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AsianMustache 1 point

I just thought the bloggers and more knowledgable types might appreciate this is all

I was just forwarding a request from a reporter


KayZee2405 2 points

I worked in punxsutawney lol

AsianMustache 2 points


No way

I yhought they just made that up

Obi_Mona 7 points

Love groundhog day Bill Murray is a legend

AsianMustache 2 points

Its a shame it couldn't hold a candle to the live action garfield

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ThanosZ 45 points

Eyy, korean dramas I can kinda understand but why would you look down on korean cinema, mang.

AsianMustache -18 points

1) They probably didnt have the marketing budget to reach out to people like me

2) Ignorance on my part

3) Relatively low production values kept me away

queenslandbananas -9 points

Well, most Korean films are either pretty mindless crime films or utterly trite romance chick-flicks. Dialog is mostly unbearably awful. There are exceptions of course, but not enough.

AsianMustache 1 point

There are gems here and there but financial concerns constrain the directors and actors i feel like

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rumblith 1 point
AsianMustache 1 point

It has many scenes from the first episode that much i can vouch for

Strajak 2 points

This is fake. Pretty sure it's just a bunch of clips from other films thrown together. There's definitely scenes taken from The Handmaiden and Magnificent Seven. I'm sure there's a few others clips here from films I don't recognize.

AsianMustache 1 point

I wouldnt know

Just saw the first episode though and man it was dope...

Way coolee than the trailer

AsianMustache commented on a post in r/Coffee
Anomander 14 points

Probably all in your head, unless you're getting something helpful from the milk content as well as the coffee part.

Caffeine is caffeine, not really coming in particularly different doses or formats across coffee brewing methods.

AsianMustache 1 point

heat affects caffeine no?

Anomander 4 points


AsianMustache 2 points

so coldbrew having more caffeine than heat brewed coffee is a myth?

(With something as subjective as coffee i wouldnt be surprised if it was :)) )

Lucidmike78 1 point

On a related note, anyone know where I can buy jasmine/long grain rice? They don't seem to have it at emart, home plus, or lottemart.

AsianMustache 1 point
AsianMustache commented on a post in r/gaming
zissoulander 22 points

I was in Manila during high school. This is nothing new. Also, just because some of the guards have shotguns doesn't mean they have the shells to use it. As was told to me by one of the guards outside my International High School.

AsianMustache 6 points

Im curious

Is international school in the phil accessible to normal developed country people or is it still for the affluent (middle class onward)?

AsianMustache commented on a post in r/korea
drjsc 140 points

I noticed they're getting a ton of hate from both Japan and Korea. People calling it shameful and accusing them of dirtying kpop... Their like-to-dislike ratio on youtube is almost 2:1. Honestly makes me embarrassed to see people so easily offended by things like this. Who the hell cares. Kpop isn't some sacred temple. Different strokes for different folks. 요즘 시대가 어떤데.. 한국은 여전히 꼰대나라네

AsianMustache 2 points

I mean KPOP girlgroups (because of the fans) are essentially turning into stripper groups

Not to mention the insane living conditions of these stars.

I honestly feel less bothered patronizing pornstars than kpop/jpop groups because they are probably treated better or at least paid

AsianMustache commented on a post in r/korea
Kazistrasz 3 points

Something something apple tree.

AsianMustache 3 points


bisbiz11 3 points

No wonder their family is pariah even among fellow chabeols. Game of Throne-ish marriage ties exist but all three of them Cho kids 'married below'

AsianMustache 1 point

oh this is interesting

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