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I would buy the shit out of this

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I remember the announced saturation ii like the day saturation dropped

we also have a pink hoodie design if you’re interested just not up on the site and more designs on our twitter (@actionbrandusa)

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They're not gonna release music on not a Friday especially since they're signed to RCA now

holy shit is that them fighting

I really was anticipating Ameer's verse on Gummy there idk why Dom caught me off guard

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don’t leave out brian kinnes

for some reason i still expected i’m the black tom hanks ...

What is the context of this video

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yo this is dope. what sounds did you use to replicate that tyler feel? (strings synths pianos etc)

some free vsts i found on google

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would you mind linking me to some?

done, good luck!

oh you were all working on the new album understandable

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Inez and the rest of the staff in bottle rocket

who is behind rat championship? is that Roberto?

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