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1956 those were the days

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Only true football fans will remember

Imagine if PSG sensibly bought one of Neymar or Mbappe and wouldn't have to rely on Bernat, Meunier, Alves, Kurzawa at wingback and Marquinhos or Diarra at DM.

Spending like a kid on FIFA

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Don't forget super sub Choupo-Moting

So you mean to tell me bringing Choup-Moting from the bench isn't a guaranteed win?

Once again Klopp shows his tactics work vs the small teams


PSG is a shambles of a team

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Written in the annals of history

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Written in the anals of history

How long did he stay in Besiktas? Feels like he came in last jan

322 points · 1 day ago

Most expensive posible grup was : Barcelona, Dormund, Liverpool and Inter with 2991

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What would've been a killer group

Sevilla has literally become a meme team

That would be good if we had 3 good centre halves, our best centre half is Smalling that should tell you all you need to know.

We've played it twice in the last two seasons against good teams and Tottenham beat us 3-0 and DDG turned godly against Arsenal to give us a win.

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Man the United squad is shit, people say it's easy for City to win the league with the money they spent but United prove you also need to spend it wisely

Outrageous goalkeeping, hardly a "beautiful" freekick

Your premise is right but context matters. If turning a veteran to a bench player makes him completely lose confidence you need to value that cost vs the benefit of your younger player starting. Not sure the switch is worth it, yet.

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Old players get replaced by new players all the time, you want every club to be like Bayern relying on their 50 yo wingers?

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Obv shit for him and bayern but bayern still have goretzka, thiago and james in the midfield

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Goretzka injured

That shot by Sterling when he was offside lmao

-2 points · 4 days ago

4-0 Fulham

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You dropped the "City" a the beginning of the phrase

Comment deleted4 days ago

Not anymore

Yeah it really was a beautiful volley. Too bad it's just a consolation goal

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Or is it

Edit: yeah it is

16 points · 5 days ago · edited 5 days ago

who is in McDonald happy meal roster for the week?

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Hazard is the Taco Bell Best Player of the McDonald's Chelsea Offense brought to you by Toyota

895 points · 6 days ago

Imagine being incredibly hungry, seeing huge golden arches in the distance and it turns out to be a football stadium, would be fuming

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Might happen if you ever visite Monaco and you look at the stadium in the right angle

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