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AnonymooseRedditor 5 points

Veeam is great - you’ll want to discuss backup storage options, with two sites you could do a site to site backup copy job. As far as your tight RPO VMs that shouldn’t be a problem either - if you are copying them offsite you’ll want to make sure the backup set can be replicated in a timely fashion. I’m backing up around 50TB using veeam, some of it is offsite in a cloud connect partner. Other datasets are local and offsite via tape (bleh)

Aut0Exec 2 points

Defenitely Veeam

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GAAP-toothed 3 points

I lurked for a few weeks and finally picked up an Edwin Jagger 89 with some sample creams from Maggard. I can't believe I haven't been shaving this way from the beginning. More than a great shave, the ritual is totally worthwhile. I've done two shaves and am always looking forward to the next. Thanks all for the pointers!

Aut0Exec 2 points

Welcome to the cult.... Sorry I mean... Welcome. :)

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Aut0Exec 3 points

Good luck getting in depth documentation for this. We had to do something similar in our company. And by "we" I mean "me" sadly. It essentially works just like a regular DC AD but.... Working with the AD will be much different. Adsi editor will be your new go to program. If you want to migrate.. My advice is to you is... I hope you know powershell :) in particular the adobjects functions. You will need some scripting... You will have to get multiple sources to help you... Youtube and Google.

Eazpackets 4 points

Odom has a blog with a few practice labs on each topic..

Aut0Exec 1 point

I am an idiot. Not sure how I missed this. Thanks

IdyllicReverie 1 point

Not only that, but I just passed the CCENT last week and simply went to the back of the chapters in Odom's books and started building a basic network from scratch, incorporating as much as I could. By the end I had a small network that configured (almost, thanks packet tracer) and showed everything I needed.

Aut0Exec 1 point

OK I will implement this also. Thank you for that. Are there any other sources you used for studying/passing the CCENT or just Odom's book alone and PT practice?

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osage_sage 3 points

Don't let anyone tell you that Arko is not a great soap. I have been using it a lot more recently and I love the stuff, not my favorite fragrance, but certainly not my least favorite.

Aut0Exec 1 point

Cheap, good protection, amazing lather, smell.....(i love it believe it or not).. What's not to like? I got a 12 pack of Arko.. It's amazing stuff.

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TwentyTwoTwelve 15 points

Almost is a lovely word. Defined as "not quite", "nearly" or "just shy of" as well as many other definitions.

It's also the longest word in the English language with all the letters in alphabetical order.

This makes it quite a satisfying word. Not completely satisfying, but almost.

Aut0Exec 3 points

Are you a poet? Omfg that was beautiful.

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