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YourSATScore 4 points

I don't consider Z-52 quite at the same threat level for a few reasons:

  • Gearing out spots her by ~200m, which is actually notable in DD engagements. On the other hand, YY out spots Gearing by ~100-200m.

  • AP is a non-factor if you aren't forced to show broadside.

  • Z-52's HE is notably weaker in both damage and RoF. As long as you don't get ambushed, Z-52 is forced to rely on her superior HP pool and gun ballistics to win.

  • Z-52's hydro is better around islands whereas YY's radar allows her to stealth radar Gearing in open water as well.

5.8km hydro is quite powerful, but it is generally easier to work around due to it's shorter range than radar. A Z-52 can't hydro you in open water unless you poorly position. On the other hand, YY's radar can threaten Gearing in both open water and around islands. I would put Z-52 right behind the YY and radar cruisers.

Make no mistake. Z-52 is a significant threat to Gearing, especially around islands or if Gearing makes mistakes. But I don't rate her on the same level as YY due to HE firepower and concealment differences.

Of course, this may change depending on how the meta plays out on certain maps. (ex. Sleeping Giant is very Z-52 friendly)

BIA_WorldofWarships 2 points

I agree with this sentiment. One thing to also mention is that if you do get caught out of position, do not make the “deer in the headlights” move and turn bow on into your enemy; it’s basically your death sentence. When you creep up to the objective turn broadside and run almost parallel to the azimuth of where the enemy ships will be coming from. As SAT said, the 200 meter detection advantage you have will be important in that when the enemy DD strolls into your detection range you are already running parallel and only have to do a 1/4 to 1/2 turn to disengage, all the while staying at the very fringe of the Z-52’s hydro. You can then gun it full speed and shoot over the shoulder backwards, utilizing your superior DPM. Hope this helps!

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TenguBlade 3 points

Is this by chance the same twit who thinks SE Hindenburg is a god-level build?

BIA_WorldofWarships 1 point

SE on any cruiser in CB is the biggest waste I can think of. Oh look at me I have around 4K extra HP! It's useless

TenguBlade 3 points

Actually, I'd argue that CB captain builds have more justification to use it than Randoms. Since CVs don't exist there, there's really no point to AFT, BFT, or other AA spec skills that usually eat up quite a bit of a Random Battles captain's points.

In particular, I thought it useful-enough on Zao to take it as a trial - I run PT, EM, AR, SE, Superintendent, DE, and CE, with plans to either take Direction Center or PM for the last 1-pointer. Zao has zero HE resistance against other cruisers because nothing other than the turrets and main belt is thicker than 30mm; moreover, at 40800 HP she's at a substantial health pool disadvantage compared to her peers. Cruiser HE spam is a bigger part of CW than RB because of the higher cruiser count, and focused fire is also the norm rather than the exception, so being able to take a few more HE hits before you drop back into stealth can make a big difference when most cruiser HE volleys do around 2-4k damage even if you're saturated. Zao's also pretty good about taking only normal/over-penetrations rather than citadels if you angle at all (at least, compared to ships like Moskva or DM), which means the 3500HP shot equates to being able to take more hits than in one of those ships.

Really though, the main reason why I took SE on the Zao is because other skills aren't worth the 3 points as much as that one, in a reversal of what it normally is. With cruiser fire duration down to 30s base, and the Zao's CB playstyle relying more on hit-and-fade/flanking tactics rather than continuous ranged HE spam, I've rarely found myself on fire more than once, and if I was, it was because I dropped stealth and got fired on intentionally to draw attention away from teammates. Zao's engine and rudder aren't also particularly-prone to breaking from random hits like other IJN CAs, so on top of what I just said, Basics of Survivability's effects are devalued a lot; most situations where you do have ailments with the ship, you can afford to use the DCP for it because you'll be spending a bit repositioning for another flanking maneuver and cruiser DCP is only a minute-long cooldown.

Vigilance does also have uses, but the only ships that can stealth-torp are DDs and Minotaur, neither of which are things a Zao should routinely be facing-down at distances where WASD can't solve the torpedo issue anyways. Between WASD, hydro and the spotter plane, which flies further out than the catapult fighter and thus spots threats from further away, any torps you eat are 100% because you made a mistake or were outplayed. Torpedo Armament Expertise is largely-useless because Zao's torpedoes have shitty firing arcs and she can't stealth-torp by a very long shot. Any situation these have come in handy for has been when I caught someone off-guard and threw torps to cut off their retreat; only on one occasion in either RB or CB has the 141s reload been a problem - that is, I was in a situation where I could've actually done more if it was faster - and it was because I overextended and got lucky with the enemy taking extra-long to kill me. BFT isn't of much use when your 100mm secondaries don't pen DDs to begin with, and CVs don't exist so the AA boost is meaningless. I don't need to explain why Emergency Takeoff is useless (technically, all non-carriers have the effects built in anyways, since you can launch catapult planes while you're on fire).

Superintendent and DE are already skills my Zao captain has, and I would definitely argue both of these are ones you should go for first (DE, then Superintendent in my opinion for CW, vice versa for Randoms). But in terms of an alternate 3-pointer, there isn't much that competes. JoAT + High Alert is the only other use of 4 points that's even remotely worth it, and that's not saying much, because, in CW in particular, you rarely need the additional consumable reload speed due to how often you're in stealth.

I will also add this much: right now, my Zao captain still has my CW build even though I switched the modules/consumables back to the Randoms configuration to pound out the Gold of France missions, but CVs are still rare-enough at high-tier that it hasn't been an issue. There are usually plenty of more-appealing targets on a team these days, and though Zao's AA has good long-ranged DPS, playing the role of AA escort is not something you should be doing consistently, so I never bothered with anything more than AAGM2 or AFT anyways, and that was when I played her in division a bit. You do have to juggle your DCP/heal a bit more in Randoms than CW, especially when people just refuse to stop shooting at you even when there's better targets, but you also go longer periods without being shot at if you're playing her right so you can just heal up then.

But, most importantly, people laugh and stop thinking you're anything but a selfish HE-spamming scrub when you have SE on the Zao. It may be confirmation bias on my part, but I've been allowed to get away for free or nearly for free with some criminally-reckless things since I took the SE-spec captain into Randoms. Nobody expects you to trail a few kilometers behind your DDs and take a massive shit on whatever enemy DDs challenge them; nobody expects you to abuse stealth and flank; nobody expects you to switch to AP to punish their broadsides; nobody expects you to do anything a unicum would do with the Zao because you have a "scrub skill" on the ship. And it's fucking hilarious how mad they get when they realize they were wrong.

BIA_WorldofWarships 1 point

This was probably the most well thought out response I've ever seen. Please take my upvote. A skilled Zao player is able to do so many things that other cruisers just cannot, mostly from a concealment and positioning perspective. That's why I love playing it so much; when you're on the flank youre in control. You control the engagement distance, when you start it and how you finish it. It's so much fun

BIA_WorldofWarships commented on a post in r/WorldOfWarships
BIA_WorldofWarships 5 points

Please don't think that bow in sitting is the only way. You can go broadside enough to use all three turrets, and still be angled enough to bounce the majority of shell fire you take in return. Nothing gets me more upset than seeing a Moskva player stay bow in the vast majority of the game. I know I know, the citadel is large, I get it. But using your radar effectively instead of being bow on too far away from a cap to use it is immensely frustrating in randoms. Of course the way you play one on CB is much different and bow on is the way to go, but if we're just talking about randoms here then learn to get comfortable with people shooting at an angled belt (say 20-30 degrees). A good idea is to take a friend or two into the training room and let them shoot at you at various ranges and angles; you'll learn quickly what you can regard and disregard in terms of what ship is shooting AP at you. I hope this helps

Cannavar 3 points

Thanks mate, Aprreciate it. I agree its different in clans. I decided to get the Moskva to add to my clan battle options and it really does work well for me there. I do angle against bbs...its how I tanke so much...they aim for the side and most shells bounce so I think I have an understanding of the angles. Might head into the training room and give it a go.

BIA_WorldofWarships 1 point

Good! That's very good to hear. The belt is very very nice

BTrainR 2 points

Big fan of this channel! Recommend everyone check it out. Great high-level play and commentary.

BIA_WorldofWarships 1 point

thank you :)

Sp1hund 6 points

Who are you?

BIA_WorldofWarships 3 points

A snek. A sneeki snek.

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BIA_WorldofWarships 7 points

BB- Montana CA- Zao DD- Gearing

Montana due to the accurate guns and powerful AA, the Zao due to its unparalleled flexibility in controlling cruiser engagements on your own terms and the Gearing due to the large smokescreens, unique torpedoes and team play capacity.

While some might say the Hindenburg due to its much lower skill floor, I’ve always believed that the Zao can give the cream of the crop a higher ceiling due to the much better concealment, the better handling and the excellent gun performance. Zao AP is just a half step backwards in alpha strike (5,600 compared to 5,900 on Hindenburg) but it compensates for having better penetration, and flatter rail gun arcs. DPM isn’t everything in cruisers, and the Zao just gives you that extra edge in 1v1’s and 2v2’s.

SgtRoss_USMC 3 points

If it makes you feel any better, I got a solo warrior in my Chung Mu last night, actively fighting against an NME DD and BB to save our last cap(killed the BB, almost killed DD(couple hundred HP left)), time ran out, got 2 compliments...2 reports...

I just solo warrioed this freakin' win and two people just had so much salt I guess? I literally said nothing the entire match, I was too busy keeping our caps and killing ships.

People be crazy yo'.

BIA_WorldofWarships 1 point

bruh. Thats cancer lol nice job tho :)

Kin-Luu 5 points

If you don't mind, let me tell you a story from my early days in WoWs. I was in my Hiryu. I was playing my heart out, torping DDs, strafing the enemy CVs planes, even solo-capping the A cap.

Near the end of the game, with both teams having lost almost all of their ships, I went for a kinda risky danger close drop. One of our teams Bismarcks and another BB, which I believe was a Fuso, were brawling with an enemy Tirpitz. The Tirpitz was closing in, almost ready to go for the close in torpedoes, so I felt compelled to act. I dropped on the Tirpitz. I did sink the Tirpitz... but... only with the No1 and No2 Torpedoes of both squadrons. The No3 and No4 Torpedoes streamed ahead towards the Bismarck and the Fuso. End of story, the Bismarck died, which pinked me and then I died from the flooding damage reflected upon me from the Fuso. Leaving a crippled Fuso to face the enemy Carrier.

Easy top XP. But also easily LVP.

BIA_WorldofWarships 1 point

Alright fair enough. That’s one hell of a story lol

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BIA_WorldofWarships 14 points

I was casting the NA finals and the NA/EU cross server clash for King of the Sea 5 with SeaRaptor and Zath and at one point a Grozovoi ate three torpedoes, two underneath and B turret and one aft of the X turret. Needless to say, the full HP DD got away with less than 300 health remaining. That game mechanic honestly never fails to amaze me

Tod_Vom_Himmel 7 points

Almost as if its bullshit and it shouldn't exist?

I once laid torps at a destroyer that had 43 hit points and it took three Torpedoes to sink him

This is definitely a well-balanced and well-thought-out mechanic not invented by a complete moron or anything

BIA_WorldofWarships 1 point

I feel ya man. It’s some weird shit. But when it happens to you it’s LOL

LordFjord 1 point

The feels when you get the joke ~20 hours after you read it...

I'm really getting old.

Take your up and get outta here :D

BIA_WorldofWarships 1 point

Lol :)

Earl_of_Northesk 0 points

It’s neun not nein.


BIA_WorldofWarships 2 points


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Kaga_san 3 points

Almost didnt recognise it without the beercan.

BIA_WorldofWarships 3 points

The beer can is hideous haha

BIA_WorldofWarships 0 points

First game in this beast; 200k Damage, Kraken Unleashed. And this poor Yamato gave me that juicy bow :D

BIA_WorldofWarships commented on a post in r/WorldOfWarships
BIA_WorldofWarships 5 points

I'd like to say I had a great time co-commentating with Lord Zath and SeaRaptor and it was a blast to watch top NA teams in action. Be sure to tune in tomorrow starting at 12:00pm EST to watch the NA/EU cross server finale to KotS V.


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