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I don't get it

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There are events in FTL that lead to being given a free weapon.

One of them is:

Holy crap! A weapon is just floating in space!

The OP discovered that there is also a second one that involves weapons floating in space, although it is much rarer:

Debris from a battle is scattered around this system. A few pieces bounce against your ship. You passively scan them and discover there is a functioning weapon among them!

i know nothing about box but isn't reach a huge advantage for boxers? how does he overcome that?

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182 points · 4 days ago

Boxing, and many other combat sports such as MMA, judo, and Olympic wrestling, has weight classes, so most of the people he fights weigh roughly the same as him are of similar statures.

I actually studied both as part of my master’s thesis in which I examined the pattern of lobbying -> deregulation -> widespread criminality and control fraud -> crash that occurs every decade or two under capitalism and am pretty sure this isn’t true. Where did you hear this?

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Any interesting books you'd recommend from your research?

Can we get the mods to add one of those "Its happening!" tags?

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Moderator of r/washingtondc, speaking officially3 points · 19 days ago

I am a generous mod.

6 points · 2 months ago

Right. How many cities wouldn't trade for DC's metro? New York, Chicago, and maybe Boston? San Franciscans would definitely make the trade and then complain about it after it happened. Philly would make the trade if they get to keep the regional rail. I'd personally want to keep the trolley lines too, but that's for nostalgia reasons. What's the 7th best transit system? Maybe LA since it's been expanded?

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New York, Chicago, and maybe Boston

None of those systems are desirable either. MTA's (ever growing) budget deficit is almost the size of WMATA's total budget and MTA still using trains that are more than 50 years old; Chicago is sitting on more than $20 billion in deferred maintenance; and MBTA has a larger budget for identical ridership as WMATA with $billions in debt and no money going into their capital improvement fund, among other issues like familiar track fires.

WMATA is one of the best systems in the country, and that's sad.


Official thread for the primary elections occurring on June 19, 2018. Polls will be open from 7:00am to 8:00pm.

You can register same day with proof of residency.



Local News Coverage:

Other links:

If there's anything else people believe may be helpful to others, please comment with it and I'll add it to the OP. I'll be saving this as a template for use during future citywide elections.


What brands even sell lead paint anymore for household applications? I thought that was outright banned years ago. Has there been an increase in lead poisoning cases related to kids consuming chips from paint sold after 2001?

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9 points · 4 months ago · edited 4 months ago

Lead paint has been banned from household use since 1978. It's a matter of how much lead is considered acceptable for a child to have in their bloodsteam. Millions of children still live in homes that have elevated lead levels. The EPA's current rule, which they agree is wrong, is triple what the CDC and HUD believe to be acceptable.

If each year there are fewer and fewer children exposed to old paint, then do we really need to spend resources fighting a problem that is disappearing on its own? And again, I ask, has there been an uptick in child lead poisoning cases from paint in the last few decades?

And what would changing the EPA limit actually accomplish? Will it condemn certain homes until all lead-based paint can be removed?

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Half a million kids currently have elevated lead in their blood. This may result in learning disabilities and reduced intellectual ability. Poor children are at special risk because elevated blood-lead levels are more prevalent among children from families with lower incomes, and inadequate nutrition can increase lead absorption by the body.

You're asking if we need to spend resources to abate this? Are you serious?

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Moderator of r/washingtondc, speaking officiallyOriginal PosterScore hidden · 6 months ago · Stickied comment · edited 6 months ago

No memes until OPM closes! Hold your fire!


Moderator of r/washingtondc, speaking officiallyScore hidden · 7 months ago · Stickied comment

Post your shutdown-related questions, events, yadda yadda, here.

Reminder: Per sub-rules, memes are allowed during shutdowns and OPM closers, so now may be the time to start brainstorming.


My dogs would both get scared if I got upset that one of them tore something up. However they both did something unique if it was them, my English bull would run into the basement and my golden would hide under the bed.

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Wait, you actually found a way to get your English bulldog to run? I don’t believe you.

so what happens to the car thieves? the joy riders? You can run plates on a stolen car, but without tying a person to the crime, what do you have to go on?

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Worth noting this isn't a policy unique to DC by any means, and in America people die in police chases daily, many of whom have nothing to do with what is going on. In Chicago and LA, more innocent bystanders die than suspects in police chases.

11 points · 1 year ago

Tell that to Paris or London that operate 2 tracks per line and still maintain later hours.

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7 points · 1 year ago · edited 1 year ago

Tell that to Paris or London that operate 2 tracks per line and still maintain later hours.

Paris's Metro closes at 12:30am during the week and only recently extended it to 2am for weekend service. London's system only as of last year added all-night service for a few of their lines on the weekends only. Otherwise, it's a 5am to midnight service. Both of those systems service a much larger and denser population. Not something worth comparing to.


Around this time last year, wonder-mod /u/flippityfloppityfloo made a post asking users for feedback and candid discussion on the state of the subreddit.

Among other things, some of the biggest changes that came out of that discussion was a fleshing out and clarification of sub rules, the addition of Rule 5 / the civility rule, expanding the once Tuesday-only tourist question thread into a general question thread that was posted weekly and now monthly, and in general just a better understanding of what users are looking for in the community.

We'd like to get feedback on how the past few months have been, including what the mod team views as a success (inauguration threads), missteps (the short-lived prohibition on protest threads), and suggestions for where we want to move forward.

I would also like to clarify that although this is not a politics subreddit, many actions of the federal government uniquely affect the region, and in general just because a thread is political in nature does not mean it does not belong here. These are also the types of threads where civility is more necessary. Shouting down other viewpoints is extremely unproductive, as is replying with whatever the latest political-related meme is without any other substance to the discussion.

1 point · 1 year ago


This post is exactly what I'm talking about. It's a fine thing to post - it informs everyone what is going on, and there's mostly good comments in it. But if you take a look, there's a few comments that honestly have little to do with the subject matter, and are just political arguments involving Trump, guns, etc. These posts need to be removed or the original post needs to be locked. At this point, how does more commenting add to the conversation?

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Moderator of r/washingtondc, speaking officiallyOriginal Poster3 points · 1 year ago

There's no rule currently against this and at this point, there will be no rule against this going forward. We're not going to be locking threads because people discuss gun control in a post about a mass shooting.

3 points · 1 year ago

Just providing my opinion and feedback since the post asked for it. I just don't like how posts about local happenings end up turning into a national political debate that have nothing to do with local politics. Locking posts may be a little much (unless it gets way out of hand), but I would like to see more moderating of specific posts if they aren't directly related to the original post.

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Moderator of r/washingtondc, speaking officiallyOriginal Poster3 points · 1 year ago

Certainly, and we appreciate the feedback. We try to keep an eye on those threads and do occasionally prune some replies that go way off kilter, but we also aren't looking to stifle conversation unless we feel it's necessary to pull topics back on track.

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29 points · 1 year ago

I grew up in Northern Virginia and now live in NYC where we have a flat $2.75 fare. But NYC's subway also receives $6 billion in support from NYS and NYC to stay afloat (NYC has a 3.5% income tax for city residents....on top of the 6-10% state income taxes).

A flat fare system is so much better for the rider. The DC Metro fare chart is a nightmare to navigate.

That said, the Metro makes a lot more money by charging variable fares. A $2 fare would be unsustainable and would need some sort of tax revenue to stay afloat.

The best system is a high price for single rides but a low price for monthly passes. That way local residents who commute get a nice rate while the transient tourist population pays a bit more.

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NYS and NYC to stay afloat

MTA does not stay afloat. It's drowning. MTA's cash balance was $-156mm in the 2014 budget, $-166mm in 2015, and $-87mm in 2016. It is projected to be $-509mm in 2017 and $-818mm in 2018. These are yearly figures, adding up in the billions. The amount of money MTA spends servicing their debt, a whopping 17% of their budget in 2017, is almost more than WMATA's total budget.

The Boston system is more heavily subsidized by the government than DC, which covers more of its operating costs from fares than almost any other system.

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MBTA's operating budget is larger than WMATAs for almost identical ridership. Massachusetts had to raise their sales tax to keep MBTA afloat, and they still have $5.45 billion in outstanding debt. To make this even worse, Massachusetts passed a law limited MBTA's fare increases to a maximum of 5% every 2 years. MBTA's capital improvement fund hasn't had any money put into it for years. This is, in a word, unsustainable. Not a system we want to emulate.


Welcome to the r/washingtondc official 2017 inauguration megathread! Please note that this thread is only for people to coordinate and ask questions about the inauguration of Donald Trump. There will be a separate thread made for the marches around the city. This is not a thread for political grandstanding, taunting, trolling, or creating a ruckus. Posters that decide to do so will be banned until after the inauguration, at a minimum. Please refer to the protest/march thread for discussion related to that.


Per the National Weather Service:

Periods of rain, mainly after 9am. High near 47. Southeast wind 3 to 7 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%. New precipitation amounts between a tenth and quarter of an inch possible.

Compact umbrellas are allowed [source]

Where/when is the inauguration taking place?

The official proceedings of Inauguration Day commence at noon on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol with the vice president-elect and president-elect taking the Oaths of Office, followed by the inaugural address. Security screening gates will open at 6 a.m., followed by music at 9:30 a.m. and opening remarks at 11:30 a.m.

I have a ticket.

Please refer to the information in your ticket packet. For reference, here is the map that is included in the packet.

What if I don’t have a ticket?

There will be open standing room along the National Mall during the speaking portion of the day. You can also position yourself along Pennsylvania Avenue NW to watch the presidential procession and inaugural parade as it makes its way from the U.S. Capitol to the White House.

There will be giant video screens set up in several places on the Mall with loudspeakers, and many people believe being on the Mall is the best experience. No lines at security checkpoints, you can see and hear more on the video screens than you could from any one spot at a ticketed event. On the Mall, you could also move around, mingle with people, and bring more stuff with you.

Can I sell/trade/buy/give away tickets to the inauguration?

In general: yes, but do not solicit or attempt to sell them here. Please post those threads in r/DCDump.

How bad will traffic be Thursday-Sunday?

Bad. Very bad. No other weekend attracts more people than the inauguration weekend, coupled with road closures surrounding the Mall area. If you are driving to the events or have any other business in the city, it is highly recommended you park at a suburban Metro station and take the Metro in from there. Please refer to WMATA's parking page for more information.

Which airport is closest to DC?

Washington Reagan National Airport (DCA) is the closest to downtown D.C. and is most centrally located, but it doesn’t always have the lowest fares. Dulles International (IAD) is about 40 minutes from downtown and handles mostly long distance flights. Baltimore-Washington International (BWI) is also about 40 minutes from downtown and often has the lowest fares. All airports are served by transit (bus and Metro) and taxi/car share.

Which Metro stations will be closed?

Smithsonian (OL, SL, BL), Archives-Navy Memorial-Penn Quarter (GR, YL), Pentagon (BL, YL), Federal Triangle (OL, SL, BL) and Mt Vernon Sq 7th St-Convention Center (GR, YL) will all be closed.

What should I bring/wear?

Please check the weather before heading out the morning of. Layers are vital - standing amongst the crowds will be noticeably warmer than mingling on the sidewalk. Please bring water, a snack, a phone charger, and be ready to walk miles if needed. Otherwise, please refer to the official inauguration site's FAQ for a list of restricted items.

Helpful links:

2 points · 1 year ago

No ticket looking for a spot where I can see shit. Is the mall the best bet?

Also is uber a go for about 10:30 tomorrow? Will I get in by 11 from Bethesda or should I metro?

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Original Poster5 points · 1 year ago

Mall is only chance to see if you don't have a ticket.

If you hop in an Uber at 10:30am from Bethesda, you will be lucky to arrive before it's over.

-13 points · 1 year ago

This sub confuses me sometimes. Someone asks a legit question and I provide a legit answer and get down votes for it?

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Original Poster8 points · 1 year ago

The karma you see is rarely the actual score, especially when first posted and for low-karma posts. Reddit fudges it in an effort to fight spammers. If you want, start a private sub that only you are a member of, make a post, and make a comment. Hit refresh a few times and you'll see the score move around, positive and negative, even though no one can see the post but you.

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-20 points · 1 year ago

What are you even talking about? I live here. I'm not some random pizza gate internet troll, I just am not a big fan of huge comment chains being deleted with no explanation. But this is a downvote first situation I guess, where everyone is angry and defensive. We've apparently learned nothing from the election in terms of a need for civility and discussion.

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Here is a sample from one of the locked threads. Real groundbreaking stuff, let me tell you.

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