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The Redskins, no matter how bad the Giants are I never consider them a threat. And now with Alex Smith I'll be rooting for them quietly even more

Comment deleted2 days ago

Oh there's not much logic involved, but I've always rooted for Alex Smith. It probably stems from having never known a Redskins fan in my life while I've had to fight off Cowboys and Eagles fans for a long time.

Not gonna lie right until the last few seconds of the outtake I thought they made up 'the new producer Rachel' as a bit.

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Spent a lot of the episode trying to understand the producer Rachel bit. I came to the conclusion it was a play on there being one woman in Ghost Protes, and not just actually the truth!

Original Poster9 points · 1 month ago

Giants Bears man!

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Damn, I'm jealous! As a Giants fan from Chicago this would be my dream game to go to. Love both teams.

His finger tip speed is off the charts

Kicked out of marriage at two!

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more like 1 and a half actually

You'd think at some point people would stop booking Low Ki

I need David and Griffin talking about Meet the Feebles more than I need oxygen

I know that Gore is totally right for this show. I know it but, I have to go for GDT for personal reasons. The Devil's Backbone is in my personal all time top 5 and I want to hear the two friends talk about it soooo bad.

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how DARE you

If I didn't know any better I would think that the WWE is surprised every year with the WrestleMania homework due date.

Every year the road to wrestle mania feels RUSHED.

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Psshhh and people try to tell me that WWE scripted. If it was scripted would it be this random and aimless?

27 points · 4 months ago

Kinda crazy how people are still hung up on bashing him for this shit. Criticizing someone for obesity is fucked up and pointless as is IMO, but criticizing someone who is seemingly happy, healthy, working full time and extremely athletic for being fat is just next level. Dude's lifestyle is not unhealthy. He's got better cardio than 99% percent of this sub I'd reckon.

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I feel like people only trash Ohno for his weight, and honestly it's probably because so many fans had such high expectations for him as a possible WWE main eventer and feel the need to point at something as a sole reason he didn't meet those expectations yet. When really it's just that it hasn't been the right place at the right time.

Anderson definitely thought a fully grown woman was a small boy in an X-Wing. Seems on brand.

No, Tangerine is the Christmas movie

How long before reddit decides that the movie is overrated and just a ripoff of ESB? I'm thinking around the third week in January?

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Im already on stage 3 of the popular movie life cycle, re-acceptance.

Comment deleted6 months ago

Academy please.

Original Poster2 points · 6 months ago

He adds honey mustard to his Italian beef at Portillo's. "The secret sauce," he said.

Is this a thing? Has anyone else done this?

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Haven't tried, but I support this development

Hey GDT, is Richard Jenkins the most delightful human being in the world or does he just play one on screen?

Think I will be going Dede over DT this week then, hoping for the best

Not all the stats

SB Wins

Manning - 2
Flacco - 1
Taylor - 0

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*Taylor - 1

And who was the starter while he was warming the bench during his win?

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I dont know, some guy named Joe Mantegna I think.

The record may not reflect that, but this. Cleveland is definitely better at this point in time.

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I'm surprised how some of my friends have underestimated how bad the Giants are playing. Told them all week the 49'ers were going to win out of the mere fact that they want to play football.

The Giants are the worst team in the NFL.

71 points · 7 months ago

The NFC north got great QBs

One of the best to do it Teddy third leg Mr comeback king Titties

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Been having this problem with the NFC East. I want to hate them more, but I do really like Wentz, Dak and Captain Kirk.

I'm actually redirecting all my NFCE hate entirely at Jerry Jones this year. Giants: feel bad that you have deal with McAdoo trying to save his skin. Redskins: eh, I like Kirk fine and your owner is doing you no favors.

I'm still like rival-salty towards everyone, but holy shit, Jerry Jones is the most twisted, cartoonishly-evil, pig fucker in the entire NFL. Any sort of competitiveness I could muster up at that fanbase is replaced with a sort of pity that they have to deal with that toothless, gum-sucking, withered vampire bat.

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Couldn't agree more. I'm fine with all the Mara hate, but let's not pretend he is somehow worse than Jerry Jones. Jerry makes a great poster boy for the very worst aspects of the NFL.

Feel like Inside Llewyn Davis is that movie for me. Might not be the happiest (but it is hilarious) movie, but it's definitely a 'shit happens and will continue to happen with or without me, better keep on moving' movie.

Original Poster3 points · 11 months ago

Paramore - Told You So

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No surprise to me that this would be my favorite this week, been jamming to this album quite a lot recently. Even then this might be my 5th favorite song on it.

This song is so fun and grooves so hard, I can't help but smile whenever they hit that low distorted word before the chorus. I do think the chorus itself is a bit dull and repetitive, but everything around it lifts it up so I don't complain too much. Also, I can't get enough of this video.


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