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I have an HD 800 (SDR) that has been lying around unused ever since I’ve gotten my Hifiman he-1000’s. The HD 800’s have small hairline marks throughout ( per usual of every HD 800) The pads are in excellent condition, as they weren’t used much.

SDR mod was done on these HD 800’s by me.

Includes Original box, cable, and the headphones S/N: 44336

750$ shipped CON-US.



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Includes: 2 authentic canon batteries 1 Canon charger Original (unused) Canon 70D neck strap Handmade paracord wrist strap

Camera has had a tempered glass screen protector on the main LCD and a screen protector on the top LCD ever since taking it out of the box, so the screens are absolutely pristine. The protectors are still on the camera. The body has no major distinguishing marks.

Shutter-count was around 16K when checked 8 months ago. Can’t find a program to give me a new, exact shutter count for free but will pay 3$ to get it if individual requests. Price: 460$ shipped CON-US

The Lens is not included as it has already been sold. Can update time stamps if individual shows interest.

Time stamps:

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I've contacted them, but after a week haven't received a message.

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They’ve responded to my part requests for my Hd 800’s within 24 hours four different times. I’d suggest sending another email. (:

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Thank you, I'm going to try again.

EDIT: By the way, what's the email address? I used the contact center from en-us site.

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The email they use for parts is

That's awesome, must be a new addition.

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This has been available for atleast 3-4 months already. Newish.

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Get fucked, these are sold. Down vote that.

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Looking for an amp to use with my Hifiman He-1000’s I just purchased. I currently have a Valhalla for my HD800’s but need something that’s better suited for Planars. Looking for the Jotunheim without dac or the Lyr 2. Thanks!


Selling my Canon 70D and my Canon 35mm IS USM F/2 lens. Purchased them both new for a photography class, which lasted for about a year. After that, they have both begun collecting dust on my shelf. I tried downloading numerous shutter count applications, however I could not get any of them to work (malware or wanted money). If anyone has a free application they know of for shutter count, let me know! I checked the shutter count months ago and I can confidently say it’s around 16K.

Camera is near pristine. Has had a plastic screen protector on the top screen and a glass screen protector on the main touchscreen since I took it out of the box. Includes handmade paracord wrist strap, original and unused neck strap, 2 authentic canon batteries, and 1 charger. 500$ Shipped Con-US

Lens I purchased a few months after the camera, and hasn’t seen much use. Includes B+W UV Filter, JJC LH-72 lens hood, and original box. No distinguishing marks on the lens whatsoever. 400$ Shipped Con-US

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