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The introduction of Hammond with his piledriver ability + the Symmetra Teleporter interact function has put me in a place where I don't have any good keybinds for these. If I could do like a "shift + middle click" or "shift + e" function that would be ideal, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do that?


i can't remember but under controls there will be the middle columns were you set an alternative keyblinding for the related action either under all-heroes(edit: as in for everyone) or choose a particular hero to remap all your keys

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But it doesn't let me use modifiers (such as shift + e)

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It's a tough one to answer, because every aspect of IT has it's own unique difficulties. Sysadmin have their own challenges of making sure windows is up to date, help desk guys dealing with muggles lacking common sense. And then there's us the networking guys who always get the "let's blame the network because I mistyped a subnet mask on my windows server" ¯\(ツ)

On a serious note, everything relies on the network. We need to make sure a packet can get from A to B and if it doesn't then sh*t hits the fan, because every application/end device relies on the network. Shifting packets from A to B gets reallyyyyy complicated on huge networks, so I'd say we got it a little bit tough.

Give you an example of an experience I've had, network upgrade went bad for a leisure resort company due to misconfiguration during migration of old network to new network. During that time whole network was down for approx 1 hour, in that 1 hour customer could not take payments. As a result £5000+ revenue was lost, they were not happy to say the least. Now let's give a situation where the network is okay but the epos device failed, no biggie just use another epos device so no loss of revenue and the team who supports that have less pressure to resolve.

edit: a word

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Sysadmin have their own challenges of making sure windows is up to date


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The devices are independent of each other so keep this in mind. So when changing one side to have millisecond responses, the side you change will expect a response that quick and thus it will assume the other, still slower side is dead. If this is a cisco you could use secure crt or the like to change them at the same time. Otherwise, if I think this through, you want to change primary first. This will allow the primary to keep multicasting the secondary, while still being the original primary. Then you should be able to change secondary with no fail over. I would lab this out or ask for an outage window regardless.

Personally it sounds right to me the angle you're going at this. The primary will think the secondary is down but ultimately this wont be a problem.

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You can change the holdtime independent of the hello... Just need to change the hello both first, then adjust the holdtime. (Or the other way around, in case hsrp is one of those protocols where the holdtime value is advertised to the neighbor, rather than used locally).

But the city is a safe/nice place to live!

No one is making you live here.

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Yep, that's why I'm leaving once my lease ends. Tried it, didn't like it.

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What a joke. If anything goes wrong for a democrat they just blame Russia. This is getting beyond absurd.

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“I voted for Trump because emails.”

Things have gotten much more partisan than 2012, though. Remember that 2012 had a comparatively moderate Republican running at the head of the party, and the GOP is a different party that appeals directly to the uneducated white population, which Missouri has plenty of. Missouri is only as light red as it is thanks to having two and a half major cities. The only reason I think McCaskill is going to remain is if Republican voters have deflated turnout. I am confident Democratic voters will get to the polls, but remember that there may be a massive disinformation campaign that most of Missouri will pay attention to.

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Who is the half? CoMo or Springfield?

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Thank God, because it would be a tragedy if we lost that angelic voice

Edit:travesty was used incorrectly. Tragedy is the correct word. Thanks /u/Azarias59

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More of a tragedy

This should be a fun protest to watch

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But then you have to go to Granite City...

Soooo... paragraphs would make this a lot easier to read.

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sorry, i made paragraphs but not enough spaces for script reader.

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TBH it's still a bit much.

If you're typing addresses you're pretty much doing it wrong. DNS all of the things, and you really only need to remember a few hextets anyway.

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Yeah because DNS is always reliable...

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Leave DNS alone! 😀 DNS is one of the most, if not the most reliable services ever. I always see these stupid posts about "it's always DNS". DNS has so much built-in resiliency, particularly at the resolver (client) side. People just suck at administering DNS. That is all.

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I think most of my problems with DNS stem from it being administered poorly.

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Why not use static routes that verify next hop reachability?

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Could you expand a bit on this please? I have never used them. Thanks.

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Create 2 static routes, each to a different router, and attach an IP SLA to them. If the IP SLA fails, the route will go down. I think it would work better than HSRP as it allows you to have more of an active/active setup.


I was stupid and I bought an XPS 15 with a 4k monitor, thinking that games and applications would scale well at 1080p (4k is exactly 4x more pixels, so I thought it would be even). However, it is extremely blurry. Is there anything that can be done to reduce/remove the blur?


Instead of reducing resolution set Windows scaling to 200%, it looks much better. You can still set games to render at 1080p in their settings and it does not look blurry at all.

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But then the text and icons look so small.

oh well.

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Hijacking the top post to say I think it's bullshit that /u/HoorayInternetDrama took down my post on this that was exactly identical. OPs post here is perfectly fine and is obviously popular judging by the amount of comments. This is industry news and is completely different than dropping a link to someone's blog. I think the mods need to relax as well as be consistent. There's nothing wrong with either of these posts. Lots of discussion here and the people obviously like it.

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The moderation here has gotten inconsistent and draconian.

A local LAN network?

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ATM machine?

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I actually prefer frame relay.

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So thoroughly disappointing.

Why? I thought it was a great ending.

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Glad you'r'e happy then. I'm just not putting up with another season of there being no meaningful advance in the plot.

I would hold yes due to unbroken line of consciousness.

But then... sleep.

There's a comic on the philosopher's existential comics, as I recall; the first one.

That's a sophist rabbit hole I'd rather not dive down.

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Sleep isn't really a full break in consciousness; anesthesia would be a lot closer to that though.

When I suddenly wake up from my nap I sometimes feel like a PC booting up Windows and loading all the data written in the hard drive. Like, if this "Windows" is consciousness, I don't feel like it's unique to every person and isn't even continuous in one's life.

Sorry for being too theoretical but does anyone else have the same feeling?

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Not really. I did feel that way when I woke up after anesthesia though.

This is why uneducated / uninterested (which if you're not interested enough to think please don't voice an opinion) people who blanket shit on "GMO" foods while having zero understanding that EVERYTHING they eat has been genetically modified by humans through selective breeding and crosses. Yes person in the comments that surely is there, that's not the same as transgenic products but don't pretend for 1 second 95% of people who think GMOs are bad can articulate that point.

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I'll have you know I'm GMO intolerant!



I currently work at a VAR/MSP as a dedicated L3 network support resource for one of their largest clients, and... I hate it. I'm sick of my entire job being break/fix, crisis management, and dealing with stupid tickets. There may be an option for me to move into a post-sales network engineering role, but I'm not sure if I should pursue that or just leave the VAR/MSP space altogether in favour of a more traditional enterprise network engineering role.

But if I were to move into post-sales, what would my life look like?

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I did it for 14ish years. I loved and hated it. I loved dealing with new networks and problems daily. I was always learning. I learned so many different ways to accomplish similar issues. I learned about so many different IT personalities and expectations. I got to play with the latest and greatest on a lot of projects, and understand them inside and out. I also learned how to fix problems on an extreme budget.

The travel, complaints, always being on call, and never being "done" we're indeed quite taxing. Always away, always busy, never appreciated, but for rare moments. It was rough, fun, and educational at the same time.

Now that I'm out, and the IT director for an Enterprise, I feel so overly prepared... I feel this job is amazingly easy due to all those past experiences. I've seen thousands of right ways, thousands of wrong ways, and millions of in between (to solve problems). So many different perspectives, hardware vendors, and design ideologies it's insane.

I still cheat, and get my hands dirty in my current role though... Post sales at a VAR is something I wouldn't want to do again for a long period of time, but I'm very happy I did.

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Why would you always be on-call if your job is delivery, not support? Did it take a fair amount of time to complete TTS or something?

The place I was with had a NOC. And it was my role to be the escalation point if something happened. And things happened from time to time. Not often, but still having to carry my phone with me at all times... Just in case.

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Ah, well luckily there is no expectation of that from me; 100% design and delivery (with an understanding that support will need to be provided for any incidents that arise until TTS is complete).


So up until like a year ago, google chrome used a light-grey colour scheme; now their colour scheme is white. I don't really like this because it's rather harsh on the eyes, and I'm having difficulty finding a good theme in the store that matches how the old chrome used to look. Is there any way I can restore it?

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