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Original Poster-3 points · 4 hours ago

Dickhead , since you want to talk and not have a solution then how do we keep them if we sign two max players , stupid knicks fan like you can’t read post without “get a fucking grip” comments, if your not cerebral enough to post a answer then don’t post on the thread idiot

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You're the one calling names when everyone is saying "Who gives a fuck".

If our biggest concern is how will we retain all these Max players....then we have no concerns at all.

Grow up.

My good God this sub is daft as hell.

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Care to elaborate? To be clear...I don't agree with that position, but I do imagine that that is the reason.

That ninjas colleagues dont care about that word... that's just ignorant. I personally think no one should use the word ever. Especially, if it's someone in the public eye. Whether you work with black people or not.

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Firstly I'm black, so I don't agree with the words use at all by anyone, secondly I'm black, so I am well aware that there is a large contingent of white people who are quick to dismiss or explain away the use of the word by people they like.

It is not ignorant. It is based on 40+ years of evidence. I am an expert on this subject. I'v been black in America for a long time.

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Just an Infinity Stone.

Some things are merely in the movie for dramatic purpose, like the sigils that appear when he uses the stone.

Thanos ain't no magician.

Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

Either or we can’t go wrong bro....RJ better fit wise but Zion better potential wise

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The more I see RJ, the more I am amazed by his skill level.

Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

It’s getting to the point where....idk who to pick now

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Wait till you see Reddish....the decision will only get tougher.

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Some White people have a difficult time understanding that everything isn't about them, they can't conceptualize that this movie is seen by Black people as far more than a simple Marvel film, and feel a need to tear it down as often as possible.

Constant posts to prove how Wakandans aren't as advanced as they appear, or Stark is smarter than Shuri, or the movie is overrated.

Similarly to the Crazy Rich Asians film released this weekend, this was the first time Black people saw themselves truly represented in a way like this in a big budget big screen movie.

Why that bothers fragile minded white people, I have no idea.

It only speaks to a lack of empathy, but it's not surprising, although it is certainly sad.

3 points · 1 day ago · edited 1 day ago

I’m Asian and I did not love the movie, I guess I am a fragile minded white person.

Who knew ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Most BP complaints have been regarding script and film direction. I don’t understand why this keeps becoming a racial issue.

“White people” and other races mind you, have also teared down other popular movies, including mainly white casted movies.

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You'll notice that I never claimed the movie was unimpeachable. I said that it had special meaning for Black people.

If you don't understand why it keeps becoming a race issue then you are either stupid or ignorant. Because it's painfully obvious why this becomes a racial issue.

Lastly you make a weak false equivalency between Black Panther and 'other popular movies'. It's such an absurd point it doesn't merit a retort.

This post in general is embarrassing. You're a discredit to yourself and your family. Do better.

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Yeah, only a 14% chance at #1, so Barrett may be gone at 1, but all 3 Duke freshman are looking pretty promising.

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You mean all 4

Original Poster0 points · 1 day ago

Yes, it is ignorant, and racist, but I'm not the one who makes a movie where the most technologically advanced nation in the world uses spears, and bronze age unit formations to fight off alien invasion. That's all on Marvel.

What I'm trying to say, is that there is a in world explanation, for Wakanda's anachronic approach to warfare.

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They're from Africa so they'll have spears.

What does that even mean? Name one nation that's never used spears in their history.

Whens the last time you watched African warlords on CNN fighting with spears?

Don't put this on Disney. You were the one that said it.

You look at a nation that has a fucking forcefield surrounding their country, and you make the remark that maybe they can't imagine how to use vibranium for military purposes.

The entire premise of Black Panther was that Wakanda had advanced undetectable weapons that could be surgically used to overthrow governments.

Cognitive dissonance is astounding. If you'd take of your racist goggles and think considerately for just one second, then maybe you'd save yourself from looking like a complete fool.

Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

Hay, just let's take a deep breath here, because it started with me wanting to share a few thoughts on a movie I really liked, and ended up with me being labelled as a racist moron (I love the internet). Now, the moron part I can live with, but racist is a bit hurtful, and uncalled for. So let me rephrase what I meant:

- We have Wakanda, a nation with the most advanced technology in the world. They have a forcefield, and bunch of other fancy stuff, that's light years ahead of anyone else, excluding maybe Stark Industries.

- Now when they're being invaded by what's basically a zergling rush, their tactics involves standing behind the forcefield with bunch of vibranium powered spears, and shields.

My question is: why they don't have better equipment for their army, but are using same thing that was used hundreds years ago, only upgraded with vibranium?

The easy answer is that screen writers thought that vibranium spears are cool, and so was Episode I, and it's a superhero movie, so why not?

But I think that you can make an argument based on the logic of world presented in the movie. Wakanda didn't need to invade other countries because it possess all the necessary resources, and with their technology they can effectively hide their existence. There's no risk, and no reason for war.

Because of that, when rest of the world goes for firearms, and all the modern tools of war, Wakanda sticks with tradition. Yes, all their stuff is buffed with vibranium, but ultimately it wasn't proved on battlefields across history, and improved with every iteration. Because they've never fought wars, they're bad at it.

The thing you've mentioned about: "...Wakanda had advanced undetectable weapons that could be surgically used to overthrow governments."- Holds true, because they have tools, and people to influence other governments, again there was no need for war.

So my final thought is, that very advanced technology, combined with relying on tradition, and a pinch of pacifism, makes your army rather ineffective relativity to your technological superiority.

Hope that this clears things up a bit :)

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No it doesn't. You are being willfully ingnorant of the fact that they DO have advanced weapons of war. They are not limited to 'spears and shields'. You are so fixated on a scene that was obviously there for cinematic impact, that you refuse to acknowledge that you witnessed weapons and military technology in the other movie.

I once again point to the Wakandan Air Force. Why will you refuse to comment on that? It can only be because it doesn't fit your narrative.

Also, why did the Avengers engage in hand to hand combat in the Airforce battle, when some, Widow, Cap, Hawkeye, Bucky, Falcon, would be far better served using guns and other military technology? Aren't those anachronistic methods inefficient?

It's for drama, it's cinematic, it's exciting. Simple as that.

You may not be racist, but you were making racist points.

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Not sure a 3rd movie will be made. Doesn't seem to be a huge appetite for it.

Batista has a super safe style, he could easily pull a part timer schedule like Brock or Cena do now, also from what I've read he's super smart with his money and could basically retire today if he wanted too.

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Maybe...but would he want to?

He's a movie star. He has other people to take the bumps for him now.

I doubt he wants to get thrown around for a living again.

He's said a few times he wants one more legit retirement run with WWE, his last return a few years ago was underwhelming

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You'd probably no more than me, I haven't followed WWE seriously in years. I bow to your knowledge.

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Well then, you mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.

What? He doesn't know shit.

Have you ever watched his channel?

Clickbaity garbage. He's just a weird dude that read a lot of comics and assumes whatever happened in a particular run, is going to happen on screen.

His videos are a waste of your time. You can find better ways to give up your hours.

If I had to guess, I would think he's more like 6'6 and 245-55 pounds at most. WHICH IS STILL INCREDIBLE, just a little more realistic.

More realistic than the truth?

Who cares if you can't wrap your unimaginative head around it. It has no bearing on actual reality.

Feel free to keep living in the uncomplicated one that you've created for yourself.

Well it's also not true according to Zion. He says he weighs 271 now

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not much of a difference to be honest.

5 points · 2 days ago

You can't say 35 lbs is "much much bigger" while 14 lbs is "not much of a difference." Those are simply inconsistent statements.

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It's still far bigger than anyone else.

If there was a 9 footer in the league he'd be much much taller than everyone else, but if he was 8 foot he'd still be much bigger even though he was a foot smaller.

Hope I cleared it up for you.

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Manu better than Jerry West...nah

Grimm was speaking hypothetically smh

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thanks for the assist!

You haven’t proven anything besides your flawed train of thought

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I'm cool with it.

I will miss his fan interactions, but I understand the decision. He set a great blueprint in place for the next director to follow.

Heck maybe he will reveal the easter egg now. At least that small amount of good may come from it.

Can't get over Coleen being his girl rather than Misty.

Just don't understand the change. They've been a couple for 40 years in the comics. She's his Lois Lane.

Bothers me so much.

I have a story that might bring this to light a bit, different sports but relevant nonetheless.

Back in high school, I played baseball and we used to playfully talk shit with our girls soccer team. They were the runner-up state champs, ended up winning it all the next year, and were overall just really good.

Well one day on a bus ride home some of us were texting the girls and we somehow brought up how we could kick their ass even in their sport where we have no experience. I was goalie and my team filled in the gaps even though we didn't really know the positions too well.

Well, we put together this game and even had our school sponsor it to make it a charity event. Parents showed up and so did kids and we had a crowd of probably 200 people watching this game with our guys soccer coach refereeing.

Off the bat you could tell we were just faster and stronger and the girls (who thought it would be a cake walk for them) started getting frustrated since maybe one of us had any soccer experience at all past elementary school.

Well we scored the first goal and as time wound down, our referee called an in the box penalty on one of our guys because he told one of the girls to flop. They scored that penalty kick on me and that was it.

We went to a shootout where we won easy...I saved a couple balls because they just didn't come in nearly as fast as the guys could kick it and that was that.

The girls never thought they'd lose because it was their own sport but we really did just kick their ass the entire game.

Mind you, this is in a sport where we had no business playing and the girls knew it inside and out...if you were to put guys and girls in the same sport like basketball, it would just be a bloodbath. Those girls were the best in the state and our baseball team beat them.

I couldn't imagine what a team of NBA rookies would do to WNBA stars.

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Nice story. Rarely read something this interesting on the board.

That puts things in perspective. Thanks.

I will be retelling this to my buddies.

Yeah we kind of felt bad after...but for all the shit they talked we were happy with the result haha

It really just isn't fair to women to compare guys athletics to theirs.

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They are impressive in their own right. I enjoy womens gymnastics far more than mens, same for tennis and volleyball.

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Original Poster-1 points · 3 days ago

Only other player you could make a legit case for is Jordan. Maybe Kareem, maybe LBJ.

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Yao said wassup

Original Poster1 point · 3 days ago · edited 3 days ago

Not that you completely forget, but when you're out of an environment for long enough, you adapt. He would have been hearing it referred to as Terra that it would become second nature to him.

Just like how if you visit a foreign country for long enough, you start to pick up their slang and terms. Not to say youve forgotten you own way of speaking, but being exposed to their culture for so long you would pick up on it subconsciously.

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If I was raised in Spain since 8 and I heard my home being consistently called Los Estados Unidos. I doubt I'd forget the words United States, when I heard them again.

But that is merely my opinion. Not a huge deal.

Original Poster3 points · 3 days ago

I was forgiving the fact he lived there for 8 years since he was with the Ravagers for 20 some years hearing it be called Terra.

Him actually saying he's from Earth, obviously that blows a hole in this idea.

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You forget everything you learned before third grade?

Cmon son.

Original Poster2 points · 3 days ago

Right I assumed that. And I think vibranium has more overall capabilities that we se Shuri use

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Not sure about that...Thor's hammer can cause hurricanes.

Let's assume the jury is out.

4 points · 3 days ago

« The hammer was never the source of it »

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It was a joke. We are on the Marvel sub on a Wednesday with no movies on the horizon.

You think the posters don't know about the hammers enchantments...


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