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sms_sas 1 point

So what 1x8 and 2x4 or 2x8 and 2x4 in which case you had to buy 2 8GB but now have 24GB in total? But you doubled your cost? Really seems like the 1x8GB is the best bet and I think Linus Tech Tips did a video on this q while back as well....

Ballurw 1 point

The motherboard I got is a ASRock AB350

cf18 2 points

More than 30% reduction in gaming performance. Add another 8G when you can.

Ballurw 1 point

I don't think ill have that money to buy it yet ...

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toeofcamell 6 points

Would you say you’re a stable person?

Ballurw 6 points

No, even standing normally, I have a terrible balance.

NewaccountWoo 1 point

Are they functional? If no, that's probably why.

Ballurw 2 points

Not on their own

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DarkConan1412 1 point

Yes!!! You don’t know what you’re missing! They’re AMAZING!!! It doesn’t matter if you can’t finish. You don’t need to. Though finishing isn’t as impossible as you think. There are great long series. FMA/b, HxH, YYH, Rurouni Kenshin, Detective Conan, original Dragonball, etc.

Ballurw 1 point

That's what I was thinking, not believing I would finish all the episodes and just looking at different reccomendations

o98zx 1 point

Op has a few but its less in the early days, honestly i almost reccomend skipping the donflamingo island arc, that went on forever even for OP(dragonball level figths in that one) otherwise its a fuck losd of story

Ballurw 2 points

Ye, I haven't been on my MAL for months up until few days so I haven't added anything recently

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