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Ben77777 commented on a post in r/FantasyPL
WarDemonZ 11 points

Yea... but that was 3 penalties, 2 tap-ins from corners (albeit the second header was a good finish) and 1 goal that hit his heel and he had no idea about. He wasn't exactly on fire at the world cup

Ben77777 -4 points

When your unpopular opinion gets downvoted in the unpopular opinion thread

You have to be in the place to make those goals. Sure he got lucky with the penalties, but he’s the right-place right-time type of guy especially with the inswingers Spurs tend to play

WarDemonZ 3 points

Of course you have to be in the right place at the right time, but you can only really say that about the 2 goals vs Tunisia, the one off his heel he had absolutely no idea about his last goal vs Panama, and the others were penalties (very well taken penalties, but penalties nonetheless)

My point was that he wasn't playing well, and 4 of those goals mask that fact

Ben77777 1 point

My unpopular opinion will remain unpopular.

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Ben77777 commented on a post in r/FantasyPL
julianface 3 points

Thanks! And ouch ya I can't trust Karius now... if he was nailed he would be amazing value at 5.0

Ben77777 -3 points

Not at all... TAA and Lovren both 5.0 and much cheaper goalkeeper options such as Ederson (5.5)

OsbornRHCP 1 point

But with both of them at the WC still (and TAA likely to play on Saturday) doesn’t that make them less attractive for those opening fixtures?

Ben77777 1 point

Wasn’t exactly talking at all about opening fixtures, just saying if you have a 5.0 defender, and a 5.0 keeper, you’re better off going with the defender since a goalkeeper is a cheaper option to find some clean sheets

They’d miss 1 or 2 fixtures with a whole season to play, to early to call if they’ll be ready or not. TAA was putting in wicked crosses at the end of last year, so I feel he could be a great asset in a much improved VVD led defence

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Ben77777 commented on a post in r/Brogress
biscalvescore 61 points

Played American football in college for a couple years..then quit and took 1-2 years off and figured I’d accept the dad bod. One day my mom told me that most men don’t hit their “prime” until their 30s. I went out that night and bought some protein and a gym membership. I weight trained consistently for 1.5 years without tracking my diet before I started cutting.

Ben77777 18 points

Did you weight train in college? Would give you a huge boost for training pt 2 the past years

biscalvescore 35 points

Yep, 3 days a week. Hard to say what changed. Just didn’t want my “prime” to pass me by without seeing what I could do. Biggest key for me is consistency. Some days at the gym are better than others but what’s important is that I make the effort to go.

Ben77777 7 points

Yea - had a feeling, looking good, consistency is key!

ajsadler 3 points

If I didn't play max captain I'd go for Neymar

Ben77777 1 point

I’m thinking of playing the chip as well. It’s a really tough call this round plus I’m expecting games to be a bit more “open” than the semis and the finals.

Ben77777 1 point

Time to quantify captain picks like last week, if your cap isn’t on the list there, comment!

Ben77777 commented on a post in r/FantasyPL
AlliAyewOKane 1 point

According to FPLStatistics, Walter was listed as a mid. But !thanks for the other one.

Ben77777 1 point

Nice. Wan Bissaka finished extremely strong in Palace’s lineup at the end of last year and could become an option at 4.0 sometime this season.

AlliAyewOKane 1 point

His only real competition is Ward. One to keep an eye on in pre-season.

Ben77777 2 points

I’d be shocked if he isn’t starting at the end of the year. He’s a very strong player.

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Ben77777 commented on a post in r/FantasyPL
Ben77777 47 points

Roses are red

My favorite rapper is Kendrick

How the FUCK are you booked after the game ends

I’m looking at you, Cedric

repsaj33 1 point

That's a lot of quality players left, id twist unless you have a big lead in your ml or something

Ben77777 1 point

Actually only 2 days of matches, and much less staggered. I’d keep.

Ben77777 commented on a post in r/Brogress
benbrud15 8 points

through 3 and half months calories went from 2300–> 2000 —> 1800 —> 1700. Heavily prioritized protein. Ate a large quantity of chicken/broccoli/sweet potato, but in all honesty I really enjoyed eating the clean stuff. Nothing too crazy though.

Ben77777 2 points

I was surprised your weight went down overall, but this make a lot more sense now. Great work!

benbrud15 3 points

I was probably the poster boy for “skinnyfat”. Wish I had a bulking phase now that I look back. That’ll start this fall. Thanks tho fellow ben.

Ben77777 2 points

Been bulking now for 11 months with 8 to go!

Good luck!

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