong and what to do as an average person.

Every day thousands of people interact with police officers and nothing notable happens. This thread is addressing situations where a ‘bad’ cop believes you pose a threat and how to diffuse the situation as the suspect/victim (depending on your point of view).

A car is pulled over, a ticket is written, everyone goes on their way. It doesn’t make the news and no one pays any attention. That’s the norm, despite what the headlines would have you believe.

U.S cops of reddit, what are some things every person SHOULD NOT DO in order to avoid being shot at? [serious] by AmatureProgrammer in AskReddit

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How do they expect someone to comply when two sets or orders are given? - they probably aren’t thinking about that in the moment. They most likely see you as a potential or actual threat and are scared for their lives.

How do you decide what to do? -Keep your hands visible (high above your head is best) and do not move at all.

If you truly don’t know or aren’t sure what to do, then show you are not a threat by keeping your hands as far away from potential weapons or areas a weapon could be hidden. Let them figure out the rest. If they decide to push you to the ground and handcuff you, let them. Trying to explain you did nothing wrong won’t convince someone who truly believes you may try to kill them.

If you did nothing wrong then after it’s all said and done, hire a lawyer and/or file a formal complaint. If the same cop truly mishandled the situation with you he/she will likely do it with others and the system will deal with them. It’s easy to dismiss one report, but not two dozen in a short time span accusing the person of the same mistreatment.

ofcoursethatsisgoingtobeathing by MoreTubaNeeded in ofcoursethatsathing

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What’s funny is that it would still be cheaper than Time Warner cable...