Högskoleprovstråden by Azberg in sweden

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Du har sagt att alla delar varit lätta hittills. Jag förväntar mig 2,0 eller så blire ban.

Högskoleprovstråden by Azberg in sweden

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Vilken utbildning om man får fråga?

Good resources/videos for squats by [deleted] in nSuns

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Very good and in-depth squat videos:

Juggernaut Training Systems

social media feeds by ImThatOneTardis in videos

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Don't open facebook for a week and they'll start sending emails bugging you about how much you've missed. Similar thing is true for Instagram, but in their emails they are worried you can't log in.

🔥 Diving with dolphins 🔥 by Tucko29 in NatureIsFuckingLit

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Wonder if the dolphins think that thing is loud as fuck

Trampoline by pitchesandthrows in instant_regret

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Don't bring home any more old crutches!