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told a elderly patient that his lung cancer had metastasized to his brain and we weren't going to pursue further treatment. I asked if he wanted help telling his family, and he said he's lived a good life and wanted to go on a fishing trip with just his son and he would tell him then. had to hold back the tears on that one.

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This one got me. I once had my dad sit me down and he just asked me how much he knew about how he lived his life. The places he'd been, who he knew, the things he did. He just spilled out his life story over a couple hours and I learned all these things I never thought to ask. At the end he told me about his cancer and not to tell my sister.

Thankfully, it was caught early enough and he recovered. As far as I know it hasn't resurfaced in over ten years.

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I'm so happy to hear that! Really, I am. I was expecting another tearjerker but I can't tell you how nice it is to have a story in this thread that doesn't end with death.

Was he a smoker, or did he just randomly get lung cancer?

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It's a fine line between "innocent prank" and "attempted murder"

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Someone in my town died because a group of teenagers put a bunch of tires in the road as a prank. He hit the tires full speed and died after crashing into a tree. There's a park named in his memory now.

I actually really liked it, especially at the beginning. I never really thought I would like anime, but that one and a couple others were pretty good. I'm still super selective about which ones I get into and haven't become totally japanophile, but there is some good stuff out there.

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Haha I too am very selective about which animes I'll watch. I just finished Death Note (which was my first one) and now I'm about to start One Punch Man. Any other good series you'd like to recommend?

I don't know exactly why I liked it, but the idea must have been at least a little interesting: Sword Art Online. My brother had watched it on Netflix and he's even pickier than I am. So I thought I'd give it a try and I got hooked on it. Outside of Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! (which Im not even 100% sure count as anime) that I watched as a kid, I haven't seen much more. If I remember anything else I will let you know. Let me know what you think of One Punch Man. Honestly, it sounds kind of stupid to me, but maybe I should give it a try?

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Sword Art Online is on my list to watch! I'll definitely check it out. My brother is the one that got me into Death Note, and he also recommended One Punch Man and Attack On Titan. I've also had friends recommend Blue Exorcist and Full Metal Alchemist to me. One Punch Man does sound kind of wacky but apparently it's really funny and it's got a 9/10 on IMDB so that's good enough for me. I didn't watch any episodes today because they only have it in Japanese on Netflix and I didn't feel like sifting through anime websites for the English dub yet.

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And having their plane flown into a building

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Out of curiosity, how powerful is that sudden surge of water under the sea? I can assume that amount of pressure releasing is enough to kill sea life? What about at surface level, could it kill someone or capsize a boat?

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Surprisingly, that isn't what actually happens. Because the amplitude (height) of the tsunami is shorter than the depth of the ocean, it doesn't build into a distinguishable wave until it reaches shallow water. Thus, boaters, sea life, and even swimmers only feel a slight ripple of water as the tsunami travels past them, if they even detect it at all.

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Nothing to do with gravity. Your other arm can achieve the same result by holding your other hand, with your arm under the opposite arm. It's one of the most known Yoga positions. Once you do that, the nostril opposite will open up.

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Like this?

I can't picture what that looks like

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I think this is what he's talking about

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The movie came out in the early-mid 2000's if I remember correctly.

All I remember about it is seeing the trailers for it on TV where a young boy/teen is with his friends on bikes and they jump off a ramp or truck or something over a herd of buffalo or similar hoofed mammals and it shows them flying over the herd with the viewer left uncertain as to whether they make the jump.

I think it's set out West somewhere and may have something to do with conserving the bison/nature in general. That's just speculation on my part though.

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The only thing I can think of is Disney Channel had a movie called Buffalo Dreams (2005) that had a lot of bike riding nad buffalo alike. Here's a clip involving both but can't find a clip exactly as you've described.

Edit: So I was just skipping around through a full length video I found of the movie (I'll link it if you want but probably not the safest of sights - although my antivirus didn't go off) and about an hour and 20 minutes into it the kids are having some bike race and one of them jumps their bike off a hill while buffalo are also stampeding during the race. The shots jump back and forth between the race and the stampede. He doesn't jump over the buffalo but I could see how a trailer could have possibly edited that to make it look like he was. Again, was just skimming through the movie so I might have missed a more accurate clip, or maybe it's not this movie at all, but just letting you know what I've found.

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Thank you, this is the movie I was thinking of! It's been a long time and I only saw the trailer so the details weren't completely accurate. I watched the clip you posted and the kid is exactly as I remember, as is the location and the buffalo. Even the title sounds familiar. Thanks again, kind stranger!

But if they were creatures from space, then why would they hunt by sound?

Hmmm..... /s

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Their planet blew up and chunks of it went flying through space until they hit earth

Get your eyelid ready, hun.

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rev up those fryers

When you're making a turn across oncoming traffic, keep your wheels pointing straight ahead until the opportunity comes for you to make the turn. If your wheels are facing into the turn and someone hits you from behind, they will push you into the oncoming traffic and dead you will go.

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I'm having a little trouble visualizing this. So if your wheels are turned left or right, you'll get pushed into the oncoming traffic, but if they're straight, you won't be? I imagine that no matter which way your wheels are turned, if someone hits you hard enough, you will be pushed out into the street or intersection (and therefore get hit by traffic in whichever lane you end up in).

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Hello r/all,

The sub-wide balance will take place on July 9th. This means half the subreddit will be banned, to achieve true balance.

If you are new here:

To have a chance to be banned, remember to subscribe and comment a reply to this sticky comment.

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ban me thanos!

Honestly we can probably agree the best advice here is don't take the risk of sailing towards a squall, just wait until you know it's passed before sailing.

Totally. Stay on the island until the storm passes.

Sorry if I got barky, this thread is full of people who have never sailed in their lives giving all kinds of fucked up advice and it kind of got to me.

Have a good day!

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Hey I'm a pretty novice sailor so I thought I'd seek your advice. I haven't tried Hobies before, would you recommend learning to sail them? Are they much more difficult to sail compared to Sunfishes and Lasers?


No. If you can sail a Laser you can sail a cat.

As I told someone upthread, I'd find a local fleet and buy a boat to race. Racing is the best way to learn to sail, as you probably know from Lasers.

The only advantage to Lasers or Sunfish is that you can much more easily solo them. A H16 is a handful solo, and a H18 is just not a good idea, it's too much boat. But if you have a crew they're great!

If you really want a solo boat look at an old H17, or maybe an A-cat. But mostly I'd be looking for a fleet to sail in, that's a big advantage. Racing, parts, rigging and sailing tips, it makes a big difference.

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Ah, thank you for the response! There's a sailing club not too far from where I live on a big lake and I bet they sail Hobies. I particularly like soloing Sunfishes on small ponds, but I really enjoy the thrill of sailing a Laser. I'm sure a cat would be even better. I'll look into it. Thanks again!

I did a little googling after reading your comment and found an interesting article saying there's a correlation between fox populations and low Lyme disease rates, because foxes kill so many of the small mammals that carry the disease. But with the return of coyotes to much of the northeastern US, some fox populations have declined, leading to lower Lyme disease rates.

Deer are still a major ecological problem in other ways, though. With no natural predators remaining in much of the US (especially notable is the lack of the gray wolf), deer populations can completely decimate the forest understory and prevent lots of trees from growing, but leaving invasive species that they don't eat to thrive. Local to me, most of the preserves that I know of have deer hunting programs that either have a doe requirement before any bucks can be harvested, or only allow the harvesting of doe, in order to get the population down to levels. So, the solution for removing Lyme disease isn't simply "remove coyotes," though, since they also help to maintain the deer population (although obviously not to the same extent as wolves).

I'm not saying you were disagreeing with any of this, by the way; I'm just sharing more information for others who might happen upon this thread.

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Maybe coyotes are better at controlling small mammal populations than foxes are? I know coyotes hunt a lot of the same prey as foxes do, so that could be why Lyme disease rates are decreasing.

I love when they're in the hotel

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You know, this gonna be a real long trip if you don't cut the crap, Lana

Just start with something slightly poisonous like poison ivy and then work your way up as you build an immunity

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Slightly poisonous? Poison ivy is bad enough when it's on your bare skin, but can you imagine how painful it would be to actually put it in your mouth and swallow it? I imagine it could be deadly.

And the best anal rape scene in all of animation.

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And the best anal rape scene in all of animation.

Hol up

Do ogres have big you know whats? 🍆

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I believe this video can answer your question

A couple ago, my cat ran through a floor-height section of a window early in the morning. Woke my dad up, but we went outside and couldn't find her.

She showed up later that evening, at our front door and very confused. When we tried to bring her in, she ran off again, but showed up at our back door a minute later. (As I said, very confused.) The only injury she got for sprinting through a pane of glass was a tiny scratch on her nose.

We still have her today, though we're convinced she became a little bit more silly after the ordeal. Case in point: Picture of my cat in a bucket from 4 years ago.

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Haha what a great story! And your cat is adorable I love how absent-minded she looks in that bucket! Thanks for sharing, it really made my day!

Til my gf is a grasshopper

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But which head does she eat?

I hope you learned your lesson from this. I know the story is funny but safety should be your priority when driving, not seeing how much speed a grasshopper on your windshield can handle.

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Kanna stood there, stiill as stone. Still as the earth. She looked pale, despite the oppressive heat in the room. I imagined I looked the same, literally. But then, my imagination seemed to have run away with me.

Fire. Fire had gushed out of m-.. Kanna. Kanna must have firebended. I took a few shallow breaths, my chest feeling far too tight to draw in anything more. Part of my bed was still ablaze, so I took the opportunity to tear my gaze away from Kanna's fearful eyes.

I reached out, felt the water in the basin next to my bed. I always liked to keep a small tub of water there, but my movements were far too quick, too jerky for fine control. The water jetted out of the basin, completely dousing the fire, but also half my bed.

"Jalla... you. You firebended?" came her answer, finally. I felt my heart stop, the water froze in place instantly. No. No. Kanna was the chosen one. I spent hours through the ceremony, using every ounce of waterbending I could to control my tears. We, we were just arguing. She got it into her head that I should teach her waterbending!

"No! You airhead.You firebended, Kanna. You're the Avatar." Despite being twins, Kanna and I differed in what elements we were born to. She's the airbender, and thus, 'next in line' after Avatar Kindu. It made no sense at all for -me- to firebend! I'm just a waterbender. Now just "The Avatar's Sister." The ice snapped, cracking loudly, already melting under the intense summer heat.

The large window to my room welcomed a breeze. More than that, the breeze billowed around me. My head snapped back to Kanna, who was twirling her arms, a determined look on her face. I didn't have time to even respond before I was launched headfirst out of my own room. I landed roughly in our yard. The sun absolutely beat down on me, having no mercy for my birthday.

Kanna followed elegantly, but she was acting unusual. Her brow furrowed upon her face, stubbornly approaching. Kanna has always been so conflict adverse, that this was just strange. "Get up, Avatar Jalla," she commanded, her tone carefully neutral.

I complied, already angry as I was, the comment only served to egg me on further. Sweat's already beading on both our skins, which give me at least some supply. I drew it in, forming a snake-like coil around my body. However, if this was going to be a battle, Kanna had the clear advantage. My water'll dry up in this heat, and Kanna could use her firebending.

Anything prolonged was going to work against me, so I struck first. The thin coil unwound and whipped toward Kanna... only to miss. Kanna didn't even need to bend, my control was just not there today. Kanna answered by launching herself directly at me like an arrow. No dodging, no flanking, just a direct assault.

I barely managed to duck and place a small plane of water between us, slipping her up and over me. The gusts of wind around her appeared more erratic up close, but that's the thing with air, it's hard to see it.

"Well, Jalla?" Kanna goaded again, "You're not wetting yourself, are you?" The tone she used wasn't new. That overly calm and peaceful manner of speaking was a guaranteed way to get under my skin, and she knows that. The schoolyard level taunts were unlike her, though. More aggressive than passive aggressive. Too bad I don't really care about any of that right now. I gathered what little water I could in front of me, and tried to jet it forward, to ram sister dearest in her center of mass.

Kanna used a gust of wind to try and push against the water. That's another thing about air, it's weak to a contest of strength. My water shot through, but the volume was so meager that it only knocked her back a couple of feet.

"Hmm, maybe I was wrong. You don't even have what it takes to teach an Avatar." I lost it, there. I weakly shot small shots of water at her, but she knocked them out of the air with little effort. Finally, I started launching my arms forward, but felt no water in my 'grip'.

But my arms kept pumping. I don't even know why, but I had to. I stepped forward. The heat surrounded me. Filled me. There was only this fire above, my sister before, and this heat within. I pumped my arm forward once more, and fire answered. A weak flame shot at first, again batted out of the air, but the mild shock on my sister's face grew to an almost manic grin, as if she'd already won! That grin filled my vision, spurred that hungry, scorching heat inside. I took a deep breath and swept both arms forward, a gout of flame bursting forth toward my twin.

Kanna for her part answered with a bout of air once again. While it faired better against something as intangible as fire, Kanna had to peel off, ducking behind a pillar. I called to fire yet again, barraging towards that pillar with smaller bursts of blaze. However, my aim with a whole new element leaves much to be desired. Kanna finally swiveled back out in the open. My breathing is weaker, now. Coming in faster gasps. And Kanna didn't let up. She answered my volley with one of her own. I tried to defend, but I could barely grasp the concept of defending with fire. Not to mention Kanna was fighting with a completely different style than usual.

Speaking of which, many of those waves of air landed direct hits... and did next to nothing. I don't know why, but they were strong gusts to be sure. Power, but no focus to them. I crouched down, nursing a growing flame in my hands. I shielded the fire with my body as best I could. If I couldn't defend with fire, then I'll go with the best defense... and struck!

Kanna clearly saw through the plan, watching me huddle in place, and put the strongest stream of air to intercept. It did, and held me off for a few moments, but I had so much heat, so much fire to spare. I overpowered her. I don't even know why it was so important to hit her, but I needed to. I was going to! I watched Kanna's eyes widen with fear. She'd faced me head on, and lost. I watched her duck... but only for a moment. My vision of her was immediately cut off by a stone slab erecting just in front of her, shielding her from my bending.

I cut off my bending, looking down at my hands, and back to the stone slab. I felt suddenly sick to my stomach at what I'd tried to to. Clearly someone was watching over her, watching us. I needed to apologize, I needed to figure things out. I swiveled my head in a panic, looking for our interloper, our savior, but alas, there was no one.

That was impossible. Someone earthbended that slab in place. Someone had to hav-

Something very hard and very abrupt interrupted by thoughts, and consciousness.

[Hope you enjoyed! I had fun writing this. Maybe a part 2 incoming if I've the time, or others the interest.] Edit: Super small tweaks.

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I did like it! Good job! I'm guessing that Kanna controlsl air and earth, while Jalla controls fire and water? I was hoping someone would use that concept. And I'd love a part 2!

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It nearly burned her fingers, dancing in light and heat. But somehow, it was right.

Elia reached out a finger to touch the tip. The flame was warm and comforting, nothing like the aggression she saw in the competitions. It reminded her of the fireplace in her own home, where Nana would tell stories and the wood popped and sparked. Elia found herself staring.

There was suddenly a hand on her shoulder, snapping her to attention. The fire in her palm smothered into nothingness. Did anyone see it? Who?

Behind her was her twin, Aya. The one who had been named the Avatar not two hours ago. The one who was destined to master the four elements. The one who would protect the world and its people. Yet it was Elia who conjured the fire.

"Was that...?" The shock in her blue eyes mirrored Elia's identical ones.

She could only nod. Aya had been ecstatic to learn that she was the Avatar. She and Elia would travel the world together as she learned the elements. It was perfect.


"Aya, I-"

"Do it again."

The excitement and conviction in Aya's voice caught her off guard. "What?"

"Do that again!" Her smile spread wide on her face. Elia examined it cautiously, but found nothing but genuine joy. She knew her sister, Aya would not lie. And Elia would not deny her sister.

Elia recalled the memories and feelings of the peace and warmth. Both girls started at her palm, focused and nervous. Again came the flame, sparking into life.

"Beautiful" Aya murmured. Elia watched the fascination in her eyes. The warmth inside her grew, and so did the flame. "Awesome!"

An idea struck her suddenly. It was crazy, nearly as crazy as the priests naming the wrong twin.

"Aya, I have an idea."

Aya's focused snapped to her sister. "You know how I always love your ideas" she said with a grin. Elia reflected the same devious smile.

"Well, you know how mom and dad can never tell us apart."


"And even the priests mixed us up somehow."


"And we make a game of it at this point."


"Let's say that we start switching more. We'll have the chance to dine with royalty, and fool them at the same time."

Aya's grin showed her teeth, bright in the light of their fire. She clasped Elia's hand, ignoring how the flame seemed to hover over both their hands. "We're going to have so much fun."

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Aww, I liked this one. It was very heartwarming (pun intended).

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This could be a short on tv or YouTube or something. It’s beautiful in that simple way.

Thank you for sharing.

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It feels like something from Storycorps. This is the exact kind of thing they make videos about.

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