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For when the customer wants something cooked “extra hot” then? 😂

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"He sent it back? Why?"

"It was obviously on fire."

$400 worth of tofu? That is a lot of fucking tofu.

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It was gold leaved, for Kim Jong Un himself.

Cook isn't around anymore.

Some years ago I stumbled out of a walk-in, my clog caught the lip of the step and I did a magnificent pirouette and dumped a 5 gal cambro of batter on the floor.

At peak rush.

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When you have a six burner that stays on a flame almost all night, that shit gets hot. You check it so you don't just pick it up, then 2 seconds later feel like your hand is on fire and then all the shit in the pot ends up on the floor.

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Then the guy next you slips in sauce, tumbles into the magnets raining knives, the new guy loses an eye, a waitress flips out toppling an awestruck bus boy head first into the fryer.

Just look at it this way:

There's nothing we can't do that the planet won't in some way recover from.

Only reason anyone actually cares is if it hurts them or their pocketbooks.

No one is saying the heat set the trees on fire. Both climate change and arson can be a factor. Climate change is making it easier for fires to start and burn on a larger scale.

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Except in this case it's years of "preventative" policies keeping small fires from burning some dead stuff, leaving living unburnable plants behind.

Top it off with years of beetle kill and "conservation measures" that don't allow the thinning of woods, now add a bit of heat and flash goes the deadwood.

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We're gonna midget the town down, see? By the time we're done nobody over 4' tall will live here.

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Please sir just cut my legs off at the knees, my family are little people!

Shit covered unwashed hands isn't a problem limited to children... People in general are disgusting.

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I take classes at a state college and the number of cromagnon dipshits who don't wash their hands after shitting is so unbelievable.

It's a higher education facility, I assume you know what bacteria are.

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I'm that guy who will ask the hostess or waitress to be seated away from children at a restaurant and I don't feel bad about it. I do it politely but I ain't down with paying money to be annoyed by some loud or obnoxious kids while I am trying to have a peaceful meal or while having a conversation.

Sorry if I inconvinece any of you who work in the industry.

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Be me

Eating a pleasant meal

Suddenly a wild uncontrolled child appears

Staring at me from over top of the booth

Starts making an obnoxious "muhmuhmuh" noise with a mouthful of food


Spills soda on my side


"Haha isn't lil Shitstain cute? He just turned 4"


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He's also *several* decades late on ramping up credit card debt and political disengagement. He's just throwing any old thing he doesn't like into a bucket, and deciding they must all be the same thing.

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Because the entirety of the 80's wasn't built on insane credit at ridiculous rates.

764 points · 1 day ago

Here's a video from a different rider with just a regular GoPro. Gives a more realistic view of what it must be like to fly down this beast.

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The gnarliest part is the end. Those bumps are sketchy. Once you're through that gap where the rock pops up to the right pretty close to the trail it's just a matter of keeping the bars from getting yanked out of your hands.

7 points · 2 days ago · edited 2 days ago

We CREATE our reality. We literally created language based on our own needs, the words female and male are crude representations of multiple things now because fuckwits like you who can't expend their vocabulary when they find something new. Any duality is a fucking illusion. There is feminine and masculine in a spectrum and that's not it, but even in those it's not linked remotely to physical gender, and if it wasn't for people like you, in a perfect world, these people wouldn't need to be called what you say they are not. How do YOU not understand the difference between physiology, societal and family roles, and personality? How do you think you have the right to be the fucking gatekeeper of what gets into a language or mind or reality? What kind of a narcissist really thinks the anxiety something makes them feel gives them the right to tell someone else how to live their lives, to tell them whats "right and wrong," about how they live? I literally started off here telling you consensus reality is a fucking joke, but you still actually cannot fathom such an abstract thought, apparently. I'm a straight cis man, and you are just an idiot tricked into thinking you have had an original thought in your life by the language you're trying to gatekeep. You know what didn't fucking exist 25,000 years ago? Because it's not fucking feminine humans with dicks and masculine ones with pussies, it's the fucking language you use to describe it and your toddler-like clinging to it that didn't exist.

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Be careful with ideology like that.

If systems are put in place based upon some unquantifiable ideology, it becomes a state.

When the ideology of the state is based upon fallacious conclusions and blatant reduction and solidification of nebulous concepts you end up with Nazis, Sharia, Mao, CCCP, you get the picture.

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If you have a penis and no vagina, you're biologically a man.

Some people argue that they are be male but they feel like they fulfill a woman's social role. In a roundabout way, these people argue that we should have "gender"-defined social roles.

I disagree with this idea.

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1 point · 1 day ago · edited 1 day ago

It simply comes down to the fact that the left has no concept of logically consistent cause and effect relationships.

Gender is a result of many things, biological sex primarily, then social influence and self perception.

The most militant trans activists want to invert this logic, that gender defines the latter. Logically this doesn't follow, it doesn't work in that direction pure and simple.

edit: the best representatives of trans interests are those who are still realistic about this relationship. Those who intentionally conflate the necessarily directional cause and effect relationship between attribute and identity to push an agenda are the most harmful.

I used to love and value the written user reviews. It was like Yelp for movies. They were funny and helpful. Big mistake removing them IMO. Then IMDB removed the message boards. WTF. Leave the consolidated cinephile witty banter alone!!!!!!!!!

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I'm other news, Amazon removes ratings and reviews.

"Buy our shit you fucking slobs" an Amazon spokesperson was quoted as saying.

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That's the first vaguely convincing argument for the conspiracy theory that Jews rule the world I've ever heard.

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In this case they may have an average IQ of 115, but Asians have a higher peak IQ.

So the average IQ of people in the USA is below 100... Interesting.

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Kind of.

IQ places you somewhere between the highest performer and lowest using fancy statistics. All IQ cohorts have an average IQ of 100. When you break out cohorts at the data level, then you get the ability to recompile, then resample.

So maybe in an international cohort the average American performs at a 98 when the data is extracted but as a single cohort analyzed within itself, average will always be 100.

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What kinda weed? Weed weed.

Original Poster591 points · 1 day ago

My confusion is to the fact that she said it’s not a trashcan and was angry when I put trash into it.

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This is less crappy design and more crappy placement.

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Mushrooms are just the reproductive organ of fungi. The whole rest of the fungus is underground as mycelium and whatnot. The mushrooms release spores to reproduce. So it makes sense they are poisonous as it prevent predators from consuming their offspring, or depending on how you look at it prevent predators from eating the thing that shoots out the offspring. I mean I dont think I'd want anything eating my kids

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I don't want anything eating my dick.

Gently sampling the flavors is ok though.

1 point · 2 days ago

That or, just washing your hands after playing with your cat.

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I kiss my kitty right on the face.

i hope that you have a very healthy immune system. that parasite attacks your brain and as said above can make you blind.

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Must love cat.

Cat can do no wrong.

Love cat.



Im a grower. I had always wished i was a shower but i never realized all the problems that showers have until i found this sub, so im not so jealous anymore.

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I'm a grower too but the post jizz chubs cause their own problem. Definitely have to be careful not to dip the tip when I sit on the crapper.

Why in god's name did you have a hard-on?

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Endorphin on.

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This happened, the cars just never reduced in size...

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It's perfect until you crash into another person's pod and then a domino effect of collapsing cars and exploding glass shreds everyone like bloody lettuce.

The Chinese countered with superior tech. Bingo is now Beijing-O

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I exhaled a "pfft" between my teeth.

5 points · 2 days ago · edited 2 days ago

I'd rather get software updates for more than a year or two.

Edit: For other people reading this, if you don't feel like scrolling through the entire thread, basically what happens is that he claims I'm wrong because his phone still gets updates. If you look it up though, his phone is from 2016, and was sold with a version of Android from 2015, then a year later it got an update to support the 2016 Android version - thus giving it zero years of software support.

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