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Good job !

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790 is the passing score. People use that or 1000 based on personal preference.

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Not sure why he asked that. Everyone posts their scores like this.

Follow an introduction series on YouTube to make a small project - I highly recommend Brackeys

To my knowledge all Bounds will be a rectangle/box.

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Yeah just think of the bounds as a box that automatically scales to fit whatever the object is

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I felt like Boson ExSim for SWITCH added 50-60 points to my overall score.

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Were those added points enough to pass?

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I passed on the first attempt - I probably wouldn’t have passed without Boson as it had some questions I just didn’t see anywhere else or on the exam topics list.

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If the mods wanted to be nice they should pin this until the end of the month.


90% study by YouTube Videos. (Highly recommend Travis Bonfigli search ‘CCNP travis’)

I did have access to PluralSight and watched that series.

I bought 3 x Catalyst 3560’s for my lab.

I also feel like the Boson ExSim added 50-60 points to my score.

Exam experience:

One medium difficulty simulation and then one tough difficulty simulation.

There were issues in the config that is not mentioned in the scenario instructions (just like in real life) and those have to be resolved. Also the wording was purposefully vague in some cases (just like in real life). I felt like it was fair and not trivial.

Be sure to use your verification commands! I don’t think you can completely blow the ‘tough’ sim and pass, but that is just my speculation.

Boson ExSim really helped me fill the gaps for the simulations. Also having the real equipment to lab on was very helpful here too.

Taking some time off work for 4th of July to relax and refresh. After that ROUTE begins!


Nice! How much time did you spend studying for the test?

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

I would say one month of light study - one month video courses - one month labs / practice exams / research weak topics.

So about 3 months, but I am hoping to knock that down to 2 months for ROUTE. I am trying to wait until after the vacation I am currently on ends to pick things back up. I am just hoping TSHOOT will only take me a couple of weeks to prepare for but I have seen people say they have failed twice who work trouble tickets for a living so I don’t know.

Congrats! So glad we could make a sizable difference in your score. :)

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Yeah for sure - I plan to at a minimum use ExSim for ROUTE and TSHOOT.

I am also considering using ExSim when I start working on my MCSE path as well.

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I thought ICND2 was a bit harder than ICND1. There were more questions that seem to completely catch me off guard.

I just passed CCNP SWITCH 4 days ago and actually felt slightly better about my performance than on ICND2.


I’ve been doing some lab exercises on three L3 switches using YouTube and PluralSight. I have decided to try using Boson Exam Sim again to try to ‘fill the gaps’.

My first attempt on Exam set A I had failed with 734/825. I studied dot1x, dot1q VLAN tagging, VACL, and a couple of other things.

After a couple of days of study I took Exam set B and passed with 884/825. Three of the questions I got wrong were actually due to not reading correctly (answering too quickly) because after review I determined I had knew the correct answers. Of course those would count against me too in real life so I guess that is part of it.

I was curious how anyone felt about how well a passing grade in Boson ExSim would indicate being ready for the real thing?

I felt like Boson for CCNA ExSim and NetSim were incredible. Hoping it works out for me again this time.

Any advice on some topics that may not be obvious from the main exam topics list that is provided would be appreciated. This means a lot to me and I do not want to take the test twice!


Sorry, I was on vacation. :)

High-quality practice exams should give you an idea of how you will do on the live exam. However, a practice exam can only gauge your ability accurately the FIRST time you see that batch of questions. If you took Exam B and got an 884 on your first shot, that's great! Read all the explanations and fill those knowledge gaps... then try Exam C. Hopefully you will do even better!

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Original Poster2 points · 2 months ago

Really appreciate your presence on these subreddits. Thanks for the response! I will take Exam C very soon and hopefully will be resting in a week or so.

Boson alone won’t save you IMO Emulate or get real Cats and run through CBT nuggets and COCG

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I have 3 catalyst 3560s I am doing some lobbing with. Trying to figure out what I need to lab most or what I may benefit from the most.

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Nope. Used Boson Network Simulator software. I did not bother with GNS3 for the switch labs. I would recommend getting a few layer 3 3750s and 2950s used on ebay.

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I got 3 off eBay (3560-48x2,3560-24x1) for under $200 and learned so much because I accidentally corrupted the IOS image on one and had to recover with xmodem.

I have REALLY enjoyed adding them to my home network and going through labs like Etherchannel and RPVST etc etc.

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The puck was clearly loose and still had momentum.

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I mainly used INE, CBT Nuggets, and then a course from StormWinds provided by work. I also did looootss of labbing in my homelab.

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Where would you recommend getting your home lab stuff ? I want to go with real stuff as I finished my CCNA a couple of months ago and used sims from Boson, but not sure how price / value compare.

Congrats on passing the exam and good luck on enhancing your career and skill set!

Original Poster1 point · 4 months ago

Thank you!!

I would totally recommend a real lab, especially if you haven't messed with physical gear much before, take a look at my post history if you want to see my setup. I bought almost all of my stuff off of eBay and/or state government surplus sales.

I was provided boson for work and I really didn't like it, something felt a little off to me, and I couldn't put my finger on what it was. How did you like boson?

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I thought Boson ExSim and NetSim were awesome. I just want to have a real lab too.

Thanks for the response.

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Being down voted for agreein with the post - cool!!

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Nashville Predators were CHEATED

6 points · 4 months ago

Call on ice was goal. Clearly it was a clean goal.

Nashville Predators were CHEATED!!!

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This is complete cheAting!!!! I will officially complain to NHL and preds org

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In your BGP video you state it used TCP 129 but that doesn’t seem correct?

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I just wanted to share that I had got my CCNA about 8 years ago and it landed me the interview/job to really help take my career to the next level.

I just renewed my CCNA today!!

Keep moving forward and you still have it done in no time.

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Did you forget "conf t"?

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Yeah you are in enabled / privileged exec mode which means those commands should not be valid.

You must first enter ‘configure terminal’ or ‘conf t’ to enter global configuration mode.


I thought I did much better in ICND1. The questions just seemed more difficult on this one and I even had to completely guess on a couple.

The very first question really set the tone for me as it was about APIC-EM path trace tool for ACL and it was check the 3 correct answers type of question. I was stumped immediately.

I ended up with only 2 minutes on my timer so I know I took plenty of time on questions to be sure I was reading them correctly and thinking it through.

I really felt like the questions I did get correct carried the heavier weights because I did still pass at least.

I used all YouTube / PluralSight / INE / CBT Nuggets / Chris Bryant / Keith Barker / Jeremy Ciora / etc. No books.

Also I used Boson NetSim and ExSim for CCNA. You really should go for the Boson products if you have the budget.


If you can afford it. Boson. ( I haven't used it myself. But the general consensus is that they are harder than the real thing. If you're doing well on the Boson exams, you'll do well on the real thing.)

  • If you can subnet very quickly in your head
  • Done loads of labs in PT
  • Know your show commands
  • Know the material enough to explain it without looking at resources
  • Knowing the material in general

I'd say you're pretty much set.

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Just want to say Boson also makes an amazing NetSim product that is like Packet Tracer and GNS3 etc.

It also comes with a ton of nice labs that will gave you very confident in the CLI. Also you learn a lot from following through with the lab material.

Original Poster1 point · 7 months ago

I know you cant use calculator in exam but in real life , do you guys use subnetting programs to make fast subnets? Or do you still do it manually

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You remember it eventually like you would a multiplication table or anything else like that.

You start seeing the same numbers (powers of 2) and it becomes as fluent as reading (skill of a 6 year old for me).

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same when creating assets, 10-15 seconds

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2 points · 8 months ago

So it isn’t just an issue with Unity then?

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David Cross as Maynard.

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