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Athletic_Bilbae commented on a post in r/soccer
susheelr 281 points

He's bringing the band back together lads :

Joe Hart.

Yaya Toure.

Demichellis is next !

Athletic_Bilbae 12 points

Heard Wright Phillips wanted to return to England

Athletic_Bilbae 460 points

Ah yes, the Man City retirement home

Athletic_Bilbae commented on a post in r/soccer
Leaootemivel 52 points

I still want JJ to go (these last 2 season were absolutely mediocre) vut in the last montths he conquered my respect because he showed what a true professional he is and put Sporting ahead of himself.

Athletic_Bilbae -2 points

Didn't he post on Facebook how awful every player was after the Atlético defeat?

Edit: lmao, didn't read the parenthesis. Sorry, brainfart

Athletic_Bilbae commented on a post in r/soccer
ilikestring 47 points

Not eating meat is a key part of a vegan diet. Either way, he’s talking about the ridiculous masculinity which is attached to eating meat. For something which takes lives and contributes a great deal to climate change, this is toxic.

I am not sure what you mean about being smug.

Athletic_Bilbae 7 points

I don't think the biggest problem with veganism* is the association of masculinity and meat. Rather, how hugely inconvenient it is to be vegan because we as a society have been used to eat meat and dairy* for so long and being vegan is a commitment that is too much to make for most people atm.

lnverted 5 points

It's so much easier than it used to be though, supermarkets are starting to catch on that vegan food is popular and there are so many quick vegan recipes available online.

Athletic_Bilbae 3 points

Going out to eat with friends is a pain though

Athletic_Bilbae commented on a post in r/soccer
Jacubino1 14 points

It's bad for our league to have a small team like Aves getting extra money from the EL?

Athletic_Bilbae 2 points

The embarrassment that used to be called SCP is bad for the league

Athletic_Bilbae commented on a post in r/soccer
spacenilamey8 3 points

Stupid question what do you think Tuchel gonna wear on the sidelines track kit or a suit ?

Athletic_Bilbae 1 point

Almost all of my images of Tuchel are with Dortmund branded track suits so I guess that

Athletic_Bilbae 25 points

Any expectation, Dortmund fans?

Athletic_Bilbae commented on a post in r/soccer
Sanogoals22 -1 points

They should prevent any players from moving before the age of 21. Then talent would be developed locally. I’m pretty sure there used to be a 60 mins rule in the UK a while back, whereby young players could only play for a team within a 60 min radius of where they live. Correct me if I’m wrong

Athletic_Bilbae 3 points

What if you move out the city? Or you fall out with the team you're in and they decide to freeze you until you can move? Also, 21 is a long time. Jesus and Sane are both 21 or under, as are Mbappe, Dembele, Coman...they didn't need any more "local development"

Sanogoals22 -1 points

But it would also make every league in Europe much more competitive.

Athletic_Bilbae 3 points

What if a player's parents move to another country and he's forced to move with them? He'd be banned from playing?

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pohuing 6 points

Click on the bars to minimize, exactly like it's been done in CSS on quite a few subs.

The small window is because that's easier to read, text across an entire screen sucks to read. I agree that we need an option to change between the current behaviour and a new tab/following the link.

Athletic_Bilbae 2 points

Oh, didn't know that clicking on the bar thing, thanks

A way to see parents?

Athletic_Bilbae commented on a post in r/soccer
Athletic_Bilbae 12 points

Here's most of what I hate about the new redesign:

Please, RES gods, do some magic and allow reddit to be used as it was before, otherwise I think I'll just skip desktop reddit entirely and only check it in my phone where, you know, devs still care about usability.

Edit: Oh god...please, don't tell me they messed with Markdown, that'd be it for me.

x77aca77x 1 point

If you use Chrome, use this. It forces reddit back to the old design.

Athletic_Bilbae 1 point

You're a lifesaver

Athletic_Bilbae commented on a post in r/soccer
GoldenIron 2 points

Maffeo was never gonna be a starter, he would be eased in and could have replaced Danilo.

Thats why this was weird, if Danilo was world class I would understand your point but he isnt.

Athletic_Bilbae 37 points

Have you considered that, maybe, Maffeo wanted more than being 3rd place right back, fighting to slowly replace the 2nd place right back?

Athletic_Bilbae commented on a post in r/BlackPeopleTwitter
slicklol 8 points

Don't they see that the reasoning behind what they are stating is the same reasoning behind racism??

Athletic_Bilbae 3 points

Not when the Bible literally says homosexuality is bad, and when it's not as obvious that being gay is something you are rather than something you choose.

Athletic_Bilbae commented on a post in r/soccer
toppmama 4 points

Can levante(or Barca) teach us how to score goals? We seemed to have forgotten that crucial part.

Athletic_Bilbae 1 point

Get Boateng

Athletic_Bilbae 3 points

How did Barcelona concede 5?

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