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0 points · 10 hours ago

This might be a stupid question... Do French black players get offended when they are treated as Africans?

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Yes, they do

Hey, you're not a real French, you know right?

Didn't you see, I said "would have". I said that if they could, if it wasn't a case of a release clause, then Barca would have still passed on it.

Neymar doesnt have a release clause at PSG, but like I said, no player has ever stayed a prisoner indefinitely. If anybody thinks it's impossible for Neymar to disrupt his way out of PSG this window, then that is a foolish assumption to make.

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But they're totally different situations. PSG could let Neymar rot until the end of his contract and never take any offers if they so decided, Barça never had that power.

In fact, following your logic, Barcelona would have held on Neymar, but they couldn't. PSG certainly can, so why wouldn't they if they so choose?

My point was that even if the club doesn't want the money, player power finds a way. Even if barca would rather throw 220m into an oven, then that doesn't mean Neymar would be a prisoner there forever.

PSG letting neymar rot forever? That's exactly the disagreement between you and I. No club will let an asset of Neymars status to rot like that. Maybe if this was a team like Stoke letting Berahino sit on the bench, but not freaking Neymar.

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My point was that even if the club doesn't want the money, player power finds a way. Even if barca would rather throw 220m into an oven, then that doesn't mean Neymar would be a prisoner there forever.

That point makes no sense. Player power has nothing to do with a club paying the release clause.

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24 points · 13 hours ago

If you don‘t say it it won‘t happen

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Willian to Barcelona Willian to Barcelona Willian to Barcelona Willian to Barcelona

I hate games so close being decided basically by luck

Original Poster-11 points · 20 hours ago

I think GK is the 1 position where you don't need to adapt. Your role is exactly the same no matter where you are

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Compare Neuer and Buffon and tell me they play the exact same role

Yea cause every keeper in the Bundesliga plays like Neuer

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Just refuting the claim that playing GK doesn't involve several different ways to approach the game

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136 points · 15 hours ago

Difference is when we sold Vidal, we had a world class Marchisio, a very good Khedira, and Pogba. Now we have an aging Matuidi, a severely declining Khedira, a Liverpool rotational player, Bentancur, and a Marchisio with no knees. Would be absolutely suicidal to sell him right now. There isn't a single player who could replace him.

I would still take Vidal back in a heartbeat though.

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Man your midfield is literally just Pjanic and praying Can comes good, what happened?

But did she had a hand in developing the products or just put her name on it?

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Outsourced everything and just put her name to it. The Kylie Jenner business has a grand total of 7 employees.

445 points · 17 hours ago

Possibly but realistically there aren't many clubs which he'd like to play for who can or want to afford him.

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It was Juve or United basically

I thought the #inmyfeelings challenge was jumping out of the car lmao, apparently I'm ootl on this one.

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Most people do jump out of the car and dance while the car is moving

38 points · 1 day ago

Aren't all of these Parley kits gonna be the same, or like Nike when they have their black champions league third jerseys? Those seemed to all be the same too.

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United is a lighter more grayish color than Juventus, Real is red, and Bayern is a blueish gray

I don't have a dog in the race, but for some reason Bayern reaaaaly sticks out as "the rich club who buys their opponents best players" and I don't really get why. Off the top of my head, I can think of sule, Rudy, gotze, Hummels, lewandowski as bought from other semi big bundesliga clubs. For real Madrid, I can only really think of navas (bought from levante), Ramos (Sevilla), isco (Malaga) , and then that's about it, not counting guys like asensio (bought at age 19 from a 2nd division side), llorente (whom we loaned out and sold with a buyback) or ceballos (still very young and didn't really cause Madrid any problems, unlike lewandowski, gotze, Hummels) . Why do you think this is, honestly? Their practice doesn't seem too sinister or absurd

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On the other hand you got Barça which is mostly a Sevilla and Valencia All Stars

There was exactly one player from each of Sevilla and Valencia in Barca's XI last season, and one of those was a Barcelona youth product anyway.

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Gomes, Vidal, Alcácer, Rakitic, Alba, Denis, Lenglet, must we not forget Dani Alves, Keita, Mathieu, etc

Rugani played under Sarri at Empoli so he would fit perfectly in the team. Good young defender to match with Christensen and Rudiger. Decent business. Now if we can buy a winger, I'll be happy.

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Would you now have 6 defenders? Rugani, Rudiger, Christensen, Luiz, Cahil, Azpilicueta?

103 points · 2 days ago

i mean its not hard

its just spanish with more hand gestures innit

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29 points · 2 days ago

He implied that Juve wouldn't be able to fight against Real, Barca and Bayern and Juve really showed how wrong he was.

see more doing what Conte said they needed to do. It's not like Ronaldo was a 10m bargain from Sassuolo.

I think it was very enjoyable but I don't think it's the best in even my life time. I genuinely think a lot of the moments overshadowed how poor the quality of football was at times. Also Scotland weren't there so how could it be the best ever?

Some great goals though.

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What's been the best in your lifetime in your opinion?

Only a CL trophy is lacking to complete an absolutely crazy 4 years

What exactly are you implying

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Real do need to replace Ronaldo...

Can someone explain the Shaqiri cube meme

is borussia dortmunds account really @blackyellow


Inui - Boudebouz - Joaquin

William - Guardado

Firpo - Bartra - Mandi - Barragan


That's a fantastic lineup for Europa

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Good midfield not gonna lie

20 points · 6 days ago

Nice Umtiti-Lenglet-Kanté triangle though. Perfect for our NT

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Doubt Lenglet will ever be a mainstay of the french nt

Oh you said random posts and I read it as mod posts

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Posts about mods, he means

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