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A_Furious_Potato 1 point

What was the most elaborate playhouse you ever built?

AwkwardMethod 2 points

We just got finished a crazy castle that sits in the hills of Colorado!

GunReview 1 point

I go to playgrounds everyday with my toddlers and live in Denver. Where is this playground?

AwkwardMethod 1 point

It’s at a private residence west of Denver.

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IrmaHerms 2 points

It’s really well done!

AwkwardMethod 2 points

Thank you!

Hank-The-Angry-Dwarf 2 points

How much would something like that cost me?

AwkwardMethod 3 points

If you send us your info we can build a quote which includes delivery to your address.

ratiphi 1 point

I dont see MJ in the pictures....

AwkwardMethod 0 points

MJ would get smoked by Steph today. Unfortunately MJ is old now.

cassatta 1 point

How much would something like this cost? I would love to have something maybe a third this size in our backyard. More of a work/play room. Superb job Op! Looks really cool. Good on you for taking a chance.

AwkwardMethod 1 point

Check out our e-Commerce site at, it has pricing for a number of playhouses for your viewing pleasure.

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KillBoxOne 1 point

Off Beat Question: Is there a lot of legal liability in selling these? Some kid hurts himself and the parents decide its your fault?

AwkwardMethod 1 point

Like any construction or product there is that inherit risk. We do our best to avoid that through quality and educating our clients.

ethan_kahn 2 points

Some of those are basically mini homes without plumbing or kitchens.

These will be the nicest thing I see today. Thanks for sharing.

AwkwardMethod 2 points

You are most welcome! Thanks for the nice words!

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fflokii 1 point

That's really awesome but, as a college student, I'm thinking that could've instead been a lot of rent, tuition and ramen.

How do people afford to drop so much money on shit like this.

AwkwardMethod 1 point

Someday you will make money as well young grasshopper.

Stephenrudolf 5 points

This subreddit

AwkwardMethod 3 points

Any suggestions on location for this?

Attornanator 2 points

I don't have a suggestion.

It is a neat project. See if there is a /r/ for neat projects (unless its DIY themed - because this is not DIY).

Okay, now that I'm thinking about suggestions...try looking for /r/ that are kid related but aimed at parents. Stuff for kids. Stuff for parents. Cross post the heck out of it. Good luck.

AwkwardMethod 1 point

Appreciate the suggestions! This is only my 3rd day on here.

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Neuromantic85 0 points

Totally wrong sub for this

AwkwardMethod 2 points

I’m new at this, any suggestions on where to post?

dickyankee 1 point

That's your company? Changed your life indeed! I've seen your website and you build some seriously cool stuff!

AwkwardMethod 1 point

Thank you!! We love what we do and we have an awesome group here!

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tdonovanj 1 point

Depends on the design. Is it an arch? A ramp? What’s the span? Is it permanent? What’s the fall? EDIT: Seems to me that someone who is now building nationwide for TLC should have the knowledge necessary to build a bridge to a playhouse no matter what the design limitations are?

AwkwardMethod -2 points

I was talking about web trolls......

[deleted] 2 points


AwkwardMethod 1 point

Much better! See isn't it nice to be happy instead? The world is a great place, so let me know if you have any other questions for me.

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idk_lets_try_this 1 point

Was this build on 3/4 or 1/2 scale? It just feels a little off.

AwkwardMethod 2 points

First floor has 6’ of space from floor to ceiling.

RumDrummer 6 points

I was planning to do a little playhouse for my kids this spring and now this comes along and shits all over everything.

AwkwardMethod 2 points

This one was built in Canada and transported 2500 Miles to Washington DC. Who’d thought that Canadians know how to build something other than igloos.

[deleted] 2 points


Wockaflockameme 2 points

He’s now broke so he has to live in the playhouse.

AwkwardMethod 2 points

Ha ha, there could be worst places.

AwkwardMethod 2 points

I quit my job and started building playhouses full time. In the first month of doing it TLC decided to make a tv show about it and my family. Before I knew it I was travelling around North America building for celebrities and filming a show full time with my family. So moral of the story, there was a little change...

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