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BaloohGN 1 point

Thank you for all the kind replies. This is helping me a lot.

dw_jb 11 points

My doggo is very old and blind and in pain a lot of the time. The other day when walking outside I found an abandoned pup and it helped me raise my spirits a lot. Maybe when you feel ready you can start an adventure with a new dog?

BaloohGN 25 points

I absolutely want to do that. But I also want to take the time so I can love the new dog the same way I loved my girl..

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BaloohGN commented on a post in r/EOOD
BaloohGN 4 points

I want to start counting calories again this week. I lost like 85pounds and now I gained 8 pounds back the last few weeks as I feel bad atm. I would also like to do 2x 1 hour basketball sessions this week.

eood 1 point

Hey! How did your goals go?

BaloohGN 1 point

Well I reached my calorie goal. But my brother marries so I'm drinking right now which also has a lot of calories. So I hope 8n the end I still have a deficit.

But thanks for asking! 😀 means alot!

BaloohGN commented on a post in r/AskReddit
SawtoothHorse 4,817 points

Dark Messiah: Might and Magic I've said this in so many comments but I think that this game has one of the best first person sword fighting mechanics, or at least the potential to be if someone took the idea and improved it.

BaloohGN 2 points

Dmomm speedrunner here. This game also has a lot of funny glitches.

redboyslim11 22 points

Wasn't sure about these at first but they're beautiful. Congratulations on your cop I've just bought the flyknit trainer to compensate for my L.

BaloohGN 1 point

Cant go wrong with a pair of flyknit trainers tho'

marcusmccambridge 7 points

cant wait for the undefeated 97s

BaloohGN 2 points

I really like the gucci colors, but I dont know about the black.

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Phelzy 1 point

Those rare airs are nice for the price. When I got a pair, people on this sub told me that the quality on them isn't as good as the more expensive OG 1's. I got a pair of Royals in April and realized that's not true at all.

BaloohGN 1 point

I have the rare airs and a pair of og metallic navy's. The leather and the tongue on the og's is alot softer which is also more comfy as the rare airs are a bit stiff. But thats probably gonna change once I wear them a bit.

Phelzy 2 points

You're right about that. I also have Cyber 1's and they're softer as well. But the leather on my royals were just so damn inconsistent between the left and right shoe. One was very tumbled and one was very smooth. My point is, for half the price, the rare airs are great and way under-hyped.

BaloohGN 1 point

Yeah, I think so too. I bought the Rare Airs to have a pair to wear everyday without having to look after them too much. With a price of 90€ I am happy with them.

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chillagator 2 points

I have the same pair. Neckbreakers for sure, nice pickup OP

BaloohGN 1 point

As long as they stay clean, but I'll make sure of that. One hour ago i dropped an energy drink can that broke and I spend 15min cleaning my Air Force 180's xD

chillagator 2 points

Pickup some crep protect

BaloohGN 1 point

Thanks for the tip, picked some up at amazon.

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BaloohGN commented on a post in r/TokyoGhoul
MasqueRider 38 points

mmm, i do feel it's a bit much sometimes but it's not like they can co-ordinate with each other either. if you're colouring, whether someone else is doing the same thing is the last of your thought.

imo its good for sub activity and it's nice that many people are picking up a new hobby/skill.

BaloohGN 4 points

I actually think about if other people upload something. I´m even uncomfortable when I see that I did something the same way as someone else even though I know that I never copied anything..

jizzonmypants 1 point

you forgot the star =(

BaloohGN 1 point

I did not "forget" it. I deleted it.

Taiga_Blank 2 points

I still can't comprehend how Furuta managed to sneak that mask into the interrogation room.

BaloohGN 3 points

I don´t even wonder anymore with all the different lifes he lives.

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BaloohGN commented on a post in r/TokyoGhoul
totenstarre 2 points

Actually you can get quite a lot of Tokyo Ghoul related stuff at Takagi :)

BaloohGN 1 point

Thats directly next to the HBF. I need to check that one out next time I´m around. Problem is I don´t really know anybody that is interested in stuff like this.

But thank you very much.

totenstarre 1 point

Immermannstr. is known for its various japanese stores, heh! So you're welcome! :P And I feel you. Most people I know that are into anime live rather far away.

BaloohGN 1 point

I´m always walking trough there at the japan-day but I never saw that store.

I even know the general -store that is right next to it. :D

My problem is that I don´t really have any contact at all apart from the internet. Without going into too much detail- I have depressions for nine years now.

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