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Aiglentine 1 point

That sounds great! We do plan to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge on Thursday, and would love to walk around and eat over there. I will definitely look at those two places!

Bac0nLegs 1 point

And take the ferry back to Manhattan! It's only 2.75 per person and it's wonderful on a nice day.

mauvellous 2 points

Hey, I'm a UX designer. I started working in UX last February. Wall of text incoming!

I won't lie-- it's hard to get started in this field. I got my first job in UX after making a switch from marketing, though I did a lot of web design at my marketing job. My response rate was similar to yours. You also won't find a lot of true "entry level" UX jobs, as most will say they want 2-3+ years of experience. But there is an upside. Once you're in, it's much easier to find opportunities. I've recently been looking for my next move. I've applied to about 50 places, interviewed with 10, and made it to the final round twice, and that's with the added difficulty of trying to move out of state. Most of the places that gave me interviews did advertise 3 years of experience, but I was still interviewed having only one.

Here is my advice for someone getting started in the field, as someone who just went through it not too long ago:

  1. Don't spend too much time learning HTML/CSS/JavaScript. While they are good skills to have, most places split design and coding into different roles. I know them but I never use them at my job, and I've never had those skills tested in an interview. Sketch is more important to learn if you've never used that before.

  2. Don't neglect the importance of user research! Unless you're looking for a job that's purely focused on UI/visual design, you'll probably need to talk to people or conduct usability tests, so read up on the different methods.

  3. Talk about your process in your portfolio. Interviewers always want to hear the story of what you did instead of just see the final product.

If you're looking for portfolio projects or just some way to get experience, you could try contacting a charity on Catchafire and volunteering. I've had success taking some small projects on Upwork, though it can be a bit of a crapshoot. I can also PM you the info for an open source project I work on, as it really needs UX help but I've been busy and kinda neglecting it lately.

Good luck!

Bac0nLegs 1 point

Thank you so much for this awesome response. I really appreciate the time you took to write it and help me out. It actually made me feel lot less overwhelmed as I was thinking css and HTML were absolutely necessary. I still want to learn them, but I feel less of a sense of urgency.

I'd love the info of the open source project, even just to take a look. Thank you again!

0llie0llie 2 points

There was a young woman in a UX class I took who decided to go into a UX master of science program, and her background was in fashion design. I think the biggest chunk of UX designers come from visual design backgrounds and development is second after that, but really there's no rule for it. Any experience can be beneficial if you know how to explain why.

Bac0nLegs 1 point

I guess the good thing is that I know photoshop and illustrator like the back of my hand, and I'm more of the general graphic designer at my company rather than just pure fashion, so editing my resume to reflect that is going to be easy in the future. It's also two less programs I need to learn.

Now to just learn Sketch and InVision. I'm sure that's going to be a task!

TypeA-Minun 2 points

You could do later today, but tomorrow wouldn't hurt either since they're having to catch up. I think it's a bit silly for people to say they'll have something on a day like Friday...I'm used to my colleagues hopping out for long lunches or heading home early that those days are pretty slow.

Bac0nLegs 2 points

Yeah, I'm thinking possibly tomorrow morning I'll follow up. It'll give them time to catch up today, and it'll also be a week since the first two interviews.

I'm not entirely sure how I should word the email though.

I was thinking something along the lines of:

"hello [owner],

Thank you again for taking the time to interview me last Tuesday. I'm still very much interested in joining your team, and would love to touch base with you and answer any additional questions you may have. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to assist you in your decision making process.

Regards, Bac0nlegs"

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Bac0nLegs 4 points

I just moved in to my apartment. It's a nice but incredibly tiny apartment on the upper west side. We can see central park from our living room, as it's literally a stones throw away. We moved because we wanted to be closer to our jobs, but unfortunately that meant moving away from our good friend and his family. Not very far away, but 100 blocks south.

We invited them over, and as soon as they walk in with their two kids it became a production. "oh wow. This is TINY." "You don't REALLY have a direct view of the park." "Wow, they used the cheapest ikea cabinets in your kitchen." "HOW MUCH do you pay for this?! Why!?"

It really made me feel awful as my SO and I worked really hard to get to a place in our lives to afford the apartment. It's not the biggest but we're only two people with no plans for children. Hearing them tear down my apartment that I love made me question why we decided to rent it, when I should have realized that maybe they're just jealous.

It's not a luxury apartment, and it's definitely small but I love it and that's what matters.

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thenakedkiwi 18 points

Anybody know the likelihood of this being signed into law? In the article it says that the GOP has a one seat majority in the state Senate with the Democrat that caucuses with them. So they would need that Democrat and one Republican to vote yes for it?

Bac0nLegs 17 points

It Cuomo wants it, it'll probably happen.

Rise_Above_13 170 points

Safe to say Schneiderman is not a trump fan.

Bac0nLegs 19 points

I'd say Schneiderman is a fan of justice more than anything. He's been an amazing AG.

NanaWasSoCool 3 points

"and might not think I'm worth the trouble" - Get those self-defeating thoughts out of your head.

It's just business..

'Touch base' may just mean give you an update

maybe about progress.."We are evaluating all the candidates we met"

maybe about an offer. "We are putting a comp package together"

Maybe to tell you that they have gone in another direction.

I wouldn't sweat it.

Bac0nLegs 1 point

You're right. I know I'd be a good fit but they need to decide that for themselves.

If I don't hear from them today (they said they'd contact me today), should I shoot them an email on Monday or Tuesday? I don't want to be overbearing.

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redthunda69 117 points

They could torment so many more Americans by simply letting the subways run as-is.

Also, these guys need some better graphic designers. Those posters are way too busy.

Bac0nLegs 2 points

Not to mention the guy is hovering above the tracks.

Come on.

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keeperofthe_peeps 34 points

Does it bother anyone else that the screen print has a white background? Why not just print the letters in black? Looks like some bobo iron-on mess they diy-ed.

Bac0nLegs 3 points

It is some iron on diy mess. Like, at that point, just buy a white t-shirt. It'll at least look a little bit more seamless.

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Bac0nLegs 2 points

Boardgames! There are a bunch of boardgaming meet ups in the city. It's less awkward because the conversation is less forced because you're actually participating in a game and toward a common goal (be it co-op, or defeating the other players), and a mutual hobby rather than standing around trying to find some common ground.

It's a lot of fun. My boyfriend and I hold some boardgame nights sometimes, that you're welcome to come to, and there are a bunch of meet ups around the city depending on where you are.

Edit: I'm also not talking about Monopoly or Risk or whatever. I'm talking about things like Settlers of Catan, Mystic Vale, Dominant Species, or less crunchy games like Code Names, Pandemic. There's also Dnd!

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[deleted] 3 points


Bac0nLegs 3 points

It's because it's a poorly designed ad. I get what they're going for, but to make a good ad, you can't just have a poorly shot clawed hand holding a plain bagel, and a completely ambiguous statement like "YEAH ITS THE WATER" as the main focal point. You end up feeling like Patrick Star; "NO, THAT'S A BAGEL."

Shoot the bagel beautifully, or shoot a wire basket full of a variety of delicious bagels, or have a slightly zoomed in shot of an actual human enjoying the bagel. And instead of "yeah, it's the water. A nyc bagel isn't a nyc bagel with out the water", which also doesn't say anything about the cleanliness and quality, say something like "Our water's what makes it. Great nyc water makes great nyc bagels."

And BOOM. You'd have a clear, understandable and visually appealing ad.

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TacoBelle- 1 point

I’m new to NYC but I enjoy watching people freak out about these things too.

Thanks for making me feel like I’m a little bit more of a NY’er than I thought. Just a little though, this city is still kicking my ass daily.

Bac0nLegs 1 point

It kicks all of our asses sometimes.

Bac0nLegs commented on a post in r/HistoryPorn
wiiman513 95 points

Im armenian and system of a down was my favorite band as a child even before i knew they were armenian. I just loved there wisdom and emotions from song. I do belive Arielss and holy mountians are the genocide songs. My mom even recognizes some of the beats they use during both these songs, they were influnced by some very old armenian folk music and thats why my mother recognized it so fast. She said she hasnt heard those rhythms in over 30 years before i showed her system of a down. Its some crazy cool shit i think.

Bac0nLegs 1 point

Same here. They were my favorite band before I realized they were Armenian as well, and my mom was okay with me listening with them because she immediately recognized the duduk and the beats used.

Bac0nLegs commented on a post in r/AskNYC
Bac0nLegs 11 points

I have anxiety. One thing that has helped me deal with it here is realizing that no one gives a shit about you on an actual personal level unless they know you. I dont mean that in the sense that if you were in trouble or needed help that people wouldn't hell you, but more in the sense that everyone is dealing with their own shit to really care about what you're doing, so long as you're not in their way.

It's actually comforting, because I don't feel like a loser doing things by my self. Everyone goes to restaurants solo. Same with movies, and concerts, and shopping. It's normal, and with the mass amounts of people you get a weird amount of anonymity, and a real lack of judgment from others. It makes it a lot less overwhelming, for me at least.

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