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yo this is dope. what sounds did you use to replicate that tyler feel? (strings synths pianos etc)

done, good luck!

oh you were all working on the new album understandable

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Inez and the rest of the staff in bottle rocket

who is behind rat championship? is that Roberto?

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Thank you, kind sir

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do you remember what this comment said?

There is a soundtoys plugin called little alterboy that romil is seen using in the doc which achieves this sort of affect

i’d love to help. i produce engineer mix and do a little vocal work. i also do camera stuff and graphic design my insta is @ryaanparsons reach out

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This sub has grown a lot and currently almost at 900k. Eventually this sub is gonna embrace someone who posts original music on here and be the first to "blow up" from posting here.

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that’s pretty much how brockhampton got popular

Anyone else see Jamie tweak a muscle doing the shoot dance? lol

send me the link!

Original Poster1 point · 24 days ago

To the album???

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yeah i’d love to hear it


Your hair turns blonde when you are out in the sun for a while... Blonde is the product of Channel Orange

I just read this and it really made me think. It's a different twist on the two albums and I wanted to share

What does that even mean

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that a potential album or song is going to overshadow Jay Z’s album and sales

this performance is gonna determine the rest of their career. make or break.

nephew why the credits 3 minutes long

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Yeah it’s pretty long, but I made it with the viewing party in mind. I had a decent amount of people to come and I wanted everyone’s name to have some time by itself and people could cheer for them n stuff.

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aw nevermind then that’s cute. do you have the full film anywhere?

Ive been listening to old school hip hop all my life (everything from BDP/KRS, Nas, daddy kane) but just over a year ago my son showed me kendrick lamar, joey badass, and hopsin. I enjoyed all three artists so i started to look for more. Since then big k.r.i.t., brockhampton, chance, j. Cole, joyner lucas, logic, RTJ, and Tyler the creator have become my fav new gen rappers. My question is any reccomendations for new school artists with strong lyrical content, and respect for the culture.

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Vince Staples!

Any particular reason we didn’t have more posse cuts at the TDE championship tour?

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Any particular reason we didn’t have more posse cuts at the TDE championship tour?

everyone knows the mods are bh members and they’re on retreat in hawaii so they’re not paying attention anarchy

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