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AsianMustache commented on a post in r/MealPrepSunday
AsianMustache 1 point

"What if i were to purchase fast food and disguise it as my own cooking?"

Ho ho ho

EliaTheGiraffe 134 points

Looks a lot like the real thing lol. Recipe?

AsianMustache 1 point

You know seymour these look quite similar to the ones you get at krusty burger

AsianMustache commented on a post in r/korea
Cheekything 11 points

You get it all back.

AsianMustache 0 points

Im reaaaaaally skeptical about this

Whats keeping the landlords (who are just human beings ) from "investing" all my jeonse deposits into bitcoin and losing everything?

Cheekything 1 point

You can use google to find out ;)

AsianMustache 0 points


I think naver would get me more relevant info

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AsianMustache commented on a post in r/korea
kulcoria2017 38 points

there are smaller countries like taiwan and singapore. People shouldn't use that reason to explain every thing that happens in korea (fast internet, good transportation, healthcare, etc). "becoming small" is not an effective policy for nations that want to become like korea.

A better explanation is, korea has a strong tradition of social justice activism, and a wired social culture, and the two worked hand in hand.

AsianMustache 1 point

Im so glad some of the older protesters are still alive today

I only hope they can pass down some of the dogged toughness down

bisbiz11 28 points

lol what's with all these neckbeards and self proclaimed right wingers lol

AsianMustache 1 point

You know whats strange?

Ive never met someone who hold such views on real life

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Emil-L 2 points

2:2:1, vinegar:water:sugar. If you want sweet pickles, try 1:1:1. Heat and pour over pickles, let them sit in the fridge for a few hours.

AsianMustache 1 point

Um so what happens if i didnt heat it?

AsianMustache 2 points

Thanks friend

LarsAlereon 1 point

You're taller in the morning than the evening because your spine compresses over the course of the day. Aside from that and shoes or socks it's probably just measurement error, half an inch out of 6 feet is less than 1%, which is pretty damn precise for human measurement.

AsianMustache 1 point

Ill just chock it to error i guess

Ormulfr 1 point

It works, I didn't believe it at first and thought my wife was full of shit, I told her it wasn't going to work but it did.

I have had this issue since I could remember. I didn't know it was my stomach for the longest time, as I thought it was headaches that were the problem. However, my stomach just stops working and it takes pretty much all day to recover. My stomach stops (I don't know when it stops until later), my mouth starts to water and I need to spit, I get a headache, then comes nausea and need to crap. Nothing has helped it, I have gone to the ER where I just sit there in pain, have tried swallowing different GI cocktails and none of it helps.

Sorry, but it works. Show me an alternate method and I will probably not take it anyways because this is way easier and is quicker than whatever you could possibly recommend to me. We have a bag of prickers that diabetics use for a quick pop. It doesn't hurt so it isn't "pain relocation" either. Suffered for over 30 years with no medical help and a "placebo" works... huh yeah.

AsianMustache 1 point

Please try to document everything you felt happened and what you suspected happened

It would be nice to finally get to the bottom of this

SingingSky 1 point

This one includes some cricket powder, to boost some nutrients you normally wouldn't associate with banana bread:

AsianMustache 1 point

You know

Ive always wanted to incorporate crickets/insects into my diet

Good for the environment and efficient protein

It just seems like the low cost part hasnt caught up yet

Maybe i might incorporate cheapo protein powder

SingingSky 1 point

It's still a little on the pricey side, but I do think the price will gradually come down. It's easy to add to a few things, like soup, smoothies, baked stuff. There's always protein powder too.

AsianMustache 1 point

Ive looked up a lot about insects and cricket powder is always touted. These companies just have a hard time marketing meaning low demand and inability to scale

Funny thing is

Ive incorporated physical silkworms inti a chili

It tasted freakin terrible

Like asktrays and sadness

I powered through it in denial at first too

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iliketriggeringsjws 2 points

Looks simple enough. Seems like the biggest potential issue is infection, but I wonder if it would even be that noticeable in a fruity/bitter IPA.

AsianMustache 1 point

Hey there

Wana do a brew swap?

Ill trade you bottles of vienna lager or dunkels for some of that ipa

AsianMustache 2 points

Ive never had an infection that was detectable so i wouldnt know as shoddy as my methods were

But still practice good sanitation

Its just a few mins of precision for something superior to most beers you can buy

Also try to find a cold place that doesnt fluctuate too much temperature wise (like 10c swings) no need for perfection just try to accomplish what you can. The beer will still turn out great

Also keep me posted on your brew~~~

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GraveyardOperations 2 points

I actually managed to find a full-time, decent paying job which helped rescue me from a life of poverty.

I'm not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, but I have no more time for anything anymore during the week, and only having two days off to do stuff is really, really harsh.

All-in-all, I'd say the trade off is... I have money to do stuff and live, but no time to do it.

Luckily though, I'm talking with my supervisor to see if I can get a longer hour day, less days a week work week so everything should be awesome.

AsianMustache 1 point

One would imagine poverty to be more busy and a hassle

ThePhilJackson5 1 point

Are Charlie Chaplin and Adolph Hitler the exact same since they were born in the same year?

AsianMustache 1 point

Covered via analogy

US and nazi germany. Different reactions to hard times

Concise_Pirate 3 points

Since any generation includes many millions of people, parts of the group can indeed have all these qualities, and many more.

AsianMustache 1 point

I touched on that

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