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Ben77777 commented on a post in r/FantasyPL
Nuigit 1 point

@ Spurs fans. Why did Sanchez not start the last match against BHA?

Ben77777 1 point

Toby and Vert are the top picks but Sanchez was playing due to a contract dispute between him and the club.

pryska 1 point

Any Burnley fans here yet? Curious about Pope's rotation risk going forward. Specifically this coming gw.

Ben77777 1 point

This is something I’ve kept an eye on. Dyche doesn’t change things if they aren’t broken (hence similar GW team every week, but I’d say there’s a slight risk Heston returns to the team for a match before the end of the year. Maybe a home match? I’m not sure.

Ben77777 commented on a post in r/FantasyPL
Calex_JE 7 points

Your link is out of date, this season's one is here -

"The League Champions shall further receive 40 commemorative medals to be presented by the Club to its Manager and to such of its Players and Officials as it thinks fit provided that any Player who has entered the field of play in a minimum of five of its League Matches that Season shall receive from the Club a commemorative medal. Additional medals may only be presented with the consent of the Board which shall only be given if the total number of Players who have entered the field of play that Season in a minimum of five of the Club’s League Matches exceeds 39."

City have fielded 23 unique players so far this season, so unless Pep finds another 16 squad players from somewhere and fields them all at least five times in the next four games, they'll have an allocation of 39 medals.

Ben77777 3 points

Didn’t know that - thanks for the reply

Arvi833 22 points

That's not a thing anymore. Club gets like 40 medals and they give it to whoever they please.

Ben77777 2 points

5 appearances for a medal in the Premier League Handbook

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bigluke575 1 point

FH removes any saved transfers from the previous GW

Ben77777 2 points

Yooo the FH ate my transfers??

That should be a bit more popular information imo. Didn’t say it when I confirmed it.

bigluke575 3 points

Yeah it's unfortunate but that happened to me earlier this season

Ben77777 3 points

Want to bring in Salah and Jesus, oh well. Guess I’ll take a minus 4.


Ben77777 commented on a post in r/FantasyPL
Coldwarkid24 1 point

How was Lucas on his first prem start for Spurs? Missed the game :/

Ben77777 -3 points

Quiet. Very. Quick to make decisions in the box and flashed a wide shot.

Eriksen and Son were the main difference makers today. Lucas didn’t do much of note.

Khal_Drogba 3 points

only watched first half in which erikson was total shit.. he wasn't even collecting the ball properly and gave away ball so many times. he wasn't playing the way he has in past few weeks.

lucas on the other hand made an attempt on target and was pushing harder. gave spurs couple of decent free kicks opportunities.

Ben77777 0 points

Eriksen made double the passing attempts, 4 key passes to Mouras 4, 3 shots (all blocked) to Mouras 2 (1 OT), Eriksen dispossessed less Times. I just feel he dictated the temp much more 🤷‍♂️

Ben77777 commented on a post in r/FantasyPL
Ben77777 26 points

My team looks identical to this.

We’ll make it through this brother

AWilsonFTM 6 points

I would question why anyone would be putting 3 players in when that team is playing Man City

Ben77777 15 points

Well it’s more than just playing Man City. They have a stellar run in of fixtures, and good returns as a team. Add to that another DGW and they look like a good shout.

This gameweek isn’t over, we’ll see what happens.

Ben77777 commented on a post in r/FantasyPL
RosaReilly 1 point

Barnes & Valencia or Wood & Bailly

Ben77777 2 points

Barnes and Bailly

RosaReilly 1 point


Ben77777 1 point

Barnes has the edge on Wood, Bailly is Man U’s first choice CB and is finally fit, plus you get to save money as well.

But that’s just my take 🤷‍♂️

Coolica1 2 points

It's that Bournemouth fixture which makes it difficult because that could easily be another 4-0 or higher scoreline so Mane could very well outscore DGW players we're looking to bring in like Willian (I know he's not exactly got many double hauls but it's still very possible with a tasty fixture like that). The last time they played Bournemouth Mane wasn't even in the team so imagine what they could do with him playing inform and with home advantage. I think I'll keep him up until GW37 where it wouldn't make sense to keep him for a single gameweek away at Chelsea.

Ben77777 2 points

Yeah I’m getting the exact same vibe. Probably will hang onto him unless Klopp does some rotation.

Plus I already have Mahrez and Son and go to replacements.

I might drop Aubameyang and Davies to boost my defense and make sure they’re all starters, never know with Christensen and Smalling

Ben77777 36 points

See I knew no one else had him

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