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Atlascoughed commented on a post in r/AskMen
Clintman 544 points

Kinda sucks that this question got downvoted. I know it's one of those "How do I human?" sorts of questions, but it seems most of the dudes in here think romantic human interaction is as simple as walking up to a girl and pressing the action button, after having completed the [obtain job] and [exercise regularly] sidequests.

My advice to OP is to get out more and talk to real people away from computers and TV and whatnot. Ask a girl, or really anyone, to go on a hike or to a museum or something. Talk about your lives and not what movies you've seen recently. If you want to think about people as real people, then treat them that way.

Atlascoughed 4 points

Both the mods here and users look down upon genuine questions like this, it boggles my mind. We're so confident in ourselves that we're ignorant to the value in talking about how to deal with this issue. I doubt half the people hear have even recognized the severity of what OP has brought up affects our lives.

Atlascoughed commented on a post in r/analog
GuacExtraLime 7 points

Really nice, but I find that snow needs to be overexposed by a stop or two to come out whiter. I've never done it with slide film but I imagine it still needs to be done because it's the meter that's confused.

Atlascoughed 1 point

I kinda like it how it is, you could almost mistake it for sand (although I suppose that's your point).

Atlascoughed commented on a post in r/anime
stormarsenal 5 points

Honestly. What did all those people who saw the first episode at a special event last year see in this to take it to Top 20 on MAL.

Atlascoughed 1 point

I found it quite endearing at moments, and I think I can see where they're going with it. I agree though, it's still too early to tell.

Atlascoughed commented on a post in r/uwaterloo
uwgurl -22 points

It’s just how society views girls who ask guys out. Since u are “supposed” to wait for the guy to ask u out

Atlascoughed 4 points

Asking someone out is always going to make you vulnerable to judgement and rejection, no matter what gender you are. I don't think you think it seems weird and desperate because girls aren't supposed to do it, but because that's just the position it puts you in. That's what makes it intimidating.

MadLintElf 1,101 points

Pineapples, back in the day you could rent a pineapple to show off at your dinner banquet but they were too expensive for the average person to purchase.

Today they are available in every supermarket and relatively cheap.

Atlascoughed 2 points

That's amazing. I can see why, pineapple is both a delicious and glorious looking fruit.

snowyday 1,895 points


One megabyte of RAM:
* 1957: $411 million
* 1980: $6,480
* 1990: $106
* 2000: $1.56
* 2010: ~ $0.02
* Dec 2017: ~ $0.0071


Atlascoughed 56 points

Too bad it's been increasing recently though.

Atlascoughed commented on a post in r/movies
officialratman 2 points

I think civil war is wayyyy overrated. Not a fan of that one at all.

Atlascoughed 2 points

I think the biggest let down about it for me was that people had hyped it up to be this great thoughtful movie about the morality of superheroes, but it failed to actually go in depth or expand upon the ideas it presented. Really it was just a fun movie set up by interesting conflict, doesn't deserve to be #3 though.

Atlascoughed commented on a post in r/movies
crapusername47 79 points

He gives out his name to get noticed.

The villain sends some guy to kill him, he fails and Bond either forces a clue out of him or he leaves some clue behind.

Or, failing that, he finds some woman connected to the villain and fucks a clue out of her.

He knows exactly what he’s doing.

Atlascoughed 6 points

I think he also gives out his name because he has no past or loved ones. He's an orphan that grew up in the service, his name is his codename because they're one in the same. For him there's nothing a villain could threaten that prioritizes national security.

Atlascoughed commented on a post in r/EngineeringStudents
IronPlaidFighter 14 points

Anecdotally, I find listening to music with lyrics a distraction, but instrumental music - especially classical - helps me block out other distractions and focus.

Atlascoughed 10 points

That's why I listen to kpop, can't understand a word of what they're saying except for the occasional out of context English line. Classical is nice too though, I love listening to Chopin or Brahms.

Atlascoughed commented on a post in r/piano
Shiznanners 10 points

I wish more pianists would try and compose rather than solely play others music. Composing gives a whole new world to music when you start making your own

Atlascoughed 6 points

Where would you recommend starting for learning how to compose? I've always felt underqualified in my knowledge of theory and ability to accurately express feeling to compose.

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