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No matter your opinion on Initiative 77 itself, it was voted on and approved. Now our representatives have decided to remove it? Complete bullshit.

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See this is the problem. We as voters don't give politicians the leeway to do what they think is best. That's why we have elected them, no? If politicians voted the way their constituents wanted in all matters so many good things would have never been accomplished (e.g. civil rights, women's movement, Affordable Care Act, etc.). I'm not saying that this issue is of the same magnitude, but they are elected to make decisions based on additional information than we have the time or aptitude to ascertain.

For an example of a country purposefully heading to the cliff, just look at the UK and Brexit. Even though, everyone knows that Brexit is going to be painful for the country but politicians are heading for the cliff purely because the people voted for it. Wouldn't you want a politician to stand up and make the call that the voters made the wrong choice and to lay out why they must change direction? Wouldn't that be prudent?

You make a good point!

But like you say, we have not heard anything from them. And if you email Jack Evans about it I'm almost certain his response would be "Because I want to and I can."

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"Because I want to and I can."


Yeah, in this day-and-age it is easy to inform your constituents of decisions and reasonings about a vote. Politicians just don't want to go on record in fear of it coming back to haunt them in the future. It's sad that politics has been infused with those with such low character and fragile backbones.

Your defense is using the literal definition of the word why playing ignorant to how its applied in the political world?

Also, the majority of Americans are for medicare for all so.

Don't let the "It will never come to pass" rhetoric stop you from dreaming and asking for more.

Beware of the “half-loaf” approach to politics.

That’s Bernie Sanders' new response to detractors who say he’s “thinking too big” and his plans are unrealistic. Sanders went on the offensive against incrementalism Sunday night at a Fort Collins, Colo., rally, saying that when you run on a platform calling for a full loaf, “at worst you’re going to get a half loaf.”

But if you ask for a half loaf, “you’re gonna get crumbs.”

Sanders said Americans don’t need crumbs. “They need the whole loaf.”

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Original Poster1 point · 5 days ago · edited 5 days ago

Nothing is wrong with big dreams. I have massive dreams like many people and have accomplished some but not all, but like all things, one has to have the process and steps of being able to achieve said accomplishments. Eventually, voters will begin to realize that whether far-right or far-left, those promises will be unfilled leaving voters to turn to something or someone else. I'm sorry, I can't live by someone promising one thing and never begin able to deliver on anything. There must be a plan that is doable -- that can be accomplished.

And since you have brought up Bernie Sanders, what has he accomplished since the 2016 election? Has he attended any Black Live Matters meetings, marches? What has he done to make our lives better in the last two years?

Original Poster1 point · 5 days ago

Haha! Ridiculous!

He had a plan and a method to accomplish each step along the way to equality. And he actually made significant accomplshments that are irrefutable.

This example is ludicrous.

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4 points · 7 days ago

Good placeholder, but Congress needs to make this official. We shouldn't trust what comes out of the white house in this topic, after all, they benefited from this behavior in 2016.

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2 points · 7 days ago

Exactly! Why is the White House "preempt[ing] legislation being considered in the House and Senate that addresses similar issues?"

Congress has been purposefully left out of the executive order drafting process, the official said, because the administration wants to preempt legislation being considered in the House and Senate that addresses similar issues.

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