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I applied for a job. I've had several rounds of interviews with high level people at this job, and the recruiter informed me that I'm the only candidate that has made it this far. I just had an interview with them again last Friday and it seemed to have gone well. It was with a very high level person in this very large, well known organization. That Friday I was told she'd hopefully have an answer for me on Monday. Then this past Tuesday she emailed me on her own volition to let me know that she didn't have any answers yet, but would hopefully have some by the end of the week, but she wanted to keep me in the loop.

It's now the end of the work day on Friday and I've heard nothing. I did notice earlier this week that the job listing has been completely removed from every site. Usually I would be able to go back and reference it and it would say "no longer accepting applicants".

Despite not having a solid answer yet, the recruiter has been communicative, and all signs are pretty positive, right? I know "you don't have a job until you have a paycheck", and it's possible that they're still pulling from the pool of candidates from the original listing, but this all sounds pretty positive, right?

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I had a... Fourth interview with a company on Friday (one phone screen, two same day panel interviews, and this past interview) and was notified that if I make it through, I'll have one more person to meet with.

It's a massive company, and the position will have a lot of responsibility as it's a new position for the company, but five interviews? At this point I'm just exhausted.

I really hope I get this job, as it would be an amazing opportunity for me, but man.

The internal recruiter did reiterate that I'm the only candidate that has made it this far, and I checked the listing and it was taken down, so who knows. At this point I just want an answer because I'm tired of speculating.

Edit: Got a non-update on Tuesday from the recruiter letting me know that there is no update, but she just wanted to keep me in the loop and she'll let me know. Apparently the interviewees have to do a right up on the candidate before they're able to proceed. I interviewed with one of the way higher ups, so I'm hoping he's just busy and didn't reject me.

I'm so nervous, guys. My current job is collapsing and I need out. This is my dream job.

I never heard of 4 interviews lol. I think that's a bit much... I hope you get it!

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My friend said it's like I'm interviewing for a position at the FBI!

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7 points · 1 day ago

49, my ass! Wouldn't have even guessed CLOSE to that! You look amazing! Congrats on all your hard work. It absolutely paid off!


I can't remember the name or where it is. It was this little nature conservatory nestled in the woods. There was a stream behind it, and inside there little glass viewing tanks with bugs, and small creatures in them. In another room were birds in cages. The entrance had a small gift shop for kids. Sometimes, they'd have people come in to teach about the bugs or whatever.

I know this is all super vague, but i'm hoping someone has an idea of wtf I'm talking about.

edit: I asked my mom, and she said "It might be in cornwall"

Original Poster7 points · 4 days ago

hnnngggg YES! holy shit, thank you. ahhh!

-2 points · 5 days ago

It has nothing to do with being able to travel.

It has to do with not pretending to be from somewhere you are not.

If Americans would just refer to themselves in relations to their home state, they could maybe get a better feel from it.

It would be like if someone from Bosnia would tell you that they are Californian, but when you ask them about it they have never actually been to California but their great grandfather lived there once.

Americans know what they mean when someone says "I'm Irish."

No, they don't. And others don't either.

See if you can spot the difference: "I'm Irish" and "I'm Irish".

Which one was an Irish person and which one was a New Yorker?

But for Europeans it is automatically the wrong way because it is American.

No, it is wrong because you aren't in America and you have no idea if you are talking to an American or not.

It's just sloppy. It is unclear. Which is why it's not liked outside of that narrow cultural meaning.

Also this entire notion of white people in America claiming some particular European descent is totally overblown. It hardly ever comes up in conversation and the majority of white people in the US have no fucking clue where their ancestors came from.

The biggest problem, as in this case, is when they do it on the internet.

/r/ShitAmericansSay is absolutely full of it.

For many if they find out they had an Irish ancestor who came here 100 years ago or that they are 1/8th Native American, they cling to that as some kind of cultural history

Which is exactly what is being pointed out here. It's as if you've gone through denial, through apologizing and into justifying all in one comment.

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I think this also depends, greatly. There is such a thing as a diaspora as well. My family is Armenian, I grew up heavily in the Armenian culture, and it has deeply shaped my life today. I also am American living in NYC. But why did my family come to America on the first place? They were refugees that somehow escaped the genocide 3 generations ago. You grow up with stories about the old country, and family tries to emerse you in that culture as much as possible to keep that alive since, well, there aren't a whole lot of Armenians. Am I American first? Yes. Of course I am. Whenever I travel I tell them I'm a new yorker. But if heritage comes up, or people ask me about my background, or what foods I eat, I tell them I'm Armenian.

Now even that is complicated because Armenia today isn't like Armenia 3 generations ago. I'm not simply talking about trends or styles, I'm talking politically and culinarily. Back when my family was living there, there was more middle eastern and Mediterranean influence. The food reflected that. Now there's more Slavic influence due to Russia, so now Armenian food heavily represents that and there are dishes I haven't even heard of that are apparently "quintessentially Armenian".

So, who am I? I'm a New Yorker. But when some one asks about where my family came from, which comes up a LOT in New York because we have the most concentration of immigrants in the United States (and when I bring lunch in to work people always ask wtf I'm eating because it's not a typical sandwich), what do I say?

I don't know what I say. I'm from the diaspora and my Armenia is different than Armenia 2.0. now so am I even culturally Armenian?

Original Poster40 points · 7 days ago

I could not even imagine being a landlord and seeing this. Makes me appreciate my job so much more lol.

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My dad has a small apartment above his garage that he rents out. His most recent tenants made the entire apartment look like that bathroom. Stains all over the carpet. Some was blood, shit, hot pink crayon, marker and dirt. They let the kids draw all over the living room walls with sharpie and crayon. They shoved lentils down the kitchen sink, and tried to push them further down to unlock it with a coat hanger and dug a hole into the U bend of the sink pipe. It leaked through the apartment floor. The entire bathroom had to be gutted. That's not even half of it.

It cost him thousands to redo, and he's retired and on a fixed income. Fuck people like the lady who owns the trailer in Ops photo.


I mean, I'm sure. But I'd love some insight on how that process began, and if the income generated is from selling honey and wax products at farmers markets.

I've always wanted to become a beekeeper and have my own apiary, and would love to do it full time but income is important obviously. We all got dem billz.

How much income do your hives generate? Is that your full time job? If not, what else do you do? How do you generate income during the winter months doing this?


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I posted twice in this thread already about the same job.

Success: Finally had the 3rd interview (phone screening, then 2 panel interviews in one day, then this past interview) for a large corporate company I want to work for. I believe it went well, I made the interviewer laugh, and it felt very positive. I was also informed again by the internal recruiter that I am the only candidate to have made it this far, and I'll hear about the next steps on Monday.

Disappointment: There is another interview that I'll have to go on if I made it through. It's with the chief of staff, and the recruiter said that she's the one to give the yea or nay final decision. This process has taken two months and it feels like a gauntlet. If she hates me, then that's two months and a lot of money down the drain (getting portfolios printed is expensive).

I'm just tired. This entire process is so emotionally draining.

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Good luck!!

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Thank you!!

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So, I have a final interview with the Chief Revenue Officer for a large company. He's on the executive team, and will be my potential bosses bosses boss, from what I'm gathering. It's a large organization.

I already met with four other people and have a pretty good idea of what my job role will potentially be, so those questions aren't ones that I should really ask.

Right my my questions are, so far:

  • what is the orientation process for new staff?

  • are employees encouraged to improve their skills through further education in the form of seminars/classes?

  • what is the potential for career growth within this company?

  • From what I understand, I will be helping with X, does company have a formal review process in the way of something like Z or is it via a less formal process like email?

  • How would you mark success in this role?

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LOL I bought the poop one at NYC toy fair mainly because the packaging was RIFE with spelling errors and bad english. It's amazing.


So, I have a second interview at a large non profit. It's a new position that's essentially creating style guides and assets for its brand. Everything was previously outsourced to their licensees who would create all assets and packaging on their own but now they're looking to do it in house and create a more cohesive brand and expand their catagories.

I need this job but also want it badly and it sounds like it's between me and one or two other candidates.

Would it be kosher to create a small project/presentation consisting of ideas for future guides, potential assets and how they can be implemented across different catagories? I wouldn't use their current assets or logos as I don't have access to them and also that would be a legal issue , but it would incorporate their colors and aesthetic.

What do you guys think about this? Would this show initiative, or does this reek of desperation?


When’s your interview OP? I’m sitting tight for the update when you get the job.❤️

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Original Poster1 point · 9 days ago

Figured I'd let you know, but they just called me and are going to schedule an interview for hopefully tomorrow or Friday.

I am their only candidate :) I'm so excited!

Sounds a bit nerve wracking haha, but I’m rooting for you OP

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Original Poster1 point · 10 days ago

It's definitely nerve wracking! I wish this process wasn't taking so long.

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So, I was walking to my kitchen and I looked up on the wall near the entrance and saw a small bug. I googled it and it's 100% a german cockroach. The small bastards. We keep a really clean apartment (we have to. It's very small) so this surprised me. I immediately took out what garbage we have (we take it down every morning), swept up and put our names on the exterminator list in our lobby. The exterminator won't be making the rounds until the 28th, though.

I've NEVER had cockroaches and I know the small german ones are the fucking worst and can cause bad infestations. I want to nip this shit in the bud ASAP, so what can I do to quell this until the exterminator can do his thing on the 28th? I feel fucking GROSS.


If you don’t have pets I’d recommend a combination of Advion gel and foggers.

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Original Poster3 points · 10 days ago

I have a cat. He also has asthma which is the icing on the cake, so I don't want to do anything that will harm him.

Advion is safe for pets and extremely effective. It has no effect on mammals (dogs have eaten entire tubes with no ill effect) and isn’t inhaled.

Just don’t fool around with poison gas and you’ll be fine. Foggers and sprays are worthless anyway.

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Original Poster1 point · 9 days ago

Okay, the concensus seems to be to get Advion gel. I'll order some today.

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So here's the deal. I applied to a huge company as it seemed like a great fit.

April 29th: applied

May 9th: internal recruiter asked for a phone screening. Did well and she passed on my info to the hiring manager and I'd hear back in 2ish weeks.

May 30th: Followed up. She replied immediately saying they'll get back to me in a few days (but nicer)

June 6th: The internal recruiter emailed me asking my availability. I gave it to her.

June 8th: Followed up with her on hammering down a date and time.

June 11th: she replied. No update yet. She then replied a few hours later confirming a time and date to meet with a panel.

June 19th: Had two panel interviews with who would be my colleges and bosses. It went well. Sent out thank you emails.

June 25th: Was contacted by recruiter letting me know that I'm moving on in the interview process and what my availability is for a second interview for the week after. I tell her.

July 2nd: I follow up saying I'm also available the week after since it was a holiday week. She replies immediately saying no interview this week but she'll let me know!

July 5th: She emails me again saying that she still hasn't been able to get a date since everyone is still on leave but I'm still "definitely in the running" and she'll let me know "hopefully Monday".

Monday now has passed. I've already followed up previously, she gave me two updates, and she's been incredibly transparent and communicative this entire time and apparently I'm a top candidate.

Do I just leave it for now? This entire process seems to take several weeks at each step, so I'm of the mind to just leave it until she contacts me again. They seem very interested still, but maybe they're all still getting their shit together from the holiday week.


You could even do Wednesday. Most people appreciate you checking in and by following up more quickly, you’ll probably move the process along a bit faster.

Imagine situation: Friday she says Monday to you and sends email to hiring manager (HM). HM doesn’t respond so she can’t answer you on Monday. She’s waiting and kind of forgets about it. You message her on next Friday, which reminders her she never heard back from HM. She messages him again... but it’s Friday and he’s wrapping up for the week. So he thinks he’ll do that next Monday. . . See how it works? Instead, Message her on Wed, she’ll have time to try to pin down HM and probably set something up.

No one is being malicious, it’s just not a really priority. Recruiter is at mercy of HM and HM generally hates doing hiring and wants to focus on “real job”... especially if they’re in no hurry for the role.

Generally, I recommend a 3 day turn around. Check in 3 days after a deadline, or about once per week if no clear deadline (like they said, we’re busy doing a conference and will get back to you after or HM on vacation - check in about a week later). Also, ideal check in days are Tues - Thurs for most people. Monday is “catch up” and people have a lot to do, so your email will be added to the long list for the week. But Tues - Thurs is working time and many people respond almost immediately. I find an email sent Tuesday morning might get a response faster than Monday morning. Finally, Friday’s aren’t good, especially after noon.

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Original Poster1 point · 10 days ago

Thank you so much! This is very helpful. She said she, herself, is setting up the interviews, but I think I'll follow your advice and email her tomorrow afternoon.

Yeah, but she’s setting it up by coordinating a lot of schedules. So essentially same situation. Never be afraid to follow up. And keep it short - a polite line or two helps move things along.

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Original Poster1 point · 10 days ago

I actually have an event next Monday that would make interviewing hard that day. I would also imagine it would be wise to let her know, and that would be a pretty good reason to email her with out seeming naggy.

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BBQ Olive Chicken is a cool joint if you want something less formal. The chicken is great; upstairs is cafeteria styled and downstairs is seated

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Love this place. My coworkers call this place "poor choice Chicken" because you get a bowl of the spicy chicken, eat the entire thing, and realize it was a really poor choice.

Score hidden · 10 days ago

Hang in there! It's a battle of resilience unfortunately. Have you got a date yet?

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Score hidden · 10 days ago · edited 10 days ago

Not yet! Still waiting on that info!

Edit: she emailed me on Thursday again saying that I'm "still definitely in the running!" and that she'll hopefully have a answer by Monday but she'll chat with me when she does. So, I'm just giving them time. They're a large organization and I'd likely be meeting with multiple people again, so we'll see.

Score hidden · 14 days ago

Sounds like she is a pretty good HR person tbh

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Score hidden · 14 days ago

Yeah, after my first set of panel interviews, she sat with me after and chatted with me about her cat and dog and how it went. I believe that was to relax me and calm me down afyer a pretty stressful set of interviews.

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This is the primary difference between Alien and Prometheus. In Alien, the crew wear proper equipment, and yet still get "impregnated". Their plans to capture and kill the alien by systematically sealing the vents shafts actually isn't a bad plan on paper. The alien was just smarter than they anticipated. In Prometheus on the other hand, they all shed the space suits as soon as they get into a ship, then two of the supposed world's smartests scientists get spooked, run away, get lost, smoke some weed while lost on an alien spaceship, and then reach out to pet a hissing space cobra.

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I love both movies (I love weird shit, and the weird shit in promethius was weird) but I couldn't agree with you more. Also, the guy whose only job was to navigate got fucking lost. They were so irresponsible through out the entire film and do shit a regular, non-scientist wouldn't even do because it's so incredibly stupid.

Liek a lot of people said, Role play. Who I am at work is not who I am outside of work. How I act around my few but meaningful friends is entirely different from who I am around work. I just try as much to be who they would want me to be.

Which sounds like it contradicts everything those afterschool specials taught us about being ourselves but the reality is, you gotta eat.

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This is how I deal with it. Unless I know you very well, it's pretty much an act/persona to deal with the anxiety.

Illustration degree. I work as a graphic designer in the fashion business in NYC and I hate it. I make 50k.

Don't get fashion related jobs, folks, and if you do make sure it's with an amazing company because not many are. I'm doing what I can do get out and go into non-profit

-19 points · 12 days ago

The price of being a idiot with your genitalia

I mean, poor lady

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Sometimes condoms break, my dude. Even with long-term partners.

Shocking, I know.

267 points · 12 days ago

What's wrong with these comments? Those shiting on this woman for being poor and it's her own fault?

What if she was buying Plan B because she was assaulted? But afraid to report it? Or what if she is poor & didnt want to bring a child that household? You dont know her situation so stop judging.

If anyone sees a woman in this situation, buy it for her.

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138 points · 12 days ago

I can't help but agree. I've had to take it before because my primary birth control failed while having sex with my boyfriend of 9 years.

Buying it at CVS and even being capable of paying for it was a humiliating experience. I can't imagine having credit cards get declined as well. Everyone automatically assumes you're buying it because you had an irresponsible night out when sometimes it's as simple as a condom breaking with your long-term partner.

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The Brits truely are masters of all things cozy. Cottages, tea, gin, all wonderfully cozy.

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Beautiful old small pubs.

British people know their cozy shit.

Have you ever tried to propagate off of it? I've always wanted to try it with my guy but haven't ever tried it with cactuses before!

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Original Poster3 points · 14 days ago

No, I've never tried! I trimmed it a bit when I repotted it. Maybe I should have tried to propagate it.

Pretty sure it has more to do with watering it than a larger pot.

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Original Poster7 points · 14 days ago

I tried varying how often I watered it. Once a month, once every two months, etc. The only thing that made a difference was repotting it.

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As someone who did the 1.5hour commute I to the city for a job that's "creative" that works with licenses like those you listed, I wouldn't do it again.

Is it in fashion or accessories? If so, I'd run so far away.


So, I have a second interview at a large non profit. It's a new position that's essentially creating style guides and assets for its brand. Everything was previously outsourced to their licensees who would create all assets and packaging on their own but now they're looking to do it in house and create a more cohesive brand and expand their catagories.

I need this job but also want it badly and it sounds like it's between me and one or two other candidates.

Would it be kosher to create a small project/presentation consisting of ideas for future guides, potential assets and how they can be implemented across different catagories? I wouldn't use their current assets or logos as I don't have access to them and also that would be a legal issue , but it would incorporate their colors and aesthetic.

What do you guys think about this? Would this show initiative, or does this reek of desperation?


That's spec work.

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Original Poster2 points · 14 days ago

It def is, but my current job situation is so amazingly toxic that I need to do anything to get out, including spec work.

1 point · 14 days ago · edited 14 days ago

Lol triggered. Thank you for the emotionally charged paragraph. Lol sad

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Woof. Dat English tho.

-1 points · 14 days ago


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Glad you took my comment to heart and edited your original comment. You'll get there, Sergey ❤️

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