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Unplugged - Eric Clapton

Paradise Valley - John Mayer

Metals - Feist

Not really a question but the hardest moment of any interview I've had so far. It started with the interviewer telling me about the position and the company, and then all he said to me was "now it's your turn", leaving dead air for me to speak. This was for a technical position doing circuit board manufacturing.

One that comes to mind is when our typically stern professor was talking about our lab reports and how we add too much extra "flub" (unnecessary sentences) in our reports. Man then proceeds to grab his beer belly and start shaking it, yelling "THERE'S TOO MUCH FLUB, I NEED TO GET RID OF ALL THIS FLUB." Was very bizzarre.

Get your sleep cycle on track and start going to bed early. Also take occassional breaks to keep yourself going.

My top five in no order

From Russia with love, Casino royale, On her majesty’s secret service, Goldfinger, Diamonds are forever.

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Nice list, I agree with your taste.

Running. I run a lot and go fast. Might not be able to beat some fellow runners but I'm confident i can beat the average man.

My social skills. I grew up very shy so it's definitely somethig I've put a lot of effort into working on, and i think they're pretty decent now. However I'm always insecure on whether I might be missing social cues that are obvious to those who are naturally social.

Don't really know for sure but sometimes I get the feeling people might think I'm showing off by running shirtless. 100% of the time it's just cause it's hot af out.

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Being relevant, talking about things that we both like - "bridging the gap" is only good when starting a conversation...otherwise you're just interviewing each other with questions.

I think the most important thing to keep in mind when talking to anyone, if you know anything about them, is to know what they like or care about (and hopefully they do the same).

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Original Poster3 points · 12 days ago

Huh, thanks for pointing that out. I suppose that's what makes conversations with friends feel natural, since you know their perspective and ambitions.

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I only have sex with someone I am officially in a relationship with. While in the past, I have made out with girls I met at parties, or had a fling with, and greatly enjoyed it, when things started to move towards sex, my brain just couldn't handle any more. Then I realized that I just don't feel like having sex unless I have genuine feelings for the girl, which for me only happens in a relationship.

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I hate that this is considered old fashioned. Imo it's just good reasoning.

Love Mahler, I've been waking up to a quote from him I've had taped to my wall for the past year of University.

The point is not to take the world's opinion as a guiding star but to go one's way in life and working unerringly, neither depressed by failure nor seduced by applause.

Thanks for helping me get through my degree.

Every time I have cereal I tell myself I wont eat too much, but then I run out of cereal when I still have milk left...

Going to a nice University. Applied super last minute, and only decided to go before the deadline to accept the offer. It scares me how little ambition I had back then despite being academically inclined. I can't imagine where my life might be had I not bothered.

Waterloo has some open courseware course on Python and Web Development. Never taken it but I expect it's pretty decent.

I Got This - Jay Park

Would personally ditch the cherry, but looks amazing! Bet it would taste great with some maple syrup and bacon.

Btw what's up with this goose? I walked past it making the exact same pose yesterday.

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waterloo students are very shallow. all they talk about is co-op, grades, classes.

i've had much better conversations with people outside of waterloo.

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Or maybe just bad at conversations? Co-op, grades and classes are (like it or not) our life, of course we talk about them.

I fucking knew it was toronto. One of the most iconic cities ever. I recognize it every fucking time.

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Same. Don't even know how, there's just a personality to it that makes recognizalbe.

It's not just that it's a repost, it's that OP very clearly tried to make it look like they took the picture.

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I disagree that it's clear. This could be seen as OP adding a hypothetical onto a picture he knows already exists (with the intention of being an advocate for 3d printers), or implying he took the picture himself. OP's an idiot if he thought he could get away with the latter.

I like all genres of music, but my favorite is definitely jazz; specifically on the Piano. Unlike other genres, I just never get tired of it. It provokes such complex emotion that I'm never numb to its melodies. It can drain my stress, brighten my happiness, massage my sadness. I feel like if I ever escaped all the struggles in my life I'd simply become one with jazz. It's what shows me how to appreciate life, and keeps me focused on my priorities.

I also like rap, does a good job of pumping me up when I go on runs.

Scenery by Ryo Fukui, Chet Baker sings, and Bill Evans Portrait in Jazz. As a amateur pianist I just fell in love with the sound of Jazz piano.

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