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Ben77777 commented on a post in r/gainit
Ben77777 1 point

In response to your post, 1500 to 4000 is a ridiculous jump. Try to ease it in.

Also, try to stay with clean foods. If you’re eating junk, you’ll definitely gain weight, but you’ll be gaining fat, not muscle.

Etifaq 3 points

If you're like me and you're skinny af you should probably just eat whatever the fuck you want until you get to a normal weight, then you can start focusin on eatin healthy nd shit

Ben77777 1 point

Good point. It could definitely depend on your own personal goals and what you want to achieve.

Ben77777 commented on a post in r/umass
Ben77777 2 points

I generally tend to aim for around 1:30 every day. As someone else already mentioned, 4-9 is mobbed. It’s quiet much later at night too. Try for lunchtime and it’ll be much more pleasant.

Ben77777 commented on a post in r/TheSilphRoad
Ben77777 4 points

Kyogre is better


Gyarados is still VERY good. It has advantageous typing because of it being flying. Also easy to get candy.

ElliottM8 3 points

Adding Flying type alleviate's the Grass weakness but adds (another) Electric and Rock, and removes the Ice resistance.

Ben77777 0 points

That is for adding what it does. For example - this is useful during a fighting with Solar Beam Groudon.

speak2easy 1 point

How to lose weight.

I saw all these advertisements and products. "If you drink this drink, you'll lose weight".

In the end, it's simply CICO - Calories In, Calories Out. Basically, eat fewer calories than your body needs and you'll lose weight.

Ben77777 1 point

I really like this one.

I actually experienced something trying to gain weight. I read somewhere “if you put enough in your body, you WILL gain weight”. I’d say grasping CICO was where my fitness journey started.

5 days a week gym. 5 meals a day. Up 34 pounds since late July and I’ve never felt more confident and happy. It’s great.

That one really hit home. Thanks for sharing.

Edit: Typing from the gym right now! Ha!

--Doom-- 523 points

Not me, but one of my friends only realised that the word alphabet is from the Greek letters alpha and beta, a couple of years ago.

Ben77777 97 points

I felt this one

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supah_mario1 1 point

sometimes if you go into one of the 4 available squads then back out it'll be available. it disappears sometimes but you have all week to complete it.

Ben77777 1 point

Yeah fixed it - thanks!

doezpo 2 points

Restart fut

Ben77777 2 points

Solved! - thanks!

jacktk_ 1 point

Essentially: Begovic, Ederson, Bailly, Van Dijk, Koscielny, Kabasele, Walker, Aurier, Rose, Van Aanholt, BAKAYOKO, Dembele, Fernandinho, Herrera, Firmino (CAM), Gueye, MARTIAL, Son, Jesus, Willian.

Ben77777 1 point

Definitely some good ones to look at. Any other common CAMs? I’m having a hard time filling that role

Matthie_045 1 point

What is “meta”

Ben77777 1 point

Good/commonly used

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Ben77777 commented on a post in r/FIFA
zwebackhd 1,360 points

Yo bro! So I wasn’t expecting this to hit reddit. Popped in to see what the hype was surrounding the Brazilian Werner SBC and stumbled upon your post. So for a while now (about a year really) I’ve had this internal struggle of not really knowing where to go. I guess you could call it Writer’s Block for FIFA content creation. I tried to do my best version of a FUT Champs RTG with Henry 2 Glory but can’t get past Gold 2 and those aren’t rewards that are super spicy like some of the others you see. My player reviews I feel are super repetitive but how revolutionary can a player review actually get? Drafts could be something I do more of but really not 100% what the next move is. Any way, I appreciate your post bro and really just wanted to let ya know I’m not 100% what I’m gonna do but that I’m working on it. Much love my dude 🤙

Ben77777 3 points

H2G is great, but you've always talked about reaching a higher rank, but do you put in the work? Watch the pros, tutorials, and actually replicate it in game. Without practice, you won't climb the rings of FUT Champs, and you're in a position to make that commitment. Look at mistakes, go back, and fix them when you play. I don't want to come off as rude as I love you bro but the "I want to hit Gold 1" without any work behind it and "hoping" for it to happen just doesn't cut it. You can analyze your recorded gameplay, and get down to the nitty gritty. If you don't bother to get better, Gold 2 will be your home forever. If you don't concentrate on mistakes and fix them, they won't go a way on their own.

Personally, in your gameplay, there's countless times you make a gap in your defense by dragging out a center back. This is a common and simple mistake, but still one I see you make time and time again. Look at how to keep the ball and finagle a goalscoring chance in the box.

Personally, I still love what you're doing, and love to tune in everyday. Personally, I do think the strings of series like the brothers is great as it creates some continuity and relevance from video to video, but maybe try to do some series and collabs as well.

Much love ❤️❤️❤️

Ben77777 commented on a post in r/ben
bw4393 1 point

People tell me it's a common name and others tell me they never met a Ben. I don't know any Bens and I can't remember if I've ever met one. I do notice that there's always one Ben in every show I watch lol And of course the almighty Benjamin Franklin .

Ben77777 4 points

All hail name comparison god Benjamin Franklin


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