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Engineers. There's never enough alcohol.

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442 points · 15 days ago

They get the coffee part right but always forget to include the beer...

They don't grow naturally where you live? They are everywhere here, take one step of the road and you got blueberries everywhere. Fking pain to pick even with proper tools :/

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Tools? There’s blueberry picking tools?

-7 points · 1 month ago

I like the panthers but admittedly rarely watch them play. The entire NBA could disappear tomorrow and I might realize it in a few years.

Haha. She didn't. That time it was my turn. And it was, "presents!"

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“Santa’s Coming!”

It’s a clear plastic tower that holds beer and has a tap to fill your glass at your table. Usually holds around 60 ounces.

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There’s also 100oz variations but I haven’t seen those since college.

12 points · 1 month ago

Yeah I'm just as hyped as anyone else about the self-driving electric car future, but people seem to forget a few things:

Most people cannot afford new cars, and batteries on older electric cars need to be replaced for as much as a decent used car with a gas engine.

In the US at least, most cities barely have the infrastructure for vehicle recharging let alone rural areas. If you ever want to leave your city or especially state, you NEED a gas engine. Infrastructure like that takes decades to build.

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Let’s call it an even century to be safe if we are relying on the DOT to build it for us. I’d say 30 years planning it, 1 year getting on site (to every location at once), and then spend about one day per year working on construction, and throw in a few years off for vacation/budget cuts/strikes.

Decades sounds reasonable if industry gets behind it with the current technology.

Walk into any alterations store and ask nicely. As others have said this is such a quick and easy fix (that you could definitely learn to do yourself via YouTube videos) that I’m sure most places would be willing to do it while you wait as long as you’re nice to them.

3 wood, 7 iron, sand wedge and a putter.

I’ve never played anything but scramble in an organized corporate event. It’s always been called a scramble too. Playing in another on Friday.

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Captain’s choice is also popular to clarify that someone gets the final say on which shot is best.

shut your f*#king gob you twit!

In what world would saying this phrase do anything other than make everyone think you're a pathetic weirdo

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That’s why he has the taser.

He broke one of the rules of golf and suffered the penalty listed for breaking that rule. That is the end of it.

If the penalty isn’t severe enough in your opinion, petition to change the rules accordingly. Otherwise move along.

There is one location in town where you can get a drivers license and do the title at the same place (adjacent buildings). Unfortunately I can’t remember which location but when I called and asked, the employee was able to tell me which one it was.

Get an appointment for the dmv. I was in and out in 20 minutes and the tag office was empty so they went quickly as well.

None. My taxes being withheld went down and the apocalypse the news keeps pitching hasn’t happened.

A newton is a measurement of force. A newton is defined by one kilogram meter per second squared.

When you want to calculate the gravitational pull between two objects you calculate their MASS and divide it by the radius squared and multiply it by the gravitational constant.

None of that works with imperial units.

Pounds is a measurement of weight and not mass, and if you use miles instead of kilometers you need to reconfigure the gravitational constant, which if you haven't figured out yet, is fucking near impossibly pointless to even bother trying.

Physics literally doesn't work with US Standard units, because no one uses them, and if you want it to work with US standard units you're going to have to be damn good at math, so good at math why would you bother wasting your time with such bullshit? You wouldn't, you'd just use the metric system like you were taught to every step of the way throughout your education.

Engineers, Physicists, the US Military, NASA, etc. all use the metric system because it works when describing things technically unlike the touchy feely descriptions of the imperial system.

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Conveniently in English units, one pound mass is nominally equal to one pound force on earth thanks to the gravitational constant. That’s actually one of the primary advantages of the entire system of units over SI.

As an American, I don't understand why we don't just learn both. It isn't hard.

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As an American, I assumed every school taught both. Or was that just something the schools I went to covered?

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26 points · 2 months ago

I got ran over by a scooter in uptown while walking my pup. Why are they allowed on the sidewalk when bikes aren’t?!

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They aren’t. They are also required to wear a helmet but that isn’t being enforced either.

There is no law requiring people to wear a helmet on a scooter; however, they would be safer with one.

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You’re correct. I thought I saw something about them being required in an article about the initial release, but I can’t seem to find anything from the county.


I have both club champion and golftec in my area and I’m looking to get fitted for a driver. Are there any significant differences in the two companies methods and philosophies or other pros and cons to consider?

If it matters, I’m a high handicapper and have never been fitted before.

4 comments has a Club Champion iron or driver fitting voucher for 79.99. Regular is 150. I wish I had one closer to where I live.

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Original Poster2 points · 2 months ago

Fantastic! Thanks for letting me know!

Many landlords will allow you to extend your lease month to month. It’s typically at a higher monthly rent than the 12 month lease but may be an option worth considering.

Charlotte city government is becoming joke. Let's see...a mayor busted by the Feds, a mayor who threw our police department under the bus during a time of crisis and stirred the pot so much she lost in her own party's primary AS AN INCUMBENT, a loose cannon/conspiracy theorist council woman who's Twitter needs to be taken away (remind you of anyone?)...what am I missing?

Time for a regime change.

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Becoming? You mean there’s still more?

If you hit your 5i consistently straight and your driver goes 300 yds in some direction, the 5i is the better club to use off the tee.

200 yds down the fairway is better than 100 yds down the fairway and 200 yds left of right of the fairway.

On a 400 yd par 4, you can hit your irons twice to either get on the green or just off the green then chip on and putt for par. If you hook your driver then you’re looking at driver, iron recovery shot, iron, wedge, putt at best.

If you’re usually accurate with a driver, talk to your pro, but my belief is that your driver is costing you more strokes than it would save you right now so until you get it figured out, it’s better to keep it in the bag when you aren’t on the range.

That happened to me too. Are you supposed to tip the girl (in this case) or just say thanks?

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Just say thanks. I’m sure you could tip if you really wanted to, but it isn’t customary.

Covenant Presbyterian is another option.

There might be a few southern baptist churches to avoid, but most of the churches I’ve visited have all been progressive leaning. That isn’t to say all of the individual members are perfect people (we all fall short of Jesus’s example) but from a doctrine standpoint I think you have a lot of options in town.

Go for the Szechuan! The fish in hot chili oil is phenomenal!

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