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JasonGaming2 2 points

It really depends on the years of your coins (key dates and all), but all of the half dollars before 1964 are about $6 each in silver. Halves 1964-1970 are $2. Ike’s maybe $10 (please don’t quote me on that). Some Ike dates are not silver, so you should search online for the ones that are and aren’t. 1941 dime is about $1.20. 1924 dollar is about $18. The Susan B. Anthony’s are face value. The peso I’m not sure. Please search online for the key dates (if you want to search through for them)

BananaFrappe 1 point

Thanks. Do you know of any reputable sites out there where I can research the key years and such?

lux1534 2 points

around a grand perhaps. It depends on the years of your jfks though

BananaFrappe 1 point


What are the valuable years?

Do you have any suggestions for good/reputable sites where I can look this stuff up?

jperot17 2 points

I would find out if any of them are key dates by web search. Lots of sites out there. Find out which ones have silver value. Hold on to those.

BananaFrappe 1 point

Which sites would you recommend as a source?

bstrauss3 3 points

You're going to have to do the work... most are probably common and will be mostly silver value

Google for PCGS online photograde, but be conservative.

Look at but recognize those are retail sales prices. You'll get less as the seller.

BananaFrappe 1 point

Thanks for the references!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is a good estimate about half of the retail price is what I should expect if I'm selling?

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BananaFrappe 56 points

Rick Moranis is supposedly very difficult to work with while filming and has to constantly shoot scenes over and over again. But it's not because he's a dick or unprofessional. Even though he totally nails his lines, he's so incredibly funny that his fellow castmembers (and the crew) would crack up at his performance over and over again requiring reshoots.

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BananaFrappe 1 point

You should check out the books of Matthew Reilly. His action sequences are the closest thing to a written version of an "Indiana Jones" movie. His action sequences are tight, exciting, and filled with well-described action, but yet they are not superfluous, as they are all key sequences for his plots. A few you should check out are: Seven Deadly Wonders, Ice Station, or Contest.

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BackupChallenger 1 point

Then if Trump would ever be convicted, seeing as he is still popular, wouldn't that mean that based on a statistic that at least one trump fan would get in the jury, would he be immune to prosecution?

BananaFrappe 2 points

Disregarding all of the improbabilities for that to occur, it is likely that during jury selection the judge would set very generous conditions for each side to eliminate juror bias during voir dire.

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SpanishPenisPenis 0 points

To become a lawyer you need an undergraduate degree and a decent LSAT score.

The word "decent" seems to be doing quite a lot of work in that sentence.

Then you need to obtain letters of recommendation, draft a personal statement, and apply to law schools. It's a lengthy process.

So...basically like any other graduate degree. Long process, references, etc.

And you have to pass a bar exam.

The horror.

Lawyers also are at the top of the pay scale after football coaches and doctors.

This statistic is wildly misleading. Please cite me a source, and please include a separate source that accounts for the entire population of barred attorneys.

It's a very competitive field and there are rigorous and high standards.

No, there aren't "rigorous and high standards." That's just inaccurate. Those are the optics that the bar associations would have you believe, but it's entirely untrue. Also, if by "competitive field" you mean "a field that's hard to get a job in cause the market is flooded" --- that doesn't speak to the skills inherent to the degree so much as how stupid it is to pursue that degree.

The law is codified. The skill of layering is portable from one jurisdiction to another, but someone familiar with that jurisdiction is sometimes a better choice. Sometimes an outsider is better.

Yeah, um -- no. This is not paint by numbers or My Cousin Vinny, and you can't just show up in a jurisdiction (let alone an entire area of practice) and like --- work with what's codified.

For a particular specialty, like even assuming competence in that specialty (which is a big assumption), you have to be familiar with a particular venue's practices, protocols, and even the players (e.g., which courts are currently following which trends).

As for the "codification" ---- ask any criminal prosecutor or defense attorney the basest question about how best to pursue a civil matter in a federal or even local court. Let me know how that goes.

Dunning–Kruger effect and cognitive bias. I'm sorry to insult you, but you are very ignorant. It's always better to have an attorney.

None taken. I mean, I'm not exactly allowed to say who I work for or what I do, but I've got my share of experience here.

If your claim is that I'm that I'm ignorant, then you're going to have to tell me exactly what information I'm ignorant of. Otherwise you're just kind of using "ignorant" to mean "wrong" or something even less coherent, in which case I wouldn't know where to start.

The paragraph you cited doesn't presume to be free of cognitive bias, but it also doesn't take much care to back itself up with specifics that would preempt that allegation, in part because I'm not going to post my resume on Reddit.

If you do away with what we can't agree on there, though, what you're left with is the broader claim that "law" is "a very broad domain."

The problem with your assertion that "it's always better to have an attorney" is that in this particular discussion, that's obviously not true. "An attorney" is presumably someone who has gone to law school and passed a bar exam - unless you live in Louisiana, in which case, no law school necessary - and nothing more.

Do you honestly think that a NY-based attorney specializing in torts would have the slightest idea of which plea offer to take for a pre-trial felony negotiation in Oakland? You'd be better off flipping a coin.

If you happen to be an attorney, and your practice involves litigation --- how many attorneys have you interviewed in your career? Of those attorneys, how many were first seat on either side of a felony trial? What does that ratio work out to?

BananaFrappe 1 point

Wow. Just... wow.


SpanishPenisPenis 0 points

Worked with many lawyers ever, huh.

BananaFrappe 1 point

Wow. LMAO :D

RobZilla10001 2 points
Ctrl - Shift - Esc
Right click on the offending window and click "Go to Details".
Right click and select "End process tree".

If that fails:

Ctrl - X
Command Prompt (Admin) or Powershell (Admin)
"taskkill /f /im offendingprogram.exe" 

(no quotes, offendingprogram.exe would be the item under the 'name' heading on the details tab of the task manager)

BananaFrappe 1 point

I did the Ctrl-Shift-Esc, but only Chrome shows as running. My File Explorer icon has a bar below it signifying that it's open/running. I click on it and nothing happens. I hover my pointer over it and a small window that says "Microsoft account" pops up. But I can't close the window with the red-X. Sometimes there are TWO windows open. Sometimes ONE. Occasionally, none.

I didn't try your plan-B because offendingprogram is just (literally) "Microsoft account" and I have no idea WTF that is.

RobZilla10001 1 point

My apologies, after bringing up the task manager, you need to click more details. I typed that from memory.

BananaFrappe 1 point

I submitted a question to the Microsoft forum with details and a screenshot. Here it is if you're interested....

If you could come up with a solution, you'd be my hero forever. :)

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IncomprehensibleAnil 194 points

Phyllo dough, cheese, and pepperoni, probably.

BananaFrappe 155 points

Phyllo dough would pretty much preclude this from being a croissant though.

But, it might explain why it looks dry AF in the picture.

WhySpongebobWhy 3 points

Isn't a croissant literally just a type of Phyllo though? You make it by folding butter in between layers of dough.

BananaFrappe 25 points

No, because phyllo/filo dough is made into separate thinner-than-paper sheets before they are used. Croissant dough is made by folding butter and dough, but you never separate the layers into individual sheets and you continually fold/press them together until you reach your desired number of layers.

Overlord_Odin 13 points

No RES need for that. Just go to and turn off both the redesign and turn on old profiles. Both will be under beta options.

BananaFrappe 2 points

You are the man!

Thanks :)

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frellingaround 2 points

Dark Matter by Michelle Paver - It's set in the 1930s, about a man on an Arctic expedition being haunted by a ghost. He ends up alone there, and he's miserable and terrified. But it's written in the style of journal entries and it's pretty fast-paced and very engaging, despite the grim setting. The ending is pretty sad.

BananaFrappe 3 points

As long as OP stays away from the craptastic (though perplexingly popular) SciFi title, Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. Lol

frellingaround 3 points

Ah, is that one bad? I steered clear of it because I tried reading Wayward Pines but didn't like it. They both seem like "weird stuff happening to a very bland dude" kind of books, which isn't usually my thing.

BananaFrappe 3 points

I hated it. Lol. But TBF, it is a very popular book and my opinion seems to be in the minority. Personally, I found it predictable and filled with plot holes and dangling plot lines.

BananaFrappe commented on a post in r/suggestmeabook
BananaFrappe 3 points
  1. Ready Player One is okay. It is very YA. If that's your thing, then go for it. :)

  2. A Song of Ice and Fire is incomplete. There is still no news on the release of book-6. Book 5 was published in 2011, book-1 in 1996, and book-6 has been "almost finished" for a couple of years now. The finale book-7 hasn't even been started yet. At his current rate, it will be in the mid 2020s before GRRM finishes the series. GRRM is the epitome of the "unreliable" author. Lol

  3. Dune is incredible. It's a SciFi classic, but it reads much more like fantasy. It is immersive with wonderfully intricate plotlines. Plus, it was written as a stand-alone that ties up every plotline satisfyingly. If you enjoy it, there are 5 more sequels that were written after Dune's success.

  4. The Mistborn series is incredible as well. Interesting magic system, and a fun fantasy. The first trilogy is completed. The second series has 3 of 4 books released, and Brandon Sanderson is a reliable author and is regularly publishing material.

SecretlyWithoutAGun 1 point

IIRC some android phones can only access the SD if you allow it in the congigs. ...but this is probably only for older models.

BananaFrappe 1 point

I have Marshmallow (6.0.1). Can I do it with my Android version?

PeterFrostbucket 2 points

For me: Settings > Download Settings > Download Location

BananaFrappe 2 points

EDIT: I know there is supposed to be a download option where you can choose the download location to the SD card. But, there is no "Download Location" option appearing.

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