Beatboxing in VR by Azberg in LivestreamFail

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it's on a 2 min delay for some reason

High fps and low latency but stuttering? by deftcsgo in GlobalOffensive

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Make sure you have latest gpu drivers

Verify game files

Type snd_rebuildsoundcache in console

Make sure nothing is hogging resources in the background

Maybe your cpu is bottlenecking

*brushes dust off shoulder* by asap_food in GlobalOffensive

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you need a bigger mouse pad or up your sens a bit

How Calvin Harris made the hit song "Slide" by Julices_Grant in videos

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Sennheiser HD 800? Those go for like $1000, Jesus.

How to crosspost? by kamikazeturtlez in videos_discussion

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I think spam forced us to disable it, so no it won't be enabled again.

How to crosspost? by kamikazeturtlez in videos_discussion

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Crossposting to /r/videos is disabled so that might be why you can't find it.

Duo trapeze by SlimJones123 in interestingasfuck

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Gonna need a source on that, stat!