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I really took my time with the book. I did 3 chapters a day

Wait, 3 chapters a day is taking your time? Suddenly I feel like I'm doing it wrong.

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I did 1-2 chapters a week. I also take detailed notes in my own words and filled two notebooks. It doesn't matter how fast you do it, but how well you grasp it. I'm up to day 9 on the spanning tree chapter in ICND2 and I think I've got a handle on it now.

I labbed on physical hardware and Packet Tracer. I used the official cert guide as my main source of information - if I needed a different explanation, I googled it or read the related RFC. Used Pearson Test Prep (the one that comes with the book) and Boson as practice exams. I studied for just under 6 months after work and on weekends, and passed last week with a 948/1000.

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Man that's awesome!!! When you say lab, what did you use as the source information to set up the lab? Or did you make it up on your own?

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I should note that I did the majority of my labbing towards the end of the book. It's generally recommended you go along with the book. I did a few things when the CLI was first introduced in the book but picked it up quickly and kind of slacked on it till the end. Now I'm studying my ICND2, I'll be labbing as I go coz the subjects are a lot more dense.

I did a mix of pre-built Packet Tracer troubleshooting labs (I think there's some in the sidebar) and labbed on physical gear for configuration.

On the physical stuff, I used 3 routers plugged into each other to practice RIP and DHCP. The night before my exam, I did a lab with two switches connected to each other with one of those connecting to a router. I labbed ACLs, NAT, VLANs, trunking, router-on-a-stick, DHCP, and some infrastructure maintenance (NTP, SSH, etc) stuff on them.

I found the first topology online and my partner set up the second one. I believe some people use the topologies in the official cert guide as inspiration for things to do.

Looking for a ten keyless, preferably wired and with dedicated media controls like the K63. I want Cherry MX Brown switches. I'm in Australia, so certain keyboards may be more difficult to ship.

In the context of the CCNA, yes, those are always reserved.

In the context of real world networking though, using the network and broadcast address is perfectly acceptable in some situations.

Point to point links is one such instance where you could, for example, assign /31 and /31 to a link.

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Any idea why Cisco hasn't updated the CCNA to include /31 subnets? I can only imagine how confusing it would be for someone getting their first networking job and encountering a /31 for the first time.

Atlantic Blue is such a beautiful colour. It is an absolute stunner under bright sunlight... almost looks like the Lapiz Blue from the Golf R but with more depth/range. Here's my TSI under detailing shop lights.

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WOW, that does look awesome, have yet to see mine in the sun...

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It put a big smile on my face when I first saw it in the sun. :) There's a lot of metal flake in the paint and it sparkles.

Is this the same blue as used on the Golf R spec? If so I want it, I love that blue.

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I think the Golf R blue is called Lapiz Blue. However, when the sun is really shining on Atlantic Blue, they can look very similar.

In the Odom book, chapter 6 begins discussing more practical topics. The point of the first few is to lay a foundation so that you know what you're actually looking at. I remember being impatient to get hands on with it too, but stick out the fundamentals and make sure you understand them because everything else is built on top of that.

I'm currently studying for my CCNA, I'm around 2 months in and up to chapter 20 in the official guide.


I'm looking for some lab exercises for my home lab but am not having much luck. I want something that roughly follows the official book content. The free CCNA workbook seems to put the topics in an odd order and seems to be missing a few things I'd like to learn practically.

I need to practice Layer 3 concepts like subnetting and RIP as I've only labbed with the switches so far. Ideally the lab exercise wouldn't give me the answers straight up (this frustrated me about the Network Simulator that came with the official book) and just ask me to complete a task before giving ways to confirm I've done it right.

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The OSI model is horrendously out of date and doesn't apply to anything we use now. We use the TCP model now which mushes Presentation, Session and Application into a single Application layer. I wouldn't worry too much about it, it's in the course material for historical purposes these days and is thankfully a lot more cut down than the OSI model topic I studied in 2007.

Purely anecdotal but my SO used to work at a dealership for another company. Those 1-10 surveys are viewed as 10=good 1-9=bad. People were missing out on bonuses and such over customers not committing to a 10 score. Not saying that what's happening only that this could be the case.

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That would explain why the guy at the dealership was pressuring me to give him 10s. I gave him a 10/10 the first time I bought a car but when I got it replaced through them under insurance, I was somewhat cranky about them trying to drop my accessories off, the 2 month wait, and the kind of sloppy detailing job. Gave him a 9.

Interestingly, the survey included a question that asked if I'd been pressured to give 10s. I think I said "I'd rather not say" which can probably be assumed to mean yes.

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I'm self studying and handwriting notes as well because I find it helps with my recall. I'm 2 years removed from university but was in a degree with not much note taking.

I've found it helpful to take down definitions including the meanings of acronyms or commands, which I highlight in one colour. If there's an important piece of information that I think I'll forget, I'll highlight it another colour. I also like to highlight the dot point markers to make them stand out more.

For example I've got "switchport trunk encapsulation [dot1q/isl/negotiation] = Set trunking encapsulation method. Negotiate will use ISL if both switches support it, otherwise dot1q. Best to set dot1q so Dynamic Trunking Protocol (DTP) does not negotiate ISL."

So bold will be one colour, italics will be another. Having gone over my notes for the part reviews in the official book, I've found this helps to pick out information that was important. The official book also tends to denote the important points with "key topic" icons in the margin.

I also find it useful to copy out some of the network diagrams if I'm struggling with a concept. I'm quite visually inclined so that could just be me. Here's a typical page from my notebook. I struggled to grasp this one, so I probably noted down things that I didn't strictly need to know.

Original Poster1 point · 9 months ago

Thank you for that! My notes look very similar to yours, so I guess I don't have too much out there. :/ Soooo much to commit to memory. :/

There's definitely no breezing through this information.

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You'll probably find that as you go on, some of the earlier stuff will become less useful because the later concepts build on it so it's lodged in memory. The acronyms and OSI/TCP/IP models I wrote down in the first few pages of my book are now lodged in my brain so I can skim those when I'm revising. I've also got a few diagrams I've printed off the internet and stuck in there that were too detailed for me to write down, like the composition of Ethernet, IP, and TCP headers and a diagram of the TCP three-way handshake.

The lite network sim that comes with the book is nowhere near enough. I breezed through the sims while reading part 2. I managed to break its MAC address tables by experimenting outside the configuration drills. I've got no other experience with simulators since I went the physical route.

It’s very clever, it makes the parents spend more. That “bite” means custom tooling and could end up adding an extra 50% to the price of the book.

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They were only like $5-$10 books in the late 90s, if that (looking online they're now around $13). I'm pretty sure they were made by Scholastic who made more money off some of the other weird stuff they sold through the book order catalogues they used to send round to school kids in the 90s.

The schools used to buy them all for the library as well, so that would've kept prices down too. If nothing else, that bite out of the top right did actually stop people dog-earing library books to mark their page.

A bunch of short stories for kids in Australia had that effect, they were called like Aussie bites or something like that

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Exactly what I thought of when I saw this. They also had "Aussie Nibbles" too which had a smaller bite taken out and were for younger kids. Here's an example for the non-Aussies.

I've always wondered if the attendants are secretly judging me for asking for a seatbelt extension. I ask for it as I'm getting on the plane, does that make it easier for you guys or do you tend to prefer that the passenger sit down and call later?

I'm planning on getting an ipad today and can only hope my work comes out as fantastic as this. I think the eye could use a little bit of a stronger highlight but otherwise it's great.

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Yeah. Having looked back at the reference, I tend to agree that the eye is a little bit dark.

You're gonna love the iPad. There's virtually no lag or parallax, it's fantastic. I've got the first generation and of course, they brought out the second not long after I got it. It's still an amazing bit of kit, so I don't really mind. :)

Thank you for providing reference, I want to apologize for my assumptions. Honestly the bird was much more vivid than I had expected, I've never seen anything like it. I don't think you goofed up on the branch at all, in fact I think you really nailed it. Anyway, I'm sorry if I offended you it did turn out quite well and I was intending to help, all the same it's my bad if it was hurtful.

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All good. I asked an artist friend and he said he'd have made the same assumption about saturation without the ref, so maybe I should've provided that off the bat. I just don't like providing refs coz it highlights where I messed up more clearly.

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Did you use the official prompts or make up your owns as you went? I considered doing Inktober but I just couldn't get enthused by the themes.

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These were all my own ideas as I went- I couldn't find a prompt list I was overly inspired by.

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I may have to try that next year. These look great, by the way. :)

I just recently had this happen at my job. I made the "mistake" of casually saying I was pretty tired at the end of the day and couldn't wait to get home (after my hour-long commute). Coworker says I "don't know" what tired is because I have no kids. Wtf? I didn't realize being a parent is the only thing that causes fatigue.

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I work with a guy that has three kids (and wishes he'd stopped at one) that I've previously made the mistake of saying "I'm tired" to. Next time he does it, I'm going to tell him he's welcome to have the anxiety disorder that keeps me awake at night.

I can usually listen to eastern pronunciations without being jarred by the differences (obviously exposed to it all the time) but some really stand out, like hearing 'castle' rhyming with hassle. And often them saying 'pool' sounds almost like a Kath and Kim resembling 'puell'.

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"Cassle" is Victorian pronunciation. Newcastle in NSW is pronounced exactly how you'd expect by locals. Or shortened to Newie, coz Straya.

I've lived here about 5 years, from NSW originally. I've had people give me funny looks, correct me, or make fun of me for not elongating my "a" sounds.

I got some funny looks when we had a person at work named "Grant" because it's pronounced with a short a in the eastern states. I ended up having to assimilate because people took too long to figure out who I was referring to.

I also picked up on a fellow NSW person in my office (been here longer than me) from the way he pronounced the word "tool". He was surprised that I was able to pick it when I brought it up.

+1 for Hipages. I've gotten several tradies through them and they've all been reasonably priced, friendly and done a great job.

Not a fucking peep. Just the way I like it.

And get off my fucking lawn.

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I don't think I saw any kids out and no knocks on the door. They don't seem to do it in my area, which is fine, I don't want to share my chocolate anyway.

Booked my tickets and accommodation last week. :D Eat, sleep, rave, repeat.

I spent 10 months unemployed fresh out of uni (had no experience though). I only found work because I was offered temp work which turned permanent after 6 months, and that was applying for everything that sounded even vaguely suitable.

I applied for a junior position in a tech company last year and they told me they'd had over 1,000 applicants. Later found out they gave 30 of those a technical test and only 4 of those got interviews. Competition is unfortunately pretty high down here.

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Dang. Even by London standards those numbers are scary.

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To be fair, it was advertised as a junior sysadmin position in February (so more graduates out of work).

I'm currently working as an admin assistant in the insurance industry, the insurance companies are usually looking for claims officers but tend to prefer experience. They've also recently made changes to the 457 visa which may make it even harder for you. Sorry, our government sucks. :(

They used to sell the 2L bottles at IGA/Foodland but about a year ago they stopped stocking them despite the fact they sold a good amount of them. Diet Vanilla Coke is my absolute favourite, so I was super sad about it. If you do manage to find the 2L bottles again, please let me know. :(

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